I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2010

As I predicted within days of Gillian McKeith’s screaming antics on I’m A Celeb, now she’s out, she’s going on tour with Lembit Opik to perform a stage show in which he’ll “attempt to cure her of her phobias” on stage.

You can read my article predicting that she would do exactly this here.

The Sun revealed the ridiculously un-cunning plan today, and Lembit told the paper, “She’s a lovely woman and it would be great to do something with her.

“Going on tour would be a great idea. I’d be very happy to do that – I do have to find work after all.”

He also revealed that he and Gillian plan to co-write a book about insects, so yet again, I was right on that score too.

He said, “We’ve been talking about writing a book called Insects Are My Friends.

“It would be a children’s book – but it could also help Gillian!”

But despite the fact that it was perfectly obvious that Gillian was faking all her panic attacks and fainting episodes just to line herself up with a new careers, she told the paper, “It was all real.”

I personally think she’s insulting the intelligence of the British public by doing this, because it was obvious from the get go what she was doing.

The Sun today reports that a bushtucker trial had to be abandoned yesterday after both Lembit and Shaun were bitten by pythons!

The paper states that both men “received deep puncture wounds” after they put their hands into a tub that was filled with non-venomous tree pythons.

A show insider told the paper, “Tree pythons have a good bite on them, but do not carry poison.

“Shaun went first and the snake wrapped itself around his hand and took a really good bite, holding on for ages.

“Shaun was great – he looked really shocked and started swearing at the snake that he would bash it. Then medics were called.”

The same thing then happened when it was Lembit’s turn, and both men received treatment before they were returned to camp while the snakes were replaced by beetles for the trial.

The insider added, “The bosses were definitely worried.”

In other news, former I’m A Celeb contestant Christopher Biggins has launched a scathing attack on Gillian McKeith.

Speaking to The Sun about Gillian, Christopher said, “She’s the worst contestant – ever.

“She must be the most obnoxious, selfish, vindictive woman I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch on TV.

“She’s ruining the programme. She refuses to do anything, and if she cannot do it she should get out.

“She has a huge ego and probably thinks she’s being picked for the tasks because she’s so popular, the poor, deluded woman.

“My advice to her would be to try harder and be kinder. But there is no way back for her now.”

More I’m A Celeb news soon!

The Sun today reports that family members and friends of contestants starring on I’m A Celeb have branded it the Gillian McKeith show since she seems to be getting the most focus on the show.

Many think that Gillian is being unfairly advantaged in the contest via her whining and fainting.

Aggro Santos’s mum, Christina Lessa, said, “I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Aggro on the show.

“It’s become The Gillian McKeith Show, but I think they should be fair and let us see everyone in the jungle.”

And Lembit Opik’s girlfriend Merily McGiven, agreed. She said, “The trouble is people like to watch people suffering.

“It’s cruel, but that’s what TV is all about. These people are creating a programme and she’s making the show.”

And former stars of the show have likewise slammed Gillian, and while on ITV2’s Get Me Out of Here Now, Nicola McLean and Janet Street Porter criticised Gillian for her “antics”.

Nicola discussed Gillian’s trial with Dom Jolly and said, “She was so unsupportive of Dom, it was really bad. She gave him nothing.

“[But] it’s not about her then. If she was supporting him, it would take the attention of her and she is that manipulative. She is that awful – she can’t do it for a second.

“She thinks that she has close relationship with Stacey [Solomon]. But if that’s how she treats people who she’s close to, then that just shows how nasty she really is.”

And Janet added, “She thinks she’s the person that has suffered more than everyone else and that the whole show revolves around her.

“Get a life! Her only close relationship is with her ego.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 8pm on ITV1.

In last night’s I’m A Celeb, after being downright rude to Stacey Solomon, Gillian took her aside to – sort of – apologise, and she said, “The only person I want to see when I get out of here is Katie Price…

“She’s the only one who knows how I feel.”

Now previously,Gillian has maintained that she’s never watched the show, which of course nobody believed, but having made that statement, it’s clear that she has because how else would she know that Katie Price was voted to do the bushtucker trials nearly every day?

Granted, someone in camp could have told her about Katie, but the way she spoke to Stacey over it was in the context of having first-hand experience of it. She didn’t say, “Oh such and such told me how Katie had to do trials every day…”

It was said as though she was fully and personally aware of it.

She also told Stacey, “Well, she did her trials, she won the stars…” so will she still claim she’s never seen the show?

And I might add, it looks like my prediction about Gillian was spot on right. I wrote in an article a couple of days ago that I suspected she was going on and on about her phobias – and fainting all the time – so that she could ‘conquer’ them and get a new TV show or book about doing just that…

In my earlier post, which you can read here, I said that in a few days, Gillian would start to proudly state how she was getting over her fears, and sure enough, last night, she proudly made a big deal of how she could now walk over the bridge instead of crawling along it.

She also went underwater for what she says was the first time ever to “conquer my water phobia.”

Oh puhlease!

But in being so nasty to Stacey, who was only saying what the rest of the UK is thinking – that is, if your so scared and so ill, why don’t you leave – she sealed the deal on being utterly dislikable for me.

Stacey’s a lovely girl and I thought it was perfectly reasonable to ask that question. Any sane person would do what she suggested and just go if it was that bad, but Gillian bit her head off and told her to go away!

I suspect too it’s only a matter of time before Shaun blows his top at her because she keeps on and on at him doesn’t she? Perhaps that’s what she’s hoping for?

After all, Gillian is well aware that rows and her behaviour are keeping the cameras firmly on her.

I’m hoping she goes, and soon!

Well, to answer my own question, for me, yes she is. After her pathetic performance during last night’s show, she’s definitely earned that particular title…

Screaming from the ‘prison’ that she shouldn’t be there was quite simply, sad. But here are three reasons why I dislike her more than Katie Waissel even…

First of all, she cheated in the trial by perching on top of the ‘dock’ when she should’ve been standing in it like everyone else.

Secondly, her rant at Shaun over where he could or couldn’t smoke wasn’t “polite” as she insisted; she just issued orders and expected them to be followed.

And thirdly, she’s got her “contraband” of condiments that she’s not sharing with anyone else.

But if a fourth reason were needed, I’d add that she’s clearly faking her fainting episodes. And evidently everyone at camp thinks so too, even Dom Jolly who shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves” to the public voters who opted for Gillian to do yet another trial.

And Ant and Dec make so much fun of her, they obviously believe she’s faking too.

What I do find amusing though is that Gillian is of course most famous for her diet plan, but fat lot of good it’s doing her if she is genuinely passing out all the time!

Not exactly a good advert for her way of eating/living is it?

And the woman looks like a shriveled up raisin, so again, and again, if she’s expecting people to follow her diet plan, she may as well yell, “eat this way and you too can look like a hag.”

Time she went surely?

As viewers of I’m A Celeb saw last night, drama queen Gillian McKeith ‘fainted’ when told she had been voted by viewers to take part in the Unfairground trial…

As Dom Jolly shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves” to the viewers, Dr Bob rushed in and gave Gillian oxygen.

This is becoming something of a regular occurrence and in addition, Gillian point blank refused to do the trial the day before…

But if Gillian is genuinely so “frail” and passing out every two minutes, then how come the show’s medical team are allowing her to stay? Surely if they believed for one minute that any of these dramatic fainting episodes were genuine, they’d have her on the first flight home for fear of her suing ITV?

I’m convinced it’s all entirely fake, and done for no reason other than a) to get out of doing trials and b) to get more air time… Because let’s face it, without all this drama, she’d have been the first to go because without her “phobias” and “anxiety attacks”, the woman would be as dull as ditchwater to watch.

But enough is enough now surely? Time she went methinks.

However, after the amateur dramatics, she was then excluded from the task, and for the first time in the show’s history, the person who came second in the public vote did the trial, and that was Linford Christie.

He pretended to faint when he was told the news, which shows how seriously he’s taking Gillian’s fainting, but he did well and won 12 meals for camp.

I’m A Celebrity bosses had anticipated that Gillian would be chosen to do the live trial, and also that she’d refuse, so they had the second place rule hastily brought in so that there wouldn’t be 30 minutes of airtime to fill when Gillian bailed.

A show insider told The Sun, “Bosses were terrified Gillian would ruin the live trial and so hastily decided on the rule change to make sure they had something to fill the air time.”

Do you think it’s time she went now if she’s just going to pull a “panic attack” when she’s got to do a trial? Or do you want her to stay to see what she does?

Joanne Ryder, Shaun Ryder’s wife, has today told The Sun that Shaun needs life-saving medication while he’s in the jungle as he has a dangerous thyroid condition.

His illness is also the reason why he keeps dozing off in the jungle, but as his fellow contestants don’t know about it, they have just assumed he’s a heavy sleeper.

Joanne told the paper, “He’ll be on these tablets every single day for the rest of his life.

“He suffered a collapsed thyroid earlier in the year – nobody knows about that.

“I don’t know how they’re giving him the medication – or whether the other contestants know about it – but I know he is getting his pills.

“We got told that he could lapse into a coma in the worst-case scenario, if the condition hadn’t been diagnosed and treated.

“It was an awful worrying time for us. Shaun just couldn’t get out of bed for months.

“He’s normally such a bouncy character, but he became like a hamster in hibernation – all curled up and constantly shattered. He couldn’t get out of bed for ages.”

However, perhaps because he feels unwell, Shaun has told other contestants that’s he’s increasingly unhappy and may quit the show.

He said yesterday that being in the jungle is “doing my nut in” and went on to add that he may leave today having completed a week on the show.

He said, “It’s Friday tomorrow so I might bail tomorrow because it’s not like taking the money and running, is it? I’ve done a full week.

“It’s doing my nut in. If I do two weeks, they’ll have to take my shoelaces off me.

“I accomplished what I had to do by coming in here so I’m not really bothered. I’ve got nothing to lose by going out.”

And later, he criticised the selfish behaviour of some of the group after Gillian McKeith took a passion fruit and didn’t share it with anyone else, even though everybody’s hungry.

Shaun told Linford, “I should say this to her face, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to get into a big confrontation with her, but what sort of person walks in…

“If we had walked into the girls’ camp and straight away one of us had gone in the food… but you can imagine the fuss she’d have made over it.

“I’m not bothered I just think it’s a pretty rude person, up their own arse.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1.

Former Big Brother contestant and This Morning presenter Alison Hammond will today become the show’s 13th contestant when she’s ‘dropped’ into camp in a crate!

Two of the current contestants will discover Alison inside the crate as part of Friday night’s Celebrity Chest challenge.

35-year-old Alison told The Sun, “It’s not the best way to lose weight, but it would be great to lose a stone.

“I’ve been on a diet for the last six weeks and I have already lost a stone and a half, so if I can lose some more pounds, that will be fantastic.

“I can’t wait to be smaller and I really hope I will then be able to keep the weight off!

“Being in the jungle will give me time to think about why I do overeat.

“I also want to be proud of myself and achieve this. If I can do this, I know I will be able to do anything – like be a size fourteen.”

However, Alison revealed that no matter how much weight she might lose while on the show, she won’t be appearing in a bikini.

She said, “I will be covering my modesty. I am not going in there to get a modelling contract. I don’t think it’ll happen!

“I am not showing off my body for everyone. Can you imagine?! I don’t want to put that on the nation. I don’t want to scare everyone!”

Alison also went on to say that as she’s never been camping before, she has no idea if she will cope with sleeping in the jungle.

She said, “I’ve never been camping, never slept outside, never cooked outside and I want to see if I can do it.

“I want to have some fun and it’s not every day you get offered the chance to go on I’m A Celebrity.”

And on the subject of her unusual entrance into the jungle, a show insider told the paper that “evil” I’m A Celeb producers “couldn’t believe their luck” when they learned that Alison’s scared of being trapped in a box.

The source added, “They immediately got working on a large crate which she will be forced to hide in.

“It is genius, but Alison will probably not be very happy.”

More I’m A Celeb news soon!

Shaun Ryder has told fellow I’m A Celeb contestant Nigel Havers that he’s only on the show to promote his new album.

A show insider told The Sun, “Shaun had a heart to heart with Nigel and told him the real reason why he had agreed to appear on the show.

“He said that his record company had told him that if he wanted them to be able to get his upcoming greatest hits album into Tesco and Asda he would need to go on the show.

“He said he wouldn’t have agreed otherwise.”

In other news, Ant and Dec have told the paper that they think Gillian McKeith has a “game plan” and that she’s enjoying being in the jungle.

Ant said, “She might be having a tough time but she won’t quit.

“She knows what she’s doing. I think she’s even enjoying it.”

And Dec added, “She definitely has a game plan and probably thinks she can win.

“The biggest surprise was what a scaredy cat she was.”

Ant added, “She can handle people’s poos and analyse them but she’s scared of a cockroach.”

However, Gillian’s daughter, Skylar McKeith-Magaziner, has denied that her mum’s faking her panic attacks.

Speaking on This Morning, Skylar said, “There are different levels of unconsciousness. She definitely needed the oxygen.”

More I’m A Celeb news soon!

As regular Throng readers may know, I’m a fully trained psychotherapist as well as – some say, brilliant – writer, and having watched another installment of I’m A Celeb, I’ve come to a conclusion…

Gillian McKeith is nuttier than squirrel poo.

Yes, that is the technical term.

And now it seems she’s told her fellow contestants that she’s hearing voices! A show insider told The Sun that her ‘voices’ tell her if she’s doing well or alternately if she’s doing badly, they tell her she should leave the jungle.

The source added, “Whether she’s making this up too, who knows?”

And it seems Gillian believes that the public are voting for her to do all the bushtucker trials because she’s popular, to which Britt Eckland replied, “I beg to differ.”

Too right.

Her behaviour during the bushtucker trial we saw last night was not only odd, it was also rude. Now I’m not Shaun Ryder’s biggest fan, but he did show he’s got nuts when he ate everything in that trial, while looney tunes would only eat the vomit fruit pizza thing…

She was constantly rude to Shaun, telling him not to speak while he’s eating and generally pulling faces that implied ‘He has the table manners of a goat’, and she may be right but at least he gave it a good go!

And to be honest, on an entirely personal level, everything about her irritates me; that stupid face she pulls when she doesn’t approve, the way she smiles even… it all bugs the bejesus out of me.

So will she be gone at the first opportunity or do you want to keep her in to torture her with trials?

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