• Josh is hungover as his court appearance looms large
  • Martin asks Kris to help him kill himself
  • Ste rescues Amy from Olly

Josh, Dave, and Darren

Josh is due to appear in court, when Dave and Josh arrive at Darren’s door however, Darren is unimpressed to discover that Josh is incredibly hungover and currently in no fit state to appear in court.

Hoping to make Josh a little more presentable, Darren and Dave rally around to make sure that Josh gets some food down his neck and gets dressed up in a suit for his appearance.

Although he’s cutting it fine and Rhys, Neville, and Suzanne are beginning to worry, Josh does finally make it to the court just in time and informs his family that he doesn’t want them to be there in court when he gets sent down; Josh wants to do this alone and his family respect his wishes.


Ricky, Kris, and Martin

As Ricky struggles to keep taking care of his father, he has a chat with Kris about the way that he’s feeling, and Kris is incredibly understanding of just how difficult things must be for Ricky right now.

Speaking with Martin, Kris tells him that he can’t go on lying to Ricky about the way that he is and sooner or later he needs to admit to Ricky that his condition is worsening.

Taking Kris’s words onboard and feeling guilty for the strain that he’s putting on Ricky, Martin feels that perhaps it would be for the best if he was no longer burdening Ricky and asks Kris to help assist in his suicide.


Amy, Ste, and Olly

As Olly refuses to back off and listen to Amy as she tells him that she doesn’t want to have sex; Olly begins to get angered.

With Amy incredibly scared, she’s relieved as Ste returns and is able to get Olly off her and make sure he leaves.

Amy feels stupid to have let someone like that into the house, Ste meanwhile is just pleased that he got back just in time to save Amy.

  • Olly locks Ste in Il Gnosh
  • Josh celebrates his last day of freedom
  • Gilly remains in the dark about Steph’s cancer

Amy, Ste, and Olly

As Olly checks the calendar and spots that Ste is at work for the evening, he arranges to cook dinner for Amy so that the two of them can make a night of it.

Although Ste is at work, Tony’s not about, and Ste is therefore able to get out of finishing his shift as he phones Tony up and tells him that there’s a problem with the cooker and they’re therefore going to have to close early.

As Ste plans to close up, a group of people come running into the restaurant and cause a bit of a riot; Ste is able to get rid of them but is clearly left shaken by their behaviour.

As he heads into the cupboard he thinks that they’ve returned as he’s locked in from the outside; when he hears Olly’s voice however he quickly realises that it’s not the group returning after all.

Having taken care of Ste, Olly heads back to the flat to see Amy, and is clearly keen to take things to the bedroom as he begins to try and get something started with her; Amy wants to take things slowly, Olly however seems unwilling to listen.


Josh, Dave, and Loretta

It’s Josh’s last day of freedom and Dave therefore decides that the two of them are going to try and make the most of as they hit the village together.

Although things don’t start out particularly well, things take a turn for the better as Josh spots a group hassling Loretta and decides to step in to get them to move away from her; Josh is able to get rid of the group and Loretta is clearly grateful of Josh’s help.

Heading into the SU Bar, Dave and Josh begin to get drinking together, and it’s now that their day begins to get more fun.

A little later on in the shop, Josh and Dave run into Loretta and Dave tells Loretta that although Josh has had a good day there’s still one thing he hasn’t had and that’s a kiss; leaning in, Loretta plants Josh with a kiss and Josh is clearly impressed that Dave’s cheek and his earlier braveness has just earned him a kiss from Loretta.


Steph and Gilly

After the way that Steph behaved yesterday and Tom’s questions about Max, Gilly begins to think that Steph is missing Max and having second thoughts about her relationship with him.

Feeling pushed out, Gilly takes some time to himself away from Steph, Steph meanwhile is keeping quiet about the true reason behind her behaviour and is yet to tell anyone about her cervical cancer.

  • Steph finds out that she has cervical cancer
  • Loretta makes a decision to move in with Jake
  • Olly attempts to get Amy into bed

Steph, Gilly, and Tom

As Gilly heads round to Steph’s place for dinner, Tom calls him to one side as he begins to question Gilly as to what his intentions are with Steph; Gilly assures Tom that he only has the best of intentions and Tom seems pleased that Gilly seems like the man to treat Steph right and make her happy.

As Gilly, Frankie, and Jack begin to wonder where Steph has got to, unbeknownst to them Steph has had some bad news at the doctors and is unable to come home straight away as she’s in floods of tears.

Having managed to compose herself, Steph heads home, it’s clear that there’s something on her mind however as she’s not at all herself, causing Gilly to worry that she could be having second thoughts about whether or not the two of them should be together.

Unable to handle pretending everything is alright any longer at the dinner table, Steph decides to head upstairs alone and begins reading a booklet about dealing with cervical cancer.


Jake, Loretta, and Frankie

With Adam’s words still ringing in his ear, Jake is feeling weary of Loretta as he begins to wonder who she truly is and what she’s capable of.

Although Frankie is excited at the prospect of Jake and Loretta moving in together, Jake is having second thoughts about it after what he’s been told, and confides in Steph his concerns that Loretta might be a little too full on for him.

Whilst Jake himself is beginning to question whether or not he should remain with Loretta, Frankie asks Loretta to move into the house with them, and Jake is shocked as Loretta agrees to move in and live with Jake there.


Amy, Ste, and Olly

In a bid to get Amy into bed, Olly takes Amy out to the SU Bar and makes sure she gets a lot of alcohol down her whilst he remains sober.

Although Amy doesn’t realise it, Olly is buying her the most alcoholic cocktails that they sell, and before long Amy is unable to properly control herself as she begins to start staggering about.

As Olly takes Amy back to the flat, Ste is at the door to stop Olly from coming in as he realises what Olly’s up to, and Olly is forced to leave as Ste looks to take care of an extremely drunk Amy.

Hollyoaks: Stupidest storyline ever?? Or is it a joke?

It seems that Chester based soap, Hollyoaks, is to ask viewers to suspend their disbelief to a ridiculous extent in an upcoming storyline…

Apparently, the storyline ahead features an alien who’s landed on earth and who then “befriends” one of the show’s characters.

The Daily Star reports, “Kevin the Alien will arrive from Aecyron Proxima Centauri – a red dwarf star in the constellation of Centauri.”

And it seems that ‘Kevin’ is going to befriend geeky Elliot Bevan – who’s played by Garnon Davies – who promptly tries to make everyone believe Kev is a real live alien.


A show insider told the paper, “Everyone knows Hollyoaks can get away with different storylines.

“But having an alien land in the village is just out of this world.

“The soap’s bosses have to convince viewers that they’re actually watching an alien walking around the village.

“Some of the cast actually burst out laughing when they were told about Kevin.

“But they have already started filming the storyline so it’s going to happen.”

The show source also said that the show’s producer, Paul Marquess is “certain it will be a success”.

Wow….So what do you think? Could this possibly be a genuine storyline, or is someone having a larf??

More Hollyoaks news soon.

  • Theresa takes off with Kyle
  • Jake learns from Adam what Loretta is really like
  • Darren talks with Josh about life in prison

Jacqui, Theresa, and Kyle

Feeling pressured by Jacqui at home, Theresa is looking for a way out as she struggles to cope with living in the McQueen house under the same roof as Jacqui and Carmel.

Although Jacqui feels that Theresa should have an abortion and even goes as far as booking the appointment, Theresa is yet to make a decision for herself about the baby, and rather than withstanding the pressure she decides to take off in a car with Kyle.

As Jacqui spots Theresa in a car with Kyle she chases after it to try and get her to come back, Theresa has gone though, and Jacqui is left wondering what to do as the murder weapon sits in her handbag.


Jake, Loretta, and Adam

Hoping to get some answers out of Adam about what happened yesterday, when Loretta’s not looking Jake jots his number down from her phone and arranges to meet up with him.

As Jake meets up with Adam he is confused by the way that Adam responds to him, and as Jake questions him about hassling Loretta yesterday; Adam informs Jake that it was the other way around and he actually has an injunction out against Loretta because of her psychotic stalker ways.

Jake is left with food for thought as Adam informs him to get away from Loretta as soon as possible; Jake’s not entirely sure whether or not to believe that his current girlfriend is a stalker, Adam’s words of warning however have clearly had an effect on Jake.


Darren and Josh

With the possibility of entering into a young offenders institute looming large, Josh turns to Darren for support as he has experience of being inside and can therefore provide a few pointers.

Although he doesn’t really want to worry Josh about what life is going to be like inside, he’s forced to let Josh know how it’s going to be as Josh tells him that he just intends to keep his head down and try not to talk to anyone; Darren lets Josh know that if he goes with the plan of not talking to anyone then he’s going to be asking for trouble, and the best approach is just to try and get on with as many people as possible and try to blend into the crowd as much as possible.

  • The police release Malachy
  • Jake discovers Loretta in trouble

Malachy, Mercedes, and Kris

Although Malachy has admitted to murdering Calvin, it doesn’t take the police long to realise that there are serious holes in Malachy’s story and there’s no way that he could possibly be telling the truth.

As Malachy fails to answer the police questions fully and is clearly struggling under the pressure of questioning, the police inform him that he should stop pretending to have murdered Calvin and leave now before they arrest him for wasting police time.

Having failed to convince the police of his guilt, Malachy heads back to the village where he there finds Kris and Mercedes engaged in a fight.

As Kris and Mercedes push each other around and grab each other’s hair, the two of them are surprised to see Malachy turn up and his appearance quickly stops them from their brawling.

Whilst Kris is pleased to see Malachy back in the village, Mercedes has a slap for him as she’s annoyed with Malachy for even thinking that she could possibly kill a person.


Jake and Loretta

Although things are still strained between Jake and Loretta, when Loretta is overheard talking about looking at flats, Steph assumes that Loretta and Jake intend to get a place of their own and is alarmed at the rate things are progressing between the two of them.

As Jake comes back home a bit later, he’s surprised by the questions from Frankie and Steph as they start talking about the prospect of Jake and Loretta moving in together, and it’s the first he’s heard of it as they inform him that Loretta’s gone off to have a look at flats today.

Hoping to surprise Loretta, Jake turns up at the place where Loretta is due for the viewing, and is surprised when he spots Loretta tussling with someone in a car and they take off quickly down the road.

Assuming that Loretta has been hassled, Jake shouts out at the car and takes off after it trying to catch up with the person; as Jake gets to Loretta’s side and asks her what’s going on, Loretta tells Jake that it was a punter that recognised her from the strip club, keeping the truth from him that it was actually her ex-boyfriend Adam and he was the one that was trying to get away from her, not the other way round.

  • Malachy tells the police that it was he that killed Calvin
  • Elliot wakes up in hospital and realises that he’s missed his exam
  • Gilly and Steph finally get together

Mercedes and Malachy

As Mercedes is interviewed in connection with Calvin’s murder, Malachy is more convinced than ever that it was Mercedes that shot Calvin and so he turns up at the police station in order to try and save his wife from prison.

As Malachy tells them that he shot Calvin, he’s taken in for questioning and it’s now time for Mercedes to be released whilst the police investigate Malachy’s confession and probe him for further information regarding the murder.


Elliot, Archie, Kris, and Zak

With Elliot in hospital having missed his important exam, he’s not feeling at all well as he struggles to understand the situation he’s in and exactly what has happened to him.

Hoping to get a chat with Elliot in order to save his own skin, Archie shows up at the hospital and asks Elliot to tell the others that it’s not his fault that Elliot is in hospital; as Kris and Zak come into the room wondering why Archie has appeared, Elliot informs them that he was running a guinea pig trial of a new formula of drugs that Archie came up with yesterday.

Kris is shocked to discover that Archie provided Elliot with a concoction of drugs that he had put together himself, and is more disgusted than ever to find just how much Archie put his friend in danger.

No longer wanting anything to do with Archie, Kris and Zak inform him that he’s no longer wanted in the flat and they no longer want to be seeing him around Hollyoaks.


Gilly, Steph, Jem, and Rhys

When Gilly is told by Rhys to tell Steph how he feels about her, Gilly heads off to do exactly that but chickens out of telling her as he learns that Steph is off to a speed dating night this evening.

Rhys is not impressed as Gilly returns not having told Steph that he loves her, unbeknownst to Gilly however; Jem has now caught up with Steph herself and informed her of Gilly’s feelings towards her.

Steph is shocked to hear that Gilly loves her back, and as the two of them meet up together in the village a little later, the two of them open up to each other about their feelings, and Steph informs Gilly that she still means everything that she said in her letter.

Now fully aware of their feelings for one another, Gilly and Steph begin to start kissing in the village.

  • Mercedes explains to Carmel exactly what happened with Calvin
  • Elliot takes a new concoction of drugs in the hope of them helping him to revise
  • Jem discovers that Gilly is still in love with Steph


Mercedes and Carmel

With Carmel now knowing about Mercedes and Calvin’s affair, things are therefore extremely strained in the McQueen household as Myra still doesn’t know about the affair and Mercedes is hopeful that they can keep it that way.

Carmel wants Mercedes to tell Myra about the affair herself, Mercedes instead attempts to explain in further detail about her affair with Calvin however and Carmel provides Mercedes with the opportunity to explain herself.

As Mercedes talks to Carmel about the affair with Calvin, she explains to Carmel that it was Calvin that broke things off with her; right up until the day of the wedding she was still trying to convince Calvin that she was the woman for him but it was always Carmel that Calvin loved.

Although things remain strained, Carmel agrees not to move out of the McQueen house just yet, instead deciding to remain in the house and keep the affair a secret from Myra for the time being.


Elliot, Archie, Zak, and Kris

With an important exam coming up today, Elliot is extremely panicked as he’s struggling with basic equations and therefore feels doomed for his exam.

Running into Kris and Zak at MOBs, Elliot is hoping for a few words of encouragement, the two of them are quick to leave as Archie arrives however, and Archie is soon able to talk Elliot into trying out a new recipe of pills that he’s had made up now that the old ones Elliot was taking are illegal.

Happy to try the pills out and told by Archie that the pills will enhance his ability to absorb information, Elliot swiftly ingests the whole pack and it’s not long before he’s feeling extremely dizzy.

Hoping to track Archie down, Elliot heads out into the village before showing up at the university in order to sit his exam.

As Elliot gets to university he runs into Kris and Zak who soon realise that all is not well with Elliot, and Archie quickly becomes panicked as he discovers that Elliot has already taken all of the tablets.

Zak and Kris are both extremely angry with Archie for what he has done as Elliot collapses to the ground and is now in serious danger of missing his final exam entirely.


Gilly, Rhys, and Jem

As Rhys, Gilly, and Jem are hanging out at The Dog, Gilly has a lot on his mind as he continues to think about Steph’s revelation that she’s in love with him.

Although Gilly’s not sure what to think, Jem is of the belief that everything is fine, that is until she speaks to Rhys at the bar about Steph’s unrequited love and Rhys mentions that the feeling is actually mutual.

Having been told by Rhys that Gilly is in love with Steph, Jem questions Gilly about it, and when Gilly is unable to deny it, Jem is extremely hurt to realise that things aren’t going to work with Gilly when he still loves another woman.


  • Jacqui attempts to destroy all evidence linking Theresa with the murder
  • Cheryl tells Carmel that Calvin was sleeping with Mercedes
  • Lauren and Gaz return to the village together


As Jacqui continues to try and keep the true identity of the murderer concealed, the bridesmaid dresses are burned and she also makes plans to get rid of the murder weapon.

When Malachy catches Jacqui attempting to cover things up, he knows that Jacqui is well aware of who the killer is, what he isn’t sure of however is exactly who it is that killed Calvin.

As Jacqui refuses to let anything slip to Malachy about the murder, Malachy is left none the wiser, but is now feeling more concerned than ever that it could well be his wife that killed Calvin.


Carmel and Cheryl

As Carmel lights up candles as she mourns the death of Calvin, she’s stood alongside Cheryl and Cheryl has a lot on her mind as Carmel starts talking about Calvin in such a positive way.

Although Cheryl doesn’t want to hurt Carmel, she’s ultimately unable to keep quiet as she informs Carmel about Calvin’s affair with Mercedes.

Angered by Cheryl’s revelation, Carmel heads off to see Mercedes and confronts her about the affair; as Mercedes is unable to deny that it’s true, Carmel slaps Mercedes to the ground, angry with her betrayal in going behind her back and sleeping with Calvin.


Lauren and Gaz

Having left Hollyoaks, Lauren and Gaz are now feeling extremely hungry as it hits them that they have no food, no money, and no real plan for survival.

Life on the run isn’t easy for Lauren and Gaz, and it’s not long before Gaz suggests that Lauren should head back to the village as it’s going to be difficult for the two of them together; it’s Gaz that the police will be looking for, Lauren has a loving family at home though and Gaz feels that she should be with them rather than living a rough life on the run.

Although Lauren finds Gaz’s words difficult to take, she knows that he’s right, and so the two of them return to the village as Lauren looks to head home and see her family.

Whilst Gaz and Lauren have been away, the police have paid Sasha and Leo a visit, and Sasha has told them that it’s possible that Gaz could have killed Calvin; not only are the police now looking for Gaz and Lauren but they’re also trying to catch Gaz as Calvin’s potential murderer.

As Lauren and Gaz reach the village, the police spot them and approach them in the alley; as the police ask if they’re Gaz and Lauren, Gaz attempts to tell them that they’ve got the wrong people, the police know exactly who he is however and Gaz is taken away in a police car.

  • Mercedes threatens to tell the police that Theresa shot Calvin
  • Lauren decides to run away with Gaz
  • Josh’s friends break him out of hospital to head back to halls

Theresa, Mercedes, and Jacqui

Feeling guiltier than ever as she sees the state that Carmel is currently in, Theresa wants to come clean to her about what happened, Jacqui stops her from doing so however as she continues in her quest to keep Theresa safe.

It’s now Mercedes that’s feeling the pressure from the police as she realises that she is now their prime suspect, and this therefore puts increased pressure on Theresa as Mercedes threatens to tell the police what Theresa did.

Jacqui may not want anything to happen to Theresa, Mercedes is far less predictable in what she’s going to do however and it’s clear that if she faces too much pressure from the police then she may just drop Theresa in it.


Lauren, Gaz, Leo, and Sasha

Although having decided not to leave Hollyoaks with Gaz, Lauren still has a lot on her mind, and as Sasha and Leo begin to question about the baby; Lauren comes clean that there is no baby after all, telling another lie in the process that she’s lost it.

With Leo and Sasha now feeling extremely sad for Lauren, Lauren is unable to remain in the house due to the enormity of the lie that she has just told, and in her state of great guilt she decides that she will be heading off with Gaz after all.

As Gaz and Lauren take off with the cards from the wedding in the hope of finding money in some of them to keep them going, Leo and Sasha still think that Lauren is in her room, when Leo goes in there to check on her however he is in for a shock as he realises that Lauren has ran away.


Josh, Dave, India, Tex, and Charlotte

As Josh remains in hospital, his friends and former friends rally around as they make plans to go and visit him there.

Although it’s outside visiting hours, the group are able to make their way to Josh’s room, and once they get there they decide that they’re going to help get him out of the place so that he can spend the night in halls with them.

Having been broken out of hospital, Josh has had his best night for a long time, and is pleased to have taken great steps in his quest to get things back on positive terms with everyone.

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