Hollyoaks spoilers 2011

We’ll start today’s soapy news round up with Emmerdale, where Mark Charnock has been telling All About Soap that his character, Marlon Dingle, faces a tough Christmas as he has to face seeing Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) renew her vows to Ashley (John Middleton).

As fans will know, Marlon and Laurel have been trying their best to deny their feelings towards each other and to keep their distance, because neither want to break up Laurel’s family.

However, Ashley now knows that his wife is in love with Marlon, so when the time for him and Laurel to renew their vows arrives, he goes missing while he tries to wrestle with the decision of whether to let his wife go or keep her in the marriage.

Of the yuletide storyline, Mark said of Marlon, “He’s in bits. He goes to call Laurel, but he knows he mustn’t.

“He just spends the day on his Xbox. Of course, Paddy and Rhona have worked it out and they confront him – and that’s when Marlon breaks down and confesses all his feelings.

“Rhona goes to the ceremony but comes back and says Ashley is late, and there’s a moment when Marlon thinks it’s his last chance – he’s got to take it.

“So he’s got to decide whether to rescue Laurel from a situation she doesn’t want to be in, and rescue himself from potentially a lifetime of regret.”

And when asked if Marlon could live with himself if he destroyed Ashley and Laurel’s marriage, Mark said, “I think he could, actually. It would be difficult, but he loves Laurel so much that he would find a way to deal with it.

“But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!”

We’ll find out if Ashley and Laurel re-tie the knot on Thursday, December 22 at 7pm and 8pm on ITV1.

Over to Corrie now, where Kate Ford, who of course plays scheming Tracy Barlow, has been telling Soaplife how Tracy will go to any lengths to get Becky (Katherine Kelly) out of her and Steve McDonald’s (Simon Gregson) lives…

Even lying to Steve and everyone else, saying that Becky caused her to miscarry her unborn twins, when in fact, Tracy had already lost the babies before her row with Becky.

Kate said, “Just when Tracy thought Becky was out of their lives she buys into Streetcars. She’s convinced Becky’s done it to get closer to Steve and she’s furious.

“She still thinks that Steve’s got some feelings for Becky. She’s on at Steve to do whatever it takes to get rid of her.”

So when Steve takes Becky out to dinner to discuss their new business arrangement, Tracy goes nuclear…

And it’s then that she gets sharp pains in her stomach and quickly realizes something is very wrong.

Her mum Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) rushes her to the hospital, and the pair are devastated when they learn that Tracy has lost the babies.

Of that, Kate said, “Tracy’s in pieces. She’s devastated she may be losing her babies and at that point she just needs her mum.

“She’s also still convinced that Steve’s with Becky.

”She thinks that now she’s lost the babies he’ll leave her and then she’ll have lost everything she ever wanted.”

Which is why she lies to Steve later on and tries to convince him that a fall down the stairs during a row with Becky is what causes her to lose the babies.

But her lies are going to come to light on Christmas Day, prompting Steve to realize the big mistake he was about to make with Tracy!

Finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where Emmett Scanlan has told All About Soap how excited he is for the forthcoming final showdown between his character Brendan and Jamie Lomas’s character, Warren Fox.

As fans will know, Warren will leave the village soon, but his exit storyline sees him threatening to murder sometimes girlfriend Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) so Brendan has to race to save her.

Emmett said, “Brendan has no idea where she’s gone, but knows Warren’s responsible.

“ In the end, he works out they’re at Louise’s grave in the woods and it’s a race against time to get there before Warren kills again.

“[Brendan] doesn’t want her to die, but he’s more worried about his proof that Warren killed Louise going with her to the grave.

“Without Mitzeee, he’d have to start over again. If he can save her between framing Warren that’s great, but if she dies, she dies!”

Yikes! We’ll find out if she does on Friday, December 23 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

More soaps news soon!

We’ll start our look at today’s soapy news with Emmerdale, where Jeff Hordley, who of course plays the villainous Cain Dingle, has revealed that in real life, he’s a big softie!

Jeff, who’s married to his co-star Zoe Henry – who plays Rhona Goskirk – has two children; Violet, seven, and Stanley, three. And Jeff and Zoe have a dog called Rita.

While speaking to the Sun, Jeff revealed that he’s very much a home-body who often finds it difficult to turn into the bad lad that Cain is.

He said, “I tried Cain’s menacing stare with the children once and they just laughed.

“Cain might rule the roost in Emmerdale but not in my house. I’d certainly never dare take home any of his bad temper or irritability — Zoe wouldn’t allow it.

“There is a good balance between the two of us but Zoe has got the edge. Blokes like to think they’re in charge but Zoe is really the boss.

“She has said once or twice that I’m probably too nice sometimes and I should have more of an edge to me.

“But when I’m with my friends I like to keep the equilibrium and the peace. I’m definitely someone who likes a quiet life.

“I’m nothing like Cain when it comes to women either. I’ve been with my wife for 17 years and we’re extremely happy.

“We were students together and very young when we met — I was 24 and she was 21 — but I knew pretty quickly she was the one.”

And of Cain’s Judgement Day storyline, which will begin on December 8 at 7pm and 8pm, Jeff said, “He’s the most hated man in soap at the moment and that’s great fun to play.

“In this country, we are generally all so polite and Cain isn’t. He just speaks his mind.

“I’m in the character’s shoes and I staunchly defend why he is like he is.”

I can’t wait to see this story pan out. Who do you think is going to turn out to be the attacker?

Over to Hollyoaks now, where it’s been revealed that Carley Stenson, who played Steph Roach, is making a one-off return to the show over Christmas.

Just as Corrie did with Jack Duckworth’s death – when his late wife Vera appeared to him as he was dying – Steph will appear to Doug Carter as he’s on the brink of death on Boxing Day.

Doug, who’s played by PJ Brennan, begins to feel lonely and depressed in the build-up to Christmas, and finds himself thinking that his life isn’t worth living.

On Boxing Day, Doug will reach breaking point, and jump off a bridge, however, he then finds himself back in his flat with the vision of Steph before him.

Steph – who appears to him as an angel – tries to convince Doug of the positive impact his life has had over the past year, and he then has to decide whether to live or die.

As fans will of course know, Steph died in the dramatic Il Gnosh fire earlier this year.

Over to Corrie now, where Brooke Vincent, who plays lesbian teen Sophie Webster, has hinted that someone may “stir things up” at Sophie’s forthcoming wedding to Sian Powers (Sacha Parkinson).

Speaking via the show’s website, Brooke said, “Will they get married, or will Amber or Sally (Webster) get in the way?

“Maybe there’s even a new person that will get in the way.

“Sophie, at the moment, is a bit flustered with everything. She has a lot of feelings obviously for Sian because that’s her girlfriend, but she also has feelings for Amber (Nikki Patel).

“She finally confesses it all to Amber about how she feels but Amber isn’t that bothered to be honest.

“She goes home crying after Amber shuts her down, where she then suggests to Sian that they get married as soon as possible and whisks her off to Gretna Green.”

However, as viewers will know, Sophie and Sian’s plans for wedded bliss are set to come unglued when Sophie reveals she has feelings for Amber, and that they’ve kissed.


More soapy news soon!

And Becky’s heartbreak over Max is about to get worse!

We’ll start our look at soap spoiler with Hollyoaks, where Mercedes Fisher is about to find out who is the father of her baby!

Her former fiancé Riley Costello demanded the test after learning that Mercedes had had an affair with his dad Carl. However, given she’s desperate to get back with Riley, Mercedes is of course praying the baby isn’t Carl’s.

A Hollyoaks insider told the Daily Star, “Mercedes doesn’t want to face up to the fact Carl could be her son’s biological father.”

Find out who’s the daddy a week on Thursday!

Over to EastEnders spoilers now, and resident evil doc Yusef Khan is about to propose to Zainab Masood.

He chooses his moment to pop the question right after Zainab learns that Masood – who she’s still in love with – is now with Jane Beale…

But will her upset over that push her further into Yusef’s arms?

Well, apparently, his suggestion that she legally divorce Mas goes down like a lead balloon, and she says she won’t even consider doing so.

So perhaps the scheming medic isn’t going to get his own way this time. Or is he?

An EastEnders insider said, “Zainab is devastated when she discovers Mas has moved on and is sleeping with Jane.

“Yusef sees her turmoil as the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him all over again.

“Whether or not she accepts remains to be seen.”

And again, we’ll get to see if she accepts or not a week on Thursday.

Finally, it’s over to Corrie, where poor Becky is about to be devastated to learn that her sister Kylie and her husband David Platt have been given custody of little Max.

As fans of the show will know, Becky and Steve ‘bought’ Max from Kylie, but later, the little boy was taken into care when the immoral transaction came to light.

Since then, David has encouraged Kylie to get Max back, and finally, they’ve been successful…

And Kylie’s going to love rubbing Becky’s nose in it.

A Coronation Street insider said, “Since Max was taken into care Becky’s marriage to Steve has collapsed and her entire life has completely changed.

“Seeing Kylie and David so happy with the lad leaves her feeling completely gutted.

“She was so happy being married to Steve, it was probably the happiest she’s ever been in her life.

“She absolutely loved being a mum to Max as well as Steve’s daughter Amy.

“It’s going to be a really difficult time for her. Viewers should prepare themselves for a big climax this Christmas.”

We’ll see Max returned to Kylie a week tomorrow.

More soapy spoilers soon!

Plus mysterious newcomer arrives soon in Hollyoaks

As fans of EastEnders will know, Pam St Clement is leaving the show and her role as Pat Evans, and it’s been reported today that the show’s bosses have filmed three alternative death scenes for the iconic character.

In one scene, she’ll die in a fire at the B&B, in another, she dies of cancer, and in a third, she’ll have a fatal heart attack.

The show’s bosses haven’t even told the cast which death will be aired, and they intend to “slot in” the scenes during the show’s Christmas episodes.

A show insider told the Daily Mirror, “When bosses built a special set for a huge fire in the Square everyone thought that was definitely how Pat was going to go.

“But now there is talk of a second person dying in the flames. And the two other options can be added in at the last minute.

“There are even gaps in the scripts being given to cast members so the news can’t leak out.

“The whole place is buzzing with what is going to happen.”

An EastEnders spokesman added, “Although there has been much speculation around Pat’s departure, we’re not going to comment as we don’t want to spoil the surprise for the viewers.”

Here’s a look at the last big fire in Walford…


Over to Emmerdale now, where Vicar Ashley Thomas is about to find out that his wife Laurel is in love with pub chef Marlon Dingle.

Ashley’s dad Sandy has had his suspicions for some time now, and it seems he’s about to share them with his son, who doesn’t know what to believe.

As we know, Laurel and Marlon are in love with each other, but so far, the furthest they’ve gone down the road to an affair is to kiss.

In order to find out the truth, the Daily Mirror state that Ashley “turns private eye and secretly follows Laurel as she slips off to Marlon’s house.”

She’s there under the pretence of icing a cake for Ashley’s 50th birthday party, but is that really what they’re doing??

Stay tuned to find out!

And finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks where we’re about to see the arrival of a “mysterious newcomer” who’s called Joel. He’s to be played by Andrew Still.

We’ll first meet Joel on November 22nd when he will “turn the life of one unsuspecting resident upside down.”

He’ll be introduced as the DJ that Cheryl hired for Chez Chez, and his arrival coincides with Brendan disappearing after his release from prison.

And it seems there’s to be a love interest for Joel in the form of Maddie, but apparently, she’s going to have to work hard to win his affections.

I can’t wait to see who it is he already knows in Chester!

More soapy news soon!

Plus, Waterloo Road set may be demolished

As fans of EastEnders will know, Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) is set to wed his new love Mandy Salter (Nicola Stapleton), however, it’s been reported that on the eve of their wedding, Mandy will sleep with Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen).

Just as happened with Darren and Jodie – when Darren slept with Lauren the night before his wedding – Mandy and Ricky will find themselves helplessly attracted to each other just hours before the big day.

The PA states that a show insider said, “Everyone will see Ian happily heading off to his wedding, in his best suit.

“But they will also see a less than happy Mandy sat on her own at home with her wedding dress beside her…

“We are going to keep what happens a secret for viewers.”

And it seems that after Mandy and Ricky have their illicit night of passion, Mandy’s set to become “obsessed” with him – so what will that mean for the wedding?

Well, they never go smoothly do they?! But poor Ian – I think every woman he’s ever been with has cheated on him at some point!

Over to Hollyoaks now, where the show’s bosses have been working with road safety charity Brake to highlight the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

In the forthcoming storyline, copper Ethan Scott (Craig Vye) will mow down student Rob Edwards (David Atkins) when he takes his eyes off the road to read a text message. Viewers will be left wondering if Rob will live or die as he fights for life.

The storyline is intended to highlight Road Safety Week, which begins on November 21 with the theme “Too young to die”.

Brake’s campaign director, Julie Townsend, said, “Young drivers need to know that using a phone at the wheel, to text, call or use the internet is incredibly dangerous.

“Too many young lives are lost and ruined through road crashes, which is why it is so important that popular TV shows such as Hollyoaks highlight the appalling consequences of crashes, and the simple things all drivers can do to help avoid them.

“Brake is a charity that supports people who have been bereaved or seriously injured in crashes, so we are all too aware of the suffering caused by drivers taking needless risks like using a phone at the wheel, speeding or drink driving.

“A death or serious injury on the road shatters families and communities, all the more so when the victim is young with their whole life ahead of them.

“Brake is urging young people, and drivers of all ages, to make a pledge this Road Safety Week to always drive sober, slow and secure to prevent tragedy on our roads.”

The storyline airs from Monday, November 14 at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

Our final look at soapy news today is that Waterloo Road’s former set may be demolished. As fans will know, the show’s base recently moved from Rochdale to Scotland.

Rochdale Online reports that as of right now, no other use for the show’s former HQ has been suggested, so a meeting of council officials next week will decide its fate.

A report that’s to be submitted to the officials reads, “No use can be identified for the buildings in the short to medium term.

“If not demolished they would be empty, incurring costs for security and presenting high health and safety risk. “It would not be appropriate to seek a use for the buildings in the longer term because the site is identified as part of the approved clearance programme for the implementation of the Kirkholt regeneration plan.”

In the show, the move will be explained when what’s described as an “explosive” storyline sees the pupils and teachers at the school setting up a new school, but retaining the name Waterloo Road.

I guess it’s fairly safe to assume they’re going to blow up the old school then!

More soapy news soon!

We’ll start our look at the soapy news with Corrie, where Antony Cotton has been given permission by the show’s bosses to take part in this year’s I’m A Celeb.

Antony, who of course plays Sean Tully, had it written into his new contract with the show that he could take time off to explore other projects, and being on the jungle show really appealed to him.

A show insider told the Daily Star Sunday, “Antony loves I’m A Celebrity and he has wanted to do it for a long time.

“It is the first time an actor has been given time off to appear in I’m a Celebrity. He is very excited.”

Antony – who’s a trained singer and dancer – has reportedly had “scores of offers” to appear in West End shows, but he said, “I love working on Coronation Street, it’s the best job in the world.”

Over to Emmerdale now, where Nikhil Sharma (Rik Makarem) is set to get into fisticuffs with his love rival, Nicky (Matt Milburn).

It all begins when Nikhil believes Nicky’s cheating on Gennie (Sian Reece Williams) after he spots the vet in the pub with another woman.

Then, when Nicky leaves his phone on the bar, a call comes in and flashes up, “Fit Vicky”. However, it turns out that Vicky is his sister-in-law.

But later on, in the pub, Nikhil lets his anger at the prospect of Nicky cheating on Gennie get the better of him, and he punches the vet. Gennie is of course furious with Nikhil, and he’s left humiliated when she tells him that Vicky is helping her to get a job at a car dealership.

Will his temper mean he’s blown any chance he may have had with Gennie? Find out next week!

And finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where murderer Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) is to claim another victim on the night of Halloween…

In the run up to Halloween, Silas will continue to terrorise Lynsey (Karen Hassan) telling her that he’ll claim another victim on October 31st, and sure enough, he does.

He arrives for Fright Night at Chez Chez dressed as the Grim Reaper, and as Lynsey frantically tries to warn everyone what Silas is going to do, she’s frustrated when nobody believes her.

But as the night wears on into the early hours, Silas attacks a woman who’s dressed up as Catwoman…

However, Theresa McQueen, Amy Barnes, Lynsey Nolan and Texas Longford are all dressed as Catwoman, so we’ll be left in suspense to learn which of them he’s killed.

A show insider said, “Silas is pure evil. And it’s going to take some doing for people to believe he is the killer.”

We’ll see the murder a week tomorrow.

More soapy news soon!

We’ll start our news round up with Emmerdale, where it’s been revealed that former Coronation Street actress Gaynor Faye is joining the cast to play the role of Declan Macey’s sister, Megan.

It’s understood that Gaynor – who starred in Corrie as Judy Mallett – will begin filming next month and will appear on our screens in the New Year.

Of joining the cast, she said, “I’m incredibly excited to be joining Emmerdale. And filming in Leeds, my home town, is the icing on the cake.

“My character is fun but extremely driven and will stop at nothing to get her own way. “Megan is different to many of the roles I have played before.”

And Emmerdale producer Stuart Blackburn said, “This is an exciting new character for us and a new era at Home Farm.

“Megan has a shrewd ability to get exactly what she wants.”

Over to Hollyoaks now, where actor Rob Norbury has revealed that his character Riley Costello is to be hurt and humiliated on his wedding day.

As viewers will know, Riley is set to marry Mercedes Fisher, but he doesn’t know that she had an affair with his dad Carl.

But almost everyone else in the village knows about the affair, and it seems set to come tumbling out at the couple’s wedding.

Speaking to What’s On TV, Rob said, “I think that’s one of the worst bits is the fact everyone else knows.

“It’s embarrassing more than anything and it will take a real hit on his pride.

“Riley is the victim in all of this. He’s madly in love with Mercedes, he’s having a baby with her, and he’s close to his dad, or so he thinks.

“He’s always forgiven his dad his misdemeanours. I think it is the two people that he would trust over anyone.

“He’s probably got the short end of it, but hopefully he’s quite strong about things so he might be able to keep on top of it.”

And Rob added that the revelation could bring out Riley’s nasty side.

He said, “I think he’s always held in a little bit of anger, that’s what he’s always fought against.

“He’s a good lad, but he understands that he could be quite big and intimidating and I think he’s always held a little bit back, but I think this is one time when he won’t be able to.”

And finally, it’s over to EastEnders where Marc Elliott has revealed that there are to be rocky times ahead for his character Syed and his lover Christian Clarke.

As fans of the show will know, Syed’s about to learn he’s a dad when his estranged wife Amira – who’s played by Preeya Kalidas – turns up on the Square.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Marc said, “There’s certainly no happy ending in sight for Christian and Syed at the moment.

“There’s definitely a massive falling-out in store for them – I’ve just been filming it… “Perhaps they might be happy again by next year, though.”

And of the return of Preeya, Marc said, “It’s lovely having her back on set.

“I’ve worked so much with Johnny Partridge and the Masood family, who I love, but it’s great having the new dynamic that Preeya brings.

“She’s come in and shifted everything round again.”

More soapy news and gossip soon!

We’ll start our look at soap spoilers with Corrie, where in forthcoming episodes, Rosie Webster will be livid when she finds out her agent Jeff has given a top modeling job to rival model.

As you can see in the picture above, feisty Rosie catches Jeff and model Stacey sharing a drink in the Bisto, and she has some choice words for the pair.

A Coronation Street insider told the Daily Star, “Rosie goes absolutely mental when she catches Jeff and Stacey together.

“She accuses Stacey of sleeping with their agent to get the best jobs.

“She’s absolutely livid when she finds out she’s lost out on another job to Stacey.

“Rosie is never one to keep quiet about anything so her reaction is exactly what you’d expect.

“But she has to understand that the modelling world is very competitive and she can’t go off on one every time she doesn’t land a job.

“Viewers will have to wait to see whether or not Jeff is sleeping with Stacey.

“But with Rosie’s mum Sally having rekindled her romance with the agent it’s going to be very interesting to see how he handles her accusation.”

You can catch all the drama between Rosie, Jeff and Stacey a week on Thursday.

Over to EastEnders now where the first pictures of Syed with his baby daughter Yasmin have emerged. Syed of course had no idea he was a dad.

As viewers will know, a secretly pregnant Amira – Syed’s wife – left Walford last year after she discovered that Syed was having an affair with Christian Clarke, but she’s coming back, and she wants to win Syed’s heart so they can be a family.

And while Syed’s delighted he’s a dad, Amira tells him that Christian isn’t allowed anywhere near the little girl, causing new heartbreak for Syed.

An insider said, “Amira does not want a divorce. It goes against everything she believes in and she has no intention of making things easy for Syed or Christian.

“As far as she’s concerned Christian is the man who stole her husband and she hates him with a passion.

“She sees herself as the victim in all this.

“Syed will feel torn between Amira and Christian. We will have to wait to see whether he makes it up the aisle with Christian.”

The episode featuring Syed meeting his daughter will air on BBC1 a week tomorrow.

Finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where Riley Costello is unaware of his bride-to-be Mercedes Fisher’s secret…

However, it looks set to all come spilling out as a pregnant Mercedes turns up for her wedding to Riley, and it’s clear that she’s not the happy bride she should be.

As viewers will know, Mercedes had a steamy affair with Riley’s dad Carl, and with bad-boy Warren Fox planning to hand out copies of girlfriend Mitzeee’s tell-all book, things are not looking good for the wedding.

An insider said, “So many people are desperate to blow their fairytale wedding apart but exactly what happens is a closely-guarded secret.”

That drama will play out on Channel 4 a week tomorrow.

More soap spoilers soon!

We’ll begin our look at the soapy spoilers with Corrie, where DC Malone is about to become very suspicious of Carla and Peter…

As fans of the show will know, Frank told the detective that Peter and Carla cooked up the rape story just to oust him out of the business, and when Malone sees Peter coming out of Carla’s flat looking furtive, she begins to suspect that Frank may be telling the truth.

And there’s worse to come for Carla when Malone tells her that Frank has been released on bail. So with that news to contend with, Carla needs Peter more than ever, but what will Leanne – and the police – think if he spends yet more time with her?

A Coronation Street insider told the Daily Star, “Peter finds himself constantly checking up on Carla. He just can’t help it.

“She needs him and he wants to be there for her. The news of Frank’s release completely throws her.

“She felt safe while she knew he was locked up in prison, so you can image the state of her by the time DC Malone leaves.

“Peter does everything he can to comfort her but he knows things are only going to get worse.

“Frank is going to do everything he can to make Carla’s life a living hell and he even appoints his battleaxe mother to take over running the factory with her.

“By the end of his plan he hopes she will have broken. He wants her to drop the charges before it reaches court and will do everything he can to force her into it.

“He’s a really nasty piece of work.”

We’ll see these scenes a week tomorrow.

Over to Emmerdale now where it’s finally about to happen; Marlon and Laurel share a kiss…

We’ve seen the pair growing increasingly close over the last few weeks, but of course, Laurel is married to the vicar, and both know there can be no future for their illicit romance.

However, when Marlon goes on a date with Rachel, Laurel is consumed by jealousy, but while on the date, Marlon tells Rachel that he’s in love with someone else, so their date ends right there.

But it doesn’t take Rachel long to figure out that Laurel is the woman Marlon’s in love with, but will she keep the secret?

An Emmerdale insider said, “Laurel has no idea why she feels so jealous about Marlon going on a date with Rachel.

“She doesn’t understand why she feels that way. Their friendship started off very innocently and was even encouraged by Laurel’s husband Ashley.

“But once they kiss everything changes. This isn’t about them sneaking around for a quick romp behind Ashley’s back, it’s about them falling in love.

“Neither of them can help the way they feel. Ashley has been neglecting Laurel and maybe if he’d given her more attention she’d never have had the opportunity to develop feelings for Marlon.

“It’s going to be a very difficult time for Laurel as she struggles to come to terms with everything that’s going on in her life.”

We’ll see Laurel and Marlon’s kiss a week tomorrow.

Finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where bad-lad Warren has planned a way to get revenge on the Costello family; by having Mitzeee spill all the beans in her new book.

Mitzeee reckons it’s about time Riley Costello found out about his dad Carl’s affair with his fiancé Mercedes Fisher.

A Hollyoaks insider said, “Warren plans to hand out copies of Mitzeee’s book at Riley and Mercedes’ wedding.

“He can’t wait for Riley’s world to come crashing down around him.”

You can see that storyline play out a week on Tuesday on Channel 4.

More soap spoilers soon!

Coming up on Hollyoaks, Warren Fox goes nuts after he’s sent a raunchy picture of his girlfriend Mitzeee in a “compromising position” with footballer Riley Costello…

And when he catches up with Riley, he launches into a ferocious attack, above, leaving Riley terrified, but fortunately, Riley’s dad Carl steps in to help his son, while Mitzeee calms Warren down by convincing him that nothing happened with Riley.

A show insider told the Daily Star, “Riley’s brother Jason is having problems at home. So when he notices Riley getting close to Mitzeee he takes a picture of them together on his phone.

“A couple of days later his dad infuriates him and he sends Warren the picture and waits for it all to kick off.

“Mitzeee talks Warren out of trying to kill Riley. But although he walks away, he tells her he is going to destroy the entire Costello family.

“And when Warren sets out for revenge it’s not pretty.”

We’ll see that drama a week on Thursday.

Next it’s over to Corrie, where Eileen Grimshaw is about to meet a man who’s set to become a love interest for the factory worker, but it’s a rather unconventional first meeting…

It all begins when Eileen gets her head stuck in the railings outside the factory, and firemen are called to free her.

She ended up in that tricky position because her friends had put up a banner declaring Eileen’s age – 50 – as part of her birthday celebrations. However, what they don’t know is that she’s arranged to meet a man she met on a dating site, and she lied about her age.

So she tries to get the banner down, and ends up thoroughly stuck.

A Coronation Street insider said, “These scenes are hilarious.

“Eileen hates the fact she is turning 50 but there’s no way her friends and family are going to let her get away with reaching such an age without doing something.

“They have no idea she has organised a date and it all goes wrong.”

But when fireman Paul turns up, and Sally Webster recognises him from the tram crash, things start looking up for unlucky Eileen.

The insider continued, “He then tells Eileen he has no choice but to cut her out of the railings.

“She is embarrassed and never imagined her 50th birthday would end up like this.”

These scenes air a week on Friday on ITV1.

And finally, it’s over to Emmerdale, where Cain Dingle is about to smash up a car in his fury over the fact his granddaughter Sarah is so ill, and there’s nothing he can do to help her.

When the news that Sarah could die reaches Cain, feeling utterly bereft, he takes his anger out on a customer’s car, with Charity doing what she can to calm him down.

An Emmerdale insider said, “Cain can’t deal with everything that’s happening to Sarah, so when Charity breaks the news of Sarah’s illness he can’t handle it.

“Fans will see these two get closer over the next few weeks as they come to terms with everything that is happening to their grand-daughter.

“They’ve always had such a strong bond and Sarah’s illness only strengthens this.”

Cain discovers how ill Sarah is a week on Thursday.

More soap spoilers and news soon!

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