John Paul, Tina and Dom decide to move out. Michaela tries to make up with Russ but he’s over her.

Songs in this episode: The Automatic – Lost at Home

Tina, Dom and John Paul

Dom’s frustrated that they haven’t had “snuggle time” that much. Tina draws up a “snuggle time” chart but they get the urge and race to a spare room.

John Paul is frustrated to be living at home with his mum, is sick of his sisters and his family running his life.

John Paul sees a new guy, Jay, and ends up going back to his place with him but finds Tina and Dom in his bed! Myra tells Jay to get out. John Paul says it’s his life and he can do what he wants.

John Paul says none of them can breathe around Myra and says he’s moving out! Tina and Dom say they’ll move out too!

Michaela and Carmel

Michaela has got a map to figure out where to go to get out of there as she doesn’t want to walk out the front in front of the army guys.

The girls walk for miles with their bag, exhausted and lost. Michaela wonders if they’re all cursed. Carmel says she’s glad Russ dumped her, she doesn’t deserve him.

Suddenly, Carmel is hit by paintballs, thinking she was hit by a bullet. The two girls make up and find the road.

Michaela txts Russ, wanting to meet up. Michaela apologises to Russ and says she’s useless without him and asks if they can start again. Russ says he doesn’t love her anymore and is over her.

Steph and Max

Max teaches Steph about making smoothies. Is Max falling for Steph? He gives her some flowers and then says she makes him happy. Steph says he makes her happy too. He can’t quite say it though and says they’re “great friends”.

UK air date: Wednesday 3 October 2007

Michaela and Carmel find the “spa” is not what they imagined. Steph has a seizure. Steve helps Amy clean up.

Songs in this episode: The Crib – Men’s Needs, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – The Andrews Sisters, Can’t get you out of my head – Kylie Minogue

Amy and Steve

Steve cleans up the trashed house for Amy. Amy wants to kill Michaela for suggesting the party.

When Michaela comes up, Amy asks Steve to hide behind the couch. Michaela rants about bad Steve is, but Amy believes he’s changed. Michaela says if she sees Steve around there again, she’ll call the police.

Amy asks Steve to stay, saying she enjoys his company. He agrees.


Abbie calls Steph from Malibu beach, saying she’s with David Hasslehoff. She puts him on the phone to her but Steph gets drenched in water thanks to the awning and the phone is cut off.

Max helps Steph dry off at his place. Max and Steph realise they’re both big secret fans of The Hoff.

They then play a dancing game but Steph collapses and starts having a seizure. She feels so embarrassed afterwards and thanks Max for his help.

Michaela and Carmel

Michaela and Carmel look for their spa – but it’s not what they thought – it’s a survival course! S.P.A = Survive Progress Actualize – Intensive physical training for the Mind Body & Soul! Michaela’s furious. They make a bet fifty pounds to see who wins. They both end up having a big fight in the mud!

Later, Carmel’s hairstraightener starts a small fire in their tent!

Michaela and one of the army guys start making out. He uses a cheesey line about test-driving a Mercedes but this puts her right off.

Michaela finally realises Russ was the only guy who hasn’t treated her badly and makes up with Carmel.

John Paul, Katy and Summer

John Paul and Katy hang out more and bump into a new student, Summer, who keeps getting calls from her mum.

UK air date: Tuesday 2 October 2007

Amy and Michaela have a party, ending in trouble. Zoe and Jess make up. Nancy feels under Becca’s shadow still.

Songs in this episode: Shut up and drive – Rihanna

Amy and Michaela

Amy wants to cancel the party with Michaela and thinks promoting it on the internet isn’t a smart idea but Michaela convinces her otherwise. Apparently everyone at school knows about the party.

Everyone turns up for the party and things get a little crazy.

Michaela and Fletch argue. She interrupts the party to tell everyone that Fletch is bad in bed.

Steve turns up for the party as he has nowhere else to go.

Amy goes into Leah’s room to discover one of the guys stealing. The guy grabs Leah for a moment until Steve rescues her. Amy gets Steve to kick everyone out of the house.

Zoe and Jess

Joe and Jess are still fighting – this time over a place to study. Zoe’s upset over her dress being ruined and wants Jess to pay for it.

Kris locks the girls in their bedroom until they sort out their disagreement. He shows them their fight at The Freshers Ball and gets them to make up.


Nancy gets a call in the middle of class from Jake, who wants cooking advice so she hangs up. She apologises to the lecturer Spencer, who knew Becca. Nancy moans to Russ that she’s always under Becca’s shadow, even at college.

Nancy comes home to a romantic dinner made by Jake – who says he likes her just the way she is.

Russ and Carmel

Russ invites Carmel out for a drink at The Dog – as friends.

Frankie gives Carmel a free trip to a spa that was a prize and decides to take Michaela with her.


Myra tries to cheer up John Paul by inviting all her kids out to dinner at The Dog – even though everyone has plans already. She feels let down by her kids when John Paul and Michaela leave early. Carmel says she’s pushing them all away by trying too hard, and she’s being selfish.

UK air date: Monday 1 October 2007

Everyone is shocked Hannah’s in hospital. Steve stalks Amy. Sarah leaves Amy home alone with Leah. Danny hits on Sarah.


Hannah’s in hospital while the rest of her family feel awful. Rhys is furious he was set up by his parents to get Hannah downstairs and Josh feels so bad he can’t eat.

Sarah and Nancy drop by to get Hannah for first day of college and are shocked to learn she’s in an eating disorder unit in hospital.

Rhys looks at a picture of Hannah and remembers the good times they had together and how things have changed so much lately but pushes Suzanne away when she tries to comfort him.

Hannah begs her mum to let her go home but she wants her to get better first and is furious with everyone for putting her in there and screams she wants to die.


Sarah and Amy argue over who will look after Leah – it’s Sarah’s first day of college. Amy takes off for school, leaving Leah with Sarah.

Amy and Josh organise to hang out together later.

Someone is watching Amy in a blue hoodie…

Sarah tells Amy that a dream modelling job has come up in London, starting tomorrow. Amy agrees to ask Michaela to come over to give her a hand looking after Leah.

When Amy goes downstairs, everything is a mess… and Steve is there! He needs somewhere to stay. Amy says she’ll call the police and he has to go. She forces him out but he says he’ll see her around!

Jake and Nancy

Jake gives Nancy and Russ a gift each for their first day – tiny undies for Russ (!!) and Becca’s pencil case for Nancy. Jake wants to make a dinner for Nancy – Russ thinks she’ll be out partying but Jake thinks he knows her better.


Danny accidentally kicks a ball into Sarah’s face, who’s freaked out she might get a black eye for the modelling shoot.

Nancy has a rant at Sarah for being obsessed with her image and contributing to the problem which has landed Hannah in hospital.

Danny starts hitting on Sarah by buying her a drink and playing car tricks.

UK air date: 26 September 2007

The big night of the Freshers Ball ends in fights between Jess and Zoe, Katy and Justin, Nancy and Justin!

Songs in this episode: You! Me! Dancing! – Los Campesinos, I wanna have your babies – Natasha Bedingfield, Stronger – Christina Aguilera

The Freshers Ball

Jake’s reluctant to go with Nancy, feeling old and out of place.

John Paul asks Katy to the ball with him, as friends and she agrees.

Zac’s not so sure about the dress Jess made.

Danny and Justin are going to go along to the ball too. Danny thinks it’s his big chance to get Katy back but Justin’s not so convinced it will work. He gets jealous seeing Katy hanging out with John Paul and finally goes and talks to her.

Zoe and Darren turn up in a limo, making a grand entrance. Darren and Zoe keep hassling Jess about not placing the bet and stealing from them. Zac stands up for her and Jess says he’s her best friend and drunkedly says she really really likes him. Jess accidentally bumps into Zoe who spills her drink on her dress!

Justin tells Danny is interested in Mercedes.

Jess and Zoe start fighting, ripping each other’s dresses off and punching each other!

Justin accidentally spills a drink on Nancy who tries to fight him but is pulled back by John Paul. Katy gets the wrong idea about Justin and leaves with John Paul.

Amy, Steve and Josh

Amy deletes Josh from her cellphone. Amy tells Steve she’s finished with Josh and brings him some food but she’s not interested in a relationship with him.

UK air date: September 28 2007

Hannah is committed to hospital. Louise helps Katy get onto the law school place list. Mike goes to visit Kathy.

Songs in this episode: My Skin – Natalie Merchant


Josh tries to apologise to Hannah through her bedroom door. She just tells him to go away, she’s ok. He can’t believe no-one is doing anything to help her. Later, Amy sees Josh crying and he tells her about Hannah getting worse. They almost kiss!

Neville thinks they should each take turns to watch over Hannah. When she comes down for a glass of water, she partially collapses but refuses to eat. Suzanne calls Doctor Fraser for help.

Hannah panics when the doctor arrives and forces everyone to leave.

Rhys tries talking to her. Hannah asks him when was the last time she was happy. They reminisce about times when they were growing up and how everyone hassled her and called her ugly. Rhys feels awful for the things he once said.

Hannah eventually opens the door for Rhys who helps her downstairs.

When they get downstairs, there’s three doctors who have decided she needs to be admitted to hospital as she has lost a lot of weight. Rhys had no idea they were down there. Suzanne sobs as they take her away, telling her they love her and everything is going to be ok.


Mike’s going away for a couple of weeks to see Kathy and wants to take Leah with him. Amy doesn’t want her anywhere near her mum, doesn’t trust her and refuses to let him take Leah. Sarah’s upset he won’t let her do her dance course to stay back and help look after Leah.

Katy, Justin and Warren

Warren tells Katy to move on from Justin.

Katy freaks out: she’s not on the list for her course and there’s no law spaces left! Warren tries to get her into the course with pleading, money and yelling but nothing works with the administrator. Louise brings up his porn addiction and that works!

Justin and Danny

Danny tries getting Justin to move on from Katy but he’s not interested.

UK air date: 25 September 2007

Amy gets Sasha and Michaela to make up. Katy tells Justin it’s over. Warren fires Justin. Josh tries force-feeding Hannah.

Songs in this episode: Mr 100 Percent – Pull Tiger Tail

Amy, Sasha and Michaela

Amy quizzes Michaela and Sasha about their behavior towards Fletch and each other. The girls keep arguing, which annoys Amy and thinks Fletch isn’t worth fighting over. Finally, they seem to make up.


Josh is worried terribly about Hannah but Rhys thinks it’s just a phase. Hannah finds it difficult to walk around the house as she’s so weak. Josh tells her she’s killing herself.

Steph asks Rhys about Hannah – she tells him that before they can tackle the problem you first have to understand it. Rhys stays in denial about Hannah’s health and says she should focus on her own problems.

Josh loses it and tries to force-feed Hannah. She panicks and Rhys has to pull Josh off from Hannah.

Katy, Justin and Warren

Warren asks Katy to keep everything that happened secret from Louise.

Danny comes up with a plan to help get Katy back with Justin with a romantic meal, but it backfires terribly. Justin says he’d do anything to make it all right but Katy’s not interested in having him back in her life and says it’s over for good.

Warren fires Justin.

Steph and Max

Steph tries to talk to Max about what happened, but he’s not in the mood. OB wonders if Steph has feelings for Max.

UK air date: 24 September 2007

Jess angers Zoe. Amy gives Steve another chance and Josh misses out. Katy and Danny make new friends at college.


Katy’s having a bad day – from misplacing her textbook, running late, getting coffee spilt all over her twice and running into Steve, arguing with John Paul. Warren introduces them again, Katy realising John Paul is gay and they end up having fun hanging out.

John Paul

Jake tells John Paul that Craig’s having the time of his life in Dublin – and is hooking up with girls.


Zoe decorates the hall of the flat and the toilet seat.

Jess needs a ball dress and doesn’t want to wear any of her old ones, so decides to make a new one from their material. Zoe’s not convinced with the result.

Zoe asks Jess to place a bet on a horse race but she spends the forty pounds on herself. Oops, because the horse won and Jess is expecting her winnings: 600 pounds! Zoe’s furious.

Josh, Amy and Steve

Josh tells Suzanne that Amy may want to go out with him again. He sends Amy a txt saying he’s on his way but his mum breaks down sobbing about Hannah and needs his comfort.

Amy waits for Josh and Steve apologises to her for scaring her. He’s staying in the boiler room at school.

Amy feels let down – again – by Josh not turning up and gives up on him. At the same time, Josh runs to try and meet up but it’s too late.

Josh tries Amy’s door while Amy’s gone to see Steve. She asks him if he was ever going to call an ambulance snd confronts him about that day during the crash. He asks her if the baby is his and she says no. She says he disgusts her. Steve says she’s all he has left and asks for another chance. They sit down and talk more, then hold hands.

Josh then writes her a note asking her to call him and he misses her. He puts it on her doorstep.

Danny and Nancy

Danny and Nancy meet up at school – he teases her about her feminists society and she says he’s useless at breakdancing. The two are laughing when Jake turns up, awkward and a little suspicious at first.

UK air date: September 27 2007

Despite Max, Warren, Justin and Katy presuming she drowned after a dramatic car crash into a lake, we learnt at the end of Friday’s episode that Clare is very much alive!

What does she have planned next? Will she return to get revenge on Justin and Warren? What’s your theory?

Clare is still alive! Hannah collapses from lack of food. JP is a mess without Craig. Does Steph fancy Max?

Songs in this episode: Someone watching over me – The Zutons

Clare’s alive!

OMG, Clare is still alive!!! She’s at an airport and introduces herself to a guy called Miles.

Hannah, John Paul, Myra and Sarah

Hannah hides her breakfast in her sweater, pretending she’s eaten it.

Sarah comes over and vents about Craig and John Paul.

John Paul comes over to see Hannah – and Sarah can’t believe he’s changed his mind about going to Dublin.

JP says it just happened, it wasn’t deliberate. Sarah and JP fight, meanwhile Hannah has a panic attack and collapses (she’s ok). Sarah forces JP to leave.

Myra comforts JP and wonders if he can get his place back at HCC.

Sarah and Hannah’s mum are worried about Hannah. She goes through the rubbish bin and Hannah’s room to see if she’s been hiding food she’s not eating. Later, she breaks down and cries… and they find a massive stash of old food under the floorboards in her bedroom.

JP deletes Craig from his cellphonhe. He breaks down, missing Craig so much and wonders if he should fly to Dublin.

Max and OB

Max tells OB he feels responsible for Clare’s death. OB says he wouldn’t have tried to help save her and he should start celebrating.

Frankie and Steph

Frankie is worried about Craig. Steph is scared of seeing Max after the almost-kiss. Frankie thinks she fancies him.

Frankie offers Mercedes her old job back.

UK air date: Friday 21 September 2007

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