How To Look Good Naked

Gok Wan returned to our TV sets last night with a new series of How To Look Good Naked (Channel 4).

We all know the deal with Gok by now don’t we? He’s obsessive about women’s “bangers” and giving them new clothes and, with any luck, a spring in their step for life.

He’s very good at it too. Whilst other Fashion Nazis have been all about dry-heaving in people’s wardrobes and glaring at them with eyes that say ‘Seriously. If I was homeless I wouldn’t wear that abomination’, Gok tends to skip all that (for the most part) like some weird Tim Burton creation that’s 90% legs and 10% campness.

Of course, it’s incredibly easy to pick holes (ie Take The Piss Out Of) when it comes to Auntie Gok. For a start, he’s on television and something of an attention seeker. These people are so easy to kick that it almost seems pointless.

To berate Gok Wan would be missing the point. You see, whilst others who have done similar thing with something of a sneer on their faces, poking people in the ribs and pulling their noses until they give in, Gok’s approach is one that is pretty much something you can do for yourself.

There is no chemical peel or anything as barbaric as that… but rather… a bloke telling you almost constantly about how wonderful you look and buying you a whole new wardrobe that makes you look good.

Naturally, sending them out on to a catwalk with nothing on is a bit much… but this is television. Television always needs a fireworks ending.

Last night’s show saw two women prone to crying a lot when faced with their perfectly lovely naked selves. Certain sections were actually quite depressing to watch. However, Gok somehow managed to make them feel a whole lot better about themselves which, in a day of pious, relentless television, is something of a heart-warmer.

It’s only a matter of time before I start having a go at Gok, mainly due to the fact that I’m a lazy writer who often picks obvious targets, but let the record show that, even though I wouldn’t ever like to be stuck in a lift with Wan’s TV persona, I certainly appreciate his cheering up of Britain’s middle-aged women who have lost their mojo.

Tuesday, June 23 on E4

Style guru Gok Wan returns to see if the Naked effect continues long after he’s gone. This week he meets up again with former bouncer and ladette Alison Howard.

Tuesday 2 December at 8:00pm on Channel 4

Style guru Gok Wan returns to see whether the women whose confidence he boosted are still riding high a year down the line. Gok hooks up again with Helen Thompson. When he first met her, Helen was a frumpy mum who’d lost all her confidence. Terrified at the thought of a job interview, Helen longed to be the successful career woman she once was and get back to work. The Naked treatment turned her into a yummy mummy, oozing sex appeal. But is she still feeling fantastic and what happened to her dreams of returning to work?

Thursday 28 August 2008

Gok is back for a catch up with Lisa Mayall, one of his favourite How to Look Good Naked ladies. A year ago he tore through this single mum of three’s life like a tornado giving her the full Naked experience. She was a hairy hippy with zero body confidence and was terrified of attracting male attention. A few weeks with The Wan transformed her into a confident woman oozing sexiness as she strutted down that famous catwalk. Now, a whole year on, Gok’s back. It turns out she’s still buzzing with confidence and she’s got a surprise in store – she’s pregnant!

Sunday 24 August 2008

Gok meets 27-year-old London girl Zoe Cobden. Zoe is a fine figure of a woman, but like most females she just can’t see it. She hates her size-12 body so much she tries to make herself invisible by wearing clothes as camouflage. It’s Gok’s mission to give Zoe the style and confidence to work her body.

Thursday 21 August 2008

Gok is back with the first of two specials looking at some of his favourite transformations. He’s catching up with Lucy Govan, who 12 months BG (Before Gok) was a tomboy who lived in a horsy world where glamour was a four-letter word! She felt fat and unfeminine and never ever got naked. With the help of some surprises Gok managed to get her naked on the catwalk runway. Twelve months later, Gok returns to make sure she’s not slipped back to her old ways, and he isn’t disappointed. Not only has she become a plus-size model, but she’s turned comedienne too!

Friday 8 August 2008

Style guru Gok Wan continues his own brand of women’s lib. In this episode, Gok meets former beauty queen Claire Osgood. This 42-year-old former Miss Southsea hates her big boobs so much she keeps them hidden at all times: a big change from 20 years ago when she was flaunting her fabulous figure in beauty contests. Can Gok restore Claire’s faith in her figure and get her parading in front of an audience again?

Friday 1 August 2008

Style guru Gok Wan meets 35-year-old singleton Nicki Denbeigh whose body hang-ups are stopping her from feeling sexy and meeting a man.

Friday 4 July

Tonight’s double helping of Gok on E4 kicks off with How to Look Good Naked , as Gok meets Lydia Rullow, one girl ready for a new look.

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