Jamie’s American Food Revolution

10:00pm Monday, October 18 on C4

In the concluding episode Jamie holds a food festival to thank the people of Huntington, attended by many old friends, and there’s good news and generosity from a variety of sources. Meanwhile, dinner lady Alice has received hate mail, though it doesn’t dim her growing enthusiasm for Jamie’s project; she and the other school cooks join Jamie to train other colleagues in the area. And even Jamie’s former nemesis, radio DJ Rod, now extols the project’s virtues. Bidding an emotional farewell to the people of Huntington, Jamie says it’s not his revolution now, it’s theirs…

10:00pm Monday, September 20 on C4

Jamie Oliver is in ‘America’s unhealthiest city’ – Huntington, West Virginia – trying to change people’s eating habits at home, at work and in schools. After a disastrous start, Jamie invites local kids to an experiment that never fails: he reveals what chicken nuggets are made from; squishing up the bone, skin, giblets and carcass of a chicken and adding stabilisers and flavouring. But when the mush is shaped into nuggets, every single kid stills wants one. It’s time for some shock tactics.

10:00pm Monday, September 13 on C4

Having tackled British school food and home cooking, Jamie Oliver’s off to try to start a food revolution in the US. In his new six-part, Emmy Award-winning series, the chef heads to Huntington, West Virginia – dubbed ‘America’s unhealthiest city’. Half of Huntington’s adults are obese, levels of heart disease and diabetes are the highest in the country and children now have shorter life expectancy than their parents. Right from the start, Jamie’s attempt to inspire culinary change hits opposition, with a local radio DJ telling the chef: “We don’t want to sit around and eat lettuce all day”.

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