Mercedes finally decides to testify at Warren’s trial. Amy fails all her GSCE results. Tom secretly gives Steph a flower.

Songs in this episode: When the heat dies down – Kaiser Chiefs

UK air date: Thursday 23 August

Nancy’s not impressed with her new flatmates

Mercedes and Russ move in with Nancy and Jake and leave the place in a mess with all their gear. Nancy isn’t impressed and hassles her for sleeping with Russ while he was still seeing Sophie. Mercedes bites back saying she’s sleeping with her dead sister’s husband. Nancy slaps her! Later, they both apologise. Nancy says she hates Justin so much because he didn’t stand up and tell the truth when he could have, leaving Mercedes wondering about Warren…

Warren’s trial continues

The trial continues with Warren taking the stand. He says he was in bed with Mercedes, they had met that night in the club. He also mentions giving Clare a deposit of 10,000 pounds towards the purchase of the business. He accuses Clare of wanting the money and the club and blaming him for the break up of her marriage. He denies pushing Clare over the balcony.

Katy asks Louise to lie and say she was with Warren when Clare was attacked but she can’t because he’s already said he was with Mercedes.

Clare and Max talk about the trial, she tells him there will be a party after the verdict and he should stop by. OB is surprised he’s talking to her.

Louise testifies that Clare is a manipulative liar and talks about Warren always being there for her. She admits that they slept together once while she was with Calvin. She recalls how she told Clare she was pregnant and Clare persuaded her to have an abortion and she wouldn’t tell anyone. However, she told Calvin. Louise said it was like she knew how much hurt she was going to cause but did it anyway and she would never trust her again.

A potential new witness has come to light… Mercedes!

Amy fails her GSCE

Sasha is so nervous waiting for her GSCE grades, she dreams of getting F’s and failing everything. Mike says their marks don’t define the rest of their life, and reassures both Amy and Sasha. Sasha and Amy run into Fletch at school, who has a new haircut. Sasha seems interested in him!

Fletch gets mainly B’s and a couple of C’s. Sasha gets all A’s but Amy failed everything.

Mike wants her exams to be remarked but Amy thinks it’s all her fault. Amy stays at home crying, feeling left behind and doesn’t know what to do next as her friends are out partying. Mike comforts her. He wants her to do whatever makes her happy, he’ll support her whatever she chooses to do and will always be proud of her.

Tom’s crush on Steph

Max teases Tom about having a girlfriend and tries giving him some tips. He’s happy when Steph turns up in a pirates outfit ready for work at MOBS. He leaves her a flower in her bag secretly. She’s puzzled when she finds it.

Warren’s big court trial begins. Sasha finally gets Amy and Michaela to make up. Steph looks after Max and Tom.

Songs in this episode: Take a bow – Muse

UK air date: Wednesday 22 August 2007

Michaela, Sasha and Amy

Michaela comes home from holiday to find Carmel running out to the trial, late because she couldn’t figure out what to wear. Michaela’s disappointed she can’t share her holiday goss.

Michaela catches up with Sasha instead, showing her her photos. She thinks maybe she could get into the band – now that Amy has a baby.

Amy is furious about Michaela ringing up magazine “Real Goss” and telling them about Leah and Kathy pretending to be her mum. She thought it would show them in a good light. Amy blames her for her mum nearly ending up in a nut house. Michaela says it’s lucky she didn’t tell them about her mum sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend, that might pay for another holiday. Amy is so mad she pushes back Michaela, who loses her sunglasses: she has bad sunglass sunburn marks!

Sasha tries to talk to both the girls individually and get them to reconcile. Eventually, they make up.

Calvin takes the stand next and talks about seeing Warren heading towards the loft the night of the attack. He stands to rant and the judge warns him of being in contempt of court. Louise is furious he lied and thinks he’s pathetic.

Clare alludes to Justin faking his mother’s illness to get out of the trial, angering Katy. Katy says she’ll never be safe, she’ll always be looking over her shoulder.

Warren’s trial finally starts.

The first witness is Clare, who comes in all hobbling on crutches and puffing, much to Warren and Katy’s disgust.

She testifies about how she was upstairs above the bar and heard some noises outside and went out onto the balcony but couldn’t see anything. She says she turned and saw Warren who then pushed her over the balcony. She says having a sexual relationship with Warren was a mistake and denies it was an affair. She says she didn’t blame Warren for the collapse of her marriage. She’s asked about her husband, Louise and other past events.

The defense tries to show lots of people had motives and opportunity to have Clare killed and points out her brusing was consistent with being pushed from behind, meaning she couldn’t have seen her attacker. They accuse her of revenge on Warren.

Carmel is so nervous about testifying and stumbles over her words and rambles.

Steph and Max

Steph feels guilty for Max hurting his back and comes over to look after him, secretly being paid by OB. He’s scared of her treatments to help it – going from incredibly hot to freezing cold packs on it. Later, Tom falls over and hurts his knee. Steph takes him back to OB, puts on a plaster and cheers him up, winning Tom over.

Justin lies to get out of testifying. Mercedes and Russ move in with Nancy and Jake. Steph works at MOBS.

UK air date: Tuesday 21 August 2007

Justin, Katy and Clare

Justin has a weird dream about Warren being found not guilty. Katy and Justin argue about him being a character witness for Warren. He reminds her that he’s lied in court before so it won’t help Warren’s case. Katy just wants him to admint that he doesn’t want him to get out. Katy threatens to break up with him and eventually Justin says he’ll do it, afraid of losing her.

Katy bumps into Clare and tells her that Justin has agreed to testify. Clare just thinks he’ll be laughed out of court and says she’s deluded. Katy says he’s lied once in court, what’s there to stop him doing it again!

Clare goes over to Justin, wondering why he’s doing it and thinks no one will believe him. Justin says he can prove Warren was at the flat because he was there. Clare says it’s possible for him not to lose Katy and keep Warren in prison.

Clare calls Justin and they fake a hospital call in front of Katy that his mum has been in an accident just to get him out of the trial!

Mercedes and Russ, Nancy and Jake

Mercedes tells Russ she’s sick of the house and just wants a place with him. Russ says he’ll go flat hunting.

Nancy tries talking to her mum but just gets the answerphone. Jake tries to cheer her up by taking her out on a picnic. Nancy brings up their financial problems and Jake thinks she deserves more. Nancy thinks it’ll all work out and doesn’t care how hard it gets, the important thing is they’re a family. He thanks her for believing in him because not a lot of people do.

Jake bumps into Russ and come up with a way for Russ to have a place to live with Mercedes, and for him to get some extra cash: they should all move in together! The two girls don’t like the idea one bit at all but end up moving out of rivalry more than anything.

Max, OB and Steph

Max and OB try getting Steph to dress up as a strawberry for 30 quid for a day. She agrees for 40 quid, but won’t wear their outfit. Steph returns in a bright sexy Hawaiian costume and helps bring in lots of customers. She starts a limbo competition and Max hurts his back having a go! OB offers her a permanent gig and gives her a 25 quid bonus for the day’s work.

Has Warren given up already? Tina and Mercedes argue in their crowded house. Nancy’s mum finds about her and Jake.

Songs in this episode: Drama Queen – Switches, Miles Apart – Shack

UK Air Date: Monday August 20 2007

The crowded McQueen house

Things are pretty tense in the McQueen house between Tina and Mercedes who argue over the lack of space. Tina hassles Dom for not doing the chores she asked him to.

Russ does up the bedroom for his new wife Mercedes, who is impressed.

Tina doesn’t think it’s fair that she and Dom have to share a room with Carmel and Michaela, considering they’re newlyweds too. She thinks Carmel should move into Russ and Mercedes’ room to make things more fair. Dom thinks a better solution would have been to get their own flat, had Tina hadn’t given up her job.

Dom gets sick of the girls fighting and tells them to do something about it. Alone, the two girls remind each other of how they have lied to their men.

Warren’s upcoming trial

Katy is worried about Warren’s upcoming trial. She asks Justin to go with her to see Warren but he doesn’t want to. She tries getting Clare to retract her statement, but Clare’s not interested. Clare is sure Warren is the one who pushed her and wants him to be stuck in prison for a long time. Katy can’t convince her he’s innocent and is worried about what Clare will do in court and thinks it’s almost as if Clare planned it all.

Justin goes over to Clare’s again and asks her to go easy on Katy and not to rub her nose into it. Clare reminds him that Warren beat him up and implicated him for a murder.

Warren asks for an update when Katy visits him in prison. Katy would love to go to Spain or the Greek Islands with him – she’s convinced he’ll get off. Warren’s not so positive and says it’s likely he’ll be stuck in prison for years. They both cry, realising things are looking grim.

Katy tells Justin it’s like he’s given up and is really worried about him. She wants to help him but doesn’t know what to do. She asks Justin to be a good character witness – he can’t believe she’s asking him. Justin doesn’t want to, hurting Katy.

Nancy and Jake

Nancy goes on a shopping spree with the money her mum gave her. When her mum takes Charlie out for a walk, Nancy and Jake end up in the bedroom. Her mum comes home and catches them in bed! She apologises about the way her mum found out. Her mum finds it sick that she’s with her sister Becca’s husband. Nancy stands up to her mum and admits she loves Jake, which pleases him. Jake says Nancy makes him laugh and it’s been a long time since that happened.

Her mum’s not impressed and wants to leave with Charlie, thinking he’ll suffer and says Becca was ten times the person she is!

Alek leaves a heartbroken Carmel. Craig proposes to Sarah. Carmel and Jacqui fight. The big court trial looms next week.

Songs in this episode: Wonderful World – James Morrison

Air date: Friday August 17 2007 on Channel 4

Katy is scrubbing the Evisssa floor while crying. Louise is really pleased she’s back but thinks she should take a break. Katy doesn’t want to, because she doesn’t want to think too much. Warren hasn’t called, she’s not sure what to wear to court. Louise says there’s nothing she can do, everything will be ok and hugs her. Katy can’t make any plans about her future until after the trial.

Carmel and Jacqui

Carmel discovers that Alek has actually left and sobs her eyes out.

Carmel tells Louise that Jacqui is being a selfish cow and unsympathetic. She says she’s off to the doctors this afternoon and needs some time off next week to go to court, she has been summounded as a witness. Louise says she can take tomorrow off as well. Carmel wishes Louise was one of her sisters. They hug.

Carmel rants at Jacqui at her work that she’s ruined everything because Alek has gone and says they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. Carmel sobs and yells why is it always all about Jacqui.

Jacqui leaves work and comes back to sort things out with Carmel, this time in private. Jacqui says she’s just lost a baby and no-one’s comforting her. Carmel thinks she’s just selfish and wishes she was back in prison. Myra stops their arguing and says family comes first. Myra and Jacqui start arguing but Myra takes Carmel’s side and says she needs to grow up and start thinking about her family.

Carmel says she’ll never get over this. Jacqui says she wanted to save her relationship with Tony after everything that happened and he needed to grieve with her. Jacqui says she’ll have to live with her decision. Carmel calls her a bitch and says she’ll never ever forgive her.

Carmel packs her bag and decides to go finding Alek, she can’t go on without him and loves him so much. John Paul says if she can’t show her love for him, it’s not a very nice way to be and says some people you just have to let go of. She sobs into his arms.

Craig, John Paul, Spike and Sarah

Craig and Sarah makes out while having a cooked breakfast. She’s anxious about telling her father her grades. He can’t wait to go to Dublin with her. Spike sees them kissing. Spike congratulates Craig for her results and Sarah invites him to join them. When she leaves the table, Craig threatens Spike not to say anything. Spike doesn’t seem bothered.

Craig tells John Paul he’s worried that Spike will tell Sarah about them. John Paul thinks it might be good for people to know. Craig says it’s all too much for him right now and asks him to talk to Spike.

John Paul talks to Spike, who says he’s just trying to protect him and is on his side. John Paul knows he’s just Craig’s little secret but they love each other and he’s happy.

Spike tells Craig that their dirty little secret is safe. Craig almost fights with Spike, who thinks it’s only a matter of time before Sarah finds out. Suddenly, Sarah comes in and asks what Craig’s keeping from her! She starts crying and wants to know who the other girl is. Craig denies it and John Paul says he’d never cheat on her with another woman. Craig tries to reassure her but she knows something is going on. Eventually he emotionally says it was a secret and he didn’t want her to find out about it, and asks her to marry him! She says yes!

Jake and Nancy

Jake slept the night on the couch. Nancy is nursing a hangover. Nancy’s mum thinks she’s totally irresponsible being out drinking when she has a baby.

Jake tells Craig that Nancy’s mum doesn’t know about them being a couple yet because of Becca. Her mum gives her some money to help with college. Nancy’s mum wants Nancy to find a man with a tidy appearance and a job. Jake gives her a bit of a telling off, saying Nancy can make her own decisions and she’s doing well, all things considered. Jake and Nancy make up.

Tony wants Alek gone but he doesn’t. John Paul’s awkward around Craig and Sarah. Exam results time. Nancy’s mum visits!

Air date: Thursday 16 August 2007 on Channel 4

Tony asks Alek to go, who is very reluctant. Just as he’s packed his bags, Carmel pleads with him to stay and he assures her he will.

Craig and Sarah and John Paul go in to get their exam results. Craig is scared about Spike saying something. John Paul is jealous of seeing Craig and Sarah together over drinks. Is Craig ever going to decide who he wants to be with?

Jake tries to make things up with Nancy by making her dinner. She stays out late drinking to celebrate her results. When she comes home drunk, she’s shocked to see her mum!

Tony tearfully reveals he’s the father of Jacqui’s baby. John Paul and Craig are almost caught. Jake and Nancy argue.

Songs in this episode: People Help The People – Cherry Ghost

Air date: Wednesday 15 August 2007 on Channel 4

Jacqui and Tony

Tony doesn’t know what to do or say around Jacqui. She runs a bath, sobbing then later packs her bags and tries to leave. Tony says he needs her, and they have to help each other through this. Jacqui says everything he touches dies, his marriage, his babies and she never wants to see him again! He calls her a bitch.

Jacqui comes back home to Myra. She just wants a hot water bottle and her own couch. Jacqui wonders if she can sue for compo. Myra says she’s welcome there but she should be with Tony. Jacqui says she just was getting her head around having a family when everything went wrong. She thinks that kids are so important to Tony and she can’t give them to him now.

Myra tells Tony that Jacqui needs him. Tony says all he’s done is support her but she’s made it clear that it’s over.

Jacqui talks to a lawyer who thinks she has a good case but her mum puts down the phone. Myra wants her to go round to see Tony and sort things out and says he’s a good man and she shouldn’t throw it all away.

When Jack and Craig give their condolences to Alek, Tony is furious. He says he’s making everyone out to be a liar and threatens to kill him. They start fighting and he says “it was my baby, mine! And I can’t even cry about it!” Jacqui comes in and calls out to him. Alek says he never asked for any of this. Tony says he can’t do all the lies and secrets any more and sobs into Jacqui’s arms. She sobs too, and apologises to him.

Craig, Sarah, Jack and Spike

Jack asks Craig to help him out, in return for 20 quid but he wants 40 quid. Instead Spike helps out.

John Paul sends a txt to Craig, wanting to meet up later. Later, Spike spots Craig and John Paul whispering to each other out the back and is suspicious again.

Sarah is going to find a place with Craig. Craig doesn’t want to move into Halls.

John Paul asks if Craig ever feels guilty about Sarah. He says the way he feels for her is different. They talk about getting their results then John Paul moves on to kissing, and then into bed. They say how much they love each other.

Jack goes looking for Craig – who isn’t behind the bar, and finds him in bed. John Paul is hidden under the covers, and Jack thinks it’s Sarah and tells him to come downstairs.

Later, Spike says Jack would have keeled over and died if he’d known who he really was in bed with and that John Paul is cute and they make a cute couple. Craig says he’s out of his head and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Spike says he saw the two of them getting pretty cosy earlier.

Jess values Jack’s junk

Jack has picked up a box of junk and Jess agrees to get it valued for him. It includes an old puppet. Jess says the stuff is only worth about 25 pounds and will come back later with the cash. When she comes back, she has 100 pounds – her boss undervalued the stuff and wanted to do the right thing. Jack wonders if she held anything back from him.

Nancy and Jake

Nancy tells Jake she knows Craig did most of his schoolwork and jokes he’s a runt of the litter. She worries about failing. He’s proud of her, whatever happens. When he goes in to check on a crying Charlie, he finds a Hollyoaks Community College Halls of Residence Application form.

Jack and Craig want Jake to make peace with his mum and come back to work but he doesn’t want to. He’s in a weird mood and storms off.

Jake finally tells Nancy about the form, she says she was sent it automatically and has got the wrong end of the stick about it. They argue.

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Spike is suspicious of John Paul and Craig. Jess takes the job with Adam. Melissa continues to encourage Hannah to lose weight. Jacqui is told she isn’t able to have children.

Songs in this episode: Miles Apart – Shack, Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

Air date: Tuesday 14 August 2007 on Channel 4

Jacqui and Tony

Jacqui finally comes to from her operation and tearfully tells her mum about seeing all the smiliing mums to be on the way to theatre. Myra says she’ll have another one.

Carmel and Alek talk about having kids while in the waiting room with Tony. They realise they’re upsetting Tony and stop. They’ll move back to mum’s for a bit to give them some space when Jacqui gets out.

The doctor says that during the RCP they noticed she had an abnormally shaped uterus. Jacqui feels like a failure, the doctors say she’ll miscarry if she gets pregnant again.

John Paul and Craig

Craig tells John Paul he never wants his brother to see him like that. He asks John Paul to burn some CDs onto his computer for when he goes to Uni while he has a shower. John Paul asks if it’d be so bad if everyone knew, he had to come out. Craig insists he’s not gay.

John Paul tells Craig how much this hurts him and he wants people to know. They sleep together and are practically a couple so why shouldn’t people know? He thinks it’s pathetic he won’t admit he’s gay. Craig continues to insist he’s not gay. John Paul gets mad and tells him to forget it and forget him.

John Paul bumps into Spike who says he’s 18, life should be a laugh.

Later, Spike asks Craig why the two of them are so touchy. Craig tells him to get off his case.

Craig apologises to John Paul at The Dog and Spike watches them from a distance, suspiciously.

John Paul tells Craig he doesn’t want to lose him and feels like he’s trapped – he tells himself to stay away from him but can’t give him up. Craig is glad – he doesn’t want to lose him either. They hug.

Melissa and Hannah

Melissa is exhausted from her photoshoot. She’s proud that her BMI is down to 16.4. Hannah is jealous.

Gilly tells Hannah again that he’s worried about her doing drugs and wants to help her. Hannah and Melissa just tell him to go.

They look through the photos from the photoshoot, Melissa is obsessed with her shoulder blades sticking out. She tells Hannah to stay away from her other mates and not to drink, they have massive calories.

Melissa takes photos of Hannah’s stomach to see how much she’s lost. Melissa thinks she should get a fake tan to look skinnier. She also wants Hannah to stay at home on the weekend to watch DVDs with her.

Melissa is impressed that Hannah’s only had 300 calories today.

Suzanne comes into the shop and talks to Gilly about how Hannah’s off her food and is really worried about her. Gilly promises her not to say they talked but he thinks they’re into drugs.

Suzanne yells at Melissa to get out of the house and asks if they’re into drugs and asks her about all the weight loss. Melissa lies and tells her that she gave Hannah some speed and says Hannah can do what she wants. Melissa leaves. Hannah calls her a bitch and says she’s ruining her life and tells her to stay out of her life!

Jess and Zak

Jess considers getting another credit card to borrow money for her bills. Zak thinks that’s a bad idea. He offers to buy her a coffee and she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek. While he’s gone, she picks up Adam’s business card again.

Zak talks about how Jess has been relying on him a lot lately. Gilly thinks it’s a sign that Jess wants him.

Zak comes back with a French flag for the trip, not Holland’s, oops!

Zak thinks Jess has the hots for him and tries to say he’s not interested. Jess says she was interested in him once but isn’t now.

Jess and Adam

Jess goes to Adam about the job – he wants her to buy antiques. The deal is that they look through the death notices, then approach the family to see if they can handle the sale of their goods. Jess isn’t sure she can do it. Adam likes her warmth which will relax people. She will be on a 10% commission.

Do you think Melissa dies in Hollyoaks from anorexia? Or do you think Hannah is the one that dies? I think it’s Melissa as Hannah is more a main character.

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