Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson has been talking to The Sun about his current domestic abuse storyline, which he described as “cracking.”

He also praised the show’s writers for highlighting the fact that domestic violence happens in gay relationships, just as much as it does in heterosexual ones.

We have of course seen his character Ste being subjected to violence at the hands of his secret lover Brendan, who seems to be taking his anger at his sexual confusion out on Ste.

Kieron said, “It’s a cracking storyline and I’m thrilled to be playing Ste.

“It’s fascinating to be involved, because we really can make a difference to others who are suffering.

“I think gay men fear being ridiculed if they speak out, but they won’t be.

“There’s some sort of myth that because it’s between men they should be able to stand up for themselves.

“But it’s not like that – what’s really going on is a power struggle.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are gay or straight, these attacks are not acceptable.”

And on tonight’s show, we’ll see Ste trying to convince Brendan to just accept his sexuality by taking him to a gay bar. Tune in to see how that master plan goes!

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10:00pm Wednesday, December 15 on C4

The drama hots up in this one-off late-night special. Kathleen can’t help herself when she finds out the truth behind Calvin’s murder. Typically, she threatens to shop her own daughter Theresa, unless the McQueens cough up some money. Terror ensues as the scheming family team up with comedy duo Rhys and Gilly in a thrilling race against time to save Jacqui from the clutches of Danny Houston.

Andy Moss has revealed that his character Rhys Ashworth “would rather die” than permit Jacqui to sleep with Danny.

In tonight’s special edition of Hollyoaks, entitled, King of Hearts, we’ll see Rhys and Jacqui in a deadly race against time to pay off their debts after their plan to cheat him at a poker game goes horribly wrong.

And as you’ll see tonight, Danny issues the couple with a sinister threat which he swears he’ll carry out unless he gets his money within 24 hours…

However, if they don’t, then he tells them Jacqui must sleep with him to repay the debt.

In an interview with Soaplife about Rhys and the current storyline, Andy said, “He loves her and would rather die than let her sleep with Danny.

“Rhys will do whatever he can to find the money.”

But an intervention from Brendan could change things for Rhys, and not necessarily for the better…

Andy said, “It seems Brendan wants to screw over Danny and be top dog in Hollyoaks again.

“The idea is that Brendan will set up a drugs deal, then Rhys and Gilly – armed with a fake gun – will hijack the drop-off and grab the cash.”

However, the plan to raise the money by repaying Danny with his own stolen money goes awry when the gun turns out to be real, and Sophia turns it on Rhys and Gilly.

Andy added, “As the 24-hour deadline arrives, they’re all in desperate trouble.

“Jacqui’s being forced to strip at knife-point, Sophia is holding Rhys and Gilly at gun-point and it seems there’s no way they can win.

“Rhys is really pushing his luck this time and there’s every chance one of them might not make it back to Hollyoaks alive.”

Hollyoaks: King of Hearts airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

The Sun today has a sneak peek picture of the scenes when nasty Danny Houston forces Jacqui McQueen to strip as he’s threatening her with a knife.

The controversial scenes star Darren Day as Houston and Claire Cooper as McQueen and can be seen at 10pm tonight.

We’ll see Danny making Jacqui the offer of £4,000 – which she needs to clear her debts – on condition that she sleeps with him, but she apparently gets “last minute jitters”.

Meanwhile lovely news from EastEnders today; Patsy Palmer has given birth to a baby boy.

The little boy is Patsy’s fourth child, and he was born a month prematurely following Patsy’s hospitalization for the last three weeks.

However, it seems mum and baby are doing well though the infant will be in hospital for a few weeks yet.

Patsy’s named the baby Bertie, and a family friend told The Sun, “Patsy’s waters broke a few weeks ago and she was rushed to hospital.

“To be on the safe side she stayed in. Bertie arrived last Wednesday and the family are all over the moon.”

Finally, in Corrie, Gary Windass will be kicked out of the Army next year in a storyline that’s sure to cause some controversy.

Gary – who’s played by Mikey North – has PTSD following his experiences in Afghanistan where his best mate was killed.

However, he gets booted out of the army after he’s charged with assaulting a police officer after a night out in Manchester.

A Corrie insider told The Sun, “Gary is devastated when he is discharged from the Army.

“He pleads with his CO but is told they have no option.”

More soaps news soon.

It’s been revealed that the writers of Hollyoaks have a “dark” storyline that will involve the murder of India Longford.

India, who’s played by Beth Kingston, will die after an “experiment” with online dating goes horribly wrong. Later this month, we’ll see India and her students embarking on online dating, and India soon finds a man who’s interested in her…

Thinking she’s being safety conscious, India enlists her sister Texas and friend Nancy to go with her to meet the man, but he fails to show, feeling embarrassed, Texas heads for home, but then receives a text from the man, asking her to meet him after all.

However, she decides not to tell Texas and Nancy and when she slips away, it’ll be the last time they see her alive…

The man will snatch her into an alleyway and whisper, “Your profile didn’t do you justice.”

The following day, India’s dead body is found.

The show decided to use the storyline after embarking on research with the University of Central Lancashire’s Cyberspace Research Unit.

It’s hoped that the storyline will raise awareness about internet safety. Digital Spy have a quote from a representative of the Research Unit, Dr Jo Bryce, who said “If the storyline can remind one young person to protect themselves when engaging in online activity, then that can only be a positive thing.

“Too many youngsters think they are immune to online risks and this storyline is a reminder that you don’t always know who you’re talking to online.”

And Hollyoaks’ series producer Paul Marquess added, “This is a terrifying murder that highlights the dangers of meeting strangers online.

“The storyline, which launches at Christmas, will take us right through 2011 and audiences will be gripped to find out if the dangerous killer will strike again.”

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Starting with Corrie, it seems singer Daniel O’Donnell has revealed that he’d love to appear on the show.

He made the revelation while appearing on Loose Women alongside Bev Callard who of course plays Liz McDonald.

He said, “I might as well say it out in public. It’s my greatest wish to walk on Coronation Street and the Rovers Return.”

Bev then invited Daniel to drop into the Rovers and she’d buy him a pint!

Over in Chester, Hollyoaks has announced the signing of three more actors who’ll appear on the show in coming weeks.

The new cast members are actress and singer-songwriter Abi Phillips, who’ll play Theresa’s new friend Liberty; Craig Vye will play Ethan, a policeman and Liberty’s ex-fiancé, and finally Peter Mitchell will play Brendan Brady, an old friend of Pete’s.

Liberty and Ethan will be seen for the first time next week, but Pete won’t make his debut until February.

And finally, over in EastEnders, it’s been reported that Janine has “a poisonous plan” to pay back Ryan for his affair with Stacey.

It all begins when Pat tells Janine that she’s seen Ryan and Stacey kissing, so Janine forms her plan for revenge…

Charlie Brooks, who plays Janine, told Inside Soap, “Janine’s reasoning is that if she can’t have Ryan, then nobody else will either.

“When Pat tells her about his affair with Stacey, she starts sobbing like a child.

“But then she wipes her tears away and says, ‘This is the last time I’m ever going to cry over him’.

“When Pat asks what she’s going to do, Janine narrows her eyes and says, ‘I’m going to kill him!’

“It’s a reaction of pure evil.

“EastEnders’ executive producer Bryan Kirkwood has brought her back to her b****y best.

“I was shocked when I found out what Janine has got planned for Stacey on Christmas Day.

“It will seem very over the top, but it comes from a very truthful, desperate place.”

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In Emmerdale, tragedy is of course due to strike in January when a fire claims the lives of two of the village residents…

And the show’s bosses have released a few more details of what’ll happen on the fateful night. On Emmerdale’s ITV microsite, an article about the tragedy reads…

“Tragedy strikes Emmerdale this January when fire tears through the village, killing at least two people.

“The locals watch in horror as the flames engulf a row of cottages on Main Street and threaten the lives of some of the show’s best-loved characters.

“But viewers will be kept waiting until the explosive episode airs to find out who makes it out alive.”

We’ll see that Betty’s left fighting for her life when the fire spreads to Keepers Cottage, while Gennie, Chas and Katie’s lives are all at risk inside Victoria Cottage. Brenda and Terry could be in danger too when their home gets caught up in the inferno.

And Viv, who’s alone in the flat over the shop and drowning her sorrows after Terry rejected her advances, will of course perish in the flames. But as the villagers mourn the loss of their neighbours, they’ll be horrified to learn that the fire was no accident, but who started it?

Well, that whodunit will take us right into 2011!

In other news, tonight on Hollyoaks, viewers will get to see just how Warren Fox – who’s played by Jamie Lomas – escaped the fire that it was thought had killed him.

We’ll also get to hear what Warren was up to in the year he was absent believed dead, and we get to find out whose body it was that everybody believed to be Warren’s.

Don’t miss that at 7pm on E4!

Our final news snippet from the soaps is that a county council officer in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire has complained that EastEnders’ Dot Branning should be given a fixed penalty notice for littering!

The officer, Wendy Mills, complained to the BBC after Dot was seen discarding cigarette butts on the ground, and while speaking to the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph about her complaint, she said, “I think the show has a responsibility to set a good example.

“We are hugely influenced by this soap. Dot is a main character and she’s old enough to know better.”

In response to the complaint, a BBC representative said, “Good drama rarely involves the portrayal of the normal, the well-adjusted or the well-run.

“Writers of compelling drama scripts are, by the very nature of the medium, more likely to focus on the dubious than on people who are quietly going about their daily lives in a responsible manner, taking part in all sorts of activities, professions or sharing a particular belief.

“As littering is a problem within society, the EastEnders team are simply reflecting what happens in day-to-day life.

“I appreciate that you feel that Dot should maybe be apprehended by the council for these actions.

“We’re guided by the feedback that we receive and to that end I’d like to assure you that I’ve registered your complaint on our audience log.”

More soaps news soon!

As we reported yesterday, Hollyoaks will be airing a special episode dedicated to Warren Fox’s return, but they’re also broadcasting another one-off late night show…

In the newly announced late night edition, we’ll see Claire Cooper (Jacqui McQueen), Andy Moss (Rhys Ashworth) and Anthony Quinlan (Gilly Roach) featuring in a “dark” storyline that focuses on Danny Houston (Darren Day).

The episode will also show Kathleen McQueen (Alison Burrows) threatening to report her daughter Theresa (Jorgie Porter) to the police when she finds out the truth about Calvin Valentine’s murder…

And in a display of very unmotherly greed, she’ll demand £2,000 to buy her silence. Also in the show, we’ll see Rhys and Gilly kidnap Sophia (Donna Air) – Danny’s drug runner – but they’ll end up terrorized when she pulls a gun on them.

And Jacqui will face terror of her own when she finds herself cornered by Danny’s henchmen who force her to strip at knife point.

Entitled ‘King of Hearts’, the show airs on December 16th on Channel 4.

Hollyoaks bosses have revealed that when Warren Fox returns to the show at the beginning of next month, an entire episode will be dedicated to his comeback.

We saw Jamie Lomas as Warren return last month, and ever since, he’s been getting back to his old trouble causing ways, but the story behind how he escaped death in the nightclub fire hasn’t been revealed.

However, in the special episode, via flashbacks, we’ll see how Warren escaped and let everyone assume he’d died.

In other news, former Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle told his Twitter followers how moved he was by the death Steph Roach, who was of course played by Ricky’s ex-girlfriend, Carley Stenson.

We saw last week that Steph died in the fire at Il Gnosh, and Ricky tweeted that he’d been “blubbin’” when he watched the episode.

He wrote, “OK, just caught up with oaks on youtube.

“Carley Stenson, @ashoztd, Hels Bels and Quinny, you just had me blubbin my heart out.

“Glen, Jen, Nick awesome too.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

We’ll start our look at soaps news with Jason Merrells, who plays Declan Macey in Emmerdale…

He told Inside Soap recently that when his character takes over Home Farm Estate, it’s going to be a much happier place.

Declan will be joined at Home Farm by his ex-wife Ella Hart (Corinne Wicks), his daughter Mia (Sapphire Elia) and his dad Dermot (Frank Kelly).

Jason told the magazine, “The intention is to really lighten the mood up there, as it’s been so dark recently thanks to the Wyldes’ murder storyline.

“Hopefully it’ll be a lot funnier, too – that’s certainly what all of the Macey family want it to be.”

He added that he hoped the family would escape the “curse” of Home Farm, which saw the Wylde’s lives devastated by events there. Jason also said that Declan will try to be a “benevolent” lord of the manor, and will renovate the house in order to accommodate the needs of Jackson and Hazel who’re set to move there when he’s released from hospital.

Over in EastEnders, Himesh Patel, who plays Tamwar Masood, has revealed that a new side to his character will “surprise” viewers.

We’ll soon see Tamwar embarking on his first real relationship, and Himesh told Inside Soap how geeky Tam’s going to change.

He said, “I’m glad that I’m able to explore another side to Tamwar’s character.

“The best thing about him is that he’s so layered.

“You peel away one layer and see something else underneath.

“I think the audience is going to be surprised by what they see next.

“Who knows, there could even be a wild side in there.”

We’ll see Tamwar share a kiss with his friend Afia after he joins a dating website and she sends him a message. Himesh added, “It’s quite sweet, really. Afia is someone who can let Tamwar be himself.

“They don’t do anything overly saucy, but they share a nice kiss together.”

And finally, Hollyoaks star Victoria Atkin has revealed why her character Jasmine lets her secret slip in a forthcoming episode.

We’ll see next week that Jasmine finally confesses everything to half-sister Jem (Helen Russell-Clark), revealing that she desperately wants to be a male.

During an interview with Inside Soap, Victoria said, “She just blurts it out. It’s not planned, but it’s a big release for Jasmine.

“Jem’s completely stunned, though – I don’t reckon in her wildest dreams that she’d ever thought her sister would want a sex change.”

More soaps news soon!

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