In an exclusive interview with ITV1’s Daybreak, His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, gave a stark warning on the environment: act now, or pay the consequences.

Speaking to Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley from the gardens of Clarence House, Prince Charles said the environment is under huge strain and that precautions were needed to combat climate change.

The Prince spoke to Daybreak after spending the last week travelling the country encouraging people to make changes to their lifestyles to help the environment as part of his START 2010 initiative.


Below is the transcript of Prince Charles’ interview:

CHRISTINE BLEAKLEY: Thank you for having us. Such beautiful surroundings, you must have very special memories of your time here in Clarence House?

HRH: Absolutely, particularly when I was small – my parents were here so I do have very happy childhood memories of the place. And then of course when my grandfather died we all had to go to Buckingham Palace and my grandmother moved in. So I have, again, a whole lot of very special memories with her here for whatever it was – 50 something years. 

CB: We’ve been talking about the START 2010 initiative all week on Daybreak and the idea is to try and encourage Britain to be a greener place. Personally, just how important is this for you to get that message across?

HRH: What I’ve been trying to highlight is the fact that so much can be done by communities – it’s a grassroots thing. Frequently people have taken it on themselves to try and do all these things, because they get frustrated I think, and they also realise that there is a huge challenge that we’re facing and we’re putting nature’s systems under huge strain and we can’t go on like that if we actually want to hand over something reasonably worthwhile to our children and grandchildren. That’s the only reason I’m doing it, I’m not doing it for my health otherwise.

CB: But you can talk about people trying to cut down on flying, talk to business leaders – but really it’s the little things that each of us can do as individuals that will hopefully, eventually make the difference isn’t it?

HRH: There’s been a huge amount of popularity recently for books about beekeeping, chicken keeping, allotment building. It wasn’t long ago that allotments went completely out of fashion. Everybody gave it up, they all became overgrown, and then they started building on the allotments. And now suddenly there’s an enormous interest in all that. And I think people begin to discover that actually it’s quite fun having bees and chickens and just having that slightly slower approach.

ADRIAN CHILES: We’ve heard that you have a quite magnificent vegetable garden, is that something that you would be prepared to show us?

HRH: Well it’s only small, but absolutely.

AC: I’m sure it’s magnificent in its own ways.

HRH: [To Christine] He’s digging for victory!


AC: So with the produce here, what happens to it?

HRH: Well most of it is used in the house. We have quite a lot of, inevitably dinners, events and things. So the great thing is to have as much as we can, anyway, from here in the garden. And as I say, it’s an attempt to try at least show willing on a self sufficiency side.

AC: You’d appreciate that at the moment these are tough economic times and people are trying to save every penny. And they might say, well its OK – you’ve got a huge garden – you can go green if you’ve got lots of money. But if you get everything extremely cheaply, it’s more difficult to live like that. What would you say to that?

HRH: You could say that, but then on the other hand all this week I’ve been looking at all these marvellous examples on the ground of very disadvantaged communities which have actually taken all this sort of thing in their stride. Just thinking about the amount of food we waste in this country – it’s 10 billion quid’s worth every year, it’s unbelievable. And then people talk about feeding the world. Well you’d think you might start with getting rid of the waste. Think about in the United States how much waste there is. And we could use that, reuse it again, or look again how we actually farm which doesn’t put nature at the centre of the whole process. So we’ve become disconnected from nature and the world around us – how nature works – and we’ve forgotten that we are part of nature ourselves. We have somehow been taught to believe we are separate from it and that nature is something that we exploit and generally suppress. But all that happens is the more we do that, the more we engender a situation where she kicks us in the teeth. And that is happening now all the time. You can see it in terms of the general chaotic nature of the climate.

CB: So what are your views on people who doubt that, who doubt climate change?

HRH: I find it quite extraordinary. To me it seems only sensible to take a precautionary approach. Clearly there is something going very wrong. And I would say to all these sceptics, well alright, it may be very convenient to believe that somehow all these greenhouse gases we are pouring into the atmosphere just disappear through holes and conveniently into space. It doesn’t work like that..

AC: So you’ve travelled everywhere around this country, around the world, you’ve met everybody influential there is to meet. On the basis of your life experience are you an optimist or a pessimist? I mean seriously, are we all doomed as a planet?

HRH: All I am saying is if we don’t take a precautionary approach it’s going to be no fun at all – on the current way we are proceeding – for our children or grandchildren. Personally I’m not prepared to see your children or grandchildren be handed a completely malfunctioning planetary system.

A: Finally, I’ve got no vegetables for my tea, have you got anything spare here that we could take with us?  Is there a courgette going?

HRH: There might easily be – I could pull up a very small onion.

A: But it would be a Royal Onion! And that would be special. Thank you very much.

ITV today announced three major new drama commissions for 2011, written and created by three of the UK’s leading screenwriters Peter Morgan, Anthony Horowitz and Sally Wainwright.

Injustice stars James Purefoy as William Travers, a criminal barrister who is recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system.  Injustice is Anthony Horowitz’s next project for ITV1 following the huge success of stripped drama Collision which screened to excellent reviews and ratings. 

Scott and Bailey will star Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp in the title roles of two homicide detectives from Greater Manchester Police’s prestigious Major Incident Team.  The series is scripted by Sally Wainwright whose drama Unforgiven won the coveted RTS Award for Best Drama earlier this year. 

The Jury is a compelling series which focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time. Written by BAFTA winner and Oscar nominated Peter Morgan, the drama goes into production early next year.

The Jury, Injustice and Scott and Bailey have been commissioned for ITV1 by Director of Drama Commissioning Laura Mackie and Controller of Drama Commissioning Sally Haynes.  All three dramas will be produced in high definition.

ITV Director of Television, Peter Fincham, said: “ITV is increasingly building a reputation for working with the very best writing and acting talent.  These three new commissions, written by three of the UK’s most acclaimed screenwriters, join an impressive and varied range of drama for 2011, alongside the likes of The Oaks, Monroe, Kidnap and Ransom, and the return of Primeval.

“We are continuing to reinvigorate the ITV1 schedule, and continued investment in high quality original drama is at the very heart of that transformation.”

ITV Director of Drama Commissioning, Laura Mackie said: “Peter, Sally and Anthony are three of the finest British screenwriters and the quality of their scripts are attracting top flight acting talent.  We’re totally committed to original, authored drama and these commissions are brilliant additions to our slate for 2011”  


“I’m delighted to be working with ITV again after the success of Collision. Laura Mackie asked me to come up with a psychological thriller that would keep audiences guessing to the end and I hope that with Injustice I’ve done just that,” said Anthony Horowitz.

“We’re going to be shooting in Suffolk, my favourite part of Britain, and after working closely with the director, Colm McCarthy – and with James Purefoy already cast in the lead – I think we’re on course to provide a very striking, very cinematic five-part drama.”

The central character, William Travers, is the opposite of what he seems – a successful criminal barrister still recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system. Reluctantly, he is drawn into a case that involves conspiracy and murder while at the same time being investigated by a vicious and vengeful detective.

The five part series is a story of friendship, conspiracy, betrayal and murder as well as a critical look at the way the legal system operates. Injustice will be produced by Anthony’s own production company, Injustice Films Limited.


Scott and Bailey is Sally Wainwright’s next project for ITV. The series will be produced by the Red Production Company in Manchester headed up by Executive Producer, Nicola Shindler – and filming will begin in November 2010. 

The series explores the personal and professional lives of DC Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and DC Cathy Bailey (Suranne Jones), both members of Greater Manchester Police’s prestigious Major Incident Team. Cathy is 30, down-to-earth, noisy, argumentative and single whilst Janet is 40, a diplomat and a thinker, as well as being a wife and mother. Despite the obvious differences between them, the fact that they are often thrown together in difficult situations means they have developed a robust friendship.

Sally is currently writing the series which will feature 6 x 60 minute episodes.  She has co-created Scott and Bailey with ex-Detective Inspector Diane Taylor formerly of the Major Incident Team, Greater Manchester Police. 

“Primarily Scott and Bailey is about ordinary women who do an extraordinary job. Cathy and Janet are detectives who investigate homicide. They find themselves in extreme and challenging situations every day of their lives,” said Sally.

“I’ve worked closely with Diane and she’s been an absolute inspiration to me.  Consequently, we’ve written some of the most amazing material.  Everything I’ve written I’ve sent to Diane and she’s come up with some great ideas and suggestions.  With her background in homicide detection, it’ll be an incredibly accurate series.  I’m also thrilled to be working with Nicola Shindler and Suranne once again,” added Sally.


ITV can also confirm that BAFTA winner and writer of acclaimed feature films Frost/Nixon and The Queen, Peter Morgan, is writing a five part series, The Jury for ITV1.  Peter, who created the original The Jury produced by ITV Studios in 2002 to great critical acclaim, is writing a compelling, character based series which focuses on the everyday people who find themselves at the centre of one of the most controversial criminal re-trials of their time.

It is gripping, dark and emotionally charged and will deal with the story of a prisoner who has served five years of a sentence for a violent triple murder. New evidence has come to light which calls his conviction into question and the jurors are forced to face their prejudices as they come to grips with the complexities and unwanted attention of being a key player in such a high profile Old Bailey trial.   The Jury will be produced once again by ITV Studios and executive produced by the company’s Drama Creative Director Kate Bartlett and co-executive produced by Peter Morgan.

“I am delighted to be writing a new series of The Jury for ITV having so enjoyed creating the first series ten years ago,” said Peter Morgan. “The format always appealed to me as a way to tell both a contemporary crime story and yet interweave it with something more – a snapshot of modern Britain, an assessment of where we are, how we live, who we’ve become. A jury is selected at random, twelve people of all ages, from all walks of life with a view to representing us. By telling their stories it allows us to turn the gaze back on them and to sit in judgement on them, and by implication on ourselves, too,” added Peter.

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher – the best-selling book by Kate Summerscale about an infamous murder in a Victorian country house – has been adapted for ITV by Hat Trick Productions.  

The two hour drama will star Paddy Considine (Red Riding Trilogy, Dead Man’s Shoes, The Bourne Ultimatum, 24 Hour Party People, Hot Fuzz) in the lead role of Inspector Jonathan Whicher and will be adapted by Neil McKay (Mo, See No Evil: The Moors Murders).

Set in 1860, this gripping true story of murder, psychological suspense and courtroom drama begins when three-year-old Saville Kent is found brutally murdered and hidden down a servants’ privy in the grounds of the elegant Rode Hill House on the edge of a sleepy village on the Wiltshire / Somerset border.

As the local police struggle to solve the crime, the case becomes a national scandal: “The security of families, and the sacredness of English households demand that this matter should never be allowed to rest till the last shadow in it dark mystery shall have been chased away,” declares The Morning Post.

On the orders of the Home Secretary, Inspector Jonathan “Jack” Whicher, the so-called “Prince of Sleuths” from the newly formed Scotland Yard detective department, is despatched to the countryside to restore justice.  Whicher was the inspiration for the first fictional detectives created by Wilkie Collins and Dickens, but the case was to prove the most difficult of his career.

Behind the seemingly respectable middle-class façade of the Kent family, he discovers adultery, insanity and jealousy in a world populated by gossiping servants, a wicked stepmother and rebellious children.  With the local police actively working against him, it’s a struggle for Whicher to find the evidence and nail the culprit.

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher will film on location around London in October.  It will be directed by James Hawes (DCI Banks: Aftermath, Enid).  The Executive Producer for Hat Trick Productions is Mark Redhead (Mutual Friends, God On Trial, Bodies, Bloody Sunday).

Mark says: “This a very modern story.  It gripped the country in the way that the case of Madeleine McCann has done in our day.  It became an obsession for the press and was even debated in the House of Commons.   Perhaps for the first time, the Rode Hill House murder exposed the darkness that lay behind the solid front door of the respectable English home.  As a story it is riveting but also deeply touching.”

The drama has been commissioned by ITV’s Director of Drama Commissioning Laura Mackie and Controller of Drama Commissioning Sally Haynes who comments:  “The Suspicions of Mr Whicher has been a huge literary success and Neil McKay has done a superb job adapting Kate Summerscale’s fascinating book.  Paddy Considine is the perfect actor to bring Whicher to the screen”.

The Suspicions of Mr Whicher won the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction.

Further casting details will be announced in due course.

ITV today announced a deal to make the ITV Player available on Sony’s PlayStation®3 (PS3™) consoles by the end of 2010.

The deal, the first of its kind with a UK commercial broadcaster, will see the ITV Player made available to internet connected Sony PS3’s and is part of a wider strategy to roll out the highly successful ITV Player to platforms beyond – including games consoles, TV- and mobile- based devices.

Launched in July 2007 on, the ITV Player gives viewers the opportunity to catch up on favourite ITV programmes which they may have missed or want to watch again, up to 30 days from the original time of transmission.  In 2009, long and short-form video views on, across all programme genres, more than doubled year-on-year reaching 200m.

The ITV Player on PS3 will be free and ad-funded with pre-, mid- and post- roll video ads being sold and served by ITV.   PS3 users will be prompted to implement a software update the first time they turn their consoles on after launch at which point an icon will appear in the TV section of the main navigational menu.  They will then be able to click through to an ITV Player service.

The ITV Player also offers brand owners one of the UK’s leading, measurable, online routes to market around high quality content.

Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director of Commercial and Online, ITV said: “Our viewers want the option to watch their favourite content when and where they choose so distributing the ITV Player, with our rich content, to platforms beyond will allow us to meet that demand. We’re really excited that they will soon be able to access the ITV Player on demand through the PS3 platform.”

Robin Pembrooke has been appointed as the new Managing Director of, it was announced today (Tuesday).

Pembrooke joins from Global Radio where he spent three years as Group Director, Online and Interactive.  Prior to that, he was Director of Product Operations at Yahoo! Europe.

He will report to Fru Hazlitt, ITV’s Managing Director of Commercial and Online, who said:

“As we progress the transformational change plan, key priorities are to refocus and overhaul the site ensuring that users can quickly and easily engage with our content in a way that is appropriate to the platform.

“ should be about extending exclusive content, video on demand and monetisation both through the business of advertising and directly from the consumer.  It is also vital that we identify the right distribution strategy for the ITV player and effectively integrate the product where appropriate.

“Robin has a proven track record in online product development at Yahoo! and in driving online audience growth.  He led the team which, in two years, tripled the Global Radio audience and relaunched Heart, 95.8CapitalFM and ClassicFM.  He will be a real asset to the online team.”

Robin Pembrooke said:

“I’m joining ITV at such an exciting time for the company and the wider sector.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Fru, Adam Crozier, Peter Fincham and Kevin Lygo, and look forward to start engaging with the wider online team.”

MGM Worldwide Television has signed a multi-year renewal agreement with ITV for the James Bond movie franchise.

The deal will keep the most successful film franchise of all time on ITV and its family of channels for several years and is highlighted by the free television premiere of Quantum of Solace, which continues the high octane adventures of the famous spy played by Daniel Craig.

The announcement was made today by Gary Marenzi, Co-President, MGM Worldwide Television.

As part of the agreement, for the first time in the UK marketplace, all the Bond films, including Casino Royale, Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, Dr. No, GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only, License to Kill and Diamonds are Forever, will be shown in high definition on ITV1 HD across its 2010 and 2011 schedules.

Zai Bennett, ITV Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, said: “James Bond is a British cinematic icon loved by ITV’s audience and we’re delighted to continue the franchise’s long association with ITV, as well as the chance, for the first time, to show every Bond feature film in fantastic HD.”

Marenzi added: “We are pleased to be working with ITV on keeping the Bond franchise as vibrant as ever in high definition, which will be a big treat to Bond fans in the UK.   Working closely with ITV, MGM looks forward to making this valuable franchise even more enjoyable for its scores of British fans.”

ITV today announces two new creative talents set to join the award winning daytime team from this September.

Creative Director of Big Brother, SHARON POWERS, is set to join Loose Women as Executive Producer. Sharon has overseen the creative development of Big Brother at Endemol UK for the last six years; prior to this she was Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment at Channel 4.

Leopard Films’ Executive Producer, MILES JARVIS will join ITV Daytime as Development Executive working across the daytime brands.  Miles has spent six years at Leopard Films creating a number of series for BBC1 and ITV1 including Missing Live, Evacuees Reunited and Crash Scene Investigators.

Sharon said: “I am thrilled to be joining Loose Women and am looking forward to working with the team behind one of Britain’s best daytime programmes.”

Miles said: “This is a very exciting time to be joining ITV Daytime.  I’m very much looking forward to working with the team to develop and create Daytime’s next big brands.”

Creative Director, Daytime & Lifestyle, Fiona Keenaghan said:

“Securing the creative talents of Sharon Powers and Miles Jarvis is a real coup for Loose Women and ITV Daytime. I look forward to working closely with them both as we continue to develop the success of our daytime brands at this incredibly exciting time for ITV.”

Beleaguered ITV are looking at ways of making more money.

They weighed up having commercial breaks that lasted one hour at a time, but that wasn’t feasible. So they’re looking at the internet to make some cash.

The broadcaster is looking to launch an online micropayment system and has admitted that it will charge for some of the content it provides on Project Canvas.

Adam Crozier, ITV’s chief executive, said today that the broadcaster was “not punching its weight online”; it was only doing as well as Channel 4 despite being a much bigger player in TV revenues.

“ITV failed to equip itself to compete… lags behind competitors in audience, functionality and revenue terms,” he said.

“We need to invest online – our site isn’t as good as some of our competitors. We need to start to find a way to develop pay online and look to launch micropayments.”

“Project Canvas is an important part of our future and it is also a way into The two are inextricably linked – Project Canvas is not the be all and end all but it is a key part of the answer going forward.”

But does ITV have anything that people will deem worthy of their money?

As it stands, it really doesn’t.

Lets face it – ITV is rubbish isn’t it? If it wasn’t for Simon Cowell, the occasional Champions League match and Corrie, no-one would watch the channel.

And so, with ITV making a move to pay-TV with three high-definition channels vanishing behind Sky’s subscription wall, you have to wonder if anyone will tune in at all.

The agreement with Sky, as reported by, covers HD versions of ITV2, 3 and 4. Yes, really.

Along with an online presence, it seems that ITV are putting £75 million aside for their digital channels.

The company’s chief executive, Adam Crozier, said: “For the past decade ITV has not faced up to the challenges presented by the rise of internet-based platforms, the continuing growth of pay TV and subscription services and the globalisation of content.

“Our priority for the next 18 months is to make ITV a creatively dynamic and fit-for-purpose organisation while maintaining strict financial controls. Over time we expect to move to a position whereby half of ITV’s revenue base will be derived from non-television advertising sources and today we are announcing our move into pay television with the agreement to make HD versions of ITV 2, 3 and 4 pay channels on Sky.”

ITV’s HD channels will become available to Sky+ HD subscribers in autumn, starting with ITV2 in October.

ITV was in talks with other providers, Crozier said, including Virgin Media, but the deal was exclusive to Sky among satellite platforms.

Really though… is anyone actually mental enough to pay to watch these channel in their own right?

ITV has agreed a pay-television deal with Sky to launch high definition versions of its successful digital channels as a subscription service on the Sky platform.

ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD, and ITV4 HD will launch as part of Sky+HD’s subscription package of channels in autumn 2010. The channels will be available to all homes subscribing to a Sky+HD subscription, of which there are more than 2.9 million.

ITV2 HD will launch in October for the start of The Xtra Factor, with ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD launching shortly after.

ITV’s digital channel family is the most successful in the UK, and increased its total share of viewing over the first half of 2010 by 12%, with ITV2 and ITV3 the two most popular digital channels in the UK.

Adam Crozier, Chief Executive of ITV plc, said: “I’m delighted to announce ITV’s move into pay television today with this deal with Sky. We will launch our highly successful family of digital channels, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4, in high definition for the very first time as part of the Sky+HD subscription.

“Building new revenue streams by exploiting our content across multiple platforms is a key part of the ITV Transformation Plan announced today. Pay television has seen continual growth over the last decade and this deal is a great example of how a new, subscription-based launch, can complement ITV’s existing free-to-air channels.”

Mike Darcey, Sky’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The subscription model best rewards those committing to HD and continues to drive its growth. We therefore welcome ITV’s move to embrace pay TV to satisfy the demands of millions who now regard anything less than HD as a compromise. This is great news for the one in three Sky homes who have already responded to the increased choice and quality offered by Sky+HD.”

The new high definition channels will showcase a large and increasing range of high definition programming. ITV2, original HD programming will include the top rating entertainment shows, Britain’s Got More Talent, The Xtra Factor and I’m A Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here Now! ; original drama such as the third series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl; and acquired content including Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, and a range of top movies.

ITV3 will offer most of its catalogue of recent drama in high definition, including the likes of Lewis, Marple, Above Suspicion, and landmark factual series such as Joanna Lumley’s Nile and Martin Clunes: Islands of Britain. An increasing amount of ITV3’s classic drama will be broadcast in high definition as ITV re-masters its extensive back-catalogue. ITV4’s high definition content will include premium sports events such as Tour de France and UEFA Europa League, as well as films.

As Europe’s most comprehensive HD service, 2.9 million Sky+HD homes can currently access up to 43 HD channels spanning entertainment, sports, movies, arts, drama, kids and documentaries, including channel brands such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies, FX, Discovery, Channel 4, Sky Arts, MTV, Nat Geo, ESPN, Disney, the BBC and Sky1. The Sky+HD box not only provides access to Europe’s leading HD service and Sky’s new HD electronic programme guide (EPG), but later this year it will also offer customers access to a full broadband-enabled video-on-demand service and Sky 3D, Europe’s first 3D TV channel, which launches to Sky homes on 1st October 2010.


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