Home and Away

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Miles deals with the aftermath of the assault. Nicole and Liam reach an impasse in their relationship. Hugo has a decision to make. Irene is shocked by a face from the past.

Rachel and Tony discover Miles has been attacked on the beach and rush him to hospital. His injuries are not too severe, but he has no idea who could have assaulted him. Romeo runs into VJ at the Diner and persuades him to admit he knows who injured Miles – 12-year-old Riley Radcliffe and his friends! Miles visits Riley and recognises his shoes from the attack. He is thrown by the revelation that he was attacked by a group of school children. Miles’s problems multiply when Charlie is forced to question him about speaking to Riley. Riley’s father Ian then accuses him of fracturing his son’s wrist. Without any evidence to the contrary, Charlie has to charge Miles with assault. Could the situation get any worse for the troubled teacher?

Elsewhere, Liam plans a special dinner for Nicole, to celebrate her last day of exams. However, Nicole does not respond to his messages all day, and when Aden and Nicole come home together that night he is furious. Nicole tries to explain that her phone was broken but Liam will not listen. The next morning, Nicole makes breakfast for her boyfriend and learns that he was planning on sleeping with her the previous evening. Nicole confesses to Ruby that she is not ready to take that step. She explains her feelings to Liam, and he begrudgingly accepts her decision – but is left frustrated by the lack of intimacy in their relationship. Can Nicole and Liam resolve their problems?

Meanwhile, Martha, Hugo and Bambang enjoy spending time together on the farm as a family. However, when Hugo is away from the house, Martha finds a plane ticket to Indonesia in a drawer. She confronts her boyfriend and demands to know if he is planning on leaving with Suzy. He assures her he only agreed to buy the ticket to get his ex-wife off his back, and has sold his half of the business – but when Martha also learns that the police are watching their house, she becomes even more unsettled. Hugo claims he wants to start a new life with Martha – but can she trust him?

Also this week, Irene is shocked when Donna DeBono arrives back in the bay. Charlie and Angelo reopen the investigation into Lou’s death. Gina attempts to bring Xavier and John together. Tony struggles to keep the gym afloat. And Xavier juggles two girls –which one will he choose?

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Miles responds to Ian’s blackmail attempt. The truth about Riley emerges. Liam declares his love for Nicole. Martha receives an unwelcome shock. Tony’s gym is trashed. Angelo’s obsession with Hugo reaches fever pitch.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

The tension rises between Martha and Hugo. Aden gets a new flatmate. Ruby has a health scare. Xavier discovers Gina is dating Palmer. Leah tries to ease Miles’s blue mood.

Martha is left reeling this week when Hugo’s former business partner Suzy reveals she is also his wife! Hugo swears it was just a marriage of convenience to help with the business, and promises Martha he will get Suzy to back off. However, when Hugo meets with his estranged wife, she insists she wants him back on board with the company. Later, Suzy shows up at Martha’s house and tells her that she and Hugo were once much more than just business partners… An upset Martha decides to move out to the farm and do some thinking. Hugo visits his wary girlfriend and tells her he wants them to adopt Bambang and become a proper family. But when Suzy offers him a one-way plane ticket, will he change his mind?

Elsewhere, Aden and Nicole continue to row about Liam. When the struggling musician discovers some faulty wiring in his shop, he asks Martha to check it for him. He is stunned when she tells him the whole place is unsafe and he needs to find somewhere else to live. Nicole decides to move Liam into her apartment –without consulting a furious Aden. The boys immediately rub each other up the wrong way. Aden thinks Liam is a slob, and when he starts giving music lessons from home it is the final straw. Aden tells Nicole he has had enough of her boyfriend and is going to move out – but when he discovers he is about to lose his job, he is forced to eat humble pie. Can Aden and Liam learn to get along?

Meanwhile, Ruby struggles to come to terms with her recent diagnosis as a diabetic. When she pulls an all-nighter to finish an assignment, the fragile teenager is left exhausted. Things get worse when she realises she has printed out the wrong draft of her essay, and has to skip lunch to go back home. Although she manages to meet her deadline, the lack of sleep and food cause Ruby to go into hypoglycaemia. Miles comes to the rescue and takes her to hospital, but the incident is a wake-up call. Ruby realises she needs to be more open about her condition – but how will Charlie react when she learns of her daughter’s collapse?

Also this week, Angelo struggles to identify the man who broke into the boat shed. Xavier discovers Gina is dating John Palmer. Romeo and Xavier resolve their differences. Leah tries to comfort Miles in the wake of Kirsty’s departure. VJ is acting up – but what is the cause? And Tony admits his money troubles to Rachel.

‘Home and Away’ will be off air for three weeks over the Christmas period (21 December – 8 January). It will return to Five on 11 January 2010.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Martha meets an unlikely new friend. Kirsty makes a decision about her future in the bay. Liam causes a fight between Nicole and Aden. Geoff and Ruby reveal their relationship.

Xavier and Romeo realise that the little boy they found in the derelict house is all on his own and decide to take him to Martha. The fragile young woman, who cannot have children of her own following her treatment for cancer, quickly bonds with the youngster. She coaxes the boy into revealing his name, Bambang, and persuades the fostering service to let her look after him for a few days. However, when Hugo discovers that Martha has applied to foster Bambang for several months, he is furious. Martha ultimately agrees that the child might be better off with an Indonesian family and reluctantly gives him up. Hugo assures his girlfriend she has done the right thing – but Martha is not so sure…

Elsewhere, Kirsty questions her future with Miles in the wake of her miscarriage. Kirsty’s mother, Shelley, arrives to stay with the couple and Kirsty admits that she is having doubts about their relationship. Shelley encourages her worried daughter to listen to her heart. That night, Kirsty makes a big dinner for everyone in the house and apologises to Miles for keeping him at a distance. Miles is delighted, believing this means they have turned the corner in their relationship. Kirsty then encourages her boyfriend to go to a meeting at the school – but as soon as he is gone, she packs up her belongings, takes Ollie and leaves the bay for good! How will Miles cope with her departure?

Meanwhile, Xavier persuades a reluctant Romeo to hold a party at Liam’s house while he is in the city. The insouciant musician returns home early and is furious to discover the party in full swing. A friend of Liam’s then slips some drugs into the drink of a young girl – but it is accidentally swallowed by Romeo! Aden arrives at the party to find his friend very ill, but Liam refuses to call an ambulance in case he is arrested for supplying drugs. Aden tackles Nicole about the incident, but she tells him they cannot be mates unless he accepts her new boyfriend –what does this mean for their friendship?

Also this week, Geoff and Ruby reveal their love for each other. Xavier has a rebound relationship. Gina and Palmer’s new romance hits a snag, to the relief of Rachel and Tony. Hugo’s past comes back to bite him. Romeo is reminded of his difficult family. And Angelo makes a breakthrough in the asylum seekers case.

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The tension rises between Martha and Hugo. Aden gets a new flatmate. Ruby has a health scare. Xavier discovers Gina is dating Palmer. Leah tries to ease Miles’s blue mood.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Kirsty is rushed to hospital. Hugo makes a gruesome discovery. Jai and Annie get ready for an adventure. Liam continues to distract Nicole. What is wrong with Ruby?

A desperately ill Kirsty is rushed to hospital in the wake of her collapse. Worried about the baby, both Miles and Kirsty want answers about the cause of her illness, but Rachel struggles to come up with a diagnosis. When Kirsty has an unexpected seizure, the medics are able to stabilise her – but Rachel must give the couple the heartbreaking news that their baby has died. Unable to cope with her loss, Kirsty pulls away from Miles and her family. When Irene visits Kirsty, she finally breaks down and admits that she feels like losing the baby was punishment for not wanting it enough. Miles witnesses Kirsty’s despair but she will not open up to him. What does this latest setback mean for the troubled couple?

Elsewhere, Hugo heads out to secure the schooner during a storm. He is surprised to discover the vessel is missing from the mooring and the ropes have been cut. Believing Palmer could be responsible, Hugo reports the incident to Angelo – but he refuses to do anything until the morning. Hugo and Angelo look for the schooner the following day, but discover another boat sunk on the reef – with a dozen dead bodies in the hold! Hugo is left shaken by the discovery, but Angelo is convinced the group were being smuggled into the country and that Hugo is involved. Can Hugo convince the sceptical cop he is innocent?

Meanwhile, Jai is furious with Romeo for stealing Annie away from him. Romeo is desperate to repair their friendship, but Jai refuses to talk to him. Worried by Miles and Kirsty’s problems, Jai decides to stay in the bay and give his slot on the Japanese exchange to Annie – but just as she accepts the place, he changes his mind. Romeo ultimately manages to secure another space on the exchange for Annie. The pair share a sweet goodbye and Romeo promises Annie he will be waiting for her when she gets back. Romeo reconciles with Jai and waves a sad goodbye to his best friend and his girlfriend.

Also this week, Tony accepts Rachel’s return to work. Liam distracts Nicole from her studies. Ruby is stunned when she is diagnosed with diabetes. Aden faces a dilemma. Xavier comes clean to Ruby about his amnesia. Geoff finally tells Ruby how he feels. Xavier and Romeo make a surprising discovery in a derelict house. And Martha waits anxiously for the results of the election.

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Martha makes an unlikely new friend. Geoff and Ruby reveal their relationship. Kirsty makes a decision about her future in the bay. Liam causes a fight between Aden and Nicole. Hugo’s past comes back to bite him.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Xavier finally admits the truth about Charlie’s alibi. Martha and John have a heated debate. Leah confronts her feelings. Aden and Liam call a truce.

Charlie faces the music over her fake alibi this week when Robertson turns up the heat on Xavier. The determined detective arrives at school to question the confused teenager and asserts that both he and Ruby are lying. At first Xavier sticks to his story, but he is rattled by the encounter. Hugo is furious when he hears about Robertson’s actions and goes to the station to confront him. However, when Robertson tells him that things will get more difficult for Xavier if he perjures himself, Hugo forces his younger brother to confess. Xavier reluctantly gives Robertson a statement – not only did he not see Charlie at home asleep on the night of Grant’s murder, he cannot vouch for Ruby either. Robertson decides not to charge Ruby – but Charlie becomes his number-one suspect…

Elsewhere, the election campaign gathers pace. Martha warms up for the public debate by running her speech past Colleen, who is very impressed. Martha is buoyant as she arrives at the debate, but she quickly becomes despondent when John’s cronies begin to roll in. Although Hugo is there, Martha’s supporters are grossly outnumbered by those of her opponent. Her spirits lift, however, when Gina and Xavier arrive. Hecklers give Martha a hard time initially, but she wins their respect for the way she handles the situation and for her wellgrounded policies. It seems Martha has won the day – but could the contest be closer than she thinks?

Meanwhile, Leah is forced to confront her growing attraction to Robertson. She tells Irene that she finds the detective very different to the other men she has known, and enjoys going out with him. However, when Leah realises the extent of Robertson’s conniving tactics during the investigation into Grant’s death, she begins to wonder if he is completely truthful in his personal life. When it seems that Robertson has cracked the murder case, he tells Leah that he will soon be leaving town. The heartbroken chef is full of mixed emotions – is Robertson leaving for good?

Also this week, Liam publicly serenades Nicole. Annie and Romeo give in to their mutual attraction. Miles becomes concerned by Jai’s bad moods. Tony has an exhausting day looking after Harry. Aden and Liam call an uneasy truce. Geoff questions whether Aden has feelings for Nicole. And Kirsty collapses – but what is the cause?

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Kirsty is rushed to hospital. Hugo makes a gruesome discovery. Jai is furious with Romeo. Liam continues to distract Nicole. What is wrong with Ruby? Election day arrives in Summer Bay.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Martha’s election campaign steps up a gear. Ruby and Xavier face the music over their fake alibi. Rachel goes back to work. Leah and Robertson go on a date. Sparks fly when Gina meets Palmer.

This week, Martha challenges Palmer to a public debate to give her election campaign a muchneeded boost. She is in for a shock, however, when her opponent puts up a poster using a photo from her pole-dancing days! Distraught over Palmer’s increasingly dirty tactics, Martha nearly quits the campaign, but Hugo persuades her to keep going. The plucky young woman ultimately decides to embrace the image, and puts up her own poster of the picture bearing the slogan ‘Nothing to Hide’. A furious Palmer then writes a letter to the local paper claiming the posters are an affront to public decency. Desperate to win the election and get Palmer off Hugo’s back, Martha realises she needs to strike back at the canny politician – but how?

Elsewhere, Robertson tells Hugo that he knows Xavier is lying about Charlie’s alibi. Ross and Morag then confront Ruby over her story and reveal that Robertson suspects her of fabricating an alibi for her mother. An angry Hugo visits Ruby and tells her that Xavier is only lying about Charlie because he loves her. Ruby feels increasingly guilty over using Xavier to get Charlie off the hook, particularly in light of her new feelings for Geoff. Xavier is then approached by Robertson, who puts additional pressure on him and implies that Ruby might betray him. Will the youngsters stand by their story? And what will be the consequences for Charlie if they tell the truth?

Meanwhile, Rachel returns from Karitane saying she feels better, but Tony is still wary. Rachel tells Leah that she thinks she has figured out what to do, but she is nervous about telling her husband. Tony is stunned when Rachel reveals her new decision – she is preparing to go back to work. When Tony admits he is uncomfortable with her plan, Rachel agrees to return to work part-time. However, given Rachel’s history of postnatal depression, Tony is still not happy with the idea. Will he be able to cope with baby Harry by himself?

Also this week, Angelo tells Charlie he believes Hugo is involved in a people-smuggling ring. Ross arrives back in the bay. Romeo cannot deny his feelings for Annie. Leah and Robertson share a romantic picnic. Annie and Jai are given an exciting opportunity – but will either of them take it? Liam and Nicole go on a pseudo-date. Gina and Palmer hit it off when he gives a speech at the school. And Geoff and Aden have a dispute about the trawler.

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Robertson busts Charlie’s alibi. Xavier feels he has lost everything. Leah confronts her feelings. Romeo has a big decision to make. Aden and Liam call a truce.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Hugo and Martha battle with Palmer. Miles and Kirsty reach an impasse over the idea of marriage. Charlie is distressed about Angelo. Gina accepts a job offer. Nicole is charmed by Liam.

Hugo faces more opposition to his plan to sink the schooner this week when he begins receiving hate mail. A frustrated Martha confronts John Palmer over the letters, but he refuses to acknowledge any involvement. When she returns home, Martha is shocked to receive a brick through her window! Hugo decides to sell the schooner to prevent any further hassle, but Martha has another plan – she decides to run in the local council elections against John Palmer. Despite Martha’s enthusiasm, however, it soon dawns on her that she has taken on a big job – particularly when Hugo is less than supportive. She is stunned when her boyfriend then reveals that a skeleton in his closet could harm her chances of being elected –what is Hugo hiding?

Elsewhere, Miles brings up the subject of marriage in the light of Kirsty’s pregnancy. Given their baggage from previous relationships, Kirsty decides that now is not the right time. Miles struggles with Kirsty’s reluctance to make a commitment to him and goes fishing with Alf and Ollie to take his mind off the situation. Alf tells Miles that if he feels strongly about marriage, he should refuse to settle for anything less. Kirsty opens up to Irene and admits she does not understand why marriage is such a big deal to Miles. However, when she meets an elderly lady who is frantic because she has lost her wedding ring, Kirsty begins to reconsider…

Meanwhile, Charlie is very depressed about her break-up with Angelo. Her former boyfriend tries to reach out to her, but she refuses to take his calls. Worried about her mother, Ruby persuades Xavier to fabricate an alibi for Charlie on the night of Grant’s murder, so she can be reinstated. However, when Charlie returns to work she finds that Robertson is taking both her and Angelo on a stakeout together. Robertson toys with the bickering pair, and eventually shows Charlie some photos that prove Angelo was not cheating – can the two work out their differences?

Also this week, Romeo and Annie continue to dance around their feelings for each other. Gina is stunned when she is offered the job of principal – but how will Xavier react? Nicole and Liam get closer. An exhausted Rachel puts baby Harry’s life in danger. And Geoff and Aden become increasingly protective of Nicole.

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Angelo reveals the real reason behind his return. Hugo turns up the pressure on Ruby. Leah and Robertson go on a date. Rachel decides to go back to work. Sparks fly when Gina meets John Palmer.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Xavier and Ruby reach a crossroads. Life becomes complicated for Annie and Romeo. Robertson drives a wedge between Angelo and Charlie. Miles reveals that Kirsty is pregnant. A death threat hangs over Hugo.

With her attraction to Geoff growing ever stronger, Ruby is forced to make a difficult choice. Not only is she struggling with her romantic feelings for both Geoff and Xavier, she is also dealing with the investigation into Grant’s death. When she and Geoff have an encounter in the bathroom, Ruby realises that she has to bite the bullet and end her relationship. However, no sooner has she broken up with Xavier than he is forced to help Hugo fight an intruder in the Boat House. Xavier ends up in hospital with a head injury. Although it seems he will make a full recovery, he has some amnesia. To Ruby’s distress he does not remember her breaking up with him!

Elsewhere, Annie, Jai and Romeo find themselves in a love triangle of their own. Romeo tries to be a good friend to Jai and help him get back together with Annie, but he finds himself growing more and more attracted to her. When he spots Annie studying the notice board in the Surf Club he thinks she is interested in the poetry group, and encourages Jai to leave some poems in her locker. Annie is feeling fed up and confused by her growing feelings for Romeo and by Jai’s continuing pursuit of her, and decides to get out of her funk by signing up for some surfing lessons. She is horrified when Romeo turns out to be her instructor! How will the two deal with their mutual attraction?

Meanwhile, Robertson’s investigation into Grant’s murder gathers pace. The ingenious detective brings Charlie in for questioning and tells her he thinks she might be covering for Angelo. Charlie is thrown when Robertson hands her some photos of Angelo chatting to a group of strippers in Chinatown. When Angelo lies to Charlie about where he was on the night in question, she is convinced he is cheating on her. Angelo later admits he lied about his whereabouts, but he is unable to reveal what is going on because he is working undercover. Can Angelo persuade Charlie he is telling the truth?

Also this week, Hugo is sure John Palmer’s cronies are behind the death threat. Gina refuses to allow Brendan to move in to a community house. Kirsty is furious when Miles lets slip that she is pregnant. Nicole agrees to meet Liam and clear the air. Baby Harry’s inability to sleep takes its toll on Rachel. And Aden and Geoff slowly build up a friendship.

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Hugo and Martha battle with Palmer. Miles and Kirsty reach an impasse. Nicole is charmed by Liam. Charlie is distressed about Angelo. Gina accepts a job offer.


Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Nicole and Sid are the talk of the town. What has happened to Grant? Geoff and Ruby get closer. Liam moves back to the bay. Romeo helps Jai get his confidence back.

Following Nicole’s latest attempt to ensnare him, a furious Sid orders the teenager to get out of his pool. Realising things are getting out of control, the doctor tries to meet up with Miles to discuss the situation, but is unable to get hold of him. When Annie tells Irene what she saw at the pool, the worried landlady informs Miles. Assuming that Sid is taking advantage of the youngster, the incensed teacher storms over and pushes him in the water! However, when Sid insists that he has been discouraging Nicole, Miles begins to worry about her mental welfare. As news of the stalking spreads throughout the bay, Sid searches for a way to persuade Nicole to leave him alone once and for all…

Elsewhere, Charlie agrees to tell Angelo and Ross that she kidnapped Grant. Angelo is devastated, and has a difficult time understanding what his girlfriend is going through. When he discovers that Grant is in town, he confronts him and insists that he leave immediately. Ruby continues to be disturbed by the events behind her conception and eventually decides to move back in with Irene. When Xavier spots Grant in the Diner, Ruby is terrified – but Charlie insists she will take care of the situation. Later, Alf is locking up the Surf Club when he discovers a dead body on the beach – Grant has been murdered!

Meanwhile, Geoff and Ruby continue to dance around their feelings for each other. Ruby admits to Annie that she is confused about Xavier, although she does not tell her that Geoff is the reason. When Romeo sees Ruby and Geoff together and assumes they are a couple, Ruby is consumed with guilt. She decides to visit Xavier, and opens up about what happened with Grant. However, her attraction to Geoff shows no sign of abating, especially now they are living in the same house. Romeo gives Xavier some advice about how to handle Ruby – but will it be enough to stop her from straying?

Also this week, a new detective makes waves in the bay. Leah has a new admirer. Liam gets a hostile reception when he arrives back in town. Hugo and Martha meet Brendan’s new girlfriend. Romeo helps Jai get his confidence back. Rachel and Tony have trouble relaxing without baby Harry. And Hugo and Palmer continue to clash – could help come from an unlikely source?

Coming Soon

Xavier and Ruby reach a crossroads. A death threat hangs over Hugo. Miles reveals that Kirsty is pregnant. Nicole agrees to meet Liam. Life becomes complicated for Annie and Romeo.

Weekdays at 2:15 and 6.00pm

Charlie kidnaps Grant! Nicole goes to extreme lengths to pursue Sid. Aden and Geoff struggle to work together. Romeo arrives in the bay. Hugo plans a new dive attraction.

Desperate to prove that Grant is a rapist, Charlie turns detective and looks for other victims near to where he lives. Angelo is concerned that Charlie’s search is turning into an obsession, but the haunted young woman becomes even more determined to put Grant behind bars when she meets two women who claim to have been attacked by him. When she returns to the bay, Charlie finds Grant and tells him she wants to put the past behind them – but she then kidnaps him! Worried about her mother’s frame of mind, Ruby searches for her – only to find her in a shack in the bush, preparing to torture Grant into a confession! Can Ruby persuade Charlie to release her father? Or has the troubled cop snapped completely?

Elsewhere, Nicole’s crush on Sid shows no sign of abating. The disturbed youngster firmly believes there is chemistry between them, no matter how many times Sid ignores her calls. When Sid turns up at the house to tend to a sick Ollie, Nicole thinks he has come to see her, inflaming the situation even further. When she spies Sid running on the beach, Nicole confronts him, but he insists once more that he wants nothing to do with her. However, Sid’s eyes fall on Nicole’s skimpy bikini and she cannot help but notice… When Sid arrives home later that day, he finds Nicole swimming in his pool! What will it take to persuade Nicole to leave the bay’s new doctor alone?

Meanwhile, Geoff is desperate for something to do now that he has left school, and asks Aden about working on the trawler. However, Aden turns him down and Geoff is left wondering if he will be able to find any work. When she hears about what has happened, Annie confronts Aden and asks him what Belle would want him to do. Aden ultimately agrees to try working on the trawler with Geoff, but the boat breaks down when the pair take it out for the first time. The boys disagree about how to fix the problem and eventually come to blows. Can the bickering duo learn to work together?

Also this week, Hugo and John Palmer clash over their plans for the schooner. Xavier tries to reach out to Ruby. Romeo Smith arrives in the bay – but who is this charming newcomer? And Tony tries to spend more time with Rachel and Harry – but is his patience about to be tested to the limit?

Coming Soon

Nicole and Sid are the talk of the town. Alf makes a grisly discovery… Geoff’s feelings for Ruby continue to grow. Liam moves back to the bay. Romeo helps Jai get his confidence back.

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