Jamie’s Dream School

9:00pm Wednesday, March 23 on C4

Jamie wants to see if a classical education, with subjects which were once at the centre of a British education, taught by some of the most brilliant people, can reach the kids of today. Top Cambridge Latin scholar Professor Mary Beard attempts to excite the kids using David Beckham’s tattoos as an unusual Latin primer.

9:00pm Wednesday, March 2 on C4

Nearly half of British children leave education without the qualifications they need to succeed. Jamie Oliver was one of them: he left school at 16 with just two GCSEs. Now he wants to do something about it. So he’s bringing together some of Britain’s most inspirational and expert individuals to try to persuade 20 young people, with just a handful of qualifications between them, to give education a second chance. The teachers include Professor Robert Winston, David Starkey, Alastair Campbell, Simon Callow, Jazzie B, Rolf Harris and Daley Thompson.

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