9:00pm Friday 17 February on BBC ONE

Mickey’s found the ultimate mark in multi-millionaire businessman Madani Wasem (played by Abhin Galeya), who is ripe for a stock market scam. The stakes are higher than usual as Wasem is extremely dangerous and the kind of mark they usually avoid.

Mickey has his own reasons for taking the risk – he’s tired of grifting and is ready for retirement. The others are shocked but the prospect of a �10million jackpot is too good to turn down.

There is a surprise in store when Wasem’s broker turns out to be Stacie Monroe (played by Jaime Murray). She’s a useful insider but, when Wasem instructs his enforcer to kill Mickey after the deal is done, the very real prospect of death looms large over the gang.

It’s the end of the road for Mickey and the gang but will they go out in a shower of money or a hail of bullets?

Mickey is played by Adrian Lester, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo, Emma by Kelly Adams, Stacie by Jaime Murray and Wasem by Abhin Galeya.

9:00pm Friday 10 February on BBC ONE

Albert decides to pay a nostalgic visit to an old haunt, only to find it’s been pulled down by ruthless property tycoon and former 80s game show host, Dale Ridley (played by Mark Williams). Cue the Hustle gang to deliver their special form of retribution…

Posing as international businessmen, the team lure Dale into a scam, convincing him to purchase the television studios that fired him in his showbiz heyday on their behalf. Will the temptation to get revenge on his old employers be enough to trick the greedy entrepreneur?

A spanner is thrown into the works, however, with the unexpected arrival of Ash’s 11 year old godson, Alfie (played by Sammy Williams). Will the aspiring grifter be a hindrance or a help?

Mickey is played by Adrian Lester, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo, Emma by Kelly Adams, Dale Ridley by Mark Williams and Alfie by Sammy Williams.

Ep 5

9:00pm Friday 3 February on BBC ONE

When the grifters’ friend, Carol, suffers a heart attack, the Hustle gang discover she’s been the victim of a sham diet plan run by American fraudsters Dr Dean Deville and his wife, Dana.

Determined to put the corrupt fraudsters through their paces, Mickey hatches a weight-loss scam to sell them a miraculous diet pill, but knows they’ll first need to gain their trust with an elaborate convincer. He lures the couple in by claiming he can steal a much-desired Faberge egg while Ash, dressed in a fat suit, speedily loses weight.

The Devilles are intrigued by the weight loss and Ash lets slip that he’s been taking a stolen diet drug. The team convince Dean and Dana to steal the formula from a pharmaceutical lab but it’s a risky endeavour. Have the grifters gone too far this time?

Mickey is played by Adrian Lester, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo, Emma by Kelly Adams, Dr Dean Deville by John Barrowman, Dr Dana Deville by Raquel Cassidy and Carol by Jodie Prenger.

9:00pm Friday 20 January on BBC ONE

The law catches up with the crafty Hustle conmen when corrupt police officer DI Fisk (played by Patrick Baladi) is bribed into bringing them down.

Unaware of Fisk’s watchful eye, the gang moves in on their latest mark, Linda Runcorn (played by Nina Sosanya), the crooked CEO of an online hotel and restaurant guide. They develop an inheritance scam to convince Linda a wealthy heir has left her valuable jewellery and an impressive estate.

Meanwhile, Fisk arrests Sean’s ex-girlfriend, pickpocket Kat (played by Skye Lourie), on false charges, blackmailing her to spy on the team so he can catch them. Left with no choice, Kat persuades Sean to let her join the con.

Things get heavier when Fisk demands that Kat plant cocaine in Emma’s bag, resulting in Emma’s arrest. With Emma in prison and the grifters under surveillance, there seems little way the Hustle gang can escape unscathed…

Mickey is played by Adrian Lester, Albert by Robert Vaughn, Ash by Robert Glenister, Sean by Matt Di Angelo, Emma by Kelly Adams, DI Fisk by Patrick Baladi, Linda Runcorn by Nina Sosanya and Kat Farmer by Skye Lourie.

9.00pm Friday 7 and Monday 3 January on BBC ONE

Two drama favourites return in the New Year as the hustlers have some new, ingenious plans to teach the rich a lesson; and the forensic team investigates some unexpected deaths

Filming has begun on the seventh series of Kudos Film and Television and Red Planet Pictures’ Hustle.


The gang are back with Adrian Lester as master con man Mickey “Bricks” Stone, with his “partners in crime”; veteran roper, Albert Stroller (Robert Vaughn) and fixer extraordinaire, Ash “Three Socks” Morgan (Robert Glenister). Also returning are brother and sister duo, Emma and Sean Kennedy (played by Kelly Adams and Matt Di Angelo).

Hustle has proven to be one of BBC One’s most successful and popular dramas and this series promises to be as slick and entertaining as ever.

Viewers can expect the usual high calibre of guest stars, including Angela Griffin, Joe Armstrong and Anna Chancellor. This series sees the team flirt with fashion’s finest, take a gamble on a casino and follow an unsuspecting mark’s crooked trail to Birmingham.

Hustle actor Adrian Lester said: “It’s fantastic that this series includes an episode set in my home town of Birmingham. The greedy better hold on tight to their wallets, as the gang is back and the cons are bigger and better than ever!”

Karen Wilson, executive producer, commented: “Reading Tony Jordan’s fantastic scripts, this series looks like it’s going to be fabulous. I can’t wait for Adrian and co to bring the action to life! This time around, the guys take a little trip to the Midlands, with the gang trying to give a female mark a new lease of life.”

Sarah Brandist, BBC executive producer, added: “Hustle is an extraodinarily special show and we are thrilled to be working on series seven with Kudos and Red Planet. And along with every other fan of this series, I cannot wait to see Mickey and the team work their way through a season of the most fabulous scams.”

Suzie Norton, CEO of Screen WM, said: “Kudos’ return sends a welcome signal that Birmingham and the wider region is a great place to do business for film and television production. Further employment opportunities for local crew and use of local facilities including locations, hotels, restaurants and caterers ensures an extra boost for the local economy and the city’s profile as an emerging centre of excellence in film and TV.”

Hustle is a Kudos Film and Television production in association with Red Planet Pictures and Screen WM for the BBC. It is written and created by Tony Jordan, who is also an executive producer for Red Planet Pictures, and Simon Crawford Collins and Karen Wilson are executive producers for Kudos. Additional writers are Chris Lang (Robin Hood), Chris Bucknall (New Street Law) and James Payne (Ashes To Ashes). The series will be directed by John McKay (Life On Mars) and Roger Goldby (No Angels). The new series is produced by Jane Hudson (Waterloo Road). The series was commissioned by Jay Hunt (Controller, BBC One) and Ben Stephenson (Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning). Hustle is produced with the support of Screen WM through the Advantage Media Production Fund.

The new series of Hustle will film in Birmingham and London this summer for transmission on BBC One in 2011.


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