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home and away 12.00 and 18.00

Amanda and Peter still have feelings for each other. Brad makes a big mistake. Amanda is rushed to hospital. Rachel stuns Kim by bringing Lee’s baby home. Jack gets ready to go home. Rachel makes an announcement.

While trying to ignore the fact that there is still something between herself and Peter, Amanda is doing her best to be supportive as he goes through the withdrawal process. After a particularly harrowing night, during which Peter smashed a lamp in a fit of rage, Amanda pours her heart out to Macca and contemplates her fraught situation. She suddenly spots the broken lamp and is attempting to fix it when an electric shock sends her hurtling backwards. She is knocked unconscious after hitting her head, and lies undiscovered on the floor until Dan and Ryan spot her through the window and call an ambulance. Peter is horrified when he finds out what happened –was it his fault?

Meanwhile, Brad is growing ever more frustrated by Johnny’s taunts. Tricked into leaving the school because he thinks Sally is in danger, Brad is devastated when he returns and finds the words ‘Forgotten Emily already?’ scrawled on his blackboard. Spotting Johnny at the Diner, Brad is furious and wastes no time in threatening the smirking troublemaker. This turns out to be a huge mistake, as Johnny’s next trick is to frame Brad for selling drugs at the school. Hauled off to the police station, Brad protests his innocence and insists that he’s been set up. But when drugs are found in Brad’s car, it looks like Johnny’s campaign to bring him down may have succeeded…

Trouble seems to be running in the family this week, as Brad’s sister Rachel is also having a few problems. Unable to have children with Kim, she has become dangerously obsessed with Lee’s abandoned baby and brings him home from the hospital. Kim is concerned as he watches her become more attached to the infant, but is unprepared for the bombshell she is about to drop… she wants them to adopt the child!

Also this week, Peter and Amanda realise that they can’t act on their feelings because of Drew. Johnny bullies a sickened Rocco into stealing money from Sally. Brad loses his job. Jack prepares to leave the hospital. And Morag is suspicious about Ash –what is he hiding?

Coming Soon: Brad takes the law into his own hands. Kim and Rachel make a dramatic decision. Morag is determined to expose Ash. Johnny’s antics affect Brad and Sally’s relationship. Jack struggles to accept his condition. Leah finds out about Peter and Amanda. Macca gets an enticing job offer.

home and away 12.00 and 18.00

Lee gives birth, but disappears soon afterwards. Brad and Sally grow closer. Johnny ups the stakes. Ric and Matilda get into trouble. Alf is concerned about Martha’s relationship with Ash.
Just as it seemed that his love life was back on track, Lucas is now faced with a crisis in the shape of his ex, Lee, whose waters have just broken. At the hospital, Lee says that she and her boyfriend Dane have decided to give the child up for adoption. Later, when Rachel checks on the new mother, she is concerned to notice that there is still some bleeding and advises Lee to stay in hospital for a few more days. Lee is also having second thoughts about the adoption, until Dane tells her that if she doesn’t give the baby up, he’s leaving her. When Belle comes to visit, Lee has vanished and left the baby behind. Rachel is worried about Lee’s health –if she doesn’t return, she may die. Will Belle and Lucas find her in time?

Sally, meanwhile, feels as if things are looking up. Rocco seems to be settling in well, Johnny appears to have left town and she is growing ever closer to Brad. But what she doesn’t know is that Johnny is still in the Bay –and is bullying Rocco into stealing from her. And when Brad drives home from Sally’s after a wonderful evening, Johnny’s car appears behind his and forces him off the road. The next day, Sally finds Brad brooding on the beach and asks him why he didn’t tell her what happened. Back at the house, Sally is tending to Brad’s bruises when the pair realise that the atmosphere has become super-charged. They admit that they have feelings for each other –but is it too soon after Flynn and Emily’s deaths to do anything about them?

Martha and Ash, however, are having no such misgivings. Alf can see that Martha is falling for Ash, and is concerned when Tony tells him that Martha’s new beau has a history of bolting when things get tough. After everything that Martha has been through with Jack, is she setting herself up for more heartbreak?

Also this week, lovebirds Matilda and Ric get into trouble when they go to a party and somebody spikes Ric’s drinks. Peter’s secret drug addiction shows no sign of loosening its grip. Jack and Sam continue to bond. Amanda surprises Peter when she offers him her help.

Coming Soon:
Amanda and Peter still have feelings for each other.
Brad makes a big mistake.
Amanda is rushed to hospital.
Morag accuses Ash of stealing.
Rachel stuns Kim by bringing Lee’s baby home.
Jack gets ready to go home.
Rachel has an announcement to make.

Home and Away 12.00 and 18.00 on FIVE

Johnny’s gang causes havoc in the Bay. Drew still loves Amanda. Ash admits to Jack that he slept with Martha. Matilda’s behaviour worries Beth. Lucas is stunned when a pregnant Lee shows up.

The appearance of Rocco’s brother Johnny has put the younger boy in quite a predicament – if he doesn’t join Johnny’s gang, his life is on the line. His loyalty is soon put to the test when he is forced to cover for his brother after he breaks into Brad’s apartment, but he is unprepared for Johnny’s next move. The gang’s next target is Amanda’s house, which they plan to rob when night falls. Johnny goes first as the gang smash their way in, and yells at Amanda when he spots her using her phone. Suddenly, Peter arrives – he saw the text Amanda meant for Drew and thought she was trying to get Drew to come over: he didn’t realise she was asking for help. Now there are two hostages – and the nightmare is just beginning…

Johnny and the boys shut Amanda and Peter in the pantry while they carry on raiding the house. Peter starts to fret as he has not had his pills in a while. As he starts the painful process of withdrawal, Peter realises he can’t hide this from Amanda and opens up to her, admitting that he has a drug problem. In the morning, Drew finally finds the text from Amanda and rushes over there with Dan to find the shaken hostages. The police question the pair, who can’t identify the balaclavaclad attackers, and let them go home. When Amanda later sees what Peter’s pills are, she realises that his problem is more serious than she thought. Can she keep quiet – or will this become public knowledge?

While Peter battles with his private crisis, Jack and Martha’s marriage troubles continue. When Jack asks Martha if she has seen Ash recently, she is noticeably uncomfortable – and when Ash comes to visit him in hospital, he admits that he slept with Martha. Having already noticed that Martha is no longer wearing her wedding ring, Jack tells Ash that he is fine with Martha wanting to move on. But does he really mean it?

Also this week, Matilda is shocked when she finds out that Ric wants to step their relationship up a level. Jack makes a new friend. Sally is hesitant about letting Rocco move in. Drew still has feelings for Amanda. Cassie thinks that Macca has come a long way. And Belle and Lucas are reunited – but is their happiness doomed when a heavily pregnant Lee shows up begging for help?

Coming Soon Brad and Sally share a moment. Lee gives birth and decides to give the baby up. Johnny ups the stakes. Lee takes off, putting her life in danger. Ric and Matilda get into trouble at a party. Amanda offers Peter her help. Jack and Sam continue to bond. Alf is concerned about Martha’s new relationship.

12.00 and 18.00/19.30

Drew finds out the truth about Peter’s ‘death’. Martha makes a dramatic decision. Leah and Dan cannot believe who’s back. Rocco gets an unwelcome visitor. Matilda and Ric go on a date.

Peter has caused quite a stir. Far from being dead, as everyone thought, he is alive and well and back in the Bay! He has been in witness protection after Dennis Gillen, part of a prominent Mafia family Peter had brought down, was freed from jail and vowed vengeance – and it is Gillen’s people who have been targeting Drew. Peter tells his stunned son that the only way to protect Drew is for Peter to turn himself over to the Gillens, and tells Drew to run away. Gillen and his thugs appear and a scuffle ensues, during which the departing Drew hears a gunshot. But it’s not Peter who’s been shot – it’s Gillen! Is the terror over for Peter – and can he possibly return to his former life in the Bay?

Meanwhile, the stricken Jack is lying in hospital. He desperately needs a blood infusion, but who will be a match? It turns out to be Martha, who quickly agrees to donate to her estranged husband. When Jack regains consciousness, Martha has already left. Alf asks her if seeing Jack so close to death has made her realise that she still loves her husband, but Martha replies that it’s just the opposite – she feels nothing for him any more and wants a trial separation. Later, she meets a handsome stranger, Ash, and the two hit it off. She goes back to his place, feeling strange for moving on so quickly – but there is a shock in store for both of them the next day…

While Martha gives up on her marriage, Brad and Sally have resolved their differences over new pupil Rocco. Things seem to be looking up: Brad is encouraging him at school and Rocco seems to making a real effort. So when Cassie finds out that Rocco is living in a hostel and asks if the boy can stay with them, Sally agrees. But it looks like her optimism may soon be dashed when Rocco’s older brother, Johnny, turns up in the Bay with a business proposal for Rocco. Trouble is just round the corner…

Also this week, Leah and Dan are overjoyed to see that Peter is alive, and manage to convince him to stick around. Jack realises that his marriage is well and truly over. Amanda’s behaviour spirals out of control as she comes to terms with what she has done. Ric takes Matilda on a date. And Rocco is faced with a terrible dilemma.

Coming Soon
Johnny’s gang causes havoc in the Bay. Drew tells Amanda he still has feelings for her. Martha admits to Jack that she’s seeing Ash. Belle dumps Lucas. Matilda’s behaviour worries Beth. Lucas is stunned when a pregnant Lee shows up.

Weekdays 5-9 February: 12.00 and 18.00

The day of Robbie’s trial finally dawns. Tasha considers an interesting offer. Amanda tells Belle the truth. Jack’s life hangs in the balance. Drew may be in danger. An old friend returns.

Preparing to go to court, Robbie is terrified as he wonders if he’s about to go to jail for ending his grandfather’s life. The worst seems to have happened when the jury finds Robbie guilty – but the judge shocks everyone by announcing that even though Robbie has technically committed a crime, the law is flawed and Robbie was able to allow his grandfather to die with dignity. With only a fine and court costs to pay, Robbie realises that he is now a free man – and the future is wide open. Tasha is overjoyed, and shows Robbie the contents of a letter she got from Josie last week. Inside are two tickets to America – Josie wants them to move over there! With everything that has happened, could a fresh start be in order?

While the exhilarated Robbie and Tasha consider their options, Drew is struggling with the fact that Amanda has rejected him. His anger, combined with the fact that Macca has found out about the affair, makes Amanda realise that it’s only a matter of time before Belle finds out what she has done – she’s going to have to bite the bullet and confess. When Belle arrives home, she finds her mother downing a stiff drink. She asks Amanda what is going on – but the reply is the last thing that she expected to hear! Upon learning that her own mother is Drew’s ‘other woman’, Belle storms out. Is this how their rocky relationship will end?

While Drew’s woman trouble rumbles on, Jack is still trying to get to the bottom of the boy’s recent abduction and harrassment and heads to the hospital to tie up some loose ends. Dr Green is acting mysteriously, which instantly arouses Jack’s suspicions – and is later brought in as the victim of a huge car crash! The mystery keeps getting deeper, but just as Jack thinks that he has found the clue to it in the hospital files he is knocked unconscious. With nobody around to find him, is Jack’s life in danger?

Also this week, Lucas and Belle grow closer. Sally and Brad fall out over new pupil Rocco Cooper. Cassie leaves Ric with food for thought. Is Martha and Jack’s relationship back on track? And Drew’s world is shaken to its foundations when a face from the past reappears. Coming Soon Drew finds out the truth about Peter’s ‘death’. Martha makes a dramatic decision. Leah and Dan cannot believe who’s back. Belle tells Amanda to stay out of her life forever. Brad and Sally resolve their differences. Rocco gets an unwelcome visitor. Matilda and Ric finally kiss.

Weekdays at 12.00 and 18.00

A rescue party rushes to find Ella – and Tasha holds Mumma Rose’s life in her hands. Brad has conflicting emotions about Sally. Belle almost catches Drew and Amanda in the act. Dan finds out the truth. Are Matilda and Ric meant for each other? Someone is still watching Drew.

It’s yet another traumatic week for Tasha – baby Ella has been kidnapped by double-crossing Charity and taken to the Believers, where she is about to be ‘exorcised’ by them! The police arrive at the Believers’ base camp just in time to interrupt the terrifying ceremony, but are too late to stop Mumma Rose snatching Ella and locking herself and Tasha in a room together. A scuffle ensues, during which Tasha manages to get her baby back and Mumma Rose pitches through the window. Hanging on for dear life, Mumma Rose begs Tasha for help – but will the traumatised young mother save the woman who almost killed Ella?

Meanwhile, Brad is having a crisis of his own. Having lost his wife Emily to cancer only three weeks ago, he is disturbed by the fact that he has started to have feelings for Sally. Brad’s feelings seem to be reciprocated, but Sally, equally wary of getting involved, is feeling guilty about the whole awkward situation – it hasn’t even been a month since Emily died. Things get even more complicated when Sally sees Brad and Martha drinking together, and the next day spots Martha emerging from Brad’s apartment dressed in yesterday’s clothes. Can Brad really have moved on so quickly – with someone else?

While Sally struggles with her feelings for Brad, Amanda is still feeling terrible about her affair with Drew. The fact that he has dumped her daughter Belle doesn’t make her feel any better, but Drew thinks that the split means he and Amanda are free to be together. Later, Drew comes over to clean the pool, ignoring Amanda’s pleas that he shouldn’t be seen at her house, and eventually manages to seduce her. Suddenly the front door opens – it’s Belle, who is wondering why Drew is half-naked in her mother’s house. How are the unlikely couple going to explain their way out of this one?

Also this week, things between Martha and Jack get worse. Matilda and Ric grow closer, but will they realise that they are meant for each other? Robbie is apprehensive about his trial. Amanda ends things with Drew – but not before Dan finds out about the affair. Tasha gets an interesting letter from Josie. And surveillance on Drew continues… who is watching him?

Coming Soon The day of Robbie’s trial finally dawns. Cassie gives Ric food for thought. Robbie and Tasha consider a fresh start. Amanda tells Belle the truth. Jack’s life hangs in the balance. Drew may be in serious danger. An old friend makes an unexpected reappearance.

Kim makes a rash decision. Cassie and Macca are finally busted. Jack gets himself into more trouble with Martha. Drew shocks Amanda by breaking up with Belle. Belle wonders who Drew’s mystery woman is. Charity kidnaps Ella.

Kim is reeling from the news that he’s infertile, but can’t bring himself to tell Rachel. Instead, he tells her that he doesn’t want kids – and that they should call it quits. Rachel is stunned, thinking that Kim is just being a selfish commitment-phobe, but she couldn’t be more wrong. Eventually Kim realises that he has to tell Rachel the truth about why he broke up with her. He apologises for hurting her and emphasises that he loves her, but explains that he doesn’t want her to resent him for not being able to give her children in the future. Rachel is now presented with a terrible decision: stay with Kim and face a childless future, or leave the man she loves so that she can one day have kids?

Relationship woes seem to be plaguing everyone this week. Macca and Cassie’s illicit relationship is finally exposed when a stunned Ric spots them kissing and demands an explanation. Cassie’s attempts to explain herself fall on deaf ears as Ric angrily storms off. Sally is no happier with Cassie, angry that she has been lied to. The situation worsens when Ric tells Sally that either Cassie leaves the house or he will: there’s no way that he will stay under the same roof as her. And when Martha finds out that Jack knew about the whole thing, she cannot believe that Jack would keep something like this from her. Cassie and Macca’s affair has had far-reaching consequences… but was it worth it?

Macca and Cassie aren’t the only troublemaking pair in the Bay. Blissfully unaware of her boyfriend’s dalliance with Amanda, Belle is talking to him about how lucky they are to have a stable relationship. Racked with guilt, Drew bites the bullet and ends things with Belle – much to Amanda’s amazement. Despite having put a stop to things with Drew, Amanda soon finds herself back in his arms… but what will Belle do when she finds out who Drew’s ‘other woman’ is?

Also this week, Dean tries to get Matilda and Lucas back together. Macca tells Cassie that the rest of the Bay will just have to accept that they’re together. And just as Robbie finds out that his trial is looming, events take a terrible turn when Charity kidnaps baby Ella…

Coming Soon
A rescue party rushes to find Ella.
Brad has conflicting emotions about Sally.
Tasha holds Mumma Rose’s life in her hands.
Belle almost catches Drew and Amanda in the act.
Cassie and Macca face opposition.
Are Matilda and Ric meant for each other?
Tasha gets an interesting letter.
Someone is still watching Drew.

Amanda covers for Macca and Cassie. Kim and Rachel disagree over their future. Drew is abducted. Dean finally admits the truth to Matilda. Is Martha and Jack’s marriage over? The Bay pays tribute to Emily. Kim gets some devastating news. It seems that barely a day can go by without Amanda getting herself into some kind of trouble.

Drew and Amanda This week she is letting undercover lovers Macca and Cassie use her house as a meeting place – and is having some man trouble of her own. Ever since Drew revealed that he has feelings for her, Amanda has been battling her own attraction to him. She shocks herself when she lets Drew kiss her – what is she doing? She soon realises that her daughter is more important to her, and resolves to end this for Belle’s sake. When she meets Drew to let him know her decision, he is devastated. But as Drew ruminates over his lost love, a car pulls up next to him and he is dragged inside by some thugs!

Panicking, Amanda calls Dan to tell him what has happened to his nephew. After the police piece things together, they organise a search party and eventually find the terrified and disorientated Drew wandering in the bush. Back at the station, Drew calms down and insists that he is fine. Jack wonders if these events could be some kind of revenge attack connected to one of Peter’s old cases, and tells him that he needs to be extra vigilant. Amanda invites Drew to come and stay – she doesn’t want him to be alone at a time like this. But is this a good idea, given that they are supposed to be keeping out of each other’s way?

While Drew and Amanda try to ignore their feelings, Martha and Jack are trying to keep their dying relationship alive. Martha is angry with Jack after discovering that he went out drinking with his friends when she thought he was at work, but Jack can’t understand why she is so annoyed. She explains that he is still acting like a single man, and tells him to get his act together. But when an argument ends in Jack storming out of the house, Martha has had enough and packs a bag. Is this the end of their marriage?

Also this week, Kim and Rachel’s relationship is on the rocks when the pair disagree over whether they will ever have children. Brad and Sally have a misunderstanding. Dean battles with the truth but finally admits that he is gay. Martha demands a trial separation. And Kim’s world comes crashing down around him when he gets some bad news from the doctor.

Coming Soon

Kim makes a rash decision.
Cassie and Macca are finally busted.
Jack gets himself into more trouble with Martha.
Drew shocks Amanda by breaking up with Belle.
Robbie muses on his uncertain future.
Belle wonders who Drew’s mystery woman is.
Charity kidnaps Ella.

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