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Plus see spoilers and clip from this weekend’s shows

As you’re probably aware, in this weekend’s X Factor shows – which air both tonight and tomorrow night – we’re off to Judges’ Houses as each judge has to whittle down their acts to just three who will go forward to the live shows.

However, as The X Factor bosses announced last week, each judge has chosen one act each to return to the show out of those they previously sent home…

These ‘Wildcards’ will be revealed tonight – they are apparently currently in hiding at the Corinthia Hotel in London alongside the acts who made it through to the live shows – and their identities are being kept a closely guarded secret.

However, as soon as the Wildcards are revealed, we the viewers will then get to vote on who we want to see reinstated and go on to the live rounds.

So the big question is of course, just who are these Wildcards? Continue reading »

Last night’s edition of The X Factor was the final installment from this year’s Bootcamp, and I stared at my TV, mouth hanging open like a slack jawed yokel as some of the best singers were, one by one, kicked off the show…

Joe Cox and Jade Richards, who of course both made it as far as Judges’ Houses last year, were yet again ditched, as was Joseph Whelan, who for me was on the early Could Win It list.

I really don’t know how the judges reached their decisions this year – or most years for that matter – given that yet again, singers who are far weaker vocally than all of the above got through to the next stage…

For instance, Brad Shackleton and Rylan Clark were put through, and though certainly Rylan is a truly nice guy and very funny, there’s not a cat in hell’s chance that he’s going to win.

Ditto for Brad, who, though I didn’t actually notice him much in the shows to date – did you? – is probably also a very nice bloke, but again, his voice is nowhere near the caliber of Joe’s, Jade’s or Joseph’s. Continue reading »

Plus, Jade Richards is back with an amazing new look, and Gary Barlow takes the mickey out of Louis Walsh’s new thatch!

We’ll begin today’s X Factor news round up with a report in the Sun which states that although she’s “battered and bruised” former judge Cheryl Cole is otherwise ok after her scary car crash.

The crash happened when she and Will.i.am went for a Mickey D’s at 3.30am, as you do.

After being treated for her injuries, gutsy Cheryl joked, “I ended up having an Unhappy Meal instead”.

Cheryl flew out of Los Angeles yesterday just hours after the crash, with her left arm supported by a sling.

She didn’t require hospital treatment apparently, but did see a doctor privately.

Cheryl was in the front passenger seat of Will.i.am’s Cadillac super-car when it crashed into a parked car.

A source said, “Both Cheryl and Will.i.am were desperate for some food after working all day in the studio.

“They only intended to nip out for a quick bite — but ended up staying up for most of the night.”

And friend of Cheryl’s said, “She is OK but still shaken about what happened… Continue reading »

And Jade Richards tries out at auditions again – woohoo!

Yesterday, American pop princess Anastacia joined X Factor judges Tulisa, Gary and Louis at the SECC arena in Glasgow for the show’s auditions…

And when one wannabe dedicated a song to his gran, who has cancer, Anastacia wept as she told him “You made this whole audition very special.”

Anastacia has herself been through the ordeal of having cancer; she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 but is now in remission.

However, while Anastacia was touched by that performance, Tulisa was furious after hopeful Paul Ellard teased her about the whole sex tape debacle.

While writhing around on stage, Paul told Tulisa, “This is like something you’d see in one of your videos Tulisa.”

And according to The Sun, a livid Tulisa replied, “Well, already it’s a massive ‘No’ from me.”

She added, “You’ve already peed me off. You’re not as good as you think you are. I didn’t appreciate your earlier comments. Your act is dated.”

Paul then tried to backtrack when he was jeered, saying “I meant one of her pop videos, she dances like that in her pop videos.”

However, guest judge Anastacia said, “You shouldn’t talk about Tulisa l like that…” Continue reading »

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