Hollyoaks spoilers 2012

We’ll start our look at the soap spoilers with Corrie, where Frank Foster is about to prove just how villainous he really is…

And Andrew Lancel, who plays Frank, has been telling the Daily Star what his character has in store for Carla Connor at his forthcoming trial for rape.

He said, “Frank’s private detective presents him with photos of Carla and Peter which he uses to his full advantage.

“Everyone knows he raped Carla and he shouldn’t get off. As an actor you have to justify him but he’s a monstrous character.

“I look like him and sound like him but I tend to learn my lines at work as I don’t ever want to bring him home with me.

“You’ve got to be able to shake him off at the end of the day because he really is one of the nastiest characters to ever walk down Coronation Street.

“During the trial you will see him really twist the knife. He appears vulnerable in the stand and even gets a bit teary.

“But, as everyone knows, there is something deep inside him that one day needs to be sorted out – and, trust me, it will be.”

We’ll see all that drama unfold at Frank’s trial a week tomorrow.


Over to Emmerdale now, where Cameron Murray warns Andy Sugden to stay away from Debbie Dingle.

Poor Cameron is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that Debbie’s pregnant with Andy’s baby, even though he of course knows it’s all in a bid to save Sarah’s life.

But that doesn’t help Cameron when his male pride gets the better of him, and of course, he has no clue that Andy and Debbie actually slept together, or that Andy’s since developed feelings for Debbie.

A show insider told the Daily Star, “Cameron can’t deal with the love of his life having another man’s child.”

See Cameron threatening Andy a week on Tuesday on ITV1.

Finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where newcomer Dan O’Connor is about to arrive in the Channel 4 soap as Aussie Ally, who’s set to move in with Rhys and Jacqui Ashworth as their lodger.

Dan, who played Ned Parker in Neighbours, is apparently going to get some “juicy” storylines in forthcoming weeks, and we’ll discover that he’s hiding a dark secret…

A show source said, “Ally is your typical Aussie. He’s laidback, charming and appears very nice.

“Rhys and Jacqui have spent the day interviewing for a lodger and as soon as Ally turns up they know he’s the one.

“He also makes an impress on Michaela McQueen.”

We’ll see Ally arrive a week on Tuesday.

More soap spoilers soon!

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