I Hate Mum

10:00pm Wednesday, November 17 on LIVING

This week LIVING continues its season of shock docs with I Hate Mum. Your mother should be one of the most loving and trusted people in your life, but this explosive one-off documentary examines what happens when all out war develops between kids and the women who are raising them. This emotional programme is guaranteed to get viewers thinking about the complexities of family life and the importance of our closest ties by looking at what can be done to put these broken families back together.

The show follows the story of two volatile and aggressive boys, Adam and Ryan, who are locked in constant battle with their mothers. The situation with both families has become so bad that they have been referred to a specialist unit for help. The situation in these families has descended far beyond a bit of shouting or rudeness and includes serious verbal and physical abuse, with one mother even fearing for her safety at the hands of her violent 10-year-old son. Can even highly trained specialists make a difference once things have gone so far?

For the family of rebellious 16-year-old Ryan, anxiety and fear are a way of life. He steals their property, disappears for days at a time and has ended up excluded from school. At the unit for families in crisis, psychologists use a range of techniques to work out what these boys are trying to communicate with their bad behaviour and how the whole family can work through their issues. Can the professionals help these mothers and sons turn their relationships around? Viewers can follow their heart-rending stories this week on LIVING.

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