Iron Chef

Heard of Iron Chef? If not, then you’re in for a treat because it’s one of the most ludicrous TV shows ever made.

“A delectable Japanese tradition takes root on UK soil”… which means Channel 4 will show a programme that’s somewhere between Ready Steady Cook and Gladiators.

The competition takes place in “Kitchen Stadium” an amazing pressure cooker of an arena and the battle is presided over by “The Chairman” an enigmatic Japanese ring master who embodies the “ancient heritage” of the competition.

Our four Iron Chefs will represent the best of global culinary expertise and will be awesome, intimidating experts in their field.

Each week a team of four chefs compete against one of the Iron chefs each episode. The task is to prepare four superlative dishes all based on that days “Special Ingredient” which is unveiled with great pomp and ceremony by The Chairman – it could be anything from aubergine to octopus.

The food will be judged by expert food critics and at the end of each show a winner is announced.

Each week will culminate in a grand Friday Final where the best of that week’s challengers will go head to head with the strongest of that week’s Iron Chefs in the toughest of challenges – where the special ingredient will be especially challenging. If the successful challenger wins this final cook-off they will pocket a thousand useless pounds.

In the words of the global Chairmen – Allez Cuisine!

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