Katy kicks Justin out. After they leave, John Paul and Craig fight then he leaves Craig and goes back home!

Songs in this episode: I close my eyes and count to ten – Dusty Springfield

Katy, Warren, Max, Steph and Justin

Justin’s worried about Katy, she’s not eating or talking or doing anything. Warren doesn’t want to involve the police. Warren says he respected that he was prepared to lay down his life for Katy but doesn’t respect that he was prepared to see Warren rot in jail for something he did.

Max tells Steph he’s upset because Clare come back. Warren tells him he’s done nothing wrong and doesn’t want him to tell anyone about what happened.

Max comes over to check on Katy and says what happened was horrific but Clare’s dead now and can’t get to her now and can’t blame Justin, she ruined so many people’s lives. Katy just turns up her music and then runs out of the room.

Max tells Steph if he doesn’t talk to someone, he’s going to go mad. He tells her about Clare drowning. Steph reassures him that he’s done nothing wrong and says he’s the most kindest, gentle man she’s ever met. He thanks her then leans over and tries to kiss her. He apologises when she is taken aback and leaves.

Katy yells at Justin, freaking out over how she almost died and won’t let him touch her. She couldn’t believe he lied to them and wants him out.

John Paul and Craig

John Paul thanks Myra for everything and they hug. Jack gives Craig a couple of house-warming gifts and says he’s a credit to the family and says he couldn’t love him any more if he were his own son. Darren says Craig has his respect and they hug goodbye. Frankie apologises and says she loves him and he’s still her son, they hug goodbye. Jake isn’t there to say goodbye.

Everyone says goodbye to the boys, John Paul is given photos of all his family to take with him.

At the airport, Craig thanks John Paul for sticking with him. Jake’s there at the airport and says sorry for everything he said. He starts asking lots of questions but there’s no time for it. He says he loves him and he’s still his brother even though he doesn’t get it. Craig says he’s not gay, he just loves John Paul and he still fancies girl and doesn’t understand it fully himself. They hug goodbye.

John Paul’s not impressed Craig is still saying he’s not gay. Craig says he’s changed his whole life for him. John Paul asks Craig to kiss him in line at the airport, in public. John Paul says he needs him to kiss him in public but Craig can’t. John Paul takes off – saying he forced Craig to choose. Craig pleads with him to go to Dublin. John Paul says he doesn’t know who is he and loves him with all his heart but he deserves more and leaves Craig!

Craig breaks down and cries.

John Paul goes home sobbing to his family.

UK air date: Thursday 20 September 2007

After a dramatic car chase and then crash Katy is saved, but Clare drowns. Reece and Sarah renew their friendship.

Songs in this episode: Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol, I can’t stop this feeling I’ve got – Razorlight

Clare, Katy, Warren, Max and Justin

Warren and Max drive off to get Katy from Clare – but has he killed Justin?

Meanwhile, Clare tells a tied up crying Katy that Justin was the one who tried to kill her. She drags her to her car and they drive off.

They meet up on different wharves. Warren says Justin is dead, Justin asked him to kill him. They pull out his body from the back seat of the car and he definitely looks dead. Clare asks Max to kick Justin hard to prove he’s dead, but he flinches – he’s alive. The guys race over to Clare, Justin is hit by her speeding off in the car but he’s ok.

And then starts a big car chase… Katy takes off her seat belt… and suddenly Clare’s car goes off a cliff and into a lake! Warren and Justin dive in to look for Katy but there’s no sign… Justin finds her and brings her up. Max dives in and tries to grab Clare but she’s sinking faster than he can reach her. It looks like Clare drowns (but since this is a soap, you never know…)

Sarah and Reece, John Paul and Craig

Sarah and Reece talk about their wishes. Sarah would like John Paul to meet a gorgeous guy and leave Craig. Reece would like a fast-forward button.

Craig tells Sarah that John Paul is going to Dublin too. She rants at them, gives John Paul the engagement ring and says congratulations for taking over her life.

Craig tells Sarah that in a way, he wishes he never met John Paul. Sarah says she knows him and he’s not gay, it’s not him. Sarah asks if he could be with her again but he just says it won’t hurt forever, gives her the ring back and leaves.

She chucks the ring in the water and sobs. She’s comforted by Reece. She feels like she ruins all her relationships. Reece says she can’t blame herself and asks her if maybe one day Craig will wonder if he’s lost his soulmate. Sarah says she could never go back to anyone that hurt her that badly.

Reece says he misses her but Sarah says it’s not the right time and thanks him for cheering her up. They agree to be friends again.

UK air date: Wednesday 19 September 2007

Will Warren kill Justin to save Katy? Craig desperately tries to reconcile with Frankie before he goes. It’s Melissa’s funeral.

Hannah and Sarah

Sarah stays over the night before the funeral. She tries encouraging Hannah to eat, and says she’s gorgeous.

Reece talks to Sarah about Hannah’s eating disorder.

Where is Katy?

Warren and Justin knock on Max’s door, freaking out that Katy has been kidnapped by Clare.

Meanwhile, it looks like Katy is tied up in a chair, and everything is rigged to the door being opened. The boys go to the apartment, on Max’s guess, and find it’s a fake model, covered in red paint. Warren is furious.

They see a message on the door: “Tick tock, what’s down at the docks?” and race there.

The see more “tick tock” signs, and desperately hunt for Katy. They find a model’s arm with “What would you give?” written on it in red.

Warren gets a call, it’s Katy crying, then Clare. She wants Justin to go through hell for trying to kill her! Justin takes off out of the car, with Warren and Max chasing him.

When he catches up, Warren asks Justin to give him one good reason to not kill him. They’re interrupted by another phone call: Clare wants to know if he’s killed Justin yet and won’t tell him where Katy is until she sees Justin’s dead body. Does he go through with it?

John Paul and Craig

Frankie isn’t dealing well with Craig being gay, or John Paul going with him to Dublin and says she doesn’t know who he is anymore. Craig asks her for her support but she’s not interested. Frankie says she doesn’t mind anyone being gay… just not her son!

Craig says everyone has disowned him all because John Paul is a guy. John Paul says he has him. He asks if Myra can talk to Frankie before they leave, afraid he’ll lose his family for good.

Myra tells Frankie that she’s a hypocrite for her attitude towards Craig and John Paul. Craig wants it sorted before he goes away and John Paul suggests that Frankie comes to see them in a few months time. Craig pleads with her to not cut him off for good. Frankie and Myra talk more.

Katy’s missing! Justin becomes The Loft’s manager. Steph can’t be a mum to Tom. Hannah and Sarah comfort each other.

Songs in this episode: Don’t know how to say Goodbye – The Pigeon Detectives

Warren, Justin and Katy

Warren gives Justin and Katy fancy outfits to wear for his party at the loft now that he’s the new owner.

Justin says he has to get out of town as he feels trapped there; Katy says if he goes, she will go too. When Warren finds out, he offers the manager job to Justin which he accepts. Katy is so happy.

When Katy gets home, someone is there: she screams!

Warren and Justin wonder where Katy has got to and her phone keeps going to voicemail.

They go over to the flat, and everything has been totally smashed up! Where is she? They find her new dress cut up on the floor!

John Paul and Craig

Myra discovers John Paul has booked a one way ticket to Dublin. She can’t believe he’s giving up the chance for a proper education for Craig. She slaps him, feeling let down that everyone lies to her. She wonders if Craig won’t lie to him, like he did to Sarah. Myra decides to have a chat with Craig and Frankie. Frankie just tells her to get out.

Steph, Max and OB

The gang are dressed up like Ali Baba to promote MOBS. Tom makes a wish that Steph was his mum.

Warren invites Max and OB to the party and hopes they can put the past behind them now Clare has gone.

Max almost tells Steph his feelings for her. Steph babysits Tom while Max is at the party and he says that if he could have another mum, he’d pick her.

When Max gets back, Steph and Tom are asleep on the couch. Steph leaves, saying Tom wants a mother and she’s sorry but it’s not her.

Hannah and Sarah

Hannah tells Sarah how much she’s missing Melissa and asks her to go to the funeral with her. They promise to always be friends.

Sarah overhears John Paul saying how much he loves Craig and vice versa and feels sick. Hannah and Sarah both cry over their lost loves.

UK air date: 17 September 2007

Justin admits he pushed Clare! Clare finally leaves town. John Paul and Craig will go off to Dublin together.

Warren and Louise

Louise apologises to Warren for getting sucked in by Clare but he stays cold towards her. Later, Louise has a sign made up for The Loft and apologises again to Warren again.

Katy and Justin, Warren and Louise, Max and OB all turn up to see Clare leave town.

Clare has a go at each one of them before leaving… Justin calls her a sick bitch and then admits it was him who pushed her over the balcony!

John Paul and Craig

Craig feels like everyone is staring at him when he goes into town with John Paul and freaks out. Darren keeps teasing them about being gay. Craig doesn’t know how to deal with it.

Craig asks John Paul to go to Dublin with him and he says yes!

The Valentines

Leo comes home and is freaked out by Tracey the tarantula. He says he’s been job hunting but Sasha doesn’t believe him. Sasha and Lauren fight over which CD plays in the lounge.

Tracey has gone missing… Sasha has let it go outside.

Calvin and Danny start getting Leo doing chores around the house.

Craig and John Paul reconcile, much to their families’ utter disbelief. Clare signs the divorce papers. Warren gets The Loft.

Clare and Warren

Clare is scared that Warren will try killing her.

Clare offers to sign the divorce papers if Max buys The Loft but he’s not interested.

She signs them anyway and they talk about their history and her regrets. She tells him that if she doesn’t give Warren the club, he’ll kill her. Max says she should take the money and start again. He offers to accompany her to the meeting with Warren.

Clare signs the papers over to Warren, and realises Max was just there for the entertainment factor – and doesn’t really care about her.

Craig and John Paul

Jake’s still freaking out about Craig and is sickened by his brother’s behavior. Frankie hopes Craig will sort things out with Sarah but he says he wants to be with John Paul.

Myra asks John Paul about Sarah and Craig and tells him to forget Craig.

While Myra and Frankie, Jake and Mercedes argue about Craig and John Paul, the two guys wander off together to talk things through.

Craig tells him it’s over with Sarah and he wants to be with him and doesn’t care who knows any more.

They tell everyone, but their families find it hard to believe, understand or stomach.

John Paul reassures Craig that things will get better from her on in.

Calvin, Lauren, Danny

Danny brings out his tarantula pet called Tracey which freaks out Calvin.

Danny and Lauren have been invited over to Greece by their mum. Calvin offers to help them with the flights but they don’t want to go. Calvin and Danny start getting on together.

Craig breaks up with Sarah but has he lost John Paul? Warren threatens Clare’s life. Fletch fails to impress Sasha.

John Paul, Craig and Sarah

Nancy tries cheering up a tearful Sarah with some flowers and says she deserves so much better. She’s started packing for Dublin.

Craig comes over to see Sarah. She asks him why he ruined her life, why he didn’t come out as gay. She tells him she still loves him. She wonders if it’s just one of those things where you experiment with drugs and things. She wants to make it work with him. Craig says what he did was stupid, unforgiveable and he never meant to hurt her. He loves her but he loves John Paul too. Craig says he wants to be with John Paul. Sarah begs him not to go but he’s made up his mind.

Nancy has a go at John Paul. He’s sorry about everything but says he loves Craig. She tells him Craig and Sarah are getting back together.

Craig goes over to John Paul’s but he won’t open the door.

Craig goes home, sobbing.

Fletch, Sasha and Lauren

Fletch tries writing a song for Sasha and meets Lauren who gives him a hand. He sings the song for her and says it was the cheesiest load of rubbish she’s ever heard and calls him a sad loser.

Clare, Warren and Louise

Clare’s desperate to find someone to buy The Loft by the end of the week.

Warren goes to the bank to re-mortgage the flat for their business venture.

Clare tells Louise she’s being used to get the money to buy The Loft.

Louise asks Warren if he’s with her just to get the money for The Loft and he gets mad and leaves.

At the loft, on the balcony, Warren comes up behind Clare and pushes her against the railing, telling her to leave town for good. He threatens to kill her, like he killed Shaun.

Craig and Sarah break up. Everyone learns about Craig’s relationship with John Paul. Katy celebrates her birthday. Justin threatens Clare.

Craig and Sarah break up

Sarah can’t believe she’s found Craig and John Paul in bed together. She rushes sobbing downstairs, with Craig and John Paul following behind.

In front of everyone, Sarah and Craig break up. John Paul admits he sent the txt to stop all the lies but never meant to hurt Sarah, he was just so hurt when he found out about the engagement. Craig continues to deny he’s gay and wishes he could turn back time and do everything differently, but Sarah won’t listen.

Sarah and John Paul talk. He tells her that Craig swore to him things were over with her and shows her the watch he was given. John Paul says they’ve both been used. Sarah says she hates them both and they deserve each other.

No-one can believe Craig’s behavior. He tells Jack that he felt trapped – loving two people at once and sobs.

Later, his mum talks to him – wishing he’d talk to her about things. Craig says he doesn’t know what to do. His mum feels he’s just like his father, cheating and lying. Frankie tries to get Craig to beg Sarah for her forgiveness and go to Dublin with her.

Craig is furious at John Paul for ruining everything. John Paul points out that Craig’s the two-timer, the liar and he has to deal with the consequences.

Katy’s birthday

Warren warns Justin not to take Katy away – again. They shake hands and agree to put the past behind them.

They head to The Loft with the girls for some birthday drinks.

Clare tells Warren The Loft isn’t for sale when he makes an offer.

Clare threatens to tell Warren and Katy he lied to get out of testifying in court. Justin says he’ll kill her if she causes trouble for him and Katy.

Recap coming soon! Recap coming soon! Recap coming soon! Recap coming soon!

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