Our generation’s JFK moment happened the precise moment when Jedward stopped dead in the middle of their Britney Spears number and did that skit from Titanic during that infamous X Factor performance.

A nation held a collective breath and didn’t exhale until they were voted off in favour of someone far duller and more polished. It was exhilerating, amateurish and weird. It must have been like those kids in the ’70s who saw The Sex Pistols for the first time and thought… ‘Jeez! I actually could do that!’

And so, pop music changed forever.

However, like most pop movements, punk soon became the very thing it kicked out against and people got a bit tired of it. As such, you have to assume that people may get tired of Jedward just as quickly.

Which is why ITV2 have decided to strike while the iron is still reasonably hot by giving the Grimes brothers their own ITV2 reality show.

According to The Sun, John and Edward are to star in a three-month fly-on-the-wall series which could begin airing as early as January.

A source told the newspaper: “The boys have been swamped with offers. It has been a case of turning most things down, including I’m A Celebrity….

“The show will be the same glossy format as Jordan and Peter’s, following their crazy antics day-to-day.”

Just how crazy that will transpire to be remains to be seen… but Jedward’s blank stares and seemingly random approach to giving the answers to questions they’ve not been asked certainly need to be on our TV sets again, that’s for sure.

If reports are to be believed, then it seems that our favourite twins also rejected a deal to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house next month.

John and Edward are, of course, being managed by their former X Factor mentor Louis Walsh, who recently predicted “Jedward mania” for the future.

Good God. I can only imagine what Jedmania will look like. Let’s hope it means a return of people waving crudely made scraves with their faces on, last seen with The Bay City Rollers. Either way, this is going to be baffling. I can’t wait.

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