Hollyoaks Later

It’s been revealed today that a fourth series of the hit spin-off show Hollyoaks Later has been commissioned by Channel 4.

The show will return to our screens in the autumn with a week long run of five episodes, each an hour long, that’ll air at 9pm.

The show’s executive producer, Tony Wood, said of the news, “We are delighted to be working on another series of Hollyoaks Later which promises to deliver a unique cocktail of humour, glamour and grown-up drama.

“We’re taking some of Hollyoaks’ most-loved characters and putting them in romantic, funny and dangerous situations and we hope viewers will love the result.”

And Roberto Troni, Channel 4’s commissioning editor, added, “Hollyoaks Later is a unique brand extension that gives E4 audiences a new perspective on the main drama.

“As the only British soap specifically aimed at young audiences, Hollyoaks is constantly evolving, growing and exploring new ideas.

“From more Laters on E4 this year to even more exclusive content on E4.com, Hollyoaks fans can get much more than their nightly fix of the Channel 4 show.”

Are you looking forward to a new series?

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UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

Over in Emmerdale, Marc Silcock – who plays Jackson, Aaron Livesy’s boyfriend – has told Inside Soap that it annoys him when people make unpleasant comments about his character.

Explaining that most often, the feedback he receives from the public is “positive”, he said that the few negative remarks he hears are “difficult” to deal with.

He said, “On the whole, viewers see Aaron and Jackson’s partnership as a relationship, not a homosexual relationship.

“But there is the odd negative person, and of course that’s difficult.

“It annoys me when I get unpleasant comments in the street, because if I wasn’t playing this character and I went over to someone and spoke that way, I’d end up getting knocked out!

“Luckily, those kind of remarks are few and far between.”

Marc, who recently revealed that his contract to stay in the show had been extended, added that his fan mail from male and female viewers is “pretty much half and half”.

He went on to say, “I get letters from men wanting autographed pictures and to discuss the storyline, but I hear from girls too.

“It’s great to get post from female viewers because you know you’re appealing to both sides.”

In Hollyoaks news, Gemma Merna has revealed some details of the latest storylines for her character Carmel McQueen…

And it seems Carmel is about to issue her cousin Theresa with a “shocking ultimatum” over her baby daughter Angel.

Last week on the show, we saw Theresa (Jorgie Porter) give birth to her first baby in Hollyoaks Later, but her joy was short lived Carmel turned up and vowed to see through her threat to report Thereas to the police over Calvin’s death.

Next week, there’s another shock in store for viewers when Carmel offers Theresa a “lifeline”; she’ll keep quiet but only if Theresa hands over the baby to her permanently.

Speaking to Soaplife about Carmel’s ultimatum, Gemma explained, “In Carmel’s mind, the baby is hers.

“It’s Calvin’s baby, therefore it is her baby because they were supposed to be the ones who were going to have a child together.

“She’s really angry and wants to make Theresa pay for ruining her life. But she also dearly wants to bring the baby up.

“She believes she can give Angel a better life than Theresa, who’s young and still wants to go out and have fun.”

Gemma added though that in upcoming weeks, Carmel’s blackmail plan is “bound to unravel”.

And finally, actor Sean Bean has revealed that he still wants to have a cameo role in an episode of Coronation Street.

Sean first confessed he’d love to act in the show in 2006, but it seems the show’s bosses didn’t get in touch with him about it.

Sean told the Daily Express, “Yes, I would really like to appear in Coronation Street.

“It’s my favourite soap. Maybe not for a long run but I would still love to be in it.

“But they haven’t contacted me or my agent about it, so it’s over to them.”

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9:00pm Friday, October 29 on E4

Mitzeee’s (Rachel Shenton) nose is further put out of joint when Theresa (Jorgie Porter) chooses Nancy (Jessica Fox) as her birth partner, but Nancy faints at the onset of childbirth, leaving the way clear for Logan (Thomas Sean Hughes) by the side of the girl he loves.

9:00pm Thursday, October 28 on E4

Bart (Jonny Clarke) tries to beat a hasty retreat when Fern (Amy Gavin) turns up wielding a knife to dramatically expose that Jason is really Jasmine.

9:00pm Wednesday, October 27 on E4

Liam knocks Seth out, and on Nathan’s instruction Sami makes the call to Carl (Paul Opacic) that his sons are in trouble and he needs to come quickly.

9:00pm Tuesday, October 26 on E4

Theresa is entranced by Logan (Thomas Sean Hughes) – and it’s a mutual love at first sight.

9:00pm Monday, October 25 on E4

Riley (Rob Norbury), Seth (Miles Higson) and Logan (Thomas Sean Hughes) arrive at the cage fighting club run by Nathan McAllister (Michael Bisping). The atmosphere is charged with girls, fighting and booze and it’s not long before Seth has come to blows with a retired footballer.

Monday, December 28 on E4

The successful late-night extension of Channel 4’s flagship teen drama Hollyoaks kicks off with five nights of brand new hour-long episodes. Hollyoaks Later delves deeper into the lives and loves of the Hollyoaks regulars, shedding their teen image and looking at a different side of life in the village.

Word has it that Hollyoaks Later star, Finn Jones, is soon to be appearing in the main 6.30pm show, according to Digital Spy.

Finn of course played drug dealer Jamie in E4’s late-night offering, and it seems he’ll be showing up on Channel 4’s regular show in the New Year, with his character’s storylines set to coincide with Emma Rigby leaving the show and her role as Hannah.

A Hollyoaks source told DS, “Hannah’s had a terrible time of late and Jamie’s sudden arrival in the village next year reopens a wound that’s only just started to heal.”

In other news, former Hollyoaks actress Roxanne McKee is to play the role of a lesbian in a new BBC Three drama.

Roxanne played spirited Louise Summers in Hollyoaks, and for her new venture, ‘Lip Service’, she’ll play a character called Lou. The show is apparently about the sex lives and love affairs of “twenty-something lesbians living in contemporary Glasgow”.

Anne Mensah, head of drama BBC Scotland, said of the new drama, “The series takes a very vivid and authentic look at the lives and loves of modern British gay women on the cusp of life.

“The quality of the cast that the scripts have brought to the table really speaks for itself and Lip Service promises to be an emotionally-charged and utterly enjoyable drama series.”

Lip Service is due to air in spring 2010.

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Friday, October 2 on E4

Desperate to save Rhys (Andrew Moss), Hannah (Emma Rigby) and Jamie (Finn Jones) go back to Kev’s (James Cartwright) house, only to find him brandishing a gun. As Hannah stands with a gun to her head a terrified and desperate Jamie begs Kev to let them go.

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