Heir Hunters

What would you say to a stranger who turned up on your doorstep and said you were rich?  

This happens to people every day all across the country as the Heir Hunters close the lid on countless cases. Join HISTORY™ throughout January as they follow a crack team of probate detectives dedicated to tracking down the long lost relatives of the recently deceased. It’s the Heir Hunters who work tirelessly to ensure people get the money they deserve – often in life-changing amounts. 

Experience the triumphs and challenges as they race against the clock, Heir Hunters follows the detectives responsible for making sure the rightful heir is found and ensure a thorough search is carried out whenever someone dies without leaving a will. If no known relatives step forward, the Heir Hunters must hurry to trace anyone with a claim to the cash before time runs out. Failure means the money goes to Her Majesty’s Treasury and families lose out on potential millions every year. 

Are they searching for you? 

With UK properties and estates remaining unclaimed for years, every episode of Heir Hunters will also spotlight cases that have nearly run out of time. Tune in to HISTORY™ in the New Year and you may be able to help or even claim an inheritance you never knew was yours. 

Plus, Bargain Hunt 10th anniversary celebrated with week of hour-long specials and Nadia Sawalha to present new series Living Dangerously
BBC Daytime announces today it has ordered two further series of its popular investigative series Heir Hunters and a new series of consumer affairs show Don’t Get Done, Get Dom, presented by Dom Littlewood.

Nadia Sawalha is lined up to present a brand new series telling the stories of ordinary people caught up in extreme weather events in the UK in Living Dangerously.

BBC Daytime will also broadcast a week of five special, hour-long Bargain Hunt programmes in March 2010, as the series celebrates 10 years on screen.

Daytime Controller Liam Keelan said: “Heir Hunters and Dom Littlewood’s hit investigative journalism show continue to hit a chord with our viewers, and are part of BBC Daytime’s continued commitment to bring topics which people care about to the forefront of our schedules.

“Bargain Hunt has also been a firm favourite with our audience since it began 10 years ago. In the week-long special we’ll revisit some of the most exciting finds, and we’ll be getting experts to take on the role of contestants to see how well they can do.”

Bargain Hunt

To celebrate 10 years of bargain hunting, there will be a week of five special, hour-long Bargain Hunt programmes broadcast in March 2010.

Bargain Hunt has grown steadily since its launch with audiences and now averages around two million viewers (year-to-date at August 2009).

Nearly 3,000 members of the public have appeared on the show since it began and Tim Wonnacott, who has presented the series over the last eight years, will revisit some of the best finds and the most lavish grand houses from the series.

The series shows how it is possible to find fascinating objects at bargain prices as he takes them round both antique fairs and hundreds of the country’s stately homes telling stories of family squabbles, extravagant purchases and wonderful craftsmanship.

Each of the special shows will have the Bargain Hunt experts playing the game. Can they prove that they know what they are talking about and come up with decent profits when they get to the auction?

Bargain Hunt is executive produced by Pete Lawrence for BBC Bristol Factual.

Heir Hunters

Every year around 300,000 people die without leaving a will and if no one is found to inherit the money it goes to Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Heir Hunters continues to follow investigators from a number of different heir hunting companies as they travel the country tracking down unsuspecting beneficiaries of estates worth thousands of pounds.

The new series will also revisit previous cases to reveal tearful family reunions, the discovery of long-lost secrets and how heirs have spent their newly acquired money.

Heir Hunters series four (20 x 45-minutes) and five (25 x 45-minutes) are produced by Flame TV for BBC One. They’re executive produced by Matthew Gordon and Roger Bolton for Flame TV and Tracy Forsyth and Jacqueline Hewer for BBC One Daytime.

Don’t Get Done, Get Dom

The people’s champion, Dominic Littlewood, returns for series four of the consumer affairs show Don’t Get Done, Get Dom, where he will continue to battle bureaucracy and the retailers who mistreat their customers.

The new series will see Dom seek out face-to-face apologies from the companies that have cut corners and reduced their costs during the recession, causing mistakes to slip through the gaps at the customer’s expense.

Don’t Get Done, Get Dom series four (10 x 45-minutes) is a Flame TV production for BBC One. It is executive produced by Barbara Altounyan for Flame TV and Tracy Forsyth and Jacqueline Hewer for BBC One Daytime.

Living Dangerously

Nadia Sawalha is to present a brand new, 10-part series for BBC One Daytime telling the stories of ordinary people caught up in extreme weather events in the UK.

From flash floods to freak hailstorms, Living Dangerously investigates what happens when nature strikes – and how to protect yourself, your home and your family from disaster.

As weather warnings in the UK continue to become more common Nadia Sawalha meets the people whose lives have been changed forever by nature.

Living Dangerously is produced by Maverick Television for BBC One and commissioned by Tracy Forsyth, Executive Editor, BBC Daytime and Early Peak. The executive producer is Gill Waddington and series producer is Tanya Gottlieb.

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