Jim Jam & Sunny

From the creators of the hugely successful Tweenies come brand new episodes of the live action pre-school show Jim Jam & Sunny.

Jim Jam & Sunny offers its young audience a chance to share in their adventures, play games, sing songs and get totally involved in the world of Jim Jam, Sunny and their toys – Gigi the pony, Nobby the Monkey Bear, Slim the giraffe, Mouth the Bean Toy and Bot the robot.

Jim Jam & Sunny is an innovative, costume-character production that celebrates learning, discovery and play through the use of musical participation, stories and interactivity.

Showing the world from the unique perspective of a child, each new day for Jim Jam and Sunny is full of fun and laughter, and energy and exhilaration as they discover the world opening up before them. The series celebrates every single new encounter in a pre-schooler’s life, from discovering that water is wet to realising that tigers are stripy.

The show is based around Jim Jam and Sunny – a brother and sister who are two years apart in age – and their favourite toys. When the siblings enter a room, all their toys come to life, creating lots of fun friends to join in their adventures. Each toy reflects the different emotional experiences of Jim Jam and Sunny’s new adventures – their fun, energy, thinking and concerns.

The episodes consist of a collection of interchangeable short stories, activities, songs, games and joyous glimpses of real life.

Jim Jam & Sunny is filmed on an ambitious, twice life-sized set to give the unique perspective of a child. Sofas become mountain ranges; a stripy shirt becomes a tiger and under the dining room table becomes a new world of adventures.

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