Hey Paula!

In the final episode of the series, Paula pays Daniel a surprise visit at his salon. With no appointment, she wants a cut and colour from her best friend and stylist. She keeps Daniel waiting as she is more interested in the makeup the salon has on sale. After he has covered her hair in colourant over the sink, Paula exclaims “Daniel, my hair is orange!” to which he replies “well you shouldn’t have bought that make-up”.

In this week’s episode we are treated to some out takes from the series, mostly involving Paula’s dogs. One in particular her pet pooch takes a strong liking to a stuffed toy duck.

On a routine visit to the doctors, Paula is on the phone with her publicist Jeff – they are discussing recent rumours that Paula has had plastic surgery. It has been noted that Paula’s breasts have increased a cup size. She laughs this off – “they’re real and they’re fabulous'” -she proudly admits. She confesses to having had botox but nothing else.

Later this week Paula is putting together a dance troop for a new project she is producing. She is unimpressed with the talent at first but things soon improve. The dancers involved are shocked to see Paula at their auditions; one girl remembers watching Paula when she was younger and aspiring to be her.

To unwind, Paula often has a Chinese massage. “It’s easier to work Shaquille O’Neil than it is me,” she tells her masseur. When he enquires as to why that is, she replies: B”ecause he can’t take it as deep as I can.”

The writers of the series Family Guy have written Paula a part and she is about to appear in the show for the second time. She tells the writers that just once she’d like to have a line saying “You suck! You sound like a cat dying in a plastic bag!” Paula also reveals: “I’ve impressed more guys on dates with the Family Guy thing way more than being a judge on American Idol.”

A blast from Paula’s past shows up in this week. Peter Lord, who produced Paula’s Spellbound album, meets with her for the first time in ten years. “You could just be so eclectic but still wild at the same time but commercial,” he tells her. Having danced around the kitchen to his latest single Paula decides that it’s time fro them to work together again.

Finally this week, Paula’s boyfriend, JT, throws her a birthday party and becomes the only guy ever to surprise her at her birthday. Her Dad is the surprise and Paula is thrilled. “She’s my girl but I lost her to the public,” her father explains. We are also introduced to the rest of Paula’s family.

Paula closes the series with a heart felt message to her fans and family: “I’m so filled with gratitude for those of you who’ve supported my dreams for so many years. I hope that you enjoy watching my life. I’ll always be your girl.”

Friday 14 March 2008 11:00pm – 11:30pm on ITV2.

Paula begins this week spending some time with her friends. They want to go to an Oscar event so she takes them along to a gift boutique. On the way Paula explains that when she’s busy she gets in trouble with her neck injury. She tells of having 14 spinal surgeries as well as plates in her neck and admits it’s a hard thing to talk about. However, Paula’s friend Jill has been through it with her, so it’s “less daunting” and she feels “less isolated”, after all “neck problems are by far the worst pain you can ever go through.”

Paula has also decided to have part of her house renovated and temporarily moves into a rental house. The house is unfurnished so she has hired a designer to capture her essence. As she is spending time with her friends Paula loses track of time and gives Daniel, her make-up artist and best friend, the go ahead to pick everything out for the new house. Having looked at the designer’s previous work Daniel is convinced that they won’t have a problem and the designer says they “have never had a client that said ‘we don’t like that.”

Due to her tough career as a dancer Paula has rheumatoid arthritis and later in theday is administered an injection to help take the edge off the pain. Paula is told that “it burns, it hurts and you may scream.”

When the rental house is finished Paula goes to investigate and looks thoroughly unimpressed with the results – shaking her head she could not look more unhappy. “You’ve got to be kidding me with my bedroom, like I always wanted to have a white painted bird cage. They’re freaky. I always think there’s going to be a stuffed animal that has blood dripping out of its mouth. I can’t even look at it.”

To take her mind off the house Paula pays a visit to her physician, Dr Rice, at the Life Wellness Institute in San Diego. His team of specialists can perform “pretty much miracles.” She explains to one: “when I fell over my dog I really hurt myself.” Paula is nervous to find out Dr Rice’s analysis. He concludes: “I think we can see clearly from here (the x-ray) that Simon (Cowell) is the major cause.”

Upon her return home Paula gets back down to business and has her assistant dial her designer. “You did know that this is supposed to be my house and look like I live here?” she asks. Daniel, who loved the house, looks on with a worried expression, particularly when Paula wants to know why the designer didn’t get more of a sense of her style from the pictures Daniel took to the house. Flash back to an earlier scene at the house in which Daniel had no such pictures.

Finally, Paula decides to hold off on the renovation and cancel the rental house.

Friday 7 March 2008 11:00pm – 11:30pm on ITV2.

This week is an emotional rollercoaster for Paula. Continuing from last week she remains stranded in Philadelphia due to the snowy weather but she is keeping in high spirits with her assistants by playing pranks when they arrive back at the hotel at 2am. Paula finds herself rolling on the floor in hysterics after she plants a suspicious looking lump of beef jerky ‘shaped like a big piece of dog poo’ under one of her assistant’s duvets.

But Paula’s tears of laughter soon turn to tears of upset when she receives an email from the Bratz company informing her that she is no longer needed to work on their project. Paula is inconsolable as she was on course to executive produce and choreograph the up coming Bratz movie, as well as design the clothing and the dolls. Having banished her assistants she closes her bedroom door and goes to bed in tears.

After lolling around the hotel for a whole day Paula and her team are clear to leave for New York to make her appearance on The David Letterman Show. Unfortunately Paula’s stylist Daniel and consultant Billy are in LA and she must have them with her in order for things to run smoothly. Things turn sour in the car when it is looking like Paula won’t be able to have Daniel or Billy with her in time. Yelling at her assistants an emotional Paula admits that she is upset with her team and that she’s stressed at the thought of having no one to direct her for her interview.

Luckily, Daniel and Billy arrive just in the nick of time to make Paula look her best and rehearse her for one of the biggest shows in television. Meanwhile, Paula’s new assistant of less than a week is not sure that she is up to assisting the manic lifestyle of Paula Abdul and is worried she’s not right for Paula.

On the way to The David Letterman Show, Paula explains through teary eyes her concerns about the bad press she’s been getting of late and whether it will ever end. However, an awaiting crowd of fans gives her a confidence boost when she arrives at the studios and she is very pleased with the way the show goes. As she leaves Paula is confronted by a hysterical super fan and claims that the fans put things in perspective – ‘it’s a love fest’.

Friday 29 February 2008 11:20pm – 11:50pm on ITV2.

This week is jam-packed for Paula and it begins with an event for In Defence of Animals which she is hosting. Animals are a huge part of Paula’s life and she loves nothing more than her four dogs. She is however, running late and is so hungry she states she ‘could probably eat a dog’.

At her staff meeting the next day Paula is exhausted from lack of sleep and it shows both in her mannerisms and the concern on her employees faces as her attention wanes. She’s also having some issues with her assistants this week. She explains through tears that it makes her ‘cuckoo’ when they make mistakes like not telling her to reply to emails and it doesn’t help when she thinks they think she’s crazy.

Next Paula’s off to Philadelphia to record two jewellery shows on QVC. The shows are a success with everything selling out completely; unfortunately this is not good news for Paula. She has promised the American Idol guys some of her jewellery and Marty, her merchandising rep, assured her some would be set aside. This however does not happen and Paula, to her disgust, must put her hand in her pocket and order jewellery that she’s designed to keep her promise. An exasperated Paula exclaims she’s “tired of people not treating her like the gift that she is”.

Finally this week Paula is due in New York to appear on the David Letterman show. Disaster strikes when a blizzard hits Philadelphia. It may not be safe to drive to New York, the airport is closed and on top of this it looks as if Paula is coming down with the flu. Will she get to New York City on time to make her appearance? This episode is to be continued…

Friday 22 February 2008 11:50pm – 12:20am on ITV2.

At the beginning of this week’s episode, Paula has called a production meeting to discuss media strategy following allegations of drink and drug abuse which appeared in the press after the American Idol press tour.

An emotional Paula declares “enough is enough”, she will not have her reputation ruined, this is a crisis. The meeting becomes particularly heated when PR Jeff and producing partner David attempt to tackle the situation. However it is decided that Paula must honour her up coming commitments and use them as an opportunity to set the record straight.

The first of these commitments is a gift suite in LA. At these events celebrities are offered free designer items in exchange for publicity photos wearing their pieces. Paula is concerned that no one will want to be associated with her after her recent negative portrayal in the media and her feelings show on arrival. It isn’t long however before she gets in to the swing of things and even has a mini-tantrum over a dress she can not have as it is hold for someone else.

Next Paula is off to Las Vegas to receive the Woman of the Year award from the Nevada Ballet Theatre for her years of teaching dance. Any feelings of honour are marred by the nerves Paula is feeling, particularly about facing the line of press waiting to question her. To make matters worse Jeff has received a call from an LA magazine who are about to run a quote Paula claims she never uttered. Taking the phone from Jeff she warns the person on the other end “I’ll come after her”.

When she finally emerges from her dressing room Paula continues her efforts to stall talking to the media by spraying everyone in her vicinity with perfume and complaining about the temperature. When she finally receives the award Paula is greeted by a smiling Simon Cowell on stage who states “this is possibly one of the worst nights of my life.”

Lastly this week, in another bid to tell her side of the story Paula is a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She’s extremely happy with the way things go and feels that “finally the tides are turning”.

Friday 15 February 2008 10:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV2.

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