Heroes creator Tim Kring has revealed that he is in talks with network NBC to revive the cult show as a mini-series.

The show was cancelled back in May but left viewers with no real ending to the show.  Kring is hopeful that the series will be revived so that he can create a proper ending for the loyal viewers of the show.

Heroes was praised in its first series but lost viewers as each series went on.  Kring wants to honour the viewers that have stuck with the show by wrapping it up for them, “There’s certainly talk about [a mini-series] right now and I am very hopeful,” he said. “I strongly believe that the Heroes universe is a very big and very potent brand. It is for the fans that we feel that [the show] should continue.  NBC has expressed an interest in finding a way to wrap it up in a way that honours the fans and the show, and I’m very interested in pursuing that.”

Kring also hinted that if the planned television revival was not fulfilled, the show could return in another form, “It can continue in any number of platforms, not simply broadcast.”

The final episode of Heroes aired on February 8.

Heroes creator Tim Kring is still holding onto hope that a final Heroes mini-series of movie will be given the green light.

Kring detailed his plans for wrapping up the recently cancelled series in an interview with TV Guide.

“There will be a huge cultural and social change in the world,” Kring said. “Some [of our characters] will be hiding, some struggling, some basking in the glory.”

He is confident he can bring together the entire cast of the series should a conclusion be given the nod by NBC.

“I’ve spoken with everyone,” Kring said. “They’re all eager to participate.”

NBC have yet to comment n the plans but word is Kring and the network will sit down and nut out the possibilities of a finish to the series.

Source: TV Squad

Drama series Heroes has officially been cancelled by American network NBC.

The series, which ran for four seasons since 2006, will not be renewed by NBC for the upcoming season of programming.

Waning audiences has been the reason for the axing, with ratings for the third and fourth seasons well down on the first two. Despite premiering strongly back in 2006, the following second series was hampered badly with the onset of the writers strike and the show never fully recovered its audience.

The show, which made stars out of the likes of Hayden Panettiere and Zachary Quinto, became a cult hit in sci-fi circles and has garnered a range of awards including Primetime Emmys and Golden Globes.

Heroes joins fellow NBC series’ Law & Order, Mercy and Trauma on the scrap heap.

Source: TV Squad


For all you Heroes fan out there who missed Monday’s programme here is a quick recap of this sci-fi thriller.

Although she is meant to be behaving herself and attending community college, Clare can’t help getting involved.   When the mysterious Rebel texts her and asks her to warn Alex about being abducted by the US governments she feels compelled to get involved.  No sooner is she at the comic book store warning Alex when “HRG” shows up to take him away.  Some quick thinking by Clare gets Alex and herself out of a tight spot.  She also tells her mum what her dad is up to which causes them to spilt-up for a while.  While drowning his sorrows in a local bar, Noah is drugged and captured by Peter, Matt and Mohinder.

Sylar and Luke are still on the road trying to find Sylar’s father.  So far, Sylar hasn’t given in to any temptation to kill Luke and steal his abilities.  The US authorities spot Sylar on a motorway CCTV camera and track him down at a roadside coffee shop.  They send in the Special Forces to try and bring him in.  Of course, once again, they are no match for Sylar who gets away, although Luke is left behind.  Have the authorities captured their next killer with special abilities?  Well no, not quite.  Sylar shows a most uncharacteristic change of heart and rescues Luke (as well as taking government communication equipment so that he can monitor their activities).  Is our villain changing….?

The show also included the antics of Hiro and Ando sent to India to stop a wedding.  Between them they manage it.  Again the mysterious Rebel makes contact and tells them to protect Matt (who now has Isaac’s ability to draw the future). 

The big question in my mind is who is Rebel?  Angela Petrelli is the obvious choice, but perhaps we are about to be introduced to someone new on Heroes.  What do all you Heroes fans out there think?


For the past few weeks the BBC’s trailers have been teasing us with the long awaited return (for some of us) of Heroes to our TV screen.  Was Sylar really gone?….Was Hiro OK?….What will the future bring our heroes?  On Monday night all was revealed with the return of Heroes on the BBC. 

Yes, Sylar is still alive and up to no good.  Nathan looks set to be the bad guy along with the US Government.  Our heroes are just trying to get on with their lives.  Yet, as ever, there is a real sense of foreboding on Heroes.  This season instead of saving the world from disaster our heroes look set to become hunted fugitives. 

Although Heroes has taken the US by storm it does not seem to have amassed a large fan base in the UK.  True, it requires a real leap of faith to swallow Heroes’ main premise that there are ordinary people who somehow develop special abilities, such as being able to fly or shoot electricity from their hands.   But Heroes was always meant to be like a science fiction comic, a feat it achieves with some aplomb.

I find Heroes well worth watching just because it is so well made – it’s put together with the same high production values as a film and it has great special effects.  Plus, the acting and fast pace of Heroes makes for compelling viewing.  If I were to make one criticism of Heroes it would be that it’s too easy to become confused by the numerous characters and storylines – especially if you miss an episode.  But that’s not likely to be a problem in my household. 

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Hollywood rumours are abounding that Alias actor David Anders, who plays Mr. Sark, has been casted to play a new character named Kane in the upcoming Season 2 of Heroes.

The scoop comes from Kristin Veitch’s blog on yahoo.com.

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NBC’s Heroes is actually just a big rip-off! Can you imagine it? New hit show hits the airwaves, features a storyline and some character ideas that could look similar to just about any idea thats come up through the ages of human cultural workings, and lo and behold, a group of artists realises that their own ideas are being sold for big dollars on the TV airwaves!

If you want to hear the dirt on why NBC’s show is actually a rip-off, you’ll have to read more.

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