Sarah and Nancy make a breakthrough with Hannah. Sasha finds out she has a half-brother and sister: Danny and Lauren!

Songs in this episode: Rehab – Amy Winehouse

Hannah, Sarah and Nancy

Hannah struggles to get into a dress, and imagines Melissa (who’s looking healthy again) is there with her. Hannah knows she’s going crazy but likes having Melissa to talk with. Melissa tells her they’ll use what happened to her to make Hannah eat again. Hannah says she won’t let them.

Suzanne promises Hannah they’ll get through this. When she leaves, Hannah starts sobbing.

Suzanne asks Sarah and Nancy to come over. They can’t believe Melissa had a heart attack at only 22. They wonder if drugs caused it. She tells them that Hannah doesn’t have pneumonia: she’s anorexic.

Sarah and Nancy try to talk Hannah into getting some help but Hannah’s mad at Sarah and Nancy for not being there for her and says Melissa was the only one who was there for her, her one true friend. She tells them to go to hell. They can’t believe they didn’t notice.

Later, she opens up more to them but refuses to admit she’s anorexic. She tells them stories from her childhood and how she feels distant from Nancy and Sarah and couldn’t tell them about how ugly she felt, how her heart was broken over John Paul, how weak she is compared to them. She tells them about the first time she threw up her food, how Melissa showed her how to do it properly, how Melissa didn’t judge her.

Sarah says unconditional friendship isn’t possible, she just wants a friend to tell her what she’s doing ok and that’s not real friendship. Sarah tells her she’s starving herself to death and loves her to much to have her end up like her. They both cry and hug.

Later, Hannah waves goodbye to Melissa.

Leo and Sasha

Sasha asks her dad who Valerie is when she calls him but he’s cagey about it and she gets more suspicious.

Valerie knocks on Leo’s door but he just hides and doesn’t open the door. Later, Valeria smashes the window and says she’s off on holiday to Greece and is leaving the kids.

Sasha is totally confused: she suddenly finds out she has a half brother and sister, Danny and Lauren!

Fletch and Sasha

At school, Fletch is in Sasha’s bad books. He keeps apologising and asking her to be his friend again.

UK air date: Thursday 6 September

Melissa collapses dies. Sasha and Michaela realise Fletch has been two-timing them. Zoe gives Jess some money to pay debts.

Songs in this episode: Another Sunny Day – Belle and Sebastian

Hannah and Melissa

Suzanne tries offering Hannah some chocolate but she’s more interested in txting Melissa, planning their trip away from everyone.

Hannah visits Melissa in hospital, bragging to her how she’s tricking her family into thinking she’s eating. When the nurses are on their break, Hannah helps an exhausted Melissa out of the hospital. Melissa convinces her to go get her passport and fly to Milan with her.

The girls sneak into the house to get the passport, hearing Suzanne and the boys arguing about Hannah in the other room.

Melissa collapses in front of Josh and Suzanne, just as they’re trying to leave the house! They call for an ambulance, but it’s too late. Melissa has died.

Hannah sobs her heart out.

Fletch, Sasha and Michaela

Fletch apologises for lying about yesterday but makes up more lies, instead of admitting her was with Michaela. They go on a lunch date together but Fletch gets txts from Michaela. Sasha and Fletch start kissing but Michaela barges in and the girls start arguing again. Sasha finds out that Fletch slept with Michaela and Michaela finds out he likes Sasha more. Neither girl is impressed with him! Sasha is furious at Michaela.

Fletch tells John Paul how he was so stupid for two-timing the girls.

Sarah and Craig

Sarah’s back from her trip but Craig gets sick of her going on and on about Dublin. He says he’s excited about going but lies that he’s worried about his mum. Sarah starts talking about wedding plans but Craig isn’t in a rush. He shows her he’s carved their initials into a post.

Jess, Zoe and Darren

Jess gets tried of Zoe and Darren’s displays of affection. Zoe offers to lend Jess some money. Jess gets a letter from her dad, begging her to go see him.

Darren wins again at the races, which makes Jess jealous but Zoe gives her some money to help pay off her debts.

UK air date: Wednesday 5 September 2007

Hannah and Melissa plan their big escape. Michaela and Sasha continue to fight over Fletch. Will Russ fall for Carmel?

Songs in this episode: Team Drama – The Automatic


Neville and Suzanne try to get Hannah to eat but she won’t and thinks they’re the one with the problem. To try and help her, they’ve invited their doctor to come over and have a chat.

Dr. Fraser asks her about stuff, and Hannah talks about stress over exams and tries to make it sound like nothing is wrong with her and blames everything on the sagas with her Uncle Noel having an affair with her mum and Reece being her half brother. She assures her everything is fine again now.

Dr. Fraser can’t rule out anorexia but thinks it could also be due to emotional trauma, peer pressure, exams or boys. They think they should just monitor her over the next few weeks and get some counselling.

When Hannah brushes her hair, lots of it falls out.

The Ashcrofts have a proper family dinner all together and look at the boys’ holiday photos but things get a bit tense when Reece talks about whether some girls are chubby or not in the photos.

Hannah sneaks out to the hospital to see Melissa. They wish everyone would leave them alone. Melissa is afraid of getting fat and is desperate to get out of hospital. Melissa wants to run away to Milan with her and they agree to go tomorrow.

Jess and Zoe

Jess continues to complain to Zoe about having no money but later wins 100 pounds on the horses and is happy.

Darren and Zoe

Darren gets a picture of him framed for the wall of the pub and gets Zoe a present after also winning money on the horses.

Sasha, Michaela and Fletch

More fighting between the girls over poor Fletch for the evening. Fletch gets out of it by saying he is off to see Josh.

Fletch asks Darren, Josh and Reece for advice – he likes a girl, she likes him but there’s another girl who wants to have sex with him and he doesn’t know what to do. He admits he’s a virgin and doesn’t know which girl to choose. Darren says he should just see both girls!

Michaela sents Fletch a pxt of her in sexy lingerie. Fletch lies and tells Sasha he’s with Josh when he’s actually with Michaela.

Russ and Carmel

Russ tells Jake he heard what they said about him and is moving out.

Carmel finds Russ drinking on the street and asks if he’s ok but he just snaps about Alek, then apologises. He tells her he doesn’t have a place to stay. Carmel asks him why nice people always come off worst. They have a few drinks together.

Carmel has hiccups and Russ tries different ways of getting rid of them. He tells her he finds her really funny and sweet and wishes Mercedes had been more like her.

Jake manages to persuade Russ to move back in again.

Songs in this episode: The Angry Mob – Kaiser Chiefs, She’s Got You High – Mumm-Ra

Jess, Darren and Zoe

Jess talks to Zoe about her money problems.

Zoe and Darren are both wrapped up in bedsheets looking pretty happy wife life eating grapes.

Zoe gets Darren to give Jess a trial as a barmaid at The Dog.

Jess isn’t so keen on the idea but has no other options.

Jess refuses to clean the toilets and complains about doing things beneath her so Darren fires her.

Darren tells Zoe about the 1000 quid he found and how no-one has claimed it.

Jake, Nancy and Russ

Russ works out at home and tells Nancy he’s not going to mope any more. Nancy still wants Jake out of the house because he’s annoying her. Russ overhears them saying how he’ll be out of the house soon enough.


Suzanne checks in on Hannah, who insists there’s nothing wrong with her. The Ashcrofts all talk about Hannah’s anorexia – but Suzanne can’t make the others realise how serious the problem is. They’re just mad at her lies about Gilly.

Reece goes into Hannah’s room and hassles her for lying about Gilly. When he tries to grab her out of bed, he sees her rib bones sticking out and is shocked at how much weight she’s lost.

Nancy goes over to see Hannah but Suzanne lies and says she has pneumonia and can’t see her.

The boys come home to find Suzanne feeling helpless and upset over Hannah. They just think Hannah wants attention.

Hannah calls Melissa to ask her what to do.

Suzanne and Neville fight, blaming each other on Hannah’s anorexia.

Sasha, Fletch and Michaela

Sasha’s all excited talking about school but Michaela is more interested in hanging out with Fletch. Michaela admits she’s just with Fletch for the fame and fortune, not because she really has feelings for him.

Sasha and Michaela fight for his attention, both offering to sing with him on stage. Fletch suggests a sing-off competition to decide. He tries to please them both, suggesting Michaela sings and he’ll give Sasha private guitar lessons.

Sasha pushes Michaela out, so she can have some time alone with Fletch. When she goes in for a kiss, Fletch pulls back. When he admits he was never an item with Michaela, Sasha lunges towards him for another kiss attempt but he falls off the couch and hurts his wrist.

Later, Michaela tells Sasha she’s not going to grab her spot in the band and takes Fletch off to get his wrist checked out.

Michaela asks if he wants to sleep with her, and timidly he says yes.

UK air date: Monday 3 September 2007

Songs in this episode: One more with feeling – Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, My Skin – Natalie Merchant

Hannah, Gilly and Melissa

Hannah continues to make up lies about Gilly as an excuse for not feeling up to eat. Her mum and Rhys are furious about Gilly but also think it doesn’t make sense. Her mum wonders if Hannah could lie about it.

Hannah talks to herself in the mirror, pretending to see Melissa, pleading her for help.

Her mum brings up a drink for her and tries to comfort her. She asks if maybe Hannah misunderstood Gilly’s intentions but she makes up more lies about him.

Her mum suggests she go see Sarah for a bit, but instead Hannah heads off to the hospital. Melissa is in a bad way and Hannah puts makeup on her because she doesn’t have the strength to do it herself.

The two girls look awful, with dark rings under their eyes, bad skin and hair.

Hannah says Melissa is the best thing that has happened to her.

A miserable Gilly comes around to Hannah’s mum and tells them everything that went on while they were away, including Hannah’s threats.

They break into Hannah’s room and go through everything. Her mum finds her diary with body mass index charts and notes about how she thinks she’s a pig, eats way too much and way too often, especially junk food.

“7st 1lb’s Melissa cover over today! I was so hungry I could have fainted. I will make up for it tomorrow! Bought a magazine today. I am so fat – my chin looking nothing like theirs do. I can’t even see my jaw line. I wonder if there’s anything I can do to get rid of my big fat neck? I’m so gross!”

“7st 1lb 27 July 2007. I’m not doing too bad – six pounds and counting. Another six or eight and I might look ok. I’d love to lose these thunder thights. Rhys doesn’t call me a pig anymore but I think that’s only because mum and dad told him to stop!”

They also discover uneaten food going off.

Her mum realises it’s not about drugs and starts to cry. She couldn’t believe she didn’t figure it out sooner, thinking the weight loss was just due to exam stress.

Nancy, Jess and Zak

Clive apologises to Jess. She asks if everything she had as a child was stolen. He says the fraud was a one-off. Jess says she feels dirty. Clive thinks she’s a chip off the old block and challenges her: he hid a thousand pounds in her drawer. Will she donate it to charity or treat herself to something nice? She tells him she hates him and says goodbye.

Zak finds Jess with the money, wondering what to do. He suggests paying back Frankie with it.

Zoe and Darren

Poor Darren has burnt fingers saving Zoe from the burning curtains and Zoe has to help him eat. His dinner is accidentally dropped on the floor and all over his pants. They talk about everything always goes wrong and wonder if they’re not meant to be. They agree to be friends but things are a bit awkward.

Russ, Nancy and Jake

Nancy considers going to HCC and learns that Russ will be going there too.

After Nancy leaves, Russ convinces Jake talk to some girls with him. Jake leaves pretty quickly, leaving Russ with the girls.

UK air date: Friday August 31 2007

Melissa is in intensive care in hospital. Rhys punches Gilly after Hannah fakes being touched by him. Clive is arrested.

Songs in this episode: People help the people – Cherry Ghost

Hannah and Melissa

Hannah tries to find out about Melissa at the hospital but everyone wants to talk to her. Her mum grounds her for having Melissa come over while she wasn’t there. She’s desperate to go out but she can’t. Rhys is filled in on the Hannah taking drugs saga. Rhys can’t believe she would take drugs. Hannah overhears and tells everyone to stay away from her.

Later, she is shocking to find out that Melissa is in intensive care. She tries to race out but her mum wants her to get some drugs help. Hannah is sick of people thinking there’s something wrong with her all the time and says her mum is pathetic and tells her to get lost!

Hannah tries to sneak out but is stopped by Gilly so she fakes being touched by Gilly and cries to her mum! A distraught Gilly tries to explain he’s innocent. Rhys is furious and tells Gilly to get out and punches him.

Jess and Clive

The debt collectors come and grab the TV, which doesn’t impress Zak. Jess’s father Clive comes by and pays off all her debts! Clive explains he bumped into Lex who invested in his business idea, that’s how he’s rich again. She’s also going to get her allowance back and he takes her shopping.

Later, they meet up… and Lex is coming along. Clive says Lex hasn’t quite invested yet and needs her help. Lex pats her on the bum, much to her disgust. After Jess flirts with Lex, he decides to invest. However, the police turn up for Clive and take him away!

Russ, Nancy and Jake

Russ comes back drunk at 9am and puts on loud music, waking up Charlie. Nancy thinks he needs to go but Jake says they need the money and he’s a mate.

Darren and Zoe

Darren lies to Zak, saying he has been having lots of sex with Zoe but later admits he hasn’t. He asks the boys to give him some space in return for some cash.

They watch “Wolf Creek” together (Darren’s scared) and later he tries to get Zoe to sleep with her but she’s not ready. They fight but he manages to sweet talk her around. They start making out but a candle sets the curtains alight!

UK air date: Thursday 30 August 2007

she threatens to cry rape if he does not back off. Gilly is horrified when she goes on to do exactly that just as Rhys and Suzanne enter the house. With Hannah uncontrollably sobbing in her mum’s arms, no one wants to believe Gilly as he desperately tries to convince them it’s a false accusation.

and, when he sweet talks himself out of the sticky spot and she now seems ready for it, the bedroom curtain catches fire. Consumed by their passion, Darren and Zoe are undeterred. Ripping off the burning curtain, they move out of the smoky room to continue their passionate clinch. Then, Jessica arrives crying uncontrollably – and Darren cannot believe his bad luck as Zoe has to comfort her friend.

Jackie and Tony get back together. Jess is caught out by Frankie. Darren and Zoe have a picnic. Melissa collapses.

Songs in this episode: Grace Kelly – Mika, Happy Ending – Mika

Jess and Zak

Zoe spots tonnes of money by Jess’s bed and asks if it involves selling herself! Jess says it’s rather a lot and apologises for thinking that.

Zak asks Jess about her job and thinks she’s conning people like Frankie. Jess says she feels a little bad.

Frankie turns up, furious at Jess calling her a robbing cow. She tells her she saw her figurines in a shop in Chester for 950 pounds! Jess says she honestly didn’t know how much they were worth. Jack overhears and asks her if he was ripped off too. Jess and Zac leave.

Zoe and Darren

Zoe admits to Jess that she hasn’t slept with Darren – even though they want to. She initially wanted to take things slow after the whole Will saga.

Zoe and Darren go on a romantic picnic, complete with flower petals. Darren tells her he really likes her but it’s bothering him because they haven’t had sex yet. Zoe says she just wants to get to know him first. They start kissing but get bitten by ants which kills their mood!

Jackie, Tony and Myra

Jackie is released after spending a night in a cell. Myra can’t believe Jackie shoplifted and asks what’s really going on. Jackie doesn’t want to talk initially. They argue, and Jackie says she doesn’t know how it feels and says Myra would have saved herself a lot of bother if she’d miscarried her. Myra says that’s an awful thing to say and asks her to take it back. She apologises.

Jackie tells Myra she doesn’t love Tony any more, just before he turns up. Tony wants to sort things out but Jackie doesn’t want to be with him any more. Tony tells her to stop hiding behind the miscarriage but Jackie just says they’re not a couple.

Tony finds her later and says he knows she loves him and he needs her. He doesn’t want to let her go. Tony says he can cope not having kids but can’t cope without her and says she’s the first person who loves him for who he is. She wonders what he sees in her. He just asks her to let him love her. They hug and cry in the pouring rain.

Rhys and Josh are back

Gilly is glad to see them and they fill him in on their holiday girls stories. Hannah takes their joke about her moving her “fat arse” badly.

Hannah and Melissa

Hannah asks if Melissa is ok, she has a headache. Gilly isn’t impressed that Melissa has come over. Hannah just tells him to keep his nose out of things. Gilly hands Hannah a burger and Melissa says she can’t eat it, in front of the boys. Rhys tells Melissa to get out, saying she’s a bad influence. Hannah races after her.

It’s pouring with rain and Melissa suddenly feels really faint and dizzy. Hannah calls a taxi as Melissa collapses. She starts screaming for help.

UK air date: Wednesday August 29 2007

Jackie is arrested for shoplifting. Will Jess cheat Frankie of her money? Myra is unimpressed with Mercedes not calling Russ.

Songs in this episode: (I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind – Primal Scream

Russ and Mercedes, Tony and Jackie and Myra

Myra is jumping on a tramp upstairs trying to lose weight, making a loud noise. Mercedes and Jackie talk about Russ and Tony. Jackie encourages Mercedes to go after what she wants but she won’t call Russ – she thought he’d forgive her. Myra runs into Russ and asks how he is doing and says he’s like her son. Russ says he needs to keep things simple and says goodbye and thanks. They hug.

Russ and Tony talk about Mercedes and Jackie.

Later, Myra discovers the washing machine is broken and flooding and wishes she had a son-in-law around to fix it.

Myra tells her to phone Russ to see if he’s ok and she wishes she had the guts to throw her out.

Louise and Warren

Warren has a black eye from Calvin and tells Louise. Warren grabs Louise over her shoulder and takes her to the restaurant. She’s pleasantly surprised that he had it all organised. She says it feels like they’re a proper couple. He gets down on bended knee and kisses her.

Neville, Hannah and Melissa

Neville has a go at Hannah for doing drugs. Hannah says she made a mistake but says he must have made mistakes in his time. While he’s not looking in the shop, Hanna tastes some spilt sugar then calls Grandpa. Neville takes the phone off her, saying she’s grounded. She realises he didn’t want her to find out the things he used to get up to.

She tries again and this time she hears that her dad was caught spying on the girl next door while she was having a bath! She asks to be let go for a bit and races out of the shop after her.

Hannah hangs out with Melissa, who gets a call from her agency: she’s not doing the lingerie shoot any more, she’s doing sleepwear. She stresses about being too overweight for lingerie photos and heads off to the gym.

Jackie shoplifts

Jackie is left alone in the shop and takes the opportunity to shop lift!

Later, Neville realises some 2 bottles of champagne are missing and goes to check the security camera footage.

Jackie offers stolen goods to people until Neville and Tony find her. She admits she nicked it and says it’s what she does, it makes her feel like she’s somebody. Tony can’t believe it. The police arrive and arrest her! Jackie says this is her way of letting him go.

Jess and Frankie

Jess overhears Frankie saying she needs something valued and sparks up a conversation – hearing a long story about the detailed history of a ring. Jess offers to get it valued, along with some figurines.

Alex tells Jess the ring isn’t worth much at all but the figurines are worth a bit. Alex tells Jess to keep most of the money for herself, since Frankie never knew their true value.

Katy and Warren

Katy tells Warren she’s enrolled in the HSC law course, she’ll live at the halls.

Warren gives his blessing to Katy and Justin dating. Jackie struggles with her loss. Russ and Mercedes’ marriage is over.

Warren, Katy and Justin

Warren asks Katy how long she’s going to keep Warren in her bad books. She says she hasn’t forgotten what he did to Justin and the police still haven’t found Shaun. She says she did her best to get him out of prison but that doesn’t sort everything between them.

Warren asks Justin about his mum. He assures him he didn’t attack Clare. Warren offers him a drink and suggests he goes and sees Katy.

Warren tells Justin he did want to kill him that night but he was out of his mind. He thought Justin was trying to take Katy away from him. He’s glad that Justin is still alive and says he can date her but shouldn’t take her away from him again or he’ll hunt him down. They shake on it.

Justin finds a pile of Katy’s University prospectus. Justin tells her Warren says they can date and he can stay with her. She wonders if she should do law at HSC, now she doesn’t have to move away.

Jackie and Tony fight

It’s Jackie’s first day back at work. She spots a baby’s outfit in the wardrobe, she asks Tony if it was for Grace. She snaps, wondering why he kept it and storms out.

Later, Tony apologises. She doesn’t know how long before the pain goes away, it’s already been three weeks. Tony mentions Mandy’s experience which just makes Jackie get more mad at him accusing him of doing everything for the first time with her – including losing a child. He chucks a dish in anger which smashes against the wall and tells her to get out and leave him alone.

Russ and Mercedes

Jackie and her mum talk about Mercedes and Russ breaking up, Jackie says she got what she deserved and won’t give her any sympathy.

Russ deletes Mercedes from his phone.

Warren thanks Mercedes for testifying. She wishes she’d left him there to rot because he’s wrecked her life. She tells him never to come near here again. Russ sees the two of them together and gets the wrong idea.

Mercedes tells her mum her marriage is over and she doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

Russ and Calvin talk about their ex’s and their careers over drinks. Warren joins them and winds Calvin up by saying there’s nothing he can do about him and Louise being together. Calvin ends up punching Warren!

Sasha, Fletch and Carmel

Sasha and Fletch hang out and talk about music, A-levels, and the future. Later, Carmel joins them and takes all of Fletch’s attention, which doesn’t impress Sasha. She even spills a drink on Sasha to get Fletch all to herself! So Sasha heads home and changes into a hot racy outfit but finds it hard to walk in heels. It’s too late however: Carmel leans over and kisses Fletch!

Warren and Clare

Warren asks for Clare’s congratulations him for being found not guilty. He wants to pick up some things from the club and winds her up about her attacker still being out there, waiting for another chance to get her. Warren says she can believe what she wants but he didn’t push her. He takes some money, saying it’s compensation for loss of earnings. He warns her to keep looking over her shoulder.

UK air date: Monday August 27 2007

A relieved Warren is found not guilty! Is Russ and Mercedes’ marriage over already? Tom has dinner with Steph.

Songs in this episode: Wonderful World – James Morrison

UK air date: Friday 24 August

Warren is found not guilty!

A nervous Mercedes testifies about being drunk on Tina’s hen night. Russ runs in to listen to her testify in court. She says she talked to Warren then left with him from the loft, going back to his flat at about 10:30pm. She said they had a drink and a chat and then spent the entire night in bed with him. She apologises to Russ saying it was a one off and she was drunk. Russ is deeply hurt and angry and leaves. She wants to chase after him but the judge won’t let her.

The lawyers bring up all her past claims, including the one she had against Clare. Mercedes insists she’s telling the truth and probably has lost her marriage over this.

The case is wrapped up and the jury finally makes their verdict. Warren nervously awaits his fate… he has been found not guilty! Warren, Katy and Louise are so happy!

Katy is relieved but isn’t in the mood to celebrate, reminding Warren of what he did to Shaun and Justin. She says he’s her brother and she loves him so much but that doesn’t mean she has to like him.

Louise wants a bit of time to get her head around things but kisses Warren.

Warren winds up Clare over the verdict and she tries to attack him.

Are Russ and Mercedes over?

Russ packs up his bag, takes off his wedding ring and leaves the flat. Mercedes finds him and he asks her why. Mercedes says maybe she needed to feel wanted, needed some attention and is so sorry.

Russ accuses her of just loving herself and wonders why she married him. She admits she’s selfish but it was one mistake but it didn’t mean anything. She begs him to forgive her and she wants to change, go somewhere else and start again. She pleads she’ll do anything. Russ said he should have stayed with Sophie and calls her a shallow self-absorbed slag.

Tom’s crush on Steph

OB asks Max if he bought Steph flowers. OB tells her they had their best week ever with her help and invites her over for dinner, tempting her with a friend who is in theatre who will be there too. OB tells Tom he’s invited Steph over for a romantic dinner for two! A very dressed up Tom reads out a little poem for Steph saying he fancies her and gives her a picture he’s drawn of her. She tells him how she fell in love with Peter Andre once but says they can only be friends. Steph says they can’t kiss or anything, which grosses out Tom. Max is impressed by her sensitivity to Tom.

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