Johnny Anglais Benedict Garrett naked pictures

Plus, my investigation into Benedict’s alter ego Johnny Anglais yields knob-a-rific results…

In the wee small hours of today, Day 18, a mysterious mystery began when things in the kitchen moved around, apparently of their own volition…

Or at least, that was what some of the HMs thought this morning when they got out of bed and found nothing was where they left it.

However, as with most things, there was a perfectly logical explanation and in fact, the groceries had all been given new homes thanks to original pranksters Lauren, Benedict, Luke A and Deana… o and of course Lydia, for there can be no Punch without Judy, no smoke without fire, no drama without Lydia.

The point of the midnight jape was simple, and the pranksters’ mission, if they chose to accept it, which they did, was to annoy the shiz out of Luke S, who spent literally minutes on Day 17 arranging the cupboards to his own exacting specifications.

And sure enough, he didn’t disappoint the pranksters for this morning, when he stumbled into the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, nothing was where it should be… Continue reading »

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