When Silas Blissett targets Lynsey Nolan as his next victim, she’ll have a very lucky escape when he’s scared off by Riley arriving in a hurry when he hears her screams…

However it would seem many of the villagers will refuse to believe Lynsey’s story that an intruder attacked her, since neither she nor Riley saw who was in her flat…

But Lynsey soon realizes that it was him, though she’ll have a tough time convincing anyone else.

Bronagh Waugh, who of course plays Cheryl Brady, told Bang Showbiz, “Everyone thinks she’s crazy and making it up, as does Cheryl at first.

“Lynsey’s really upset about it and asks Cheryl for some help.

“While she hates seeing her best friend in that kind of state, she thinks Lynsey’s just being paranoid and Silas is a really upstanding member of society.

“It will all be quite dark and will escalate to a boiling point when Cheryl is devastated to find out [Lynsey’s] been attacked.

“She’ll try to look after her and protect her but she does feel a little guilty that she didn’t do anything sooner.

“It’s all very dramatic and I’m sure it will have viewers shouting at their TV screens.”

In other ‘Oaks news, Stephanie Davis has been telling Inside Soap about the latest shock that’s to come for the O’Connor family…

During next week’s episodes, Stephanie’s character Sinead will meet with her real mother, Morag, who will explain why she left her kids when they were little.

Stephanie said, “It’s something to do with Finn and what happened around the time he was born.

“Sinead’s sent reeling when Morag tells her what went on then – she isn’t expecting it at all. Her mum’s definitely had a bit of a hard time.

“Morag basically says, ‘I’ve not come back for Finn – I’ve come back for you’.

“She wants Sinead to live with her in New York – so the big question is whether she’ll go off or stay with her stepmum Diane.

“But I can’t see Sinead going anywhere without Finn.”

More ‘Oaks news soon!

In April, we’re going to meet wannabe WAG, Alex – who’s played by Annie Cooper – when she threatens to destroy local footballer Riley Costello’s (Rob Norbury) engagement to glamorous Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe).

Best known for her roles in Coronation Street, Married Single Other and Skins, Annie will play Alex in the teen soap and is excited to be joining such a gorgeous cast.

“I am delighted to be joining the glamorous cast of Hollyoaks as naughty minx Alex. She’s really going to test Riley and Mercedes’ relationship and it’s exciting to see how it all turns out.

“Working with Jamie, Jen and Rob is great and everyone was really welcoming when I started filming.”

Viewers will see the gorgeous Alex catch the eye of the footballer on an awards night out. A drunken Riley basks in the attention as the stunning blonde makes a move on him but will he go all the way with the wannabe WAG or stick with Hollyoaks hottie and fiancé Mercedes?

Alex only has one thing on her mind but which wannabe WAG will reign supreme and at what cost?

In other news, Stephanie Waring has revealed that she brings her new baby Lexi to work with her.

Stephanie, who of course plays Cindy Longford, has recently returned to the set after her maternity leave.

Speaking to Inside Soap, she talked about juggling work and being a mum, saying, “I’m finding it easier than I thought it would be.

“My other half, Dan, has been looking after Lexi when I’m at work and he brings her in when I have long days.

“We’ve got a crèche at Hollyoaks and Lexi will be joining when she’s six-months-old.

“She’s a great baby – if she cried all the time, I think I’d be pulling my hair out. It’s been a good adjustment so far and I’m hoping it will continue.

“My eldest daughter Mia is brilliant with her too, Lexi’s eyes widen and she gives a big smile as soon she sees her. It’s lovely that they’ve bonded.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

Emma Jesson – the TV weathergirl who’s dating Corrie’s Bill Roache – has spoken publicly of their affair for the first time.

42 year old Emma was first spotted with Bill in August, 18 months after Bill’s wife Sara died.

Speaking to Woman’s Own magazine, Emma explained how she’d met the Corrie veteran at a celebrity party.

She said, “We were immediately comfortable in each other’s company.”

Emma added that Bill is very different to his Street character Ken Barlow.

She said, “Although Ken’s younger, in real life Bill’s quite mischievous. It’s Ken who’s stuffy.”

Of the outlook for their future, Emma said, “I’ve no children and never been married.

“People close to us know how Bill and I are with each other. That’s all that’s important.”

Over in Emmerdale, it’s been reported that the show’s bosses have filmed four different outcomes to Ryan Lamb’s (James Sutton) trial for murder.

The trial concludes next week, and The Sun report that the alternate endings will be available for viewers to watch online as of next Thursday.

One of the scenes shows Ryan being found guilty, another, not guilty, while the third shows Natasha Wylde (Amanda Donohoe) confessing to having killed Mark. The fourth shows Maisie Wylde, Faye Lamb and Ryan Lamb “celebrating outside court.”

Series producer Gavin Blyth said, “The alternative endings we filmed earlier this year for Mark Wylde’s murder proved hugely popular and it seemed fitting to treat viewers.”

And finally, in Hollyoaks, Kieron Richardson has said that he won’t be “camping it up” when his character Ste begins a gay relationship with Brendan Brady (Emmett J Scanlan).

Kieron told Digital Spy, “I was thinking a lot about the storyline – and when you know that your character’s turning gay, you can kind of play to that stereotype and camp it up a bit…

“But I thought that in order to be true to the character, I had to fight against that.

“I wanted to play it completely Ste, completely straight, with no changes except that he likes men now.”

More UK soaps news soon!

Sheree Murphy has revealed that she thinks the cast cuts made by new show producer Paul Marquess will be good for the show.

She told the PA, “I think they’re making big changes which is probably a good thing, a positive thing.

“So it’s nice to be part of the show when they’re revamping it, [making it] kind of fresher, all that kind of stuff.”

However, Sheree added that in particular, Ricky Whittle will be “missed” when he leave the show.

And he himself has admitted that when it’s time for him to leave, he’ll probably have “tears” because his time on the show has been “a great time.”

Ricky, who of course plays ex-cop Calvin Valentine, will leave the show later this year when his character will be shot dead at his wedding to Carmel McQueen.

Ricky told the PA, “I’d like to think hopefully it’ll bring a few tears when Calvin finally goes – because it’s going bring tears to my eyes because I’ve had a great time.”

And while hinting at what remains of Calvin’s storylines, Ricky said, “In the flashforward there were a lot of things that you didn’t understand, a lot of people saying things and doing things that you didn’t understand why – like me getting married for starters when I was having an affair with Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) at the time.

“Now it’s all starting to be filled in.

“My character’s back with Carmel – they’re trying to make it work, they’re trying to sort out the wedding. You’ve got little things like Lauren (Dominique Jackson) saying she was pregnant, that’s going to come out.

“You’ve got Zak (Kent Riley) saying some racist things and over the next couple of months it’s all going to piece together and that one episode is going to be spread out over a whole week.

“So you’re going to find exactly what’s going on, there’s going to be extra scenes put in, some stuff’s gonna be re-shot and it’s going to be a little rollercoaster ride and hopefully everyone enjoys it.”

More Hollyoaks news soon.

Sheree Murphy – ex-Emmerdale actress who’s just joined the cast of Hollyoaks – has told the PA that being in the show makes her feel “old.”

Sheree will appear on our screens in the Chester based show in April in the role of the estranged mum of Anita Roy. She’s set to claim her name is Kate but it is in fact Eva.

Sheree said, “I always thought eventually I’m going to be playing a mother at some point as I get older, but maybe a mother to a baby or a toddler, not to a 17-year-old, so I feel really old.”

And when asked to compare her new role to that of Trisha on Emmerdale, Sheree said, “It’s really different. Everyone’s much younger so I feel really old, which is not a good thing.

“But it’s kind of the same because when you’re on a soap it’s family-orientated and everyone gets on well.

“I’ve only done a few scenes here and there, so I’ve kind of not got my teeth into it yet and I still feel like the new girl, which is awful. I hate it!

“But everyone’s lovely and I’m really looking forward to it.”

And in other Hollyoaks news, the show’s new producer, Paul Marquess, has revealed that there’s to be a new family introduced to the show. On Hollyoaks’ official website, Paul wrote, “We’re particularly excited about the new family that will join the show in the summer – and guarantee they’ll bring glitz, glamour and great stories to the Hollyoaks village!

“Sadly we will be losing some characters as storylines progress and actors’ contracts come to an end.

“But we’ve created lots of fantastic new characters that we’re currently casting for.”

He added that there would be “lots of exciting things coming up, with a lot of dramatic, funny and heartbreaking storylines in the pipeline”.

More Hollyoaks news soon.

Hollyoaks Cast News

Kelly-Marie Stewart – who plays Hayley – has revealed to Fabulous magazine how she’s “determined” to walk again after contracting Guillain-Barré syndrome three years ago which left her paralysed from the waist down.

She explained too how she heard about her diagnosis after collapsing and being unable to walk since that collapse…

“I didn’t feel scared, it was just really weird” she told the magazine, adding, “I tried and tried to get my legs to move, but they wouldn’t.

“I called for help and two nurses carried me back to my bed.

“Even then I wasn’t worried. I just presumed it was a symptom of the virus and that when I got better it would go away.”

Kelly-Marie was then taken to a specialist neurological unit, but she tried to stay positive, even though her prognosis seemed bleak…

“Actually, I felt very lucky in many ways.

“All that time I was in hospital, my mates did their utmost to make sure I never felt alone. I felt very loved and cared for, and I learnt that I share my life with some very special people.

“There were young people in there with no movement or feeling from the neck down. Compared to their problems, mine seemed minor.”

What a brave woman! And happily, she’s now looking forward to the birth of her first child in March. Kelly-Marie met her partner Ian Fox nearly six months after she left hospital, and the couple can’t wait for their baby to arrive…

“We did the pregnancy test and when it came up positive, we both cried.

“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a mum and I know Ian will be an amazing dad.

“Some people with this condition don’t ever get better, but I’m determined I will. And my baby will be the most precious gift – I’m so lucky.”

She really is an inspiration isn’t she?

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