Heston’s Mission Impossible

9:00pm Tuesday, March 1 on C4

Heston Blumenthal tries to transform the food at one of the UK’s biggest cinema chains, Cineworld. But Heston soon realises that, with popcorn’s enormous mark-up, selling cinema snacks is all about profit margins rather than quality. He’s determined to change that by using food to put the magic back into movie trips. His ideas include inside-out hot dogs, chewy marshmallow ice-cream, apple smoked candyfloss, and curried popcorn, but will they win favour with the bosses and the filmgoers?

9:00pm Tuesday, February 22 on C4

The NHS’s largest children’s hospital, Alder Hey in Liverpool, has a problem: the food. The children won’t touch it, and their road to recovery is suffering as a result. Enter Heston Blumenthal, to persuade hospital bosses that processed fast food isn’t the way forward, and get the kids to eat his new food creations. Cue Heston’s ‘Bet You Can’t Eat That’ menu, featuring a ‘snot milkshake’, a ‘vomit soup’, and ‘worms on pizza’. It’s healthy ingredients disguised as fun. But can Heston persuade hospital bosses to adopt these changes?

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