I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

Profession: Actress

Best known for: Playing glam amateur detective Jennifer in 80s TV sensation Hart to Hart

Phobias: Having to eat meat

Former jungle champ Christopher Biggins is a good friend of Stefanie’s – and recommended she appear on the show. And as a vegetarian, she’s not fazed about eating the I’m A Celebrity. staple of rice and beans, adding: “It’s not going to bother me as long as there’s nothing with a face on the plate.”

Clearly the US star isn’t too familiar with some of the more stomach-churning Bushtucker Trials – but she’ll find out soon enough. “I’m not intending to be fearful of anything,” says the feisty actress. “I’ll be jumping into the action with two feet.”

Profession: Promotor and semi-professional footballer

Best known for: Wooing half of Essex in hit reality show TOWIE

Phobias: Rodents

Ladies man Mark will miss the attention he gets from his female co-stars in The Only Way Is Essex – but he’s looking forward to making some new acquaintances in the jungle even though he won’t be looking his best. “I like to leave the house looking sharp so it’s going to be very hard living without hair products and moisturiser,” he admits.

But Mark’s got a lot more to worry about than his hair – he’s petrified of anything with whiskers and a penchant for cheese. “I hate rats and can’t look at a hamster or guinea pig,” he says concernedly. “If a rat comes near me I’ll cry.” Awww.

Profession: Actress

Best known for: Playing evil Steph Stokes in Emmerdale

Phobias: Spiders

The model and actress first shot to fame in the 1970s, starring in Campari adverts – but went on to star in Worzel Gummidge and, more recently, Emmerdale.

Currently single, Lorraine hasn’t ruled out the possibility of finding love in the jungle. “Never say never but it would have to be someone very special for me to want to lose the independence I have now.”

Romance or no romance, Lorraine plans to give the Bushtucker Trials her all. “There are going to be things I don’t like and fear, but if you don’t do it then some people will suffer,” she points out. “I hope there will be team players in the jungle. If you are a team player, it doesn’t matter who wins. It matters that you all support each other.”

Profession: Actress

Best known for: Duping members of the public in The Real Hustle

Phobias: Spiders

“I love make-up, big hair and photo shoots – and I’m going to keep doing it until someone stops me,” says The Real Hustle star. But don’t be fooled by Jess’s glamorous attitude – she’s not scared of getting her hands dirty and claims she’s happy to endure any Bushtucker Trial.

One thing that has crossed Jessica-Jane’s mind is food. “I’ll probably put on a bit of weight in the jungle after eating all the rice and beans,” she giggles. “The most exotic thing I’ve ever eaten before is salmon – covered in tomato sauce.” Let’s hope she’s brought some Ketchup to the jungle!

Profession: Impressionist and actor

Best known for: Being discovered on talent show Opportunity Knocks

Phobias: Testicles

In his own words, Freddie is “unpredictable and like marmite”, which means he’s bound to ruffle a few feathers in camp. “Showbiz people really get on my wick,” he adds, as if unaware that he’s just about to cosy up with a cacophony of celebs in the jungle.

There aren’t may things Freddie’s scared of but he’s “not too keen on testicles”. And he’s also got a bit of a problem with his digestion. “If I have too much beans and rice, you’ll hear me in Adelaide,” he grins. Oh dear.

Profession: Sport specialist

Best known for: Being a multiple medal-winner for javelin

Phobias: Jumping out of a plane

You better watch out if you fancy taking on Fatima in the jungle. “I haven’t got a game plan for the Jungle but I am competitive,” she smiles. Well, you don’t win dozens of medals for your country for nothing, eh Fatima?

“I am an avid viewer of the show and it’s easy to watch it in the comfort of your own home. I am not sure what it’s going to be like embedded in the jungle – but I will give it my best shot!”

Profession: Musician

Best known for: Jumping up and down in McFly

Phobias: Human injuries and insects in orifices

The smouldering McFly bass player’s used to being swooned over by hordes of female fans – but Dougie’s partial to passing out himself. “I faint at a lot of weird things,” he says. “When I get nervous I start dry heaving and sound like a cat choking on a fur ball.”

Still, dry heaving or not, Dougie will have the backing of the other members of MyFly. “I’m going to miss the boys from the band. Not a day goes by without me talking to one of them,” he says. Let’s hope he’ll make it through on his own.

Profession: Comedian and TV star

Best known for: Playing cabaret queen Janey York in Benidorm

Phobias: Bungee jumping

Crissy admits she was so excited about going on I’m A Celebrity…, she couldn’t stop screaming. “I am a big fan of the show,” she admits. “For me landing a place in the jungle is like the Oscars. I feel like I have already won by getting in. Anything else is a bonus.”

Of course, life in the jungle has its downsides: the Bushtucker Trials in particular. “I’ll do the Trials as best I can,” says the Benidorm star. “And, hopefully, I won’t be sick!”

Hopefully, Crissy won’t be doing a lot of cooking in the outback as she feels her skills lie elsewhere. “My cooking is so bad that I once put a jelly in the oven,” she cackles. “I think I’ll be best suited to doing the washing up.”

Profession: Actor

Best known for: Playing Rovers barman Sean Tully in Coronation Street

Phobias: Flying, enclosed spaces and many more!

Rovers glass-collector Sean’s really raised the bar when it comes to being scared of life in the jungle. “I’m a hypochondriac and have an alphabet of phobias,” he nervously reveals. He’s going to miss his Weatherfield co-stars and is hoping he’ll be allowed to take Keith Duffy into camp as his luxury item. Good luck with that one, Sean!

The Manchester-born actor describes himself as a mixture of camp and irritable and can’t bear people with no moral code. “I hope they cast a group of really nice people who look after one another,” he beams, hopefully.

Hmm, we’re not so sure.

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