Wednesday 28 July, 10:00pm on Five USA

The action drama series following the adventures of US Marshal Raylan Givens concludes its first season. In this explosive episode, the disagreement between Boyd and his father escalates to murderous levels, and the Miami mob finally catches up with Givens in a climactic cabin shootout. Boyd goes to Ava’s house in the middle of the night. Ava, still jumpy after several run-ins with the Crowder clan, meets him at the door with a shotgun. She is surprised to learn that all he wants to do is make amends for his past behaviour. “How about you leave here and never see me again?” Ava suggests. At that Boyd leaves and meets his cousin Johnny. It is revealed that Johnny tipped Boyd off about the large ephedrine shipment that was subsequently destroyed (see last week’s episode, ‘Fathers and Sons’). However, Johnny was unaware of Boyd’s destructive intentions. “This is bat-shit crazy,” he tells Boyd. When Bo discovers that Boyd blew up his drugs shipment, he goes to visit his son at the woodland compound, taking his armed henchmen with him. “You know what happens to bad boys – they get spanked,” Bo tells Boyd. After getting Johnny to savagely beat Boyd, Bo then exiles his son, cutting off all future contact. As Boyd walks away from the compound, he hears gunshots. Boyd returns to the hideout to find that Bo and his cronies have strung up and shot all of his ‘disciples’. A distraught Boyd buries his followers, and tries to pray over their graves. The incident has made him question his faith, and he finds it impossible to connect to God. “Maybe I’ve just been talking to myself this whole time,” he mutters. Meanwhile, Bo goes to see Arlo at Givens’s motel room. Arlo once again makes the offer of being Bo’s inside man with the police, but Bo wants proof that he can trust Arlo. As Bo is in trouble with the Miami mob, he wants to give them a peace offering – Givens. He therefore asks Arlo to trap his own son and hand him over to Bo’s henchmen. When Givens comes back to the motel, he realises that Arlo is acting peculiarly, and draws on his father before Arlo can trap him.

Wednesday 21 July, 10:00pm on Five USA

Fathers and Sons (Series 1: 12/13) The action drama series following the adventures of US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. In this episode, Givens tries to convince his father to inform on Bo Crowder, while Boyd continues to hinder his father’s criminal activities. Ava strikes back against the Crowder clan and Givens rekindles his romance with his ex-wife Winona. Givens and Mullen are taking a statement from Givens’s father. Arlo reveals that during his time as a collector for Bo Crowder, he received up to $150,000 in protection money. When the money dried up due to increased competition, Bo held Arlo accountable. “He wants his pound of flesh, and you don’t have it,” Mullen summarises. To protect his father from Bo and to gain evidence that could put Boyd back in prison, Givens wants Arlo to become an informant. However, still not trusting his father and wanting a quick resolution to the Crowder problem, Givens insists that Arlo wear a recording device. Worried about his own safety, Arlo strongly resists the suggestion. “I ain’t wearing no goddamn wire!” he yells. However, after some consideration Arlo agrees to spy on Bo for the marshals. As he is wired for sound, he meets Bo and seems to be following the marshals’ instructions. What Givens and his team do not know is that Arlo is simultaneously writing messages for Bo, which read ‘Play along’ and ‘I’ll feed the feds garbage if you pay me’. Bo has his own message for Arlo, writing ‘Pine top. Noon. Alone. No wire’. Is Bo going along with Arlo’s scheme, or isolating him to have him eliminated? Bo also has to contend with Ava. Having come out of hiding, Ava makes it plain to the Crowder clan that she will not be forced out of Harlan. She buys a shotgun from Arlo’s wife and confronts Bo in the back of a nightclub, telling him to leave her alone. “I killed one Crowder. I could easily kill another,” she threatens.

Wednesday 7 July, 10:00pm on Five USA

The action drama series following the adventures of fast-shooting US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. This week, Givens is asked to protect an eccentric judge from a mysterious and deadly attacker, and Boyd Crowder’s new-found religious zeal starts to annoy the criminal community. Upon responding to a 911 call at the house of federal judge Mike Reardon (Stephen Root, ‘King of the Hill’, ‘The West Wing’), cops find the judge and a female companion in a compromising position. It transpires that there was a viper in their bed, and the woman is attempting to suck the poison from a bite on Reardon’s upper leg. Since the unpopular and eccentric judge is known as ‘The Hammer’ for his harsh sentences, the marshals believe that the snake was deliberately placed in his room. Givens is asked to guard Reardon, who has been impressed by the lawman’s reputation as a sharp-shooter. It emerges that the judge always carries a gun with him, even in court. As Givens follows Reardon home in his car, the vehicle suddenly veers off the road and crashes. Givens has to pull the unconscious judge out of the car, which has filled with carbon monoxide. Although there is no direct indication that somebody has tampered with the vehicle, Givens is sure that somebody is after Reardon. “That’s about as accidental as a snake in the bed,” he reasons. Givens and the judge decide to hit a strip club to let off some steam. While there, they see a suspicious man and confront him in the toilets. Although he is not carrying a weapon and soon leaves the club, Givens’s suspicions are aroused. A background check reveals that the man is Virgil Corum (Sean Bridgers, ‘Deadwood’), who has recently been released from prison after eight years. Not only was he sentenced by Reardon, but he was previously in the animal-control business -which Givens assumes accounts for the snake in the bed.

Wednesday 7 July, 10:00pm on Five USA

The action drama series following the adventures of US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. This week, Boyd’s religious crusade is complicated when he becomes an unwitting ally to his father. Givens once again tries to take down the Crowder clan, before realising his father is complicit in their schemes. Due to Boyd’s fiery disposal of a drug dealer’s methamphetamine lab (see last week’s episode, ‘The Hammer’), Bo Crowder has been benefitting from a wealth of new nefarious business opportunities. Bo visits his son at his religious compound to give him a share of the new profits. Despite some initial reluctance, Boyd takes the money. The local townspeople assume that Boyd’s religious facade is simply a clever trick so that he can carry out criminal activities for Bo – a motive that Boyd vehemently denies. Meanwhile, Givens, racked by guilt over Boyd’s actions, brings in some of his enemy’s ‘flock’ for questioning. None of them will say a bad word about their leader, and all seem consumed with an evangelical fervour. What plans do Boyd and his followers have in store, and what do they intend to do with Boyd’s stockpile of weapons? Elsewhere, Givens has to intervene in an ongoing feud between his father Arlo and Bo Crowder. It transpires that Arlo was put in charge of extortion collections while Bo was in prison, but did such a poor job that money is now owed to Bo. Given an impossible deadline to pay the money back, Arlo considers leaving town, or even killing Bo. However, in the end he seeks Givens’s help. Will Givens be able to stop blood being spilled? The marshal’s ongoing troubles with the Crowder clan are further complicated by Bo’s continued interest in Ava. Bo decides to have her followed, meaning that Givens has to keep Ava safe at Winona’s house. How will Givens’s past and present love interests get along, especially now that Winona’s marriage is failing and she seems to have a renewed interest in her ex-husband?

Wednesday 30 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

The fast-paced action drama series following the adventures of fast-shooting US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. In this episode, Givens offers to help his ex-wife when her husband’s shady real-estate deals place her in danger. On leave pending an inquiry into his myriad recent shootings and maverick methods, Givens decides to drown his sorrows at a seedy bar. While there he loses both a brawl and his trademark hat to a pair of surly drunks. He decides to call Winona for help and sympathy, but receives neither. “You’re a little too old to be fighting, aren’t you?” she asks. “Certainly too old to be losing,” Givens replies. Whilst talking with Winona, Givens learns of the unexpected visit she received from Wynn Duffy (see last week’s episode, ‘Blowback’) and agrees that Wynn may be involved in a shady deal with her husband Gary. It transpires that Gary is in way over his head with Duffy’s associate, loan shark Emmitt Arnett, so turns to his friend and burly ex-pro American football star Toby Griffin for help in getting the mobsters off his back. After tracking Toby to his house, Duffy and his henchman Billy Mac tell him to steer clear of their business with Gary. After hospitalising Toby to make their point, the thugs tell Gary that they are not willing to renegotiate. When confronted by Winona, Gary decides that it is time to regain her trust, and explains to her that he turned to Arnett and his gang for money when his latest real-estate deal threatened to implode. This only led to further problems when the gangsters asked for their money back. Meanwhile, Givens quietly works his contacts for information about Arnett and Duffy, eventually locating Billy Mac. As Givens presses Billy Mac for the details of Duffy’s plan, Gary sets his sights on avenging the beating that Toby received. Will Givens be able to halt a seemingly inevitable showdown? And will he be able to retrieve his beloved hat from the drunks at the bar in the process?

Wednesday 23 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

The fast-paced action drama series following the adventures of fast-shooting US Marshal Raylan Givens continues. In this episode, Givens gets caught in a tense hostage negotiation with a dangerous prisoner, Ava is further threatened by the Crowder clan, and Winona has a run-in with one of her husband’s sinister associates. Ava is eating in a diner when the newly released Bo Crowder walks in. He notes the surprise on Ava’s face. “It looks like you’ve walked over your own grave,” he remarks. As Givens arrives, Bo starts making lewd remarks in an attempt to unsettle the pair. Givens, never one for insults, makes it clear that Bo is stirring up trouble. “Are you gonna walk out of here, or is this gonna go another way?” he asks the leering Bo. The ex-con decides to leave peacefully, but has clearly rattled Ava. Back at HQ, Givens prepares for an interview with Vasquez by going through some questions with Mullen. Also being processed in the office is Cal Wallace (W Earl Brown, ‘Deadwood’), a notoriously troublesome prisoner due to be transferred to a ‘supermax’ jail. Under the guise of going to the toilet, Wallace pulls out a shiv and holds his two guards hostage in the office’s locker room. The marshals evacuate the office and Mullen sternly gives the orders. “If you get a clear shot, put him down,” he says. Givens is chosen as the negotiator, and quickly makes it clear that he will use violence only as a last resort. “The point of this exercise is everyone lives,” he tells an agitated Wallace. As Wallace barricades himself in the room, Gutterson feeds a camera through the air vent. Wallace, however, has been through the hostage process before, so knows the time frame and routine of a typical negotiation process. He realises that any demands he has will not be met, and professes to Givens that his actions have an element of revenge. After years of being dehumanised by the prison system, Wallace is simply giving the guards a taste of their own medicine.

Wednesday 16 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the tough action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this episode, Givens has to once again contend with members of the dangerous Crowder clan after an attempt is made on his and Ava’s life. When Ava is then kidnapped, Givens discovers that not all is as it seems. Already shaken by the news of Bo Crowder’s impending release, Ava is shocked to encounter Johnny Crowder while shopping at a hardware store. Johnny pretends to be buying materials for a deerhunting expedition, but makes it clear that Ava is the real target. It seems that the Crowders have not forgiven Ava for killing her abusive husband, Bowman Crowder (see episode 1, ‘Fire in the Hole’). The encounter rattles Ava, who already feels guilty about the shooting. Givens goes to Ava’s house to comfort her, but the couple are interrupted by a masked man who bursts in wielding a shotgun. After a struggle, Givens overpowers the assailant, throws him out of the window and fires off a few rounds. Upon arrival at the scene, police officers find a blood trail, suggesting that Givens seriously wounded his attacker. Although Givens is sure the intruder was not Johnny himself, he decides to go with Sheriff Hunter (Brent Sexton, ‘Deadwood’) to question him. On the drive up to Johnny’s bar, Givens learns that Hunter has a personal vendetta against the Crowders, since one of them raped and murdered his ten-year-old niece. After Hunter gets heavyhanded while questioning Johnny, Givens is forced to assume the role of peacemaker. Johnny, however, is unconcerned and says that the threats he made to Ava in the hardware store were not serious.

Wednesday 2 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this instalment, Givens’s father crashes back into his life after getting in trouble with the law again. Elsewhere, the US marshal attempts to capture a fugitive hiding out in Harlan County. Arlo Givens – Raylan’s estranged, jailbird father – is found asleep in a property that he has ransacked with a baseball bat. Arlo’s defence is that he owns the property and his tenant, weedy kitchen salesman Stan Perkins, has not paid the rent. As Givens makes up for lost time with Ava, he receives a phone call from his stepmother Helen, asking him to bail his father out of jail. Givens, who has deliberately avoided his family since returning to Kentucky, reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Helen is besieged at home by Perkins and his two brutish nephews. Perkins claims that Arlo stole something important from his home during the rampage. “I need what your husband took from me,” he snarls. “So either I get it, or I kill him.” Arlo and his son arrive on the scene as Helen picks up the pieces. She has been attacked and the house ransacked. “Perkins never sent the rent?” a suspicious Givens asks his stepmother. “Well, it’s possible he might have done and we’ve forgotten,” Helen claims, evasively. “We’re old, Raylan.” Givens immediately suspects that his father is up to his old tricks. As Arlo prepares to wreak his revenge on Perkins, Helen comes clean to Givens about the events of the last few years. She discloses that Arlo suffered a heart attack two years ago, and has also been diagnosed with bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorders. “He’s on medication now,” Helen adds. “He’s calmer than I ever saw him.” “He just busted up a man’s house and squared him in the balls!” Givens says, incredulously.

Wednesday 2 June, 10:00pm on Five USA

Continuing on Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as nononsense southern lawman Raylan Givens. In this instalment, the prosecution of an art collector leads Givens to investigate a murder plot tied to the artwork of Adolf Hitler. Givens and Mullen head to Cincinnati to seize the property of, and ultimately indict, con man Owen Carnes (Peter Jason, ‘Deadwood’) who is suspected of embezzling a large sum of money. The pair meet with gallery owner Karl Hanselmann, a collector of the paintings of Adolf Hitler, who is helping the marshals secure Carnes’s assets. Having no interest in art, Givens grudgingly accepts the case, but keeps his distance. When he is invited to see Hanselmann’s collection, he replies: “Honestly, I’d rather stick my dick in a blender.” Finding Carnes at the estate he shares with his wife Caryn, the agents serve him with an order that makes everything he owns, including three Hitler paintings, government property. When Hanselmann says that the paintings are forgeries, Carnes demands to see his art consultant, David Mortimer (Tony Hale, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Chuck’). Once the marshals have left, Caryn distracts Carnes as her horse trainer, Greg Davis, shoots him dead. It transpires that Caryn and Greg are lovers and intend to make Carnes’s death look like a suicide, in order to get the case against him dismissed and the assets returned. To keep David’s sale of the Hitler forgeries a secret, Caryn implicates him in the murder whilst promising to burn the forged paintings to protect his reputation. When the FBI arrives to find Carnes dead and a fireplace filled with the smouldering remnants of artwork, they prepare to drop the case, but Givens suspects Carnes was murdered.

Wednesday 5 May, 10:00pm on Five USA

Brand new to Five USA this week is the explosive action drama starring Timothy Olyphant as a nononsense southern lawman. In the opening instalment, US marshal Raylan Givens is transferred from Miami back to his hometown in Kentucky. There he has to contend with an old flame and his former friend Boyd Crowder, who is now a murderous white supremacist. Sporting a conspicuous cowboy hat, no-nonsense marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant, ‘Deadwood’, ‘Damages’) saunters into a Miami restaurant and sits opposite gun runner Thomas Buckley. It transpires that Buckley was given an ultimatum – he had 24 hours to leave the city, or Givens would kill him. The day-long grace period has just expired. After a tense showdown, Givens makes good on his promise. His superior officer is not pleased with the outcome. “Don’t you know we’re not allowed to shoot people on sight anymore?” he asks, incredulously. Due to the negative publicity the shooting creates, a reluctant Givens is forcibly transferred back to his home state. “I grew up in Kentucky. I don’t want to go back there,” he tells his boss, but is given no choice in the matter. Back in Lexington, Givens learns that his estranged outlaw father still lives in the nearby town of Harlan. He also discovers that his old friend Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins, ‘The Shield’) is having a criminal case built against him for committing a series of racially motivated crimes. His modus operandi is to blow up a politically sensitive building, then use the distraction it creates to rob a bank for his own personal gain. That night, Boyd and an accomplice blow up a church with a rocket launcher, then Boyd kills his henchman to cover his tracks. Givens traces the shooting to the church attack, and discovers that the priest was selling marijuana out of the building as ‘holy sacrament’. He then learns that Boyd’s brother has been shot dead by his long-abused wife Ava. As Ava is an old flame of Givens’s, he uses her affection for him to find out Boyd’s whereabouts, in order to invite him to a police line-up. When he meets up with his old friend at his hideout for a glass of moonshine, Boyd tries to tell Givens about his racist conspiracy theories. Givens, knowing his ex-friend well, is not convinced by this motivation. “You just like to get money and blow shit up,” he tells Boyd. He also theorises that Boyd was paid by marijuana dealers to blow up the church, to eliminate the competition. Boyd has heard about the Miami ultimatum and shooting, and proves that he can get under Givens’s skin too. “I know you like to shoot bad people… at any point, when you were looking at that gun thug, did you see your daddy’s face?” he asks. After the witnesses to the church bombing fail to identify Boyd, he decides to issue his own ultimatum to Givens, giving him 24 hours to leave town. The marshal’s clear contempt for the warning spurs Boyd into more immediate and radical action. After using Ava to trap Givens and having his cronies ambush the police back-up, Boyd seemingly has Givens right where he wants him. But he is forgetting that Ava has already shot one Crowder brother this week, and might fancy making it two…

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