Heston Blumenthal

Tuesday 24 March at 9:00pm on C4

Ancient Roman cuisine meant theatrical, devious and orgasmic food. The Romans had few boundaries and unusual appetites, eating everything from flamingos to parrot tongues and jellyfish. Heston creates a Roman feast for a group of celebrity diners, with dishes including pig nipple scratchings, calf’s brain custard, and a slow-cooked hog filled with edible intestines made from chicken and a cocoa mixture. And for pudding, Heston rolls out the ultimate naughty Roman dessert: an unusual ejaculating cake featuring white chocolate mousse, space dust and dry ice.

Tuesday 17 March at 9:00pm on C4

Heston Blumenthal is on a mission to use myth, science and history to create the greatest feasts ever known. The royal court of Henry VIII revelled in the most spectacular and sumptuous feasting British shores had ever known. Heston creates an extravagant, flamboyant and spectacular Tudor feast for a group of celebrity diners, including frog blancmange, a mythical beast and bone marrow rice pudding. He also creates the “daddy of all meat monsters” using the head of a pig, the body of a lamb and the wings and back end of a goose.

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