How Not To Live Your Life

10.30pm Monday 8 November on BBC THREE

Comedian and writer Dan Clark returns as desperate Lothario Don in the hit comedy series, which begins with two episodes


Clarkson comment offends…again

Another Jeremy Clarkson comment has sparked public criticism after last Sunday’s episode of Top Gear. The BBC has received complaints over a comment from Clarkson regarding Muslim women wearing burkas distracting him when he drives.


BBC Three renews How Not To Live Your Life

BBC Three has renewed sitcom How Not To Live Your Life for another season this autumn. The Dan Clark comedy series will return for a third season later this year after rating highly for its second run last year.

Inbetweeners actor gets new series

The Inbetweeners’ Simon Bird will front a new BBC Three entertainment series called The King is Dead this coming autumn. The actor will lead an interview panel which will feature three celebrities which is in charge of finding a replacement for a famous public figure each week.

BBC keen for more Sherlock

The BBC has announced it is keen to produce more episodes of Sherlock after the ratings figures for its debut episode showed the new drama was popular. After attracting 7.5m viewers last Sunday, the BBC has said it will look to extend the series’ of the show.

How Not To Live Your Life

Dan Clark, comedian and writer of How Not To Live Your Life, returns as desperate lothario Don in the third series of the hit comedy.

At the climax of series two Don’s luck was about to change as it looked like he was finally going to get it on with his flatmate, Sam. But on joining Don at the start of series three, it appears that things didn’t quite go according to plan, and each day is a trial for Don as he must face up to the fact that he blew his chance with Sam.

To make matters worse, she has a new boyfriend who is everything Don isn’t – mature, reliable, clever and not at all self-obsessed. Once more Don has to deal with a fraught love life that involves dates with an aristocrat, a tramp and a really angry woman. On top of that he is sucked into taking part in Top Gun – The Musical, tries therapy and even sells his soul to become a corporate highflyer. But despite all this, he is still no wiser as to how to live his life…

Laura Haddock plays Sam, while trying to help Don get some kind of grip is his long-suffering carer, Eddie (David Armand), Gollum lookalike Mrs Treacher (Leila Hoffman) and art gallery boss Jason (Daniel Taylor).


I always, misguidedly, get a little giddy when a comedy show appears on my telly that I haven’t seen before. When it works, the rewards are endless. You can find yourself laughing long after transmission with a gift that keeps giving.

However, when it fails… and fails badly… it can ruin your week. So step forward How Not To Live Your Life, which last night, was so astoundingly awful that I felt like there was a chance that it could ruin my whole life… and the next one after I’ve been reincarnated.

The main character of the show is supposed to be a lovable slacker. Sadly, he isn’t lovable in the slightest. He’s pure idiot. If you look at other adorable rogues, you see that they all share one thing – heart.

Rab C. Nesbitt, one of the most disgusting characters in television history, was prone to almost Shakespearean outbursts of wisdom and beneath the nicotine stains and booze phlegm, there was a man who meant well. In Ideal, Johnny Vegas’ character had warmth and a wonderful naivety. In this, we’ve got Nathan Barley written by a Nathan Barley.

Something else that hamstrung this godforsaken ‘comedy’ was the fact that it was woefully ill-observed. The writer (and director and star of the show, unbelievably) has clearly never inhabited the world in which he has apparently watched and mused upon. I figure that we’re
supposed to see Don as some some kind of neurotic, post millennium twentysomething who lacks direction and looks at the world with a skewed, puzzled slant.

What we actually got was an odious little moron, bumbling around and providing a complete comedy vacuum.

Whilst watching this show, I remembered a news story I’d watched about a bus load of under privileged school children hurtling off a cliff, with most getting ravaged on the rocks beneath. The scant survivors were gathered up by a rescue helicopter, which then crashed into a Catholic church with most being burned alive. The one survivor was taken off by a priest and molested for the rest of its adolescence.

That was funnier than How Not To Live Your Life.

There was one moment in the show that provided a grin. One character, a toytown Hooray Henry, yelled “THIS ISN’T FUNNY!” at our Non-Hero Don. Sadly, the smile arose because it was true, rather than being part of an amusing gag.

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