House Wreck Rescue

Mondays From 5th April, 10.00pm

Have you ever driven past a tumbledown barn or neglected lighthouse and fantasised about turning it into the home of your dreams? The likelihood is you kept on driving, put off by the sheer scale of the work load. In House Wreck Rescue, we follow those who haven’t been deterred by the enormity of such projects and have taken on huge developments, in some cases turning extraordinary ruins into spectacular homes.

In this series, Ross and his wife hope they can cut living costs by moving aboard a 60 foot fishing boat. With no experience, little money and a lot of rot, will their dream sink? Also, young couple, Anna and Barnaby, are planning to tie the knot and live happily ever after, but can they transform their ramshackle farmhouse before they say I do? But these amateur developers won’t be alone, as property gurus, Zilpah Hartley and Gary McCausland, will be on hand to offer expert advice.

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