Con artist becomes victim, green eyed monster takes over, and a truce reached?

Coming up in Hollyoaks next week, the big storyline is that Jenny is about to find herself at the mercy of evil Silas Blissett!

It all begins to go the way of the pear for Jenny when she and Doug connive to find a way to get the hell out of dodge – well, Chester anyway – and decide that fleecing a vulnerable man might be the answer…

But when Jenny meets up with that ‘vulnerable’ man, viewers will be horrified to find her secluded ‘date’ in the woods is with serial killer Silas!

Things go according to plan for Jenny at first, with her plan to administer a sedative – so that she can rob the man of his cash and credit cards – in his drink apparently working, but what she doesn’t know is that Silas knows exactly what she’s up to and he swaps their glasses around…

So Jenny unknowingly drinks the sedative, but as she starts to feel a little odd, she rummages through Silas’s bag, expecting to find his wallet, but what she finds instead fill her with horror…

Ropes, gloves and a knife are what she finds, and instantly, she realizes her life’s in danger. So, she tries to run away, but as the sedative really kicks in, Silas is just waiting for his prey to fall…

Back in the village, Brendan’s devastated to hear that Cheryl can’t forgive her brother’s actions, but he and Warren come to an uneasy truce. But how long will that last?!

And finally, nuttier than squirrel poop Leanne can’t contain her jealousy over Lee’s friendship with Amy, so she goes to desperate lengths to keep her man…

Oh dear!

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At the end of this month, Silas Blissett is back to lethal form as he lines newcomer Jenny up to be his next victim…

The pair meet when Jenny, who’s desperate for some cash, targets Silas as a possible victim to her scam which would mean she’d drug him then steal his cash and credit cards.

However, things take a horrible turn when Silas and Jenny meet in the woods and he, wise to her plan, swaps his drink for hers, because she’s spiked it with a sedative.

So with Jenny increasingly incapacitated, Silas thinks it’s only a matter of time until she’s his. But in the meantime, Jenny spots Silas’ bag which she finds contains gloves, rope and – horrifyingly – a knife.

So realizing the danger she’s in, she tries to get away, but as the drug starts to take effect, she finds it hard to move at all, let alone run! So will she become the evil murderer’s next victim?

Tune in to Channel 4 on Tuesday 26th April, 6:30pm to find out!

But before that happens, Jenny’s going to be busy trying to keep the lid on her many secrets, not least that she’s Danny Houston’s sister…

And as we’ll see in next week’s episodes, poor Rhys falls victim to Jenny’s deception and finds himself in a dark and damp container with his hands bound and a chain around his ankle…

He shouts for help, but nobody hears him, so will he get out alive? Well, Jenny wants his cash, and I doubt she’s too bothered if he lives or dies!

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Hayley vs Monster in law, Sean’s the daddy, Ricky’s nicked and meet Dodger and Wills!

Coming up on Coronation Street, Hayley Cropper finally meet her mother-in-law Sylvia Cropper, and it’s soon obvious that she’s a real monster- in-law…

The Sun today has the above sneak peek pic of battleaxe Sylvia giving Hayley a gobful after happy to help Hayley offers the old lady a lift.

But instead of thanks, Hayley just gets a flea in the ear as Sylvia stomps off.

Also in Corrie, the Daily Star has a first look at Sean Tully and his lover Marcus spending time with Sean’s son Dylan…

Last time we saw Dylan, he was just a few days old and being whisked off to London by his mum Violet.

As viewers probably know, Sean and Marcus are set for a controversial storyline in which they bring up the tot, but no news yet on what causes Violet to give her son to his dad.

Over to EastEnders now and Ricky’s about to land in some hot water when he’s picked up by the police for kerb crawling!

However, poor old Rickkkayyy was just talking to the working girls, and showing them a picture of Whitney, hoping that they can help him track her down.

You can see Ricky’s arrest next Tuesday. Finally over to Hollyoaks where Danny Mac has filmed his first scenes as Mark Savage, who’s known as ‘Dodger’.

Along with James Atherton as Wills, the newbies are set to make quite an impression on the village! Here’s a sneak peek of them both in action…


If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it in another window.

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Plus Jamie Lomas thanks fans for baby Polly well wishes

Hollyoaks commissioning editor, Roberto Troni, has insisted that the upcoming trial by mock jury in Gilly Roach’s rape case won’t be “sensationalized.”

Troni made his remarks to the Guardian, saying, “We wouldn’t have wanted to do it if it felt sensationalised or engendered a response that was negative.

“It could have been done in a way that felt tacky or like a personality contest. But for us it’s about debating the issues.

“It’s about two people having very different opinions about what happened in a room.”

Gilly of course claims that though he and Jacqui McQueen did have sex, it was consensual, while Jacqui claims Gilly raped her.

Troni also revealed that the Hollyoaks team had consulted criminal barrister Paul Dockery about the storyline, and the effects on any victims of rape who were in a similar real life situation if a ‘not guilty’ verdict was reached.

He said, “The feeling, to an extent, was that if they found Gilly not guilty, then to some extent that’s reflective of what happens in the real world.”

In other news, Jamie Lomas – who plays villain Warren Fox – has thanked friends and fans for their messages and well wishes since his fiancé Kym Marsh gave birth to the couple’s baby girl who they’ve named Polly.

Taking to his Twitter page, Jamie said, “I just want to say, I am overwhelmed by your kind, thoughtful, beautiful messages of support, it means so so much, thank you guys.”

He added that newborn Polly is an “absolute belter” and that she’s doing well.

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‘Oaks actress Victoria Atkin has revealed to The Stage that playing transgendered teenager Jason Costello has been a “test of my inner strength.”

Victoria’s 16 year old character was born a girl named Jasmine, but as viewers will know, she wants to live as a male.

Victoria said, “It has been an out of the ordinary experience to say the least.

“Binding down my chest and changing into male clothes, while my fellow co-stars glam up in heels, has been a test of my inner strength as an actress.

“But I would not change it.

“The people I have met and the research I have gathered has made me aware of a world that is rarely touched upon in such detail.

“My eyes have been opened fully to the negativity within a society that unconsciously places judgement by automatically assessing their fellow man (and woman) solely on appearance.

“I cannot begin to express how it feels to take on a character that is born into the wrong body.

“By concentrating on this topic, Hollyoaks has presented the general public with an insight into the life of a transgendered teen and, nearly a year on, what a journey it has been.

“Jason’s acceptance is growing, but the problem of harmonising his ideal body with the male exterior he now presents will, of course, be a lengthy process.”

In other Hollyoaks news, more details about the soon to be arriving Savage family members have been revealed. They will be on our screens next month and will be introduced via Liberty Savage’s (Abi Phillips) storyline.

James Atherton will play geeky Will Savage and Danny Mac will play Liberty and Will’s brother Mark ‘Dodger’ Savage. David Kennedy is to star as their father, Dirk Savage

A statement from Hollyoaks bosses about the new cast reads, “The new family will take the village by storm and are set to rub all the McQueens up the wrong way.

“The Savage family get evicted from their home when Dirk can’t keep up with the payments.

“Liberty is furious to come home and find her house all boarded up but big brother Dodger has a new house for them to live in!

“While the McQueens are away on holiday, Dodger moves his family into the empty house and declares squatters’ rights!

“How will the McQueens react to their new housemates?”

More ‘Oaks news soon!

Deceased Corrie butcher Fred Elliott (John Savident) has become the first Weatherfield butcher to achieve fame via sausages after death…

The Mirror today reveals that as part of a group of products being made ready for sale under a Coronation Street brand, Fred’s picture, and his famous saying, “By ’eck that’s cheap” will appear on meat products.

The brand will be labeled, ‘Elliott’s Prime Cuts’.

Over to Emmerdale now, and the PA reports that Marc Silcock, Danny Miller and Pauline Quirke have just spent four days shooting scenes on location in the North Sea.

The actors, who play Jackson Walsh, his boyfriend Aaron Livesy and his mum Hazel Rhodes respectively, were spotted filming on a boat in Whitby.

However, it seems Danny Miller’s not much of a sailor as his co-star James Thornton – who plays farmer John Barton – tweeted, “Danny Miller is seasick. Very funny. Head up lad.”

As to what the cast were doing filming at sea, it has been speculated that the storyline could be part of the assisted suicide plot which will see Aaron and Hazel help Jackson end his life…

However, a show spokesperson said, “They are not filming exit scenes for Jackson.”

Finally, over in Hollyoaks, Darren’s (Ashley Taylor-Dawson) about to put into action a plan to get back with Nancy (Stephanie Fox).

However, as Darren is to become a chauffeur for Cindy, who’s played by Stephanie Waring, he might be tempted by her female charms.

Speaking to Soaplife, Ashley said, “He’s totally in love with Nancy but I can see him being tempted by Cindy.

“You have to remember that she is a millionairess, [but] Darren tells Nancy that if she takes him back, he will give up his job with Cindy.

“Nancy has really calmed Darren down. For the first time in his life, he is with someone who has a heart of gold.

“They have been through a lot together and they’re really close.

“There’s a lot of deep emotion there and I think Darren has grown up a bit and can see that he’s got something special with Nancy.”

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In tonight’s episode of Hollyoaks, a horrified Ste finds a body while he’s on a family outing.

Ste and his kids are fishing, and having a great time, but he then makes a horrible discovery of a body in the lake that’s next to The Dog…

As viewers will probably remember, Brendan and Warren dumped the body of Danny Houston in that spot at Christmas.

In other ‘Oaks news, Bronagh Waugh – who of course plays Cheryl Brady – has revealed that she’s written a comedy sketch show that she’s hoping one of the UK TV channels may wish to make into a show.

Prior to her joining Hollyoaks, Bronagh wrote a comedy show which initially, the BBC bought, however, after budget cuts at the channel, her show was shelved.

Bronagh told Bang Showbiz: “Comedy is something that I’ve always done and been interested in. “I’m in the process of trying to get my own comedy sketch show commissioned.

“I did feel like I needed to leave it alone for a while and let it go because I’d put so much work into it and then it all got dropped at the last minute.

“I’ve just re-visited it recently and we’re re-editing it and making the comedy more topical and updated. I would really like to try and get it off the ground again.

“I hope Channel 4 will be amenable to commissioning it…

“It would be great to use the Hollyoaks cast and bring out the comedic sides to everyone.

“I’ve already asked Kieran Richardson to do it and he’s said yes. A lot of the girls would be great.

“I’m going for a Smack the Pony style thing – it’s a very female-orientated thing but there’s always parts for beautiful boys.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

Bronagh Waugh, who of course plays Cheryl Brady, has revealed that she used to enjoyed watching the soap’s male actors get undressed!

Speaking to Heat magazine, Bronagh went on that add that she’s seen the spectacle so often now, it doesn’t have quite the effect it used to.

She said, “I have seen all the boys’ bums, because everyone on Hollyoaks ends up naked at some point in the storylines.

“When I first started, I was even known to linger around the boys’ changing room.

“Now I’m kind of immune to seeing their bodies though.”

In other – and far less pervy 😉 news – Carley Stenson has admitted that leaving her role as Steph in Hollyoaks came at the right time for her to pursue other career options.

Carley is currently starring in a West End musical ‘Legally Blonde’ alongside Denise Van Outen, Peter Davison and Sheridan Smith, and of that role, she told the St Helen’s Star, “I think I’ve always wanted to do this and have been training for it all my life.

“It is just brilliant and is possibly the strongest my voice has ever been, perhaps because I’m using it every day and have got into a good routine.”

Carley added that her friends and family had been to watch her in the show, saing, “I had 19 people come down from St Helens and Manchester and my boyfriend even flew over from Los Angeles.”

But while discussing her former role as Steph, Carley said, “I do miss Hollyoaks and I really do miss my character, and was gutted that she had to die.

“But in ten years there I definitely did as much as I could and had some brilliant storylines.

“I’m currently on a contract here and would like to do more roles – there are so many great parts out there and beautiful songs to sing.”

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Heat magazine has worked in conjunction with Hollyoaks execs to produce a one off special episode written by the magazine’s acting editor Lucie Cave and deputy editor Jeremy Mark.

One unique episode will see some of Hollyoaks favourite characters get super excited when they hear heat are coming to the village!

In addition to our favourite Hollyoaks characters the episode will see cameo appearances from heat shopping editor Gilly Ferguson and well-known entertainment photographer Nicky Johnston.

Heidi (Kim Tiddy) is dead excited when she hears that heat wants Riley (Rob Norbury) as their Torso of the Week. However, he’s got other things on his mind so when Darren (Ashley Taylor Dawson) decides to prep himself and step in heat reluctantly oblige.

That is until they see someone who they think would work perfectly! Meanwhile, Cheryl (Bronagh Waugh) springs into action knowing that heat will need a venue to hold the shoot in and Brendan (Emmett J Scanlan) starts plotting his own ways to make some money!

He has a brainwave which involves his number one client Mitzeee (Rachel Shenton) – something to really get the magazine excited!

The heat journalist (Gilly Ferguson) and photographer (Nicky Johnston) arrive, greeted by a barrage of fans – Brendan really has pulled out all the stops but will Mitzeee play along with Brendan’s trickery?

The special episode airs on Friday 18th March, and this week’s Heat magazine – which went on sale yesterday, contains exclusive pictures & storyline information.

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When Lynsey Nolan – who’s played by Karen Hassan – dresses up in a nurse’s outfit for her guest appearance on Lee and Jamil’s radio-cam show, the last thing on her mind is that she might fall victim to a serial killer…

However, as this sneak peek from the Daily Star shows, Silas Blissett (Jeff Rawle) may well have chosen her to be his next victim.

He’ll be lying in wait for her in her flat, and after he cuts the power, he’ll grab Lynsey while she struggles in the dark.

Silas has of course already murdered India Longford, and it looks like Lynsey will indeed be next, unless she can escape the monster somehow.

A Hollyoaks insider told the paper, “Silas has been waiting patiently for his next victim.

“He came close to killing India’s sister Texas but had a change of heart at the last minute.

“He’s had the urge to kill again for some time and seeing Lynsey in her outfit drives him insane.

“She has no idea who her attacker is and freezes when she’s grabbed. Lynsey’s a plucky young girl but Silas is one sick man…

“It really isn’t looking very good for her at all.”

The drama for Lynsey begins a week on Friday!

More ‘Oaks news soon!

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