How To Look Good Naked

9:00pm Friday, December 3 on E4

Gok meets 32-year-old Antoinette, who has become shy, introverted and insecure since being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago.

9:00pm Friday, November 26 on E4

Gok meets 27-year-old mum Sarah Myers, who is struggling to come to terms with her post-birth body, having gained an uncomfortable four stone during her first pregnancy.

9:00pm Friday, October 22 on E4

Fashion guru Gok Wan continues his mission to bring body confidence and top style to the people of Britain. This time Gok meets 34-year old mother-of-one Charlotte, who was once a pole-vaulting vixen, but following major spinal surgery in 2004, was left six stone heavier.

9:00pm Friday, September 17 on E4

Gok gets his hands on social recluse Simon Wainwright and undertakes his first ever male makeover.

8:00pm Wednesday, September 1 on C4

Gok meets 32-year-old Antoinette, who has become shy, introverted and insecure since being diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. After chemotherapy, lymph removal, a mastectomy, breast reconstruction and radiotherapy, not only has Antoinette’s body taken a battering, but so has her self confidence. Gok sets out to convince Antoinette that she should be celebrating her body and enjoying life.

8:00pm Wednesday, July 14 on C4

The new run kicks off with a series first, as Gok undertakes his first ever male makeover. Thirty-five-year-old Simon Wainwright had surgery to correct a curvature of the spin in 2008. But his self-esteem crashed to zero when Simon became repulsed by his new body. He’s now two inches taller but feels thin and unattractive. With his confidence at an all-time low, Simon has rarely left his bedroom for the past year, friends haven’t seen him for months, and his parents are fraught with worry. Can Gok do the undoable and get the first man ever down his catwalk…naked?

10:00pm Friday, April 30 on E4

Style guru Gok Wan returns to see how some of his ladies are faring a year after he first met them. In this episode, Gok hooks up again with ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew. She hated her body so much it was ruining her relationship.

10:00pm Friday, April 23 on

In this episode, Gok meets up again with teacher Becky Newman who hated her bum. Gok got her shaking her booty down his catwalk, but will Becky still be loving her derriere?

Friday, April 9 on E4

Gok Wan revisits Rachel Richardson in Doncaster. Theatre nurse Rachel was convinced her tall frame made her look, and feel, like a man. Her hatred of the way she looked kept Rachel from marrying her partner, Adrian.

Monday, November 23 on 4

The Coming of Age: Life Begins at 60 season continues as Gok Wan embarks on his latest mission. Age is but a number, and Gok wants all the over-60 women of the world to see that they can still love their bodies as they change with age. His prot?g? is 72-year-old Sue. Once a dressed-to-impress businesswoman, Sue feels like she is “fading away”. Since her beloved husband died three years ago she has lost her source of confidence with him no longer around to tell her how wonderful she looks. She wants Gok to show her how to get her groove back. Last in the series.

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