The Daily Star today has a sneak peek picture of cancer sufferer Steph Roach battling through the flames of this week’s dramatic fire to save Amy and Lucas…

Steph’s husband Gilly is horrified as his terminally ill wife races into a burning building to rescue the pair, and his fears for her may be justified as it’s widely rumoured that Steph may die as a result of her heroics.

However, we’ll be left guessing as to whether Amy makes it too as her life hangs in the balance this week!

Over in Manchester, Corrie bosses have made the decision not to show David Platt having epileptic fits on-screen as they think it would be “too distressing” for viewers.

Jack P Shepherd who plays David discussed his controversial storyline with Inside Soap, saying, “I was worried about whether they’d want me to act out having fits, but they don’t.

“It would be too distressing for viewers, so we aren’t going to do that.

“All you see is me blacking out.”

That surprises me somewhat. I mean, we watched Jack Duckworth die in his chair, and we’re soon to see other characters die in the tram crash, but someone having an epileptic fit – which happens of course in real life to millions of people – is “distressing”??

I would have thought Corrie bosses could’ve used the opportunity to educate viewers as to how to respond to someone having a seizure rather than hiding it under a rug claiming it’s too upsetting!

However, moving on, and our last news snippet for today is from EastEnders, where Jessie Wallace – who of course plays Kat Moon – has revealed that the show is a “happier place” than it was when she first starred in it.

In an interview for Inside Soap, Jessie said, “I feel a change compared to when I was here before.

“It’s different, more chilled out. Everyone’s really nice and it feels like a happier place to be.

“I’m so glad, and I’m having such a brilliant time now.”

Jessie also revealed that Kat, who’s pregnant with a baby that’s not Alfie’s, will show a “softer side” to herself soon.

She said, “Kat’s coming to the end of her pregnancy, so you’ll get to see her softer side as she changes.

“All Kat’s ever wanted is to be a proper mother.

“The main thing for her, regardless of who the father is, is that she’s having this child, no matter what.”

More soaps news soon!

UK Soaps News: See Hollyoaks ‘fire week’ clip!

Plus Corrie secrecy, and Danny Miller on admiring Steve McFadden

Following last night’s edition of Hollyoaks, fans got a first look at what’s to come in the following week when the show’s latest fire plot is unveiled.

In the 40 seconds long promo, we see that Steph, Amy, Amber and Finn are in mortal danger, but the question is, who’s going to come out of it alive?

Here’s the clip!


Hollyoaks Fire Week Promo | Nov 5th 2010
Uploaded by frozenstrawberries. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

In Corrie news, Samia Smith, who plays Maria Connor, has revealed that the show’s bosses have installed a shredder in the Green Room in a bid to keep the show’s 50th anniversary episodes details a secret.

She said, “We are only being given the scenes we’re in. We’re not given the whole episodes so none of us know what anyone else is doing.

“We only know what we’re doing. It’s really secret and we’ve got to shred the strips as soon as we’re finished.

“They’ve got our names on the scripts so if they go missing we know who’s to blame.

“I’ve never known a shredder in the green room before. You just see a line of cast members shredding the scripts.”

And finally, Emmerdale’s Danny Miller – who plays Aaron Livesy – has been telling Inside Soap how much he admires Steve McFadden, who of course plays Phil Mitchell in EastEnders.

Danny said that he has “a lot of respect” for Steve, and admires the way he acted during his character’s recent drug addiction storyline.

He added, “Phil Mitchell’s drug storyline in EastEnders has been amazing.

“He’s been so great at playing the hard man over the years, but watching him recently has been incredible.

“It’s difficult because obviously we’ve been telling our own drug story on Emmerdale, and it’s not that I don’t respect ours, because it’s fantastic too.

“But I really take inspiration from Steve. He takes hold of a story and makes it his own.

“I grew up watching Phil and his brother, Grant, and I learnt a lot from them.”

More soaps news soon!

UK Soaps News: Adele Silva back in Emmerdale, Shobna Gulati’s celibate, and Jamie Lomas is glad he’s back in Hollyoaks

We’ll start our look at the news with the report that Adele Silva is heading back to Emmerdale.

Adele plays the role of Kelly Windsor, Viv Hope’s daughter, who was last seen in the show three years ago.

Adele will apparently be back early next year, though as yet, the show’s bosses haven’t revealed the storyline that’ll see her back in Emmerdale…

However, as Deena Payne – who plays Viv – is leaving, rumour has it that perhaps she’ll be back for a funeral if the writers kill Viv off.

29 year old Adele said of her return, “I absolutely loved playing Kelly.

“She’s going to be three years older but probably not three years wiser.”

Over to Corrie now and Shobna Gulati – who plays Sunita Alahan – has told Now magazine that she’s celibate, and happy to be so for now.

She added that she’s “not ready” for a relationship at the moment.

Shobna said, “I’m celibate but I do go on dates. I go out with lads but I won’t sleep with them.

“I just go out with them because they’re fun to be with.

“I don’t want to be married with a white picket fence. I quite like the fact that I live in my house and I have all the wardrobe space.”

And finally, Jamie Lomas has been telling the Manchester Evening News that he’s happy to be back in Hollyoaks and “grateful” to be back at work.

We’ll see Jamie return as Warren Fox this week as a huge fire leaves several of the show’s characters barely clinging to life, and one character will die.

Jamie said, “After leaving Hollyoaks I did go over to Hollywood for 10 days and had lots of meetings with management and I’d definitely consider going back.

“But for now, I’m just grateful I’ve got the work, and I’m really glad to be back.

“Every industry has been hit by the recession, and you only have to look at the Hollywood actors coming over here now to do TV work to see how tough it is.

“When I came out of Hollyoaks there was just nothing being made, I literally had 10 auditions in 16 months, whereas normally you’d be having that in two weeks.

“When the producer told me the twists and turns of the plot I just thought it was too good to turn down.”

More soaps news soon!

Hollyoaks: Will Steph die in the fire next week??

Next week in Hollyoaks we’ll see a blaze started that’s going to kill at least one character and leave more with their lives hanging in the balance.

And to launch the gripping storyline, some of the show’s stars posed for a fiery photo shoot, and The Sun carries the picture above in today’s edition.

In the meantime, Anthony Quinlan, who plays Gilly, has been telling Inside Soap about filming for the dramatic episodes.

He explained that Gilly and his wife Steph will become heroes as they battle to save those trapped inside Il Gnosh.

Anthony said, “It was intense. It seems very real when the 10-inch flames are right in your face!

“I carried a ladder past the burning building, which doesn’t seem like a massive stunt – but I was very manly about it all.”

Gilly’s heroics begin when he finds Malachy and Mercedes injured outside Il Gnosh, He races to get help, but while he’s gone Steph realises that Amy and her kids are trapped in one of the flats.

Terminally ill Steph, who’s played by Carley Stenson, manages to rescues the kid, and ignoring Gilly’s desperate pleas to get herself to safety, she goes back in to try to save Amy.

Carley has already left the show and is now working on Legally Blonde: The Musical, and though she won’t reveal how Steph is written out, speculation is rife that she’ll die in the fire.

We’ll find out next week though!

More Hollyoaks news soon!

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

Over in Emmerdale, Marc Silcock – who plays Jackson, Aaron Livesy’s boyfriend – has told Inside Soap that it annoys him when people make unpleasant comments about his character.

Explaining that most often, the feedback he receives from the public is “positive”, he said that the few negative remarks he hears are “difficult” to deal with.

He said, “On the whole, viewers see Aaron and Jackson’s partnership as a relationship, not a homosexual relationship.

“But there is the odd negative person, and of course that’s difficult.

“It annoys me when I get unpleasant comments in the street, because if I wasn’t playing this character and I went over to someone and spoke that way, I’d end up getting knocked out!

“Luckily, those kind of remarks are few and far between.”

Marc, who recently revealed that his contract to stay in the show had been extended, added that his fan mail from male and female viewers is “pretty much half and half”.

He went on to say, “I get letters from men wanting autographed pictures and to discuss the storyline, but I hear from girls too.

“It’s great to get post from female viewers because you know you’re appealing to both sides.”

In Hollyoaks news, Gemma Merna has revealed some details of the latest storylines for her character Carmel McQueen…

And it seems Carmel is about to issue her cousin Theresa with a “shocking ultimatum” over her baby daughter Angel.

Last week on the show, we saw Theresa (Jorgie Porter) give birth to her first baby in Hollyoaks Later, but her joy was short lived Carmel turned up and vowed to see through her threat to report Thereas to the police over Calvin’s death.

Next week, there’s another shock in store for viewers when Carmel offers Theresa a “lifeline”; she’ll keep quiet but only if Theresa hands over the baby to her permanently.

Speaking to Soaplife about Carmel’s ultimatum, Gemma explained, “In Carmel’s mind, the baby is hers.

“It’s Calvin’s baby, therefore it is her baby because they were supposed to be the ones who were going to have a child together.

“She’s really angry and wants to make Theresa pay for ruining her life. But she also dearly wants to bring the baby up.

“She believes she can give Angel a better life than Theresa, who’s young and still wants to go out and have fun.”

Gemma added though that in upcoming weeks, Carmel’s blackmail plan is “bound to unravel”.

And finally, actor Sean Bean has revealed that he still wants to have a cameo role in an episode of Coronation Street.

Sean first confessed he’d love to act in the show in 2006, but it seems the show’s bosses didn’t get in touch with him about it.

Sean told the Daily Express, “Yes, I would really like to appear in Coronation Street.

“It’s my favourite soap. Maybe not for a long run but I would still love to be in it.

“But they haven’t contacted me or my agent about it, so it’s over to them.”

More soaps news soon.

Hollyoaks: Jamie Lomas on Warren’s return, and Jonny Clarke wants Bart to be like Brendan!

Jamie Lomas has been telling Digital Spy about his return to Hollyoaks, and he promised fans that they’ll “love” the storyline that enables Warren to return.

He added that there would be lots of “twists” to the plotline too.

Warren was of course last seen in the show when it was assumed he’d died during a fire at The Loft last year, however, when Warren comes back, all will be revealed about his exit.

During the interview, Jamie explained how he’d been surprised when the show’s executive producer, Paul Marquess, called him to discuss bringing Warren back.

He said, “Back in June or July, I received a phone call from [producer] Paul Marquess with the pitch of bringing Warren back.

“As far as I was concerned, Warren was dead and buried, but I was aware that the viewers had never actually seen his body.

“So Paul came to me with this genius plot and it was just too good to turn down as an actor – it’s got so many twists and turns in it, and intrigue and mystery.

“As an actor that’s what you want to do, and I always loved playing Warren when I was here before.

“When I left under Bryan Kirkwood, my character had run its course, but Paul has basically brought in a new cast so there’s so much scope for new stories.

“You know what Warren’s like – he’s just going to come straight in and cause mayhem!

“We’re going to do a whole storyline on how Warren got out, what happened and whose body it was that they found badly burnt.

“It’s really exciting and I think the fans are going to love it.”

In other Hollyoaks news, Jonny Clarke has revealed that he’d like his character, Bart McQueen, to be more like the show’s bad boy, Brendan Brady.

Jonny said of Brendan, “I love his character. Bart is like the younger version – I hope Bart will become a bit like Brendan.

“I think that Emmett’s really good at playing Brendan. I really admire his acting.”

More Hollyoaks news soon!

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

Former EastEnders actor Don Gilet – who of course played barmy Lucas – will be on our screens again later this year as he joins the cast of a new sitcom entitled, ‘Rollin’ with the Roberts’.

Don will play the part of Chris, who’s dad to two kids aged 11 and 16. The comedy will show how Chris and his estranged wife Amy – played by Nina Sosanya – cope with living across the road from each other and sharing custody of their kids.

Desmond’s star Robbie Gee plays Chris’s brother Errol.

The new show was written by Kwame Kwei-Armah, who’s best known for his role as paramedic Finlay Newton in Casualty. A pilot episode of the show is being recorded next month, according to Chortle.com.

A rep for the show said, “As we all know, extended step-families have lots of frictions and ups and downs.

“And the Roberts family is no exception. With a fine old mix of class, roots, generation and culture, things can get a little spicy to say the least.”

In other news, Hollyoaks newbie Darren Day has been telling New magazine that the only place he’ll be a bad boy from now on is on-screen.

Darren, who has been branded a “love rat” thanks to his high profile real life affairs, insisted he’s changed.

Speaking about his character, Danny Houston, Darren said, “He’s going to be the epitome of the soap villain.

“Some of the magazines have already nicknamed him Dirty Dan, which is quite exciting because the soap villain that I admired most over the years was Dirty Den in EastEnders.

“All I’ve been told is that he is incredibly dangerous but very charming.

“I would identify with both of those characteristics! But with where my life is now, I’m going to be the baddest of the bad on screen and the goodest of the good off screen.”

Darren’s married to Stephanie Dooley, with whom he has a four-year-old daughter Madison, and he’s also father to Suzanne Shaw’s five-year-old son, Corey.

Reiterating that he’s settled down since his marriage to Stephanie, Darren said, “It makes me smile that I still get called ‘love rat’ but you get used to it.

“My wife and I have been together for five years, married for three and a half, and I’ve been 100 per cent faithful.

“But I know it’s going to take a long time for it to subside, so maybe the best that I can hope for is ‘reformed love rat’!

“I saw a headline saying, ‘Watch out, Hollyoaks beauties, Darren Day’s coming over!’

“Well, one, I’m happily married, and, two, I’m old enough to be their dad!”

Our final look at the soaps news takes us to Manchester, where Corrie star Steven Arnold has revealed that he doesn’t want his character Ashley Peacock to split from his wife Claire (Julia Haworth).

The on-screen couple are due to leave the soap later this year, and while speaking to Inside Soap about their departure, Steven said, “I just hope they can get over all this.

“They’ve been through so much together, and they always come through their troubles.

“I think they’re a very strong couple – a really good unit. “I’d be gutted if Ashley and Claire split up. I’ve worked with Julia Haworth for 12 hours a day every day for so long, and we’ve got such a strong bond.

“There’s no better person for me to work with than her.”

More UK soaps news soon!

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

EastEnders actress Lindsey Coulson has been telling Inside Soap magazine that her character, Carol Jackson, will soon be moving in with Glenda Mitchell, and Lindsey reckons that could be a “turning point” for Carol.

Carol makes the move into Glenda’s place when she decides she can’t bear to stay at Pat’s anymore because of the memories of Billie’s death there.

However, Carol’s first choice was to move in with Max, but when she asks him, he refuses, so moving in with Glenda becomes Carol’s best option.

Lindsey said, “Carol has to leave Bianca’s house – she doesn’t want the reminders.

“She doesn’t really know Glenda, so perhaps she can reinvent herself.

“It’s a strange pairing, but it’ll be interesting to see if they can find common ground.

“I’d like to show viewers that Carol is strong enough to transcend all of this, because people have to – but it won’t just go away.”

Over in Manchester, Corrie’s executive producer, Phil Collinson, has revealed that when Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) returns to the Street on Christmas Eve, she’ll have her sights firmly set on a romantic reunion with Steve McDonald.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Collinson said, “2011 will be Tracy’s year, and she’s going to cause all sorts of mayhem on the Street.

“At the heart of it, she loves Steve. He’s the father of her daughter Amy and she still carries a torch for him.

“Tracy’s back for Steve – but she hasn’t bargained on Becky, who has grown up fighting and is not prepared to let her perfect life go. There will be plenty of fireworks!”

And finally, in Chester, Hollyoaks actor Darren Day has been telling Digital Spy how his upcoming new relationship with Jacqui McQueen will affect Danny.

When asked how Danny copes with Jacqui’s outspoken behaviour, Darren replied, “I think he’s actually quite attracted to that!

“I don’t think he’s used to it, as he’s used to getting his own way – both in business and in pleasure.

“But Jacqui stands up to him, and even though he’s not used to it, I think he likes it.

“He’s quite intrigued by the fact that she’s so feisty and he likes that edginess about her.

“I think Danny gets a little bit heavy and possessive, and he isn’t happy to see [Jacqui] talking to another fella in the club, so she gets a bit scared and backs off.

“When Danny comes back, though, they get together properly – and I think Jacqui feels she might be able to tame him a little bit. But he’s not really up for that!

“He can’t be tamed really!”

More UK soaps news soon!

Jamie Lomas as Warren Fox in ‘shock twist’ return to Hollyoaks!

Jamie Lomas is set to reprise his role as Warren Fox in what’s been described as a “shock twist”.

We last saw Jamie as Warren in 2009 when it seemed he’d been killed in the fire at The Loft which was started by nutty Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix”, however, when Warren returns in a few weeks time, we’ll hear that he decided to use the opportunity to flee Chester.

Of course, Cheryl Brady (Bronagh Waugh) and Danny Houston (Darren Day) now own The Loft, which they renamed Chez Chez, so it looks like there’s going to be some serious trouble ahead for them as Warren reclaims his property.

Digital Spy quotes Hollyoaks’ series producer Paul Marquess as saying, “We were hopeful that Jamie’s return would be the best-kept secret in soap history, but when Jamie arrived on set it proved impossible.

“When Warren Fox died in the Loft fire, we all thought that was the end of the dangerous gangster that terrorised the residents of Hollyoaks village.

“But when our writers made the shocking suggestion to bring back Warren in a juicy plot, it was just too irresistible to ignore.

“They not only made it feasible that Warren could have escaped the fire and fled the village, they created an explosive and very clever plot with lots of twists and turns that is guaranteed to have the audience hooked.

“When the idea was pitched to Jamie, he knew it was too good an opportunity to miss.

“Warren Fox was one of the soap’s most memorable villains and we’re very excited about his return.”

Although Marquess wouldn’t confirm when Jamie makes his first reappearance on-screen, it’s expected to be within the next few weeks.

More Hollyoaks news soon!

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

Over in Emmerdale, Lyndon Ogbourne has tweeted that he’s filming his final scenes as Nathan Wylde this week.

He tweeted, “I’m chilled and ready for my final week filming Emmerdale, full of every emotion you could name – but mostly excitement and sadness!

“I’ve had the most amazing time EVER!! I’ll never forget playing and bringing to life Nathan Wylde! “Thank you all for your support – let my final week commence!

“So proud of all your comments of support about my final week ahead – I love being involved in Emmerdale and I enjoy playing Nathan so much, but I have to follow my heart and ambition.”

Aww, I’ll be sorry to see you go Lyndon!

In Hollyoaks, cage-fighter Michael Bisping has told viewers to expect “powerful” scenes when he makes a cameo appearance on the show later this month.

Michael spoke to Sky Sports about starring on the show, saying, “Some people will laugh at it, but the storyline is fantastic and I’m proud to be a part of it.

“I can’t say too much about the plot, but it comes on our screens on October 25.

“I play a bit of a bad guy in it and get involved in a spot of kidnapping and whatnot.

“It’s pretty powerful stuff in places and I’m sure people will get a kick out of it.

“I really enjoyed doing it and I’m pleased I took the opportunity when it came my way.

“I seemed to have a natural flair for acting and it’s something I enjoy. There are a couple of other projects in the pipeline now and I’m interested in doing more.”

And finally over to Weatherfield where Corrie star Ryan Thomas has revealed that his character’s fling with Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan) will make for “hot” viewing! Ryan, who of course plays Jason Grimshaw, told the Daily Star about the upcoming storyline in which he and Rosie get down and dirty…

He said, “In all the years I’ve been at Corrie, I’ve never had a reaction quite like it.

“Everyone remembers those scenes where Rosie Webster tried to seduce Tony Gordon wearing that basque. Well, trust me, what she gets up to with Jason is even hotter.

“There’s stripping and all sorts of naughtiness between these two. I’ve never known a reaction like it.

“A lot of people who have watched the scenes keep telling me how amazing Jason and Rosie are together.

“Rosie is very feisty and poor Jason hasn’t been very lucky when it comes to matters of the heart, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not they’ll go the distance.

“All I know is that the bosses like us together, so it’s definitely going to go on for a little while yet.”

More soaps news soon!

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