Hollyoaks News & Gossip Round Up

Bronagh Waugh – who plays Cheryl Brady – has spoken out about the forthcoming fire storyline, branding it “shocking.”

Speaking while attending the Inside Soap Awards, Bronagh told the media, “I can’t say too much about it, but it’s incredibly exciting.

“There’s a lot of tense drama, and there will be some exits and deaths – we can’t disclose who that’s going to be, but it’s going to be very shocking and saddening.”

Viewers will see the fire start at Tony Hutchinson’s restaurant Il Gnosh on Bonfire Night, and it’s set to become a terrifying inferno which, as Bronagh said, will see some characters die.

She added, “We’ve been filming it at the moment. Much loved characters are going.

“All of us are involved in it.”

Bronagh added. But when asked if her character will die in the fire, Bronagh said, “I don’t know. That depends on the powers that be.

“But at the moment I’m really enjoying myself. I’m enjoying getting more serious storylines with Emmett Scanlan, who plays my brother Brendan.

“So at the moment, I’m very happy there and enjoying the direction my character is taking.”

In other news, it’s been revealed that Hollyoaks will be working alongside Channel 4 Education’s Battlefront series by featuring a controversial underage sex plot.

The plotline will see 12-year-olds Amber Sharpe (Lydia Lloyd Henry) and Finn O’Connor (Connor Wilkinson) beginning a sexual relationship, but regretting it soon afterwards.

However, Amber will be devastated when she discovers that she’s pregnant.

Hollyoaks series producer Paul Marquess said of the storyline, “Hollyoaks has long been credited for tackling difficult issues that affect young people in a sensitive and intelligent way.

“I am very proud that we are once again bringing to the forefront a subject for our young audience that many parents, politicians and schools struggle to address.

“The storyline very clearly communicates to the audience that Amber and Finn were not emotionally or physically ready to engage in any sexual activity.

“And make no mistake, there will be no fairytale ending for Amber; she is faced with the most difficult situation she could ever imagine.”

The Amber and Finn plotline will begin on-screen from October 18th.

More Hollyoaks news soon!

Hollyoaks: Darren Day joining the show, plus Roxanne McKee’s had enough of soap!

It’s being reported today that serial bad boy Darren Day is joining the cast of Hollyoaks.

Darren is of course famous not just for his acting but also for his string of affairs with – and cheating on – several famous ladies including Anna Friel, Tracy Shaw and Suzanne Shaw.

And it seems his Hollyoaks character is set to be a bad lad too! He’ll play the role of Danny Houston, who’s Brendan Brady’s best mate.

Speaking to The Sun about his new role, Darren said, “Danny is the type of character any actor would kill to play.

“I’ve been a fan of the show for some time and this is a very exciting time with the show’s recent reinvention. I’m delighted to join the cast.”

And Hollyoaks producer Paul Marquess added, “Danny Houston is a dangerous, but very charming character who makes an aggressive impact in his first episodes.

“Darren plays the part brilliantly and I’m delighted that we’re able to bring him back later this year.”

Darren will first be seen on-screen on the 11th October, and will apparently make a “shocking” return later in the year.

In other news, former Hollyoaks actress Roxanne McKee has revealed that she doesn’t want to appear in another soap in the immediate future.

30 year old Roxanne played Louise Summers on the show, and she’s also appeared in online series EastEnders: E20.

In an interview with the PA, Roxanne said, “At the moment, I’m not doing soap, I’m just doing other things.

“It’s not that I’m not keen on soap – I think everyone in soap does a fantastic job – it’s just that it’s something I’ve done and now I’m ready to try new things.”

Among the projects she’s undertaken since leaving Hollyoaks are a cameo role in horror film entitled ‘F’, and she’ll also appear in the BBC drama, Lip Service.

She said of the new roles, “I’ve always wanted to work, so you take any opportunity that comes along that you think is a good one.

“I thought it might be fun to do a horror movie as it’s completely different to and quite far removed from what I’ve done before.

“When you come out of something and your profile is quite high, you do get offered parts – you should pick and choose wisely – and it’s nice to do something quite different and not too similar otherwise it would feel like you’re playing the same thing over and over again.

“F was a new thing to do, because of the genre.”

F is in cinemas now.

More Hollyoaks news soon.

Hollyoaks Bonfire night tragedy! Who will die?

It seems that bonfire night in Hollyoaks is going to cause tragedy for some of Chester’s residents this year!

It’s been revealed that a fire will start at Il Gnosh which will rapidly spread to nearby shops and houses, leaving viewers wondering if anybody has died in the inferno.

The show’s bosses have confirmed that the storyline will “kill off” a number of characters, but exactly who will die has not yet been revealed.

The dramatic plotline begins on November 5th and will be followed by special episodes the following week. The week’s final episode – November 12th – will reveal who died in the fire.

And it’s going to be revealed by police that the fire wasn’t an accident and was in fact set deliberately.

That of course means that someone’s a murderer, and a huge investigation will then follow.

The show’s series producer Paul Marquess said of the plot, “We’re remaining very tight-lipped on which characters will survive the fire.

“But all I will say is that it will be shocking.

“The sets have been prepped to go up in flames and the cast and crew are excited to film these explosive scenes.”

The episodes will be filmed at Hollyoaks’ studios in Childwall, Liverpool over the next few weeks.

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

In EastEnders, we have of course recently seen Phil Mitchell becoming addicted to crack cocaine. He was introduced to the drug by Rainie – Tanya Branning’s sister – who’s played by Tanya Franks…

The show has come in for a lot of criticism for airing the shocking drugs scenes before the watershed, but Tanya has defended the decision to depict the storyline.

Speaking to The Sun, she said, “I wasn’t surprised that people complained because it’s pushed a boundary.

“But in my opinion, the good that comes from storylines like this far outweighs whatever concerns people may have.

“It’s been very well handled and as true and real as it could be before the watershed.

“They’ve been very brave with it and I give full credit to EastEnders for that.

“If EastEnders has saved one life by putting this story out it’s been worth it.”

Tanya went on to say that she’d received help from drugs charity DrugScope while researching her role. She said that she’d discovered just how devastating crack is while spending time at the charity.

She added, “This drug grips you from the first hit”.

Other soapy news today comes from Emmerdale where Tom Lister, who plays Carl King, has revealed that he’s expecting a “backlash” from viewers when his character begins an affair with Suzanne Shaw’s character, Eve.

Tom told the PA, “I don’t think he’ll be very popular when this plays out.

“People like Carl and Chas and when I’m blowing that I’ll suffer abuse like when Carl and Lexi got together.

“In the end everyone loved Lexi and hated what I did to do her. I try and cut a fine line between being loved and hated.”

However, Tom added that he loves playing Carl.

He said, “It’s great. It’s good to play characters with good and bad sides because it’s like real life.

“Nobody is all good and all bad. People have all sorts of faults and failings and lots of redeeming qualities as well.”

And finally, over in Chester, Nick Pickard has confessed that he nearly missed out on his role as Tony Hutchinson because his audition clashed with some work he was having carried out on the bar he owns.

Nick told the Radio Times, “I almost didn’t go for the third recall audition because I had plasterers coming to the bar I owned.

“But my mum made me and, by the time I got back, I got the call to say I’d got the part.”

Nick also revealed that he didn’t expect to stay so long on the show. He’s clocked up 15 years in the soap, but he started out with a four month contract.

He said, “It was [initially] 26 episodes, a four-month contract…

“I’ve had periods I’ve enjoyed more than others, but no one’s happy with their job all the time.

“If I’d been really unhappy, I would have gone, but I love the stability.

“Hollyoaks is a lovely place to work. Everyone’s great, from the canteen lady to the director of photography.

“A lot of young actors think it’s about celebrity, but it’s not all glitz. There are perks, and we enjoy a party, but we work from 7am until 7.30pm, and it’s hard work.

“If I had my time again, I’d probably do the same – though I’d have saved a bit more money.”

More soapy news soon.

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

Our first piece of news comes from EastEnders, and it’s been announced that Dancing On Ice runner-up, Stefan Booth, has been cast as Tanya Branning’s fiancé, Greg.

The Daily Mirror reports that we’ll first see Stefan as Greg next month when he appears as part of the team helping to rebuild the Vic after a massive fire destroys the iconic pub.

And it seems that Greg’s arrival on the Square is going to anger Max who’s still hoping that he and Tanya can reunite.

A show insider told the paper, “Max has his fair share of women, but he still has a soft spot for Tanya despite all they have been through.

“Don’t be too surprised if he makes mincemeat out of Greg.”

Over in Weatherfield, Street veteran Bill Roache – who of course plays Ken Barlow – has revealed that he was considering leaving the show back in the ‘80s, until he heard about his wife Deirdre’s pending affair with the then factory boss, Mike Baldwin.

Bill told the Radio Times, “After about 20 years, I did begin to wonder if Ken wasn’t being written for properly and I toyed with leaving…

“But then the Ken/Deirdre/Mike story came along and it was massive.

“Any thoughts I had about leaving were dispelled.”

Bill also revealed that he nearly didn’t take the part of Ken at all when the show first started, but he added, “But I did the pilot, the first episode, and then I realised – we all did – that Coronation Street was something special.”

Our final news snippet comes from Hollyoaks where the show’s executive producer, Paul Marquess, has apparently stated that the show needs to be more “commercial” to survive.

In an interview with The Guardian, Paul said, “When I was executive producer on The Bill, I said we needed two male coppers kissing in uniform in August because I knew the papers had pages to fill and we’d get coverage – and we did.

“More than ever, you need that commercial head on. EastEnders is the most commercial of all the soaps and we need to be ahead of them, not behind them.”

He went on to discuss how difficult it can be to bring in new viewers to such an established show. He added, “That’s why we have to think more about the single thing in each week, the single thing in each episode that will bring the viewer back.

“Ten years ago you assumed that everyone watched every episode but now you can’t be so arrogant as to think that; that’s one reason we’re introducing a ‘Previously on Hollyoaks …’ at the beginning of each episode.

“We have to find new ways to engage the audience and obviously online is a great way to do that.”

More soaps news soon!

UK Soaps News & Gossip Round Up

In Weatherfield, Corrie actress Rachel Leskovac, who plays hairdresser Natasha Blakeman, has been telling Inside Soap that she felt “honoured” to have been given such a dramatic exit from the show.

In next week’s episodes, we’ll see Natasha breaking the news of her pregnancy to boyfriend Nick Tilsley, and from there on in, things go from bad to worse for her.

Rachel said of her departure and the shocking storylines that lead to it, “I feel very honoured to make such a dramatic exit. “It’s quite a different thing for Corrie to do.

“It would have been easy for them to write Natasha out quietly, because she’d been dipping in and out of the action for a while.

“They didn’t have to invest that much in the character, but I’m so glad they did. I feel I’ve been given a fantastic opportunity.”

It has previously been suggested that Natasha is to commit suicide, however the show’s bosses refuse to confirm or deny that, and the show’s executive producer, Phil Collinson, would only say that Natasha’s departure will leave “a trail of devastation.”

Over in Chester, despite having only been in the show since February, Sheree Murphy has announced that she’s taking a break from the show in order to attend to “family commitments.”

Digital Spy reports that Sheree – who plays Eva – has already decided that she’s leaving the show when her contract is due for renewal.

She and husband Harry Kewell were to be moving with their children to the States where he was going to take up a new post with a football club…

However, it seems that that may not now happen, so the show’s writers are keeping the door open for Sheree to return.

Sheree said of the shock decision to leave the show, “Sadly, because we thought that my husband’s football career was going to take us to the States, I was unable to sign another contract with Hollyoaks.

“However, our circumstances have now changed and I’ve told Paul [Marquess] that if storylines allow, I would love to continue in the role of Eva.

“Hollyoaks is going from strength to strength under Paul’s guidance and I’ve absolutely loved acting again.

“Paul has been lovely and I’m very hopeful that the door will be left open.”

And finally, in Walford, we’re to see Peggy visiting her daughter Sam in prison next week, but she’s in for a shock when she does.

During the tense visit, Sam informs Peggy that she doesn’t want to see her again and doesn’t need her or any of the Mitchells, which of course leaves Peggy upset.

But when Sam stands up to end the visit, Peggy sees that Sam’s heavily pregnant!

Is it Ricky’s or Jack’s? Or perhaps it’s someone else’s!

More soapy news and goss soon.

Soaps News: Corrie’s Maria to die in tram crash? Plus Patsy Palmer on Bianca & Sheree Murphy’s fella hates her on-screen kissing!

Corrie star Samia Smith, who of course plays Maria Connor, has said that she hopes her character isn’t going to be killed off in the show’s tram crash later this year.

Samia told Inside Soap, “I’m very happy at Corrie and really don’t want to go anywhere for the moment.

“Maria lives at the other end of the Street, so maybe she’ll be tucked up in bed when the tram crash happens. I hope that she sleeps through it!

“It sounds like exciting stuff – for the 50th anniversary, the show needs something that will be dramatic enough for everybody.”

Viewers will soon see Maria going head-to-head with fellow hairdresser Natasha Blakeman to buy the salon from Audrey when she heads off to Greece for a new life.

Over in Walford, Patsy Palmer has been telling Holy Soap how she feels about Bianca and being such an integral part of EastEnders.

When asked if she watched the show herself, Patsy said, “Yeah, I watch nearly all of it because I don’t know what’s going on with the other characters.

“And I really like the characters in it at the moment. I stopped watching it for ages but that was really because I was busy with my babies.”

Patsy was also asked who her favourite characters are, to which she replied, “I love Dot because I think she’s just the most brilliant character.

“And I love Pat. I really love all the old iconic characters. I think they’re brilliant. I think Lindsey Coulson [Carol Jackson] is just such a brilliant actress and I think Maisie Smith, who plays my little girl Tiffany, is really good.

“And I’ve got to say – Lorna Fitzgerald, who plays Abi Branning, is amazing. She’s such a brilliant little actress. She’s got something about her.”

Finally, Patsy was asked, “Who would you bring back the soap if you could?”

Patsy said, “Michael French, who plays David Wicks!”

I’d love it if he came back to the show too! Our final bit of soapy news is that Sheree Murphy – who plays Eva Strong in Hollyoaks – has revealed that her husband, Harry Kewell, hates seeing her kissing on-screen.

Sheree told Closer magazine, “Harry knows it’s part of the job, but he hates it.

“I’m dreading the kids seeing a kissing scene too, they’ll be like, ‘Ew Mum, that’s so embarrassing’.”

More soap news soon.

Soap News Round Up, including, new Hollyoaks spin-off show!

As ever, it’s been a busy week in the soaps, and first up is Corrie’s Sun Nicholls, who’s denied that she’s retiring from the show.

It had been reported that Sue’s character, Audrey Roberts, was to leave the show when she headed off to Greece with her on-screen lover, Lewis.

It was also thought that Sue wouldn’t be back to reprise the role of Audrey.

However, speaking to TV Times, Sue denied she had any intention of leaving permanently and enthused about her job.

She said, “When I come through the gates of the studio, it’s like coming into a different world.

“I think I’m a bit happier in my Weatherfield world, because I’ve only got to worry about Audrey.

“In the real world, when I have a free week, oh, I find it terribly exhausting and I can’t cope! Ringing the accountant, having a row with BT; you have to do all that.

“I would like to get in the car while I can still drive, and travel through France and Spain – places where I went to in my youth – but that can wait.

“I’m a bit of a romantic but, in reality, it’s trips to Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer for me.”

Staying up North and it’s been announced that Hollyoaks is to get another spin-off show.

Called, Hollyoaks: Freshers, the new show will introduce three new characters who will join the regular cast and show later on in the year.

They are Jamil (Sikander Malik), Doug (PJ Brennan) and Leanne (Jessica Forrest).

They’ll first appear in six episodes, each of which will be 10 minutes long, and will be shown online only via YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

And finally, over in Yorkshire, Alice Coulthard, who plays Maisie in Emmerdale, has denied that she’s “quitting” the show.

Recent reports suggested that Maisie was being written out of the show early as Alice wanted to leave, but she says that’s not the case and she’s simply moving on when her current contract ends.

On the show’s ITV website, Alice said, “After two amazing years I’ve decided to leave Emmerdale.

“I’ve had a wonderful time and will miss working with such a hard-working and talented team of people.

“I feel privileged to have been involved in some of the show’s most gripping storylines and I’m excited to be a part of the drama that is about to unfold for the Wyldes. “

Series Producer, Gavin Blyth said, “Maisie Wylde’s compelling story will take more twists and turns in the coming months as she delves into darker territory which will culminate in her exit from the show.

“Alice has been a real asset to Emmerdale and we’ll be sad to see her go later this year. We wish her all the very best for the future.”

More soapy news soon!

Feeling that nothing’s adding up about Loretta’s leukaemia, Jake decides to do a bit of digging as he phones up the strip club where Loretta used to work. Discovering that Loretta didn’t take a day off the whole time she was there even though that’s when she’s told him she had leukaemia, Jake realises for certain that Loretta has lied and confronts her about it. No longer wanting anything to do with Loretta, Jake orders her to leave, with Loretta left absolutely distraught to have had her lies found out and lost her boyfriend. 

Whilst Loretta clearly wants to keep the relationship going, Jake definitely seems to have made his mind up already and it doesn’t seem as though there’ll be any way back for Loretta in her relationship with Jake.

Not wanting a fuss to be made, Steph tells her family that she’s going on holiday as she goes into hospital for a hysterectomy, Gilly doesn’t feel right about the situation however and takes things into his own hands as he calls up Frankie from the hospital and tells her what’s happening. Gilly doesn’t look sure about what he’s just done as he’s gone against Steph’s word, he feels it’s for the best that Steph has her family around her however and it seems that the decision will prove to be the correct one. Steph and Gilly love each other and Steph will no doubt know that Gilly had her best intentions at heart when he made the decision to tell her family what was really going on.

With one relationship ending here, one could be about to get even stronger as Gilly and Steph look to tackle Steph’s cancer together as a team. Steph and Gilly spent a long time loving each other before finally getting together as a couple, and it would seem that their bond will never be easily broken.


With Gilly now aware of the true reason behind Steph’s recent behaviour, the two of them are able to have a chat as Gilly attempts to get their relationship back on track. Steph is adamant that she wants to fight this alone, Gilly doesn’t give up on her that easily though and it’s clear that he very much intends to stand by Steph as she battles against her cancer.

As Loretta keeps a close eye on Jake she is absolutely appalled to spot him flirting with Jem in MOBs, and with Steph also currently receiving a lot of attention from Jake because of the news of her cancer, Loretta resorts to lies in order to try and win back some of Jake’s focus. Jake is shocked as Loretta tells him that she had leukaemia a couple of years ago, with the facts not adding up about it though it’s only a matter of time before Jake realises that she never truly had leukaemia. Jake isn’t stupid and it’s going to be incredibly hard to Loretta to keep up the pretence.

Michaela is in a spot of bother as Carmel discovers her attempting to record a conversation with her about Calvin, with Michaela still in need of a story though and Carmel wanting to help her sister out, Carmel agrees to the interview so long as Michaela agrees to certain conditions about how the article must be carried out. Michaela is pleased to have her article in the pipeline, and Carmel also is grateful at the opportunity to get her side of the story across about Calvin.

Gilly and Steph’s relationship looks as though it’s going to remain extremely strong, Loretta is clearly struggling to cope with the pressure of the enormity of her lie however and it’s only a matter of time before Jake begins to start figuring things out.



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