Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club

8:00pm Friday, December 28 on C4

In the last of the series, Jimmy and Jamie want to see if they can beat the Belgians at their own game, by making a better beer. Jimmy is on the hunt for alternatives to fish and chips, serving up squirrel pie, jellyfish cakes and snail scampi, while the duo set off to find a new generation of artisan beer makers who are making British beer cool again. And Gary Barlow pops in to the caff to cook steak and ale pie.

9:00pm Thursday, December 6 on C4

Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty, best mates since they were in short trousers, are opening a little pop-up caff at the end of Southend pier to serve up, and big up, the best of British food. Over four programmes there will be some tasty cooking from Jamie, a little bit of foodie science from Jimmy, and a lot of laughs with some special friends, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Barlow, Alan Carr and Jonathan Ross. In the first programme, Jamie and Jimmy put British cheeses nose-to-nose with their French rivals. And Alan Carr pops into the caff for a dangerous game of ‘fig roll roulette’.

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