Jamie At Home

Jamie Oliver pickles courgettes with mint and chilli, as well as aubergines with garlic and oregano. He also makes a fiery chilli chutney with Welsh rarebit, and steak and chips on the barbecue with his homemade tomato ketchup. Series Prod/ Dir: Helen Downing; Prod: Hannah Lewis; Prod Co: Fresh One

Sunday 9 March at 6:50pm on M4

Jamie Oliver forages in the garden to find interesting veg to top his pizza.

Sunday 24 February at 6:15pm on M4

Some celebrity chefs talk more than they walk, it seems, about staying fit and the importance of excercise. Though Jamie Oliver isn’t a 200 kg superman chef, his television appearances do show that he’s a little more fond of the finer foods in life than the finer work-outs in life.

However, recent goss-magazine photos show that his wife, who frequently appears in Jamie At Home, is showing off a much more toned six-pack than her slightly tubby hubby.

Want to read more about it and see the photos? Click here!

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