Heston’s Fantastical Food

9:00pm Tuesday, December 4 on C4

Heston tries to rekindle our love for the traditional pub food. For centuries local taverns have provided a wondrous mix of good times, hearty grub and beer that’s famous the world over. But pubs appear to be in decline, with around 18 locals a week shutting their doors for good. Heston plans to put the fun back into old-fashioned pub grub by building a giant edible pie and transforming it into a fully functioning public house in the Welsh village of Minera.

9:00pm Tuesday, November 27 on C4

Heston celebrates the greatest pleasure of childhood – sweets – by making his own Willy Wonka inspired giant sweet shop. There is no doubt Brits have a sweet tooth but when it comes to adult life, the magic surrounding the enjoyment of sugary treats has disappeared. Heston recalls the utter joy he felt from seeing the endless jars of sweet shop confectionery and the tough decision of how to spend his pocket money, and wants to bring this kind of excitement back – on a massive scale.

9:00pm Tuesday, November 13 on C4

In this brand new series, culinary alchemist Heston Blumenthal brings back the wonder and excitement of childhood food memories and flavours on a monumental scale, awakening the kid in every viewer. Heston combines his exacting scientific expertise and culinary genius to recreate and supersize some fantastical treats, and also breaks food records along the way. In this second episode, Heston focuses on the ice cream van, a great British tradition that provided the soundtrack to so many childhoods, and the frozen treats every kid dreams of. Heston plans to build the world’s biggest ever 99 Flake, over five metres tall and weighing more than a ton….

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