Heroes Of Comedy

11:10pm Friday, September 3 on M4

Joyce Grenfell was one of the premier comediennes of her age. Here, along with archive footage of Joyce performing her works, are interviews with Sir David Attenborough, Clive James, Maureen Lipman and Victoria Wood.

11:15pm Friday, August 6 on M4

With contributions from such comedy luminaries as Jeremy Beadle, Barry Cryer, Barry Took, and Steve Wright, Heroes of Comedy celebrates the work of Kenny Everett, an anarchic genius of comedy.

11:15pm Friday, July 30 on M4

Few comedians have made a more lasting impression upon the British public than the fez-capped Tommy Cooper. This programme features highlights from the repertoire of the crazy conjuror who almost never, but just occasionally, got a trick right.

11:15pm Friday, July 16 on M4

Fondly remembered for her enduring TV partnership with Eric Sykes, and for her matronly roles in the Carry On films, Hattie Jacques was a consummate comedienne and singer who oozed big-hearted charm.

11:20pm Friday, July 9 on M4

A stand-up institution, Bernard Manning was adored for his comic style and gags. Others loathed him for being rude, outrageous, a racist and proudly politically incorrect. Controversial but always funny, behind the beaming smile hid a humble, generous family man.

12:20am Friday, July 2 on M4

Arthur Haynes was the highest-paid TV star in the 60s and he was set to become one of the nation’s best-known comedians. However, his untimely death in 1966 robbed the country of a genius and he has become one of the forgotten heroes of comedy.

11:20pm Friday, June 25 on M4

Benny Hill is the subject of tonight’s tribute. With a twinkle in his eye, mischief across his cherubic face and a lip-smacking irreverence in bawdy seaside postcard tradition, Hill touched the funny bone of the whole world.

12:50am Friday, June 11 on M4

With his cauliflower face, crinkly, twinkly eyes, nicotine-ravaged voice and dirty chuckle, famous for his birds, booze and betting, Sid James was the definitive working-man’s comedian over three post-war decades, on radio with Tony Hancock, in TV sitcoms and as a foremost Carry On star.

12:25am Friday, June 4 on M4

The spotlight turns on Ronnie Corbett whose career spans Crackerjack to The Frost Report, Sorry! and The Two Ronnies. Corbett has defined the short-man comic yet in real life, he is no pushover, having reached the top through industry and determination.

10:50pm Friday, May 14 on M4

Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine – four men who changed the world of British comedy forever. As The Goons, they revolutionised the way the public looked at comedy and created a series of characters and phrases that still have resonance in British cultural life decades after they last performed.

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