Hollyoaks actress Rachel Shenton – who of course plays Mitzeee Minniver – has promised fans there will be lots of “surprises” in an upcoming storyline for her character.

It seems that the plotline will begin when Mitzeee discovers Brendan’s (Emmett Scanlan) secret homosexual relationship with Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) which she manages to turn to her advantage of course.

In an interview with Inside Soap, Rachel said, “She thinks, ‘Hang on, I can have some fun with this’.

“She knows that Brendan will do anything to protect his bad boy reputation, so she blackmails him into managing her modelling career in return for her silence.

“At first, Brendan plays it cool when she confronts him, but deep down he’s panicking.

“He can see that Mitzeee’s a ruthless woman, so he figures that keeping her sweet is a small price to pay.

“If his secret were to get out, it could potentially wreck his life…

“So having to be her manager is a doddle in comparison.

“There’s every chance that she’ll go back on her word.

“Just when you think you’ve worked out what’s going to happen between those two, I can assure you that you won’t have.

“There are lots of surprises along the way.”

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It seems that Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks could be axed due to falling ratings and low viewing figures. And The Sun today states that when the new head of Channel 4, Jay Hunt, takes up her new role next week, she may make Hollyoaks the first of C4’s show to go.

A Channel 4 insider told the paper, “Jay wants to make her mark on the channel when she arrives and Hollyoaks is a definite target for her.

“There has been unease within Channel 4 for a while about the soap’s direction.”

The show’s bosses and its production company, Lime Pictures, have tried to breathe new life into the show with shock storylines including the return of Warren Fox and India Longford’s murder…

However it seems that these moves haven’t done enough to bring viewers back to the show.

The insider added, “Lime bosses are panicking that Jay Hunt will axe Hollyoaks as it is the biggest show they make.

“They hope that by changing producers and shaking things up it will give the show a new lease of life and prove to Jay that she should keep it.”

Yesterday, a C4 spokeswoman refused to confirm or deny that the show was facing the chop and said, “Hollyoaks remains an important part of the Channel 4 schedule.”

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Our first look at the UK soaps news begins with Hollyoaks, where it seems plans may be underway to broadcast a live episode of the show.

However, though of course EastEnders and Corrie have both had live episodes, Hollyoaks producer Paul Marquess says if he did oversee a live show, it would be “very different” to other soaps’ live broadcasts.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Marquess added, “We are talking about something that is sort of live…

“But it probably wouldn’t be until 2012 and it’s very, very different from what anyone’s done before.

“It’s actually more ambitious. But it’s so ambitious that I don’t think I can fit it into 2011, as it needs so much planning.

“It would be a Hollyoaks Live that would involve the audience in a way that no one else has done.”

Over to Coronation Street now, and Bev Callard, who of course plays Liz McDonald, has said that playing her role as Liz causes her to smoke more than she normally does.

Speaking to New magazine, Bev said, “I’ve not been filming much recently and it’s great because I don’t really smoke…

“But then I go back to playing Liz and start again.”

And apropos of smoke, Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher – who plays Andy Sugden – has revealed that residents of Emmerdale will shun Andy when they come to suspect he may have started the fire that will kill two of the villagers.

We’ll see the fire storyline begin next week, and though on the night, Andy helps rescue people who are trapped by the blaze, it’s not long before fingers start pointing in his direction.

Speaking to Soaplife about the storyline, Kelvin said, “There’s absolute panic when the villagers realise the cottages are on fire…

“Andy pushes all his anger aside and becomes a hero saving people’s lives.

“He kicks doors down and battles through the smoke and flames. But he can’t save everyone…

“And at least two people end up dead.

“Everyone knows when Andy’s angry he does things he wouldn’t normally do. He could snap and do something stupid.”

And of course, when copper Nick Henshall digs up the info that Andy started the blaze which killed his adoptive mother, he drags Andy in for questioning.

Kelvin added, “Everyone thinks the worst of him. People he trusted turn on him…

“But he’s not a killer. He’s a good guy who’s very unlucky.”

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Corrie star Kym Marsh has revealed in her New magazine column that she’d love for I’m A Celeb star Shaun Ryder to appear in the Street.

Kym wrote, “Shaun Ryder has said he’d like to guest star in Corrie…

“I would love that! I really liked him on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! because not only is he very funny, but he’s a normal guy who doesn’t mince his words.

“Plus, he’s a true Manc! “It wouldn’t be the first time Shaun has appeared in a drama – he made an appearance on Shameless a couple of years ago, playing himself.

“But I think he’d be great as Carla Connor’s brother, who’s currently in prison!”

Over in EastEnders, the news today is that complaints about the cot death storyline are still pouring in and now amount to around 3,500 official complaints.

As part of a statement about the complaints, EastEnders’ executive producer Bryan Kirkwood said, “We appreciate this is a challenging storyline and have taken care to ensure viewers were aware of the content in advance of transmission.

“We also provided actionline numbers at the end of each show, offering advice and support to those affected by the issues.”

Our final news snippet is that Paul Marquess – producer of Hollyoaks – has revealed that the characters of Rhys Ashworth and Jacqui McQueen are to undergo their “biggest” storyline this year.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Marquess said, “They have got the biggest story for the first half of 2011. “I think it may be one of the biggest stories in Hollyoaks history.

“It’s very, very serious and I think it will really divide the audience.

“It will really test them and their relationship to the nth degree, and we’ll see whether they can recover from it. For the first half of 2011, it’s the big story.”

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Hollyoaks executive producer, Paul Marquess, has promised viewers that through plotlines this year, they’ll come to understand why Brendan Brady (Emmett J Scanlan) is such a “dark and twisted” character.

Writing on the show’s official website, Marquess said, “What we’ve played in 2010 in introducing Brendan is this very dark and twisted character.

“One thing we want to do in 2011 is to explain why he’s like that.

“The whole domestic violence angle does continues to play but in really quite an unexpected way.

“The safest thing I can say is everyone should remember it was Ste who hit Amy first.

“So it’s a dark and interwoven story made all the more complicated by the introduction of a new love interest for Ste.”

Marquess also hinted at some exciting storylines between Brendan and Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas).

He said, “Those two are going to take each other on in big style in 2011.

“Brendan’s on top, then Warren’s on top and then eventually they decide they somehow have to find a way to work together.

“It’s seriously exciting and funny stuff.”

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We have of course already seen the dramatic storyline that featured India Longford being murdered following her attempt at internet dating…

But according to the show’s bosses, she was just the first of the killer’s victims.

Speaking to What’s On TV magazine, Paul Marquess, the show’s executive producer, has promised that 2011 will be “the year of the serial killer.”

He teased, “That won’t be the only time he strikes. I think various Hollyoaks characters should be very, very careful during the next year.”

As viewers will know, India was murdered by creepy Silas Blissit (Jeff Rawle) and though more victims are to follow, the core message of the India murder storyline was to highlight the dangers of meeting people on the ‘net.

Who do you think will be his next victim??

Starting in Weatherfield, news from Corrie today is that Bill Roache’s son James (above, left) is set to reprise his role as James Cunningham next year.

James first appeared on the show earlier this year playing the role of Ken Barlow’s grandson. James’ father and Bill’s other son Linus played the role of Lawrence, Ken’s son.

In the show, Lawrence and James had fallen out over the former’s strongly held homophobic views, and it’s expected that the show’s writers will expand on that when James returns in 2011.

ITV’s Coronation Street website states that James will begin filming more scenes for the show in March, so we can expect to see him on-screen early on in May.

In EastEnders news, it’s being reported today that Lacey Turner’s younger sister has landed a role on the show. Lacey is of course leaving the soap, and we’ll see her for the last time on Christmas Day, however, her sister, Lily Harvey – who’s just nine years old – will apparently begin filming for the show in January.

Lily will play “cheeky youngster” Shenice, who’s the daughter of Kat Moon’s friend Martine, who’s to be played by Tamara Wall.

A show insider told The Sun that Lacey was “thrilled” at the news of her sister’s role. The insider added, “She [Lacey] loved growing up on set and is happy to still have links.

“She’ll give Lily lots of advice and has made the older stars promise to look out for her.

“Lily takes after Lacey, she’s a star in the making.”

And finally, news from Hollyoaks is that Jennifer Metcalfe has revealed that she decided to take part in Dancing on Ice so as to prove to viewers that she’s nothing like her character, Mercedes Fisher.

Jennifer has played the well loved character since 2006, and of course, Mercedes is known for her acerbic jibes and her temper.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Jennifer said, “I’m totally different, and people will see that from the [Dancing on Ice] shows.

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but they will see that I’m nothing like my character.”

Jennifer also revealed that another of the reasons she agreed to DoI was for the challenge of a new project.

She said, “I get very comfortable playing Mercedes because I’ve played her for so long, it’s just easy.

“It was about shaking myself outside of my comfort zone a little bit and giving myself a new challenge.”

Dancing on Ice begins on January 6th on ITV1.

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Hollyoaks producer Paul Marquess has revealed that after India Longford is murdered in an upcoming storyline, her sister Texas will show a “new side” to her character as she struggles to cope with India’s death.

In an interview on the official Hollyoaks website, Marquess stated, “It’s also about grief, this story, and clearly for Texas who is quite a new character in the show…

“She’s been in it about six months now – she’s been quite light and quite daft so it’s interesting to see her cope.

“She feels responsible – she’s not, but she feels responsible for what’s happened to India.

“And it is about dealing with really, really strong emotions when you’re relatively young.

“So I think the online safety will run all the way through it, but actually it’s a bigger story than that.

“It’s about how you cope with feeling responsible and what it’s like to lose somebody who’s really, really close to you.

“And the real tragedy for Texas is that because she was always taking the mickey out of India, she never really got to say how much she loved her – so it’s really sad.”

And when asked how the writers came up with the storyline, Marquess wrote, “It came from one of our writers.

“There’s a twist in it, as the viewers will see, about who the killer is. And I loved that idea straight away.”

Marquess has previously revealed that the character Cameron – who’s played by Jeff Rawle – is to be a “dangerous presence” in Hollyoaks “throughout 2011”.

More Hollyoaks news soon.

11:10pm Sunday, December 19 on E4

Kathleen can’t help herself when she finds out the truth behind Calvin’s murder.

Starting our look at soaps’ news with Corrie, it’s been revealed today how Janice Battersby, who’s played by Vicky Entwistle, will be written out of the show…

The New of the World states that early next year, Janice will stumble upon a burglar at her flat, and that the intruder will beat her so severely that she’ll be left in a life or death situation.

However, it seems that Lloyd Mullaney – who’s played by Craig Charles – becomes a suspect in the case, but by the time there’s some resolution to the storyline, Janice will be terrified of living alone and will leave the area.

A show insider said, “At least Janice isn’t being killed off. She’s a popular character and a return is always on the cards.”

Vicky announced that she would leave the show back in August after playing the role of Janice for 13 years.

Over in Hollyoaks, Beth Kingston has revealed that she’ll miss working on the show, as well as her co-stars.

Beth, who of course plays India Longford, will leave the show when her character is murdered after a storyline that highlights the dangers on internet dating.

Beth told the PA, “I will miss it definitely. I’ve had the best year and a half. “When I first started, I thought a year and a half would be the perfect amount of time to be in soap.

“You get the experience but it’s not long enough to get typecast as that one character. I’m just excited about the future now.

“I found it exciting doing such a big storyline which obviously has so much relevance to today, it’s a very topical subject. It’s a really big danger.

“Maybe at Christmas people who are feeling alone might be more inclined to go on them but you’ve got to be so so careful.

“I know a few people that have and it’s been successful so you don’t want to scare people completely but it’s just about being cautious.”

And finally, in EastEnders, Lacey Turner has filmed her final scenes as Stacey Slater, and her co-stars have been praising her for what she’s brought to the role of the feisty Slater.

Charlie Brooks, who plays Janine, told the PA, “I am sad, but excited for her. There are so many great opportunities that are going to come her way.

“I think it’s the right time for her to go.”

And Neil McDermott, who plays Janine’s husband and the father of Stacey’s baby, Ryan Malloy, added, “It’s been great for me to have the chance to work with her over the last three months.

“She’s a naturally gifted actress and hopefully she’ll get loads of opportunities out there.

“She can do anything she puts her mind to. Acting comes really naturally to her. Whatever she chooses I’m sure she’ll be successful.”

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