When Lindsay (Amanda Redman) is cast as the neighbourhood grass who tipped off the police about the drugs deal, she’s vilified by local criminal families. Even Mack (Danny Webb) starts to doubt her – she chose the straight life and if she’s not with them she is against them. Lindsay sets about trying to clear her name. Everywhere she goes it seems Bain (Sean Pertwee) is there, and there’s something a little too disconcerting about how he features in her thoughts so much.

Vin (Matthew McNulty) has realised if he’s to be a proper father to his child (Mrs Hong is pregnant), he needs to get some money together, so he nicks a car to sell on for some fast cash but as luck would have it he finds £200k in the boot. However, the car he stole was part of a major job being pulled by some serious crooks so when Vin gets nicked for the car it is assumed that he played a role in the job – he could be facing eight years in the slammer.

Taylor (Matthew McNulty), meanwhile, decides to look into Mack’s case – perhaps he’ll find a way to appeal his father’s conviction. It’s not that he gets on well with his father but he can see that Lindsay misses her husband and life is tough without him. In picking apart the case, he discovers that someone planted evidence at the crime scene that implicated his father. Without this dodgy plant, Mack wouldn’t have been convicted. There’s only one person it could have been: Bain. Confronted by Taylor, Bain cuts a deal – drop Mack’s appeal and he’ll make the armed robbery charges against Vin disappear.

A prisoner in her own home, Lindsay feels stifled by all the family and friends rallying round her. When a gnome is thrown through the front window, she’s had enough and sneaks out of the house. Desperate for some peace and quiet, she checks in to a hotel. Succour comes in the unexpected form of Sergeant Bain. Pray to god, no one finds out. But Lindsay doesn’t yet know that Bain was behind Mack’s four year stretch.

Wednesday 13 February 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

Wednesday 30 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

In an ironic twist, Lindsay (Amanda Redman) is working at an insurance company – the sort of place that pays out when someone like the Carters robs your house. Soon she discovers that her colleagues are working a scam of their own – approving each other’s fraudulent claims. Lindsay, determined not to return to her previous life, doesn’t want any part of it, a refusal that means her new job soon comes to an end.

Meanwhile, Lianna (Eleanor Wyld) is growing increasingly concerned that Grandpa (Michael Byrne) might be getting it on with Margaret (who, before the op, used to be his cell mate Mark). She’s worried about the wrong thing – instead of ‘getting it on’, Margaret has persuaded Grandpa to pull one last safe-cracking job in a local bowls club.

Taylor (Matthew McNulty), haunted by his unforgettable night with Vicky Hong (Maye Choo), dumps Catherine and pursues Vicky – made more difficult by the fact that she thinks she slept with his twin brother Vin and not him, but she’ll work it out soon enough. Elsewhere twin brother Vin crashes Mr Hong’s car (Burt Kwouk) while he is having sex in the car with Mrs Hong (Jodie McMullen). He ends up in a hospital bed. It’s just as well he’s lying down because when Mr Hong announces that Mrs Hong is pregnant, it is something of a shock…

Director of ITV Entertainment and Comedy, Paul Jackson says: “Jack has done a great job in adapting the Honest scripts and I am thrilled that Amanda is heading up this brilliant and talented cast.”

Greenlit Rights’ Managing Director, Jill Green adds: “Honest takes a witty look at a rather wayward family whose matriarch is trying to get them out of the criminal circle they have become so used to. We are delighted to have the hugely talented Amanda Redman on board – she was absolutely our first choice for the role of Lindsay.”

Honest is adapted by Jack Williams (Wild At Heart, Roman’s Empire), directed by Brian Kelly (Torchwood) and Julian Holmes (Party Animals), and co-produced by Jill Green (Foyle’s War, The Swap, Trust) and Eve Gutierrez (The Man Who Lost His Head, Menace) for Greenlit Rights.

Wednesday 23 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

The new-found poverty is really starting to bite in the Carter family but that’s not what’s getting Lindsay (Amanda Redman) down. Nor is it the relentless boredom of working in the garden centre – Lindsay’s lonely. The reality of spending the next four years without her husband has really hit home.

An old friend of the family, Owen turns up. He and his wife have just split up and he needs Lindsay to help him out with his car sales business. She’d be doing him a favour and it’s got to be better to be working in an office and being paid properly, than a life with Clive (James Benson) and garden centre wages.

Lindsay’s more than happy to jack in her job and go and work for Owen, who happens to be extremely good-looking too. When Mack (Danny Webb) learns about this from Vin (Matthew McNulty), he is furious. He lays into Lindsay, ordering her to give up working for Owen – Mack doesn’t think it’s Lindsay’s business skills that Owen is interested in. Lindsay is appalled. Owen used to be Mack’s best friend. How dare he not trust him? More importantly, how dare he not trust his own wife?

When Owen does make his move, Lindsay is actually tempted but she says no. Not long after, Owen is arrested by Bain (Sean Pertwee), who’s received an anonymous tip-off that Owen is into some dodgy business dealing. Lindsay knows exactly who this ‘anonymous tip-off’ is – her jealous imprisoned husband. She storms over to the prison and tells Mack she doesn’t want anything more to do with him. From now on, her life is her own.

As for Taylor (Matthew McNulty), life as the perfect Carter child is getting him down. He’s feeling guilty at work for snagging the job under false pretences and he’s permanently worried that he might get found out. He’s also feeling trapped by his relationship with Catherine. So when Vin comes to him with a crazy suggestion, Taylor actually listens.

Vin has a job to do for Mack – an arson gig – but also has to collect a package for Mr Hong (Burt Kwouk) on the same night. So he wants Taylor to dress up like him, take his place on the Hong job. Not a huge stretch – they are identical twins after all. Taylor agrees and finds an illicit thrill experiencing the wrong side of the law. As a bonus, after successfully doing the job, Vicky Hong (Maye Choo) throws herself at him, thinking he’s Vin, who’s been lusting after Vicky since the day they met. Relations between the brothers aren’t going to be easy if he ever finds out.

Meanwhile Lianna (Eleanor Wyld) discovers that Mr Hong has access to thousands of pirate DVDs. She hits on a great business idea – she’ll buy them off Hong wholesale and sell them on to her film-geek contacts at the local video-store. And it’s here that Grandpa (Michael Byrne) will meet an old friend Margaret (Joan Blackhan) – someone Grandpa’s not seen for 30 years, not since they shared a cell in prison. In those days Margaret was called Mark. Grandpa and Margaret have history – and not a merely criminal one. Lianna’s going to have a very tough time trying to get her head around that.

Wednesday 16 January 2008 9:00pm – 10:00pm on ITV1.

After deciding the Carter family should go straight, Lindsay (Amanda Redman) is leading by example. She’s taken a job in a local garden centre. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s being tormented by her up-tight boss Clive (James Benson), a man rather too in love with his tragically limited power and not averse to feeling up his staff whenever he can. When Lindsay’s five minutes late for work, she finds herself fined half a day’s pay. None of the check-out girls are allowed to sit down at work. And Clive still refuses to replace the toilet roll in the women’s bathroom.

When a lorry load of goods destined for the garden centre mysteriously vanishes, Clive is sure Lindsay must be behind it and puts her on suspension. With money tight, it’s a struggle for Lindsay to refuse the handouts on offer from Mack’s business partner Donnie (Ewan Bailey). Lindsay knows too well that by accepting the money, Mack will know she can’t hack a crime-free life.

In order to get her job back, Lindsay sets out to prove her innocence by using her knowledge of the local criminal underworld to find the real perpetrator. She succeeds to a mixture of irritation and admiration from Sergeant Bain (Sean Pertwee), who spares her the missing piece of the puzzle: the lorry hijack was masterminded by Mack from prison. He’s not letting his wife throw away the family business that easily.

Vin’s (Matthew McNulty) attempts to go straight are similarly fraught. Working for local Triad Mr Hong (Burt Kwouk), he inadvertently sleeps with his wife. Feeling confused, Vin decides to launch a drunken attempt to bust his dad out of jail. It’s left to his hated brother Taylor (Matthew McNulty) to talk him out of it and save him from joining their father in prison.

Lianna (Eleanor Wyld) may be going back to school but she’s not going quietly. When teacher Edgar (Mark Stobbart) humiliates her in front her of classmates for a second time she decides enough is enough. She and Grandpa (Michael Byrne) join forces to teach the teacher a lesson he won’t forget, although it doesn’t go quite according to plan.

As for Kacie (Laura Haddock), the chip shop is killing her complexion and she decides herbal remedies are the way forward, although it’s probably not best to try and steal them from the store where your mother works. Just when Kacie thinks there’s no hope on the horizon, she gets her very own stalker – Constable Harrison, Sergeant Bain’s sidekick (Thomas Nelstrop). ‘Stalked by the police’ is just the sort of headline that could make Kacie famous and make her dreams of an international modelling career a reality. If only life was really that simple..

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