Junior Doctors – Your Life In Their Hands

9:00pm Tuesday 28 February on BBC THREE

The junior doctors are all coming to the end of their first placements at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

Ben’s time in paediatrics has confirmed his desire to become a children’s surgeon. To secure a job in this competitive field he needs to stand out from the crowd and so he challenges himself to present research to an audience of top paediatric surgeons.

Lucy feels the responsibility that comes with her job when she has to find a solution to a difficult emotional case, while Andy gains more responsibility as he braves his first run of night shifts and his first emergency case.

Meanwhile Aki proves he’s found his feet in the Acute Assessment Unit when he is called on to make a difficult diagnosis.

Facing new placements and new departments, the doctors are once again entering in to the unknown, but feel the experience and confidence they’ve gained has prepared them for the next stage in their medical careers.

Ep 6/6

9:00pm Tuesday 14 February on BBC THREE

BBC Three continues to follow the lives of eight newly qualified junior doctors as they take up their jobs at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

First-year Lucy has already impressed the medical staff on her day ward, but when she is given the bleep during the nightshift it’s a whole new challenge – she is now the port of call for emergencies right across the hospital.

Over in the Acute Admissions Unit, Aki has to deal with a difficult patient who is determined to go home against his advice. Second year Amieth is still getting to grips with the high volume of cases in A&E. Aware of the pressures of working in the emergency department, the A&E staff plan a much needed night out.

Ep 4/7

9:00pm Tuesday 7 February on BBC THREE

The junior doctors have been living and working together for a month now, and are all settling into their departments. But life as a doctor is never predictable and they soon realise that their years of medical training can’t prepare them for everything.

In A&E a 17-year old waitress has come in with a receipt spike stuck through her hand. She is in pain and distressed and it is up to second year Amieth to calm her down before he can even begin to treat her.

Meanwhile the other junior doctors are also being put to the test. Sameer has to deal with a confrontational patient, while Andy has to assert his authority and stop a patient eating who should be nil by mouth. Meanwhile Lucy is working with patients with life-threatening, chronic illnesses. She forms a bond with an elderly man and struggles not to become emotionally attached.

Ep 3/6

9:00pm Tuesday 31 January on BBC THREE

BBC Three continues to follow eight newly qualified junior doctors as they leave behind five years of medical study and hit the wards at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

Ben has always wanted to work with children and he’s looking forward to his rotation in paediatric surgery. It is not long before his diplomacy skills are put to the test when he has to negotiate with a five year old who is refusing to let him take blood.

Elsewhere fellow housemate Priya has an equally challenging time on the night shift and Sameer has to face the harsh reality that not every patient can be saved.

Over in A&E, Amieth is trying to adjust to the relentless pace of the department. He soon realises that not all patients need medical intervention, when he encounters a homeless person who just seems to want some company…

9:00pm Tuesday 24 January on BBC THREE

In the second series of the highly acclaimed show, BBC Three follows eight newly qualified junior doctors at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London as they embark on their foundation years in some of the busiest and most challenging departments.

The new recruits are Lucy, Priya, Andy, Aki, Milla and Sameer who have just qualified and are in their first foundation year. Ben and Amieth are new to the hospital too but have 12 months experience under their belt and are starting their second foundation year.

Andy starts his first shift on Trauma and Orthopaedics and he battles with taking blood from a patient. Milla finds herself thrown in at the deep-end with a night shift where she has the daunting responsibility of certifying her first death. Over in Accident and Emergency Amieth has to hit the ground running in order to keep up with the relentless pace of the emergencies.

Meanwhile in the Acute Admissions Unit Aki struggles with first day nerves and hospital protocol but gets the chance to prove himself when he is asked to assist with a complex procedure.

Elsewhere in the hospital Lucy’s skills are put to the test when she has to rush to the aid of a patient who has gone into peri-arrest. Finally, Milla and Amieth find themselves on the same crash team trying to save a patient following a cardiac arrest.

It’s a tough introduction to life as a doctor, and they have to learn fast.

9:00pm Thursday 13 October on BBC THREE

BBC Three’s junior doctors meet up one last time to share the hard times, the good times, their most memorable moments, the times they’d prefer to forget and what the future holds for them, one year on from their first day at work

9:00pm Tuesday 7 June on BBC ONE

Following its success on BBC Three, BBC One shows stories from the series following a group of recently qualified junior doctors as they hit the wards of the Royal Victoria Infirmary and The General in Newcastle

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