Hotter Than My Daughter

Sometimes, you see something in the listings and the basic premise of the show defies belief. These programmes are, by and large, found on BBC Three.

We’ve had the not-right’s of Freaky Eaters, people being told they look like slags by a robot on Snog Marry Avoid, the nighthmarish vision of melting commerce in Spendaholics and the brain-frazzling Sex With Mum and Dad.

Now, trumping the lot is Hotter than my Daughter.

Former Atomic Kitten and Masterchef winner Liz McClarnon hosts the show which looks at the relationships between mother and daughter. Or rather, the relationships between two people when one of those people make you do some sick in your pants.

Hotter than my Daughter (BBC Three, 8:30pm) looks at those women who can only be described as ‘mutton dressed as a kebab’ and parades them dry-humping fresh air whilst their daughters scream “put it away mum!” and weep all the water out of their body.

Of course, it’ll be dreadful… but something tells me a few of us will tune in just so we can be angered and hurt by it.

Hotter Than My Daughter? TV self harming more like.

Here’s a clip:

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