joey and the spanking (3/23);
joey and the stuntman (4/23)

Everybody’s favourite ‘Friend’ Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) is back with a new series of the US spinoff sitcom, with double helpings every Sunday evening. The series charts Joey’s new life in LA, where he lives with his feisty sister, Gina (Drea de Matteo, ‘The Sopranos’), and her intelligent but shy son Michael (Paulo Constanzo, ‘Road Trip’).

In the first of tonight’s double bill, Joey’s career is on the up as he heads the cast of an $80 million action movie. Joining him are Hollywood star Benjamin Lockwood (guest star John Larroquette) and an unruly child actor named Kenny. Kenny’s last movie has proven so successful that the studio is desperate to keep him happy by catering to his every whim. Lockwood panders to the kid and is soon rewarded when Kenny tells the director to make him the hero instead of Joey.

Joey is left fuming, and turns to his pal Zach for advice: “You got to cosy up to the star,” Zach says. Gina, meanwhile, says that Joey should spank him, just as their father did to them. “We turned out alright,” she says. Back on set, Joey’s attempts to flatter Kenny fall flat, and he ends up losing his temper: “The only reason you’re acting this way is because no one told you you can’t!” Joey says, and promptly spanks the boy in front of the whole crew. But has Joey doomed his career just when it was starting to take off?

Also in this episode, Gina comes up with a plan to help Alex get over Joey: “The easiest way to forget about a guy is to find another one,” she says. To this end, she arranges a casting call for actors who fit Alex’s preferred type of man and calls them in to audition for a fake film. But will it be enough to stop Alex thinking of Joey? Tonight’s second episode, ‘Joey and the Stuntman’, finds Joey limbering up for a big scene in his action movie. At first Joey is confused when he sees another actor in the same costume as him: “Did I get fired already?” he asks, before realising that it is Chuck (guest star Dan Cortese), his stuntman. When Chuck asks to shadow Joey so that he can learn his mannerisms, Joey readily agrees, and even invites him to follow him at home. Before long Chuck is doing stunts and running errands at Joey’s beck and call, until Joey realises that he has been abusing his power, and apologises. To make up for it, he buys Chuck a bottle of Scotch and urges to him share a toast – one which goes down rather better than Joey expected. “Wow,” Chuck says. “I don’t know why I ever quit drinking!” Joey has unwittingly ended Chuck’s 15 years on the wagon and, after downing the whole bottle in one, Chuck ends up on the roof of the studio, determined to perform his greatest ever stunt.

Also in this episode, Michael starts dating Abby, the script supervisor on Joey’s film. Joey cannot stand her, and it is not long before Abby makes her feelings clear about him as well: “Basically you’re everything I hate,” she says. “Lazy, entitled, mindless and you just think you’re going to slide through life on your good looks and charm.” Joey throws her out, much to Michael’s dismay. Plus, Alex struggles to define her relationship with Joey when a magazine calls asking for a quote to accompany a photograph they wish to publish of the two of them together.

joey joey and the big break part one (1/23);
joey and the big break part two (2/23)

Everybody’s favourite ‘Friend’ Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) is back with a new series of the US spinoff sitcom, with double helpings every Sunday evening. After Joey’s pals in New York all settled down and got married, the lovable actor headed west to LA to find fame, fortune and love. There he hooked up with his feisty sister, Gina (Drea de Matteo, ‘The Sopranos’), and her highly intelligent but shy son Michael (Paulo Constanzo, ‘Road Trip’). Soon Joey was sharing a bachelor pad with Michael, and imparting to him all his worldy knowledge –which chiefly concerned beer, women and sandwiches. He also showed his sheltered nephew a world beyond the influence of his wellmeaning but smothering mum. New faces in Joey’s life in California also include sexy neighbour Alex (Andrea Anders, ‘The Class’), who is going through marital strife, and his highly-strung agent Bobbie (Jennifer Coolidge, ‘Best in Show’).

Series two begins where series one left off –with Joey waking up in bed with Alex. Both are mortified that they’ve crossed this boundary, and Alex worries that things are going to be too awkward between them. She prefers to go on lots of dates first and be wooed in the traditional way, so Joey pledges to romance her after the fact. “So we would do it backwards?” says Alex. “No, we won’t have sex at all this time, Alex…” misunderstands Joey. However, Joey’s view of what a proper romantic date should be like clashes with Alex’s – as he discovers when he hands her some beer in a champagne flute and propositions her again within ten seconds…

Also in this episode, Joey’s character is killed off in ‘Deep Powder’ so he goes for an audition in a new Kevin Smith movie. Gina lands a job as Bobbie’s new assistant, and Michael pretends to be Joey in order to seduce a wannabe actress who has recently moved into the apartment block.

In tonight’s second episode, Joey and Alex again try to hit the right romantic notes. Alex thinks Joey should get to know the real her, so brings over a pile of books and CDs that are dear to her heart. “That’s a lot of homework for a test I nailed two days ago,” says Joey. Will a rooftop dinner with champagne be enough of a chivalrous gesture to appease Alex?

Joey isn’t surprised to learn that he has failed the audition for the Kevin Smith movie. Luckily, a friendly extra called Zach (Miguel Nunez Jr) offers him the chance to meet Smith face to face and convince his he’s right for the role. It isn’t until the duo are on their way over to Smith’s house, however, that Joey realises that Zach has never actually met Smith….

Also in this episode, Bobbie entrusts Gina with the unenviable task of delivering rejection feedback to all of her clients, and Michael continues to try and woo sexy neighbour Jenna by pretending to be Joey. This time, however, he asks Joey to pretend to be Michael on a double date. And Joey finally realises why he keeps bungling auditions…

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joey – season 2

Join Five for a date with Joey Tribbiani, everybody’s favourite ‘Friend’, as he returns for a second series of the popular US spin-off sitcom. Five will be showing double-bills of Joey from the end of April.

When loveable Joey’s ‘Friends’ in New York got married, he packed his bags for LA to make it as an actor, hooking up with his feisty sister Gina (Drea de Matteo, ‘The Sopranos’) and his highly intelligent but shy nephew Michael (Paulo Costanzo, ‘Road Trip’). Joey moved in with his nephew and began to impart all his worldy knowledge to the sheltered 20-year-old –which chiefly concerned beers, women and sandwiches. He also showed Michael what life could be like beyond the influence of his well-meaning but smothering mum. Completing the cast is Joey’s larger-than-life agent Bobbie (Jennifer Coolidge, ‘Best in Show’) and sexy lawyer neighbour Alex (Andrea Anders).

The second season begins where series one left off: with Joey looking for his big break in TV in a show called ‘Deep Powder’. He meets a friendly extra called Zach who is eager for a career lift himself. Meanwhile, a sexy wannabe actress moves into the apartment block with the express intention of meeting Joey – but encounters only Michael, who pretends to be his uncle to get a date with her…

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