Jimmy’s Food Factory

Jimmy Doherty is always referred to in one of two ways. The first is that he’s ‘a bit of a dish’, the second being (and this must be irritating after a number of years of doing his own thing) that he’s ‘a pal of Jamie Oliver’.

Now we can add ‘expert time-waster’ to the list.

You see, in Jimmy’s Food Factory (BBC One), he’s made a show that serves nearly no point at all.

Mr Doherty, who can normally be seen suffering at the hands of his own farm and pluckily getting on with whatever job he has to do, has been given the task of becoming a cross between MythBusters and How concerning our food.

Last night, he made instant coffee, corn flakes, stared at some milk, giggled at sugar and set about marvelling at the wonders of modern technology.

In fairness to Jim, he set about his quest to find out more about what we have for our breakfast with a breezy enthusiasm that is hard to pick holes in. However, after watching him laboriously making corn flakes with a tumble-dryer, a Victorian mangle and more, you were left thinking ‘Why don’t you just go to the shop and buy a packet and not piss around with all that bumf?’

That’s a bit mean though because that’s not really the point of this show. This programme is one of those ‘Here’s a bunch of stuff you probably take for granted – so let’s look at how complicated it is to make it all’.

As touched on before, what we were left with was what felt like a How (or How2) breakfast special. The knock-on effect of that was Jimmy’s Food Factory feeling more like a misplaced Children’s BBC show. If this was aired at 4.30pm, you’d understand… but at tea-time? It seemed a bit weird.

It’s not a bad show all-in-all, but really, it doesn’t seem to serve much of a function. It all feels a bit like TV filler.

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