Home and Away

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Dex transfers his affections from Marilyn to a pet fish. The paparazzi arrive in search of Prince Vittorio. John asks for Xavier’s permission to marry Gina – will Xavier stand in the way of the smitten couple? Angelo gains a beautiful new admirer. Mitzy begs Marilyn to reconcile with Sid. 

Monday 8th – Episode 5171 

Sid breaks the news that Mitzy’s inoperable brain tumour means she has just weeks to live. Despite her illness, Mitzy discharges herself from hospital when Sid confronts her about her predictions for Marilyn. Bianca’s feelings for Vittorio begin to soften – until she discovers him giving a press conference about why he is in the bay. Dex transfers his affections from Marilyn to a pet fish. 

Tuesday 9th – Episode 5172 

Bianca comes clean to Vittorio about her dalliance with Liam, but somehow her confession serves to bring her closer to her ex than ever before. Penn warns Miles that he is struggling not to harm Alf’s nearest and dearest. Miles is adamant that he must involve the police, but Alf fears that this will only serve to provoke Penn. Romeo and Indi’s reconciliation proves to be short-lived. 

Wednesday 10th – Episode 5173 

Penn visits John in hospital and tells him he owes him for saving his life. Mitzy reluctantly informs Marilyn of the accusations Sid levelled against her. John tells a stunned Xavier that he intends to marry Gina as soon as possible. Alf is furious when Miles reports Penn to the police, but Charlie is unable to punish Penn for his transgressions. 

Thursday 11th – Episode 5174 

John reveals that, in light of his recent health scare, he will only propose to Gina if Xavier accepts him into the family. Will Xavier acquiesce to his enemy’s wishes? Mitzy begs Marilyn to forgive Sid. Angelo picks up a beautiful hitchhiker, Shandi, on his way back to the bay. 

Friday 12th – Episode 5175 

Charlie becomes suspicious when Angelo begins to act strangely. She is devastated when Angelo eventually confesses that Shandi’s free-spirited attitude almost tempted him to stray. Meanwhile, Miles bumps in to Shandi and the pair hit it off – until the mysterious newcomer reveals the truth about her identity. Dex begins to have second thoughts about his new pet fish and decides to return it to the shop, but in the process he meets a kindred spirit… 

Coming Soon 

Shandi’s arrival threatens to scupper John’s plan to propose to Gina. Tragedy strikes after Marilyn and Mitzy fall out. Dex’s date with Adrian backfires. Alf decides to stand up to Penn. Vittorio asks Bianca to marry him again.

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Liam decides to leave the bay. Mitzy springs another shock revelation on Marilyn. An argument with Xavier leaves John fighting for his life. Penn threatens Marilyn. The Rosetta family is reunited. 

Monday 1st – Episode 5166 

Bianca cancels a date with Liam, only for him to discover her in Vittorio’s arms. Nicole attempts to convince Romeo that he should give his relationship with Indi another chance. And Sid confronts Mitzy in light of her revelation about Marilyn’s ‘end date’. Will Sid’s latest outburst spell the end for his relationship with Marilyn? 

Tuesday 2nd – Episode 5167 

Amid all the turmoil surrounding Vittorio’s arrival, Liam makes a snap decision to leave Summer Bay for good. All the progress Xavier has made with John is undone when he discovers that he has been disingenuous about April’s moneymaking scheme. Liam’s departure prompts Romeo to question whether breaking up with Indi was the right decision. John is struck down by a heart attack after an argument with Xavier. 

Wednesday 3rd – Episode 5168 

John finds an unlikely hero in Penn, who stumbles across him after his heart attack and saves his life. Paulie is furious when Angelo informs their parents about his debts. Ruby leaves rehab, only to be crushed by the news that Liam has left town. Penn threatens to tell the whole town about Alf’s affair with Tulip if he reports him to the police. 

Thursday 4th – Episode 5169 

Paulie is reconciled with his estranged parents when they agree to pay off his debts. On the eve of her trip to Africa, Leah is still panicking about her future with Elijah. Will he be willing to conduct a relationship with someone who lives on the other side of the world? Mitzy reveals that she is suffering from a terminal illness. 

Friday 5th – Episode 5170 

Marilyn, distraught over her friend’s condition, is furious when Sid suggests that Mitzy’s illness might have prompted her claim to have foreseen the date of Marilyn’s death. Amid all the chaos, Mitzy collapses and is rushed to hospital. Miles warns Penn to stay away from Alf, but it soon becomes clear that Marilyn is his real target. What evil deed could Penn be planning next? 

Coming Soon 

Dex transfers his affections for Marilyn to a pet fish. The paparazzi arrive in search of Prince Vittorio. John asks for Xavier’s permission to marry Gina – will Xavier stand in the smitten couple’s way? Angelo gains a beautiful new admirer. Mitzy begs Marilyn to reconcile with Sid.

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Penn continues to torment Alf. Paulie and Angelo go to the races. Romeo breaks up with Indi. Liam decides to distance himself from Bianca. John decides to play April at her own game. 

Monday 25th – Episode 5161 

Miles and Irene realise that there is something terribly wrong with Alf, but neither can convince him to open up. Later, Alf finds that Penn has planted pictures of his ex-lover Tulip O’Hare in his room. Xavier attempts to tell John the truth about April’s plan. Liam gives Bianca an ultimatum – she must choose between him and Vittorio. 

Tuesday 26th – Episode 5162 

Romeo is stunned when Indi declares that she is in love with him. Sid vents his fury on Mitzy when he realises that Dex was left shaken by their encounter. Paulie and Angelo go to the races, where Angelo becomes disturbed by his brother’s cavalier attitude to betting. Meanwhile, Nicole and Charlie –who have accompanied the brothers to the races but know little about their intentions – enter a fashion competition. 

Wednesday 27th – Episode 5163 

Indi is heartbroken when Romeo, anxious about how quickly their relationship is moving, decides to break up with her. Alf receives a package containing pictures of Tulip. Is Penn trying to drive him crazy? Angelo pulls the plug on Paulie’s betting scheme when he realises how much money they have lost, and Charlie is furious when she finds out about the brothers’ real motivation for visiting the races. 

Thursday 28th – Episode 5164 

Mitzy informs Marilyn of the exact date on which she will die – and it is in just three months’ time. Alf reveals all to Miles about his affair with Penn’s mother, Tulip O’Hare. It soon becomes clear that Penn blames Alf for everything that has gone wrong in his life. 

Friday 29th – Episode 5165 

Penn’s devious behaviour drives Alf to distraction, but he refuses to go to the police. Gina overhears April and Xavier discussing the truth about April’s business plan, and forces them to confess all to John. However, it soon becomes clear that John knew more than he was letting on all along. Liam agrees to a dinner date with Bianca, during which she hints that they might still able to make things work. However, Bianca has another dilemma on her hands when Vittorio appears on her doorstep… 

Coming Soon 

Liam decides to leave the bay. An argument with Xavier leaves John fighting for his life. Mitzy comes clean about another shocking secret. Penn threatens Marilyn. The Rosetta family is reunited.

Home and Away

Charlie books Ruby into rehab. The loan sharks close in on Paulie. April draws up a plan to save John’s business. Leah reconsiders her plans to visit Africa. Bianca’s ex-fiancé decides to visit the bay. 

Monday 18th – Episode 5156

Nicole finds Ruby in a drunken state and decides to take her to Liam’s house. However, the teacher has a lot of explaining to do when Bianca arrives and finds the inebriated teenager in his bathroom. Marilyn turns to Mitzy for guidance on her crumbling relationship with Sid. Bianca becomes convinced that Liam has stolen her mobile phone. 

Tuesday 19th – Episode 5157

A drunken Ruby once again professes her love for Liam, leading him to call time on their friendship for good. Ruby breaks down and confesses all to Charlie, who sees no option but to send her daughter to rehab. Angelo manages to convince Charlie not to loan Xavier’s dirty money to his brother. Paulie reluctantly asks the loan sharks for more time, but they threaten to burn down his parents’ restaurant. How will the brothers find the money? Alf finds Bianca’s missing phone and hands it to Liam. When it rings, Liam finds himself talking to Vittorio, who announces he will be arriving in the bay in two days’ time. 

Wednesday 20th – Episode 5158

Sid tells Miles that Marilyn does not have cancer, but Miles finds it hard not to be taken in by Mitzy’s so-called psychic abilities. Sid urges Dex to apologise to Marilyn, but instead the teenager visits her to insist that he will not back down. Paulie decides that turning to gambling is his only chance of getting his hands on enough money to pay back the loan sharks. 

Thursday 21st – Episode 5159

Mitzy forces herself on a shocked Dex in an attempt to demonstrate why it is wrong for him to keep pushing things with Marilyn when she is clearly not interested. Leah confides in Miles her concerns about the upcoming trip to Africa. April has a business proposal for John that could make him very rich. 

Friday 22nd – Episode 5160

Penn is angry with Alf about something from his past, but the exact reason remains a mystery. April admits to Xavier that her business plan for John is probably not financially viable. After taking advice from Irene, Leah realises that a relationship with Elijah could only work if they were both prepared to make sacrifices.

Coming Soon

Penn continues to torment Alf. Paulie and Angelo go to the races. Romeo breaks up with Indi. Liam decides to distance himself from Bianca. John decides to play April at her own game.

Home and Away – weeknights on Five

Angelo decides to help his wayward brother. Bianca admits that she is still in love with her ex. Leah revives her friendship with Elijah. Ruby hits the bottle again. Marilyn tells Sid that she has just months left to live.

Monday 11th – Episode 5151

VJ urges Leah to read his letters from Elijah, leading her to realise that she may have made a huge mistake in letting go of her former fiancé. Dex perseveres in his quest to keep his dad and Marilyn apart. Charlie tries to convince Angelo not to lend money to his debt-ridden brother.

Tuesday 12th – Episode 5152

Charlie considers asking Xavier if she can use Hugo’s money to bail out Paulie. Bianca confesses to Liam that she is still in love with her ex, Vittorio. Marilyn is left in shock when Dex confesses his true feelings for her.

Wednesday 13th – Episode 5153

Bianca’s confession leads to yet another blazing row with Liam. However, Liam tells Romeo that he thinks he is falling in love with the feisty newcomer. Xavier broods over whether to hand Hugo’s money to Charlie. Leah makes the snap decision to call Elijah after her concerns about whether he will respond to her letter become too much. Liam discovers that a record company is desperate to sign him, but not Ruby.

Thursday 14th – Episode 5154

Romeo falls ill, leading Indi to wonder if she is somehow to blame. John prepares for his council meeting, but he is dismayed to learn that funding will be diverted from his pet project to finance April’s environmental schemes. Leah and VJ decide to take the plunge and visit Elijah in Africa.

Friday 15th – Episode 5155

Marilyn’s best friend Mitzy arrives in the bay from London with a shock revelation for Marilyn. Mitzy, who claims to be a psychic, informs Marilyn that she knows the exact date on which she will succumb to her cancer. However, Sid is sceptical about Mitzy’s psychic abilities, which leads to a row between him and Marilyn. Liam breaks the news of the record company’s decision to Ruby. Naturally, she does not take the news well, and Penn is quick to exploit the situation by buying her a bottle of vodka.

Coming Soon

Charlie books Ruby into rehab. The loan sharks close in on Paulie. April draws up a plan to save John’s business. Leah reconsiders her plans to visit Africa. Bianca’s ex-fiancé decides to visit the bay.

Home and Away: Monday 4 – Friday 8 October on Five

Penn fights for survival in hospital. Angelo’s brother Paulie arrives in the bay. Will Bianca and Liam get together in the library? Leah finds VJ’s letters from Elijah. Xavier and April compete for the same job.

Monday 4th – Episode 5146

Suspicion surrounding Penn’s account of his attack spreads around the bay. Aware of Penn’s history of lying, Charlie suspects that this may be another of the lad’s tall tales, and seeks the truth from Alf. However, Penn’s condition suddenly worsens and he is rushed into theatre. Can Sid save his life? Elsewhere, Dex is determined to convince Marilyn that she is meant to be with him – not with his dad.

Tuesday 5th – Episode 5147

Alf remains secretive about the night of the attack on Penn, leaving Charlie with no choice but to charge him with assault. However, when Penncomes around after his operation, he changes his story and tells Charlie that Alf is innocent. After her disgrace at Angelo’s, Indi is offered a job at the diner – but the move sparks a furious row between Charlie and Irene. Sid refuses to believe that Dex has feelings for Marilyn, despite her protests. Angelo is shocked when his little brother Paulie arrives in town.

Wednesday 6th – Episode 5148

Paulie regales Angelo with tales of his own successful restaurant business, but Angelo has misgivings about his brother’s real motive for visiting the bay. Liam and Bianca fall into each other’s arms after another intense night at the library. Romeo and Indi spend a romantic evening together, but the smitten teenagers are interrupted by Sid and Marilyn before things can get out of hand.

Thursday 7th – Episode 5149

Leah is distraught when she discovers VJ’s stash of letters from Elijah, but she decides not to confront her son. Xavier is quietly impressed by John’s championing of the recycling project. After their night of passion, Liam and Bianca are awoken on the library floor by the first school bell of the day. After slipping past the librarian, their secret seems to be safe – until Gina finds Bianca’s scarf on the floor…

Friday 8th – Episode 5150

Both Xavier and April apply for the vacant position at Angelo’s, but Xavier struggles with the interview. Miles confesses to Leah that he has been helping VJ to stay in contact with Elijah. John is disappointed when his recycling rally turns out to be a damp squib.

Coming Soon

Angelo decides to help his wayward brother. Bianca admits that she is still in love with her ex. Leah revives her friendship with Elijah. Ruby hits the bottle again. Marilyn tells Sid that she has just months left to live.

Home and Away – Weekdays at 6:00pm on Five

Romeo reveals an intimate secret to Indi. Charlie and Liam suspect that Ruby has started binge drinking. Nicole fears for her life when she is pricked by a discarded needle. Tony makes his final decision on moving to Boston.

Monday 20th – Episode 5136

Rachel is thrilled when Leah persuades Tony’s son, Lucas, to return to the bay to convince his dad to emigrate. Romeo confesses to Nicole that he is a virgin, and he is worried about how Indi will react. Dex hijacks Sid’s secret date with Marilyn. Penn meets Nicole on the beach to apologise for his behaviour. But the moment is spoiled when Nicole steps on a hypodermic needle hidden in the sand. Is she at risk of contracting a terrible disease?

Tuesday 21st – Episode 5137

Penn sticks by Nicole’s side every step of the way as she visits the hospital to find out if she has contracted any diseases from the needle. Ruby and April strike up a friendship. Marilyn realises that Dex has a crush on her after she finds out that he deliberately muscled in on the picnic date Sid planned.

Wednesday 22nd – Episode 5138

Lucas is forced to cancel his trip to Summer Bay, but Rachel has an epiphany and realises that Tony is dragging his heels over leaving because of Jack. Rachel decides not to go to Boston after all – but is this what Tony really wants? John grills Gina about her opinions on marriage.

Thursday 23rd – Episode 5139

Gina is forced to intervene when Bianca slaps Liam on school grounds, but the duo’s punishment involves spending every day after school together. Angelo tells Charlie about how his family still holds a grudge against him for a blaze that destroyed their restaurant.

Friday 24th – Episode 5140

Penn is widely praised for supporting Nicole after her injury, but John and Alf are dismayed when he involves the local media. Will Summer Bay ever recover from this bad press? A huge misunderstanding arises when Charlie spots Indi selling alcohol to Ruby. Has Ruby started drinking again, or is there a more innocent explanation?

Coming Soon

Indi and Ruby get in deep trouble over the underage alcohol sale. Alf becomes bar manager at Angelo’s. Penn tells Nicole a secret that could change her life for good. April comes up with a radical environmental plan for the bay. Penn accuses Alf of assaulting him.

Home and Away – Weeknights at 2:15pm and 6:00pm on Five

Marilyn gets a secret admirer. Rachel makes a difficult decision about her career. Angelo’s restaurant suffers a series of setbacks. Sid begins to see through Penn’s lies. Elijah is forced to choose between Leah and his charity work.

Monday 26th – Episode 5121

Tony’s obvious passion for his career leads Rachel to realise that she is bored with her own job. But Rachel is torn when an old university friend arrives in town and offers her the job of a lifetime in the USA. Elijah and Leah argue over his decision to do a few months of work abroad, which prompts Elijah to make a shock decision about their future.

Tuesday 27th – Episode 5122

A natural disaster threatens to drive Leah and Elijah even further apart. Rachel declines her friend’s job offer, but he is not keen to take no for an answer. Sid’s suspicions are aroused when Penn turns up at the hospital with cuts to his hand. Penn claims that he passed out and cannot remember what happened, but Sid suspects otherwise. Things become even stranger when Penn lies to Nicole, telling her that the doctor still has feelings for her.

Wednesday 28th – Episode 5123

Elijah moves out of Leah’s house in order to get the space he needs to make a decision. He soon decides to help out with the overseas disaster, but promises to come back to Leah. How will she take this news? Dex runs into Marilyn at the diner and is instantly smitten with her. Later, Marilyn is surprised to receive a bunch of flowers sent by a mystery admirer…

Thursday 29th – Episode 5124

Preparations for the opening of Angelo’s restaurant are running seriously behind schedule, and Alf worries that he will be forced to cancel the lease. Can Angelo pull through and prove his critics wrong? Gina allows April and Bianca to move in to her house after they have a fight with their landlord, but there is one condition – Xavier must reconcile with John. Liam invites Bianca to watch him and Ruby perform.

Friday 30th – Episode 5125

The residents of Summer Bay pitch in to help Angelo. Ruby tries to talk to Liam about how she feels, but she ends up making a shocking error of judgement. Dex struggles to hide the fact that he has a crush on Marilyn. Indi and Romeo talk about their feelings for each other. Sid confronts Penn about the false rumours he has been spreading.

‘Home and Away’ will take a five-week break and return on Monday 6th September.

Home and Away

Bianca starts work at the school. Marilyn and Sid go on a date. Charlie loses faith in Angelo’s business venture. Leah suspects that Elijah wants to leave the bay. Xavier shares a kiss with Ruby. Nicole confronts Penn about his other girls.

Monday 19th – Episode 5116

Marilyn looks forward to her date with Sid, in spite of everyone else’s misgivings. Indi flies off the handle when she catches her womanising father with one of the nurses. Nicole summons up the courage to ask Penn whether he has been seeing other girls.

Tuesday 20th – Episode 5117

Marilyn is hurt when Romeo informs her about Sid’s tryst with Veronica. Meanwhile, Indi and Dex give their father a hard time about his womanising ways. Marilyn decides to confront Sid, but he denies that he is seeing anybody else. Ruby is annoyed by Liam’s continuing flirtation with Bianca. Liam is stunned when Bianca reveals that she is joining the school as a language teacher.

Wednesday 21st – Episode 5118

Bianca gives Xavier a hard time when April introduces them to each other. Marilyn decides to go on her date with Sid, regardless of his behaviour – but then Veronica turns up. Xavier realises that Ruby is jealous of Bianca and decides to give her some advice, but she tries to prove that she is fine by kissing her ex.

Thursday 22nd – Episode 5119

Xavier is so torn over whether to tell April about his kiss with Ruby that he even seeks his arch-enemy John’s advice. John advises him to say nothing, but Xavier decides to come clean nonetheless. How will April take the news? Charlie is alarmed when she realises that Angelo does not have enough money to pull off his restaurant idea, but Angelo is shattered when she tells him how she feels. Leah suspects that Elijah wants to go back to working as a missionary.

Friday 23rd – Episode 5120

Penn writes a letter to his father about his time in Summer Bay – but what is his father’s connection to the area? Penn provides assistance to get Angelo’s restaurant up and running, which serves to reunite Angelo and Charlie. Leah is aghast when she finds a letter to Elijah from a volunteer organisation. Is he planning on leaving the bay?

Coming Soon

Marilyn gets a secret admirer.
Rachel makes a difficult decision about her career.
Angelo’s restaurant suffers a series of setbacks.
Sid begins to see through Penn’s lies.
Elijah is forced to choose between Leah and his
charity work.

Home and Away

Colleen is charged with the caravan park thefts. Angelo’s dream career moves a step closer. VJ asks Elijah to be his dad. Romeo spots Penn with another girl. April’s sister arrives in the bay.

Monday 12th – Episode 5111

Colleen is arrested for the caravan park thefts after Penn sets her up. John makes plans to secure the future of his fitness club after a flashy rival gym opens up nearby. Marilyn thinks she has the answer to Angelo’s career dilemma. Gina forces Xavier to help John move in to their house.

Tuesday 13th – Episode 5112

Angelo’s plans to open a restaurant get the go ahead. Colleen is charged with theft. She even begins to wonder if there is some truth in the accusations, which leads her to experience a shattering breakdown. April and Xavier get together, and Gina and John are subsequently bemused by Xavier’s amiable behaviour. Is April a good influence on the wayward teenager?

Wednesday 14th – Episode 5113

After hearing the rumours from Penn, Sid sets about testing their credibility. Elijah arranges to do a careers talk at VJ’s school, prompting a proud VJ to ask if he can call him ‘Dad’. Marilyn hits it off with Sid when she visits the hospital.

Thursday 15th – Episode 5114

Romeo spots Penn looking intimate with a mystery girl on the beach. On Indi’s advice, he tells Nicole, who pretends to be nonplussed by the revelation. However, Romeo is driven to confront Penn when he spots him with yet another girl. The hospital nurses rebel against Sid in retaliation for the way he treated their friend Therese the last time he was in town, and their uncooperative behaviour threatens to put patients at risk. Penn tells Alf he will refuse to give evidence against Colleen in court, and will convince others to do the same.

Friday 16th – Episode 5115

Sid earns the respect of the nurses. April’s feisty sister Bianca arrives in the bay fresh from fleeing her own engagement party in Milan. Liam confesses to Ruby that he is worried their music will lead them down a destructive path again. Ruby convinces her teacher that all is well, but in truth her feelings have bubbled to the surface again and she is shattered when she spots him flirting with Bianca. Elijah’s cancelled careers talk leads him to evaluate his situation.

Coming Soon

Bianca starts work at the school. Marilyn and Sid go on a date. Charlie loses faith in Angelo’s business venture. Leah suspects that Elijah wants to leave the bay. Xavier shares a kiss with Ruby. Nicole confronts Penn about his other girls.


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