As viewers will surely know, Gilly Roach is to be charged with raping Jacqui McQueen, and the show’s bosses have revealed that when his case goes to trial, it’ll be heard by a real-life jury!

Hollyoaks execs will recruit 12 men and women from members of the public to hear the case and decide the outcome.

The alleged rape takes place in coming episodes, and when Jacqui makes the allegation, Gilly will deny it and claim instead that although they had sex, it was consensual.

The PA states, “Members of the show’s jury will review evidence with video clips and documents before coming to a verdict, rather than watching courtroom deliberations.

“They will not however appear on screen.”

The show’s bosses are looking for “a broad selection” of people between the ages of 18 and 70.

In other news, show newcomer Peter Mitchell – who’s to play the role of Pete Hamill, headmaster of Hollyoaks High – has been telling Digital Spy that he was warmly welcomed by his co-stars.

He said of joining the cast, “I didn’t know what to expect – I’d only done Cast Offs before, which was six weeks, and I also did one episode of Doctors, which was two days.

“So this is my first full-time acting job. Straight away, everyone was just so friendly.

“We do have a big cast here – there’s about 70 of us, but we are just like one big family. The atmosphere is just unbelievable and it’s an amazing place to work.

“Everyone is so nice, so helpful and I honestly can’t praise my fellow cast members enough.

“I’m pinching myself – it’s Hollyoaks, everyone’s so nice and I’m living in Liverpool – it’s perfect!

“Honestly, I just couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else now – it’s a dream come true and it’s even better than what I thought it was going to be.”

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News from Weatherfield today is that Coronation Street newbie Chris Fountain has started filming scenes as Tommy Duckworth.

Chris is of course best known for his role in Hollyoaks, but as Tommy, he’ll be playing Jack and Vera Duckworth’s grandson.

Chris wrote on Twitter yesterday, “Great first day filming @itvcorrie first scene with @BrookeLVincent was good, I like ‘Tommy’ already!! (sic)”

He later added, “Thanks to everyone wishing me luck in my new job, it’s much appreciated! I’ll probably be on screen some time mid-March.”

Things aren’t quite as cheery for his character though, because of course when Tommy arrives on the Street, he’ll discover that his granddad Jack has died.

However, it seems the Street’s residents take him to their hearts and he’ll be around for quite some time.

Over in Emmerdale, returning actress Adele Silva has revealed that her character, Kelly Windsor, will be causing lots of trouble between Jimmy and Nicola King when she moves back to the village.

In upcoming episodes, we’ll find out that Jimmy has been secretly meeting with his former girlfriend Kelly, but things come to a head when she moves back to Emmerdale after leaving Peterborough.

Adele told We Love Telly magazine, “When she returns to the village and makes herself at home with her stepdad Bob, her presence certainly ruffles Nicola’s feathers.

“She confronts Kelly and warns her to watch her back. In true Kelly fashion, she’s just dismissive of Nicola’s threats.

“She’s always been a troublemaker and loves stirring things up. Nicola versus Kelly is a match made in heaven.”

And when asked if Kelly wants Jimmy back, Adele replied, “What do you think? Of course!”

Our final news snippet is from Hollyoaks where it’s been revealed that Mercedes McQueen could be on her way to the altar for the third time after she becomes engaged to Riley Costello.

However, actress Jennifer Metcalfe – who plays Mercedes – has told Holy Soap that things aren’t going to be easy, especially given the fact that Mercedes is sleeping with Riley’s dad Carl!

Jennifer said, “It’s definitely in the pipeline – a third wedding at her age, it’s ridiculous!

“But at the same time it works for the character, so it could be…”

And when asked if Mercedes will continue the relationship with Carl, Jennifer said, “She’s managing so far – I don’t know where she gets the energy from!

“But I honestly don’t know how long it will go on for.”

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Jorgie Porter, who of course plays Theresa McQueen, has told Bang Showbiz that she’s insecure about her looks when she compares herself with her female co-stars.

23 year old Jorgie said, “The pressure on the way you look is definitely influenced by looking at the other girls on the show and thinking, ‘Oh God, they look better than me’.

“The other girls on Hollyoaks are so beautiful and I do sort of aspire to look like them.”

And when asked if she’d ever consider cosmetic surgery, Jorgie replied, “It is so easy to just think, ‘Oh I’ll run off to another country for a cheap boob job because it’s a quick fix’.

“But I want a long career and I’d rather wait until I’m really old and really saggy and I really detest part of my body, and then I’ll treat myself.

“I’m pretty happy as a whole with my body at the moment.

“I know the other girls are gorgeous, but I’ve become so close to them – they’re my best friends – that I sort of forget how beautiful they really are.

“Sometimes I just look at them and think, ‘Oh wow, you’re really stunning!’

“We see each other everyday and we have the best giggle on set. We’re not shy and we share a lot of secrets with one another.”

In other news, Jennifer Metcalfe – who plays Mercedes Fisher – has told the Evening Standard that she feels lonely as Valentine’s Day approaches.

She said, “It makes me realise how alone I am. [The] last time I was with someone on Valentine’s Day was about five years ago and I can’t even remember what we did.”

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A controversial rape storyline is set to cause conflict among the Chester residents of Hollyoaks when Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) accuses Gilly Roach (Anthony Quinlan) of raping her.

The storyline begins when the two offer each other a shoulder to cry on in the wake of their recent troubles with their partners – Rhys Ashworth and Lynsey Nolan respectively – but before long, the pair share a passionate kiss.

The cameras will then fade away from the scene, and so when Jacqui later accuses Gilly of having raped her, viewers will be kept in the dark as to who’s telling the truth when he denies the allegation.

Gilly admits that they had sex, but he’ll claim it was consensual.

In an interview with Soaplife about the dramatic plotline, Claire said, “They’re telling the same story but are looking at it from different angles.

“Just who to believe is a very grey area. It will split the village and the viewers.

“It’s what Jacqui believes happened. She agrees she was drunk and kissed Gilly but she didn’t want sex and she’s convinced she was raped.

“She thinks she made it clear to Gilly she didn’t want sex but somehow he didn’t get the message.”

Jacqui will report that alleged rape to police, who arrest and charge Gilly, but he will continue to state that he didn’t rape her.

When asked if she knew how the storyline would end, Claire said, “No. Neither of us do. We don’t know what happened that night.

“We’ve just been told that our characters each think they’re telling the truth.

“[Anthony] and I have talked about it a lot. I even read his scripts to try to work it out. The outcome will be a surprise for both of us.”

The storyline stars on Valentine’s Day at 6.30pm on Channel 4.

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News from Hollyoaks today is that when Carmel Valentine (Gemma Merna) calls upon God in her hour of need, she’ll see a vision of her dead husband Calvin (Ricky Whittle).

Ricky will be back on our screens for a few episodes in mid February, following the previous week’s stunt involving Kyle (Neil Toon) who’s due to stand trial for the murder of Ricky’s character Calvin.

Last May, viewers saw the shocking demise of Calvin Valentine the night of his wedding to Carmel. It wasn’t clear who shot Calvin until the episode aired and it transpired that Theresa was to blame.

However, the McQueen’s rallied together as always and framed innocent Kyle for the murder. Escaped from prison and hell bent on revenge, Kyle kidnaps Theresa and baby Kathleen-Angel.

The hostage results in a violent showdown at a disused bank which leaves the lives of some of our most treasured characters hanging in the balance…

Carmel is at a loss when Theresa (Jorgie Porter) flat lines in surgery and it’s not looking good for baby Kathleen-Angel either. In a bid to gain hope Carmel visits the chapel.

A heartfelt plea to the man above leads to the appearance of Carmel’s dead husband Calvin. Calvin’s spirit reignites Carmel’s love for the man she lost and leads her to make some tough decisions about her future…

Calvin is first seen in the tag of the episode that transmits on C4 at 6.30pm on Monday 14th February (E4 7pm on Friday 11th February) and will continue to be seen throughout the week.

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Hollyoaks star Alice Barlow – who plays Rae Wilson – has revealed that she thinks her co-stars will be shocked that she’s posed for lads’ mag ‘Zoo’.

Alice said, “They see me as ‘Little Alice’ at work so it will certainly be a shock.

“I’m excited to hear what they say and maybe it will give them a different perspective of me. I don’t want to be naïve ‘Little Alice’ forever, do I?

“My view is that underwear is the same as a bikini. When I’m on a beach anyone can see me in a bikini so why can’t anyone see me in my underwear? It’s the same thing, isn’t it?

“I did the Hollyoaks calendar and really enjoyed it so I thought I’d give this a go. Gemma Merna and Jorgie Porter just told me to relax and enjoy it, so I did.

“But then that’s easy for them to say – they’re gorgeous all the time!”

Also, in an interview with All About Soap, Alice revealed that there’s a big storyline twist in her character’s plotline. for her character Rae Wilson. As viewers will probably know, Rae finds out about Ste and Brendan soon, but it seems there’s worse news to come for Rae.

Alice said, “There’s a shocking twist in Rae’s journey, which I can’t tell you about yet.

“Something will happen to her that no-one will have seen coming, and it’ll change Rae’s life forever.”

But on the subject of Rae discovering the truth about Ste’s sexuality, Alice said, “She dumps him straight away…

“He tries to win her back, but Rae has made up her mind by that point – she doesn’t want him anymore.

“Once you’ve found that out about your boyfriend, there really isn’t any going back. She isn’t going to stick by him.

“She’s still determined to keep the baby, despite everything she’s been through recently.

“Rae wants to show everyone that she can be a good mum on her own.

“She’s got support from her mates Amy and Gaz, so I think Rae will get through this.”

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Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson – who plays Ste Hay – has revealed that when his character’s girlfriend Rae Wilson (Alice Barlow) catches Ste and Brendan in a steamy clinch, she’ll be furious and hurt by what she sees…

The revelation will come in an episode that’s due to air later this month when Rae catches Ste and Brendan (Emmett Scanlan) together at the club.

As viewers will know, Rae is expecting Ste’s baby, which only makes things worse for her.

Speaking to Soaplife about the storyline, Kieron said, “Ste loves Brendan. He’s addicted to him…

“He’s in the most obvious clinch with Brendan in the nightclub office when Rae walks in on them.

“Ste’s naked apart from his boxer shorts. I had to have a spray tan for that scene!”

And when asked how Rae reacts, Kieron replied, “She’s shocked and angry…

“She’d believed Ste when he assured her he wasn’t gay, and now she knows he was lying to her.”

As to how the revelation will affect all three characters, Kieron said, “Being discovered will have an impact on their affair because Brendan’s desperate for it to be a secret…

“Brendan might decide to stay away from Ste now. It’s such a mess.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

It’s being reported today that a contestant on dating show Take Me Out has landed a part in Emmerdale.

The Sun reports that David Jeffrey was contacted by the show’s bosses after they saw him on the show last week.

A source close to David said, “David’s really excited. He has always wanted to get into TV so this is a dream come true for him.

“He went on Take Me Out hoping for a girlfriend – and got a dream job at the same time.”

The paper adds that David will start filming soon and appear on-screen around March.

In Hollyoaks news, Saira Choudhry has revealed that she thinks it was the right time for her character, Anita Roy, to leave the show.

During an interview for the show’s official website, Saira said, “I think there were more ways for the character to be developed, but she left at the right time.

“I think she corrected all the stuff that she needed to and I’m glad that she left on a positive note.

“She’s quite a disturbing character, isn’t she?! She’s grown up a lot this year though.

“She’s not so self-absorbed and she’s been using her experience to help Jasmine/Jason.

“She’s turned into a young adult now.”

And finally, over in Corrie, Michelle Keegan’s boyfriend, Max George – band member of The Wanted – has joked that he’ll be glad when Craig Gazey leaves the show.

Michelle plays Tina McIntryre, and Craig plays her boyfriend Graeme, and it seems Max isn’t too fond of seeing them kiss on-screen.

Max said of Craig’s imminent departure, “Oh yeah I’m delighted, I feel much better about that.”

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Several of Hollyoaks’ cast have been axed from the show, and in an interview with Digital Spy, an ‘Oaks spokesperson confirmed that there are yet more in the offing.

We recently saw the Sharpe family departing the show, even though they were only introduced a matter of months ago…

Gabby (Phina Oruche), Phil (Andonis Anthony), Taylor (Shaun Blackstock) and Amber (Lydia Lloyd-Henry) left the show over Christmas, and resolution to Amber’s pregnancy storyline was resolved off-screen.

The spokesperson said, “There are no immediate plans to bring the Sharpe family back into the show following their recent departure.”

It’s also been confirmed that Anita Roy (Saira Choudhry) will be leaving the show next week when her old archenemy Gaz returns to the village.

The spokesperson added, “Sadly Saira Choudhry will be leaving us on screen in the week commencing 17th January and there are no plans for her to return.

“After two-and-a-half fantastic and action-packed years in the show for Anita, Saira felt it was time to move on and we wish her the very best of luck.”

Anita’s mother Eva (Sheree Murphy) will also be seen leaving next week, but, it’s expected that she may return at some point in the future.

Again, the spokesperson told DS, “Because of family commitments, Sheree sadly had to inform the writers that she wouldn’t be able to renew her contract with Hollyoaks when it came to an end and her exit was storylined.

“However, the door has been left open for Eva to return to the village and now that Sheree’s personal circumstances have changed, the team will consider the feasibility of bringing Eva back at a later date.”

More ‘Oaks news soon!

Star of Hollyoaks, Ashley Taylor Dawson – who plays Darren Osborne – has revealed to Inside Soap that he hopes his character and Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) will reignite their romance soon.

Stephanie is returning to the show later this year after being absent during maternity leave.

Darren and Cindy were of course at one time together, but now, Darren’s dating Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox) and Cindy of course married elderly millionaire Alistair Longford.

Ashley told the magazine, “Cindy will be coming back. I think out of Darren’s previous girlfriends, she’s the one he’s been most compatible with.

“And even though she’s married to an older man, there’s unfinished business between them.”

He also hinted that Darren’s relationship with Nancy would hit the rocks after he and Suzanne Ashworth welcome their twins as part of the show’s 3,000th episode next week.

He said, “Suzanne and the kids have nowhere to live, so they end up moving into Nancy’s flat.

“As you can imagine, Nancy’s not impressed in the slightest.

“She struggles to cope and Darren’s set to have a really difficult time juggling her with the kids.

“It might not be too long before that relationship comes to an unfortunate end.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

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