How To Look Good Naked … With A Difference

In the first part of the new three part series aimed at dressing the massive section of the population that suffer from a disability, Gok Wan dresses a woman who lives in wheelchair.

Very commendable, and incredibly informative, and that’s the good part over.

The problem that I found with this episode was two fold.

1) The woman in question (a bubbly, outgoing woman with seemingly no problems apart from living in a wheelchair) didn’t really seem to need any help getting her snaffles out; it seemed the only problem was that she just didn’t know what to wear. Which is a massive problem, and is definitely something that is missing from the High Street.

2) The attitude that Wan had when approaching the woman was, I found, insulting and domineering. Forcing himself upon the lady with such gusto and insensitive remarks and actions left me feeling uncomfortable for my poor eyes and the poor woman. On more than one occasion he actually sat on the woman’s legs and rode around on her wheelchair. To me, that’s demeaning. He might as well have pushed her around the place and shouted in her face so she could understand him (even though she wasn’t deaf).  It wasn’t dealt with in the way that it should have.

I may be stating the obvious but, disability is a problem that affects people physically and mentally, and to overcome the hurdles that people with disabilities face would require gusto and a strength of character that I wouldn’t be able to show, but Wan treated this lady how you were scold a child for reacting to a woman with one leg; insensitively.

Hopefully next week, when he tasks himself a woman with one leg doesn’t resort in a hopping contest, or Who Can Throw The Prosthetic Limb The Farthest.

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